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Each of the 60 capsules
of Alli-O contains
100 mg. of
in a stable
and odorless
form. The daily
dose of 2 capsules
is equivalent to
the Allicin you
would get from
eating 25 to 30
cloves of fresh
raw garlic. But
without the odor!

Each batch of Allicin
in Alli-O is
tested against a
lab sample of MRSA
bacteria to prove
its potency.
See proof.
Secondary infection by Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria in children with flu can cause deadly pneumonia.
This "super bug" known as MRSA is resistant to antibiotic drugs, but not to Nature's disease fighter, Allicin from Garlic.

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Alli-Oregano  Odorless Garlic with Pure Allicin

Affinity’s New Allicin Formula is a Powerful Germ Fighter

The unique ability of Allicin to increase the effectiveness of other antimicrobial ingredients is shown in the new Affinity formula known as Alli-Oregano (or Alli-O). The older formulation known as Alli-C (300 mg. Allicin powder combined with natural Vitamin C and bioflavonoids) is still available.

The new all-natural Alli-Oregano formula contains 100 mg. of pure Allicin powder plus Wild High Mountain Oregano Oil powder and organic Peruvian Camu-Camu fruit extract (the best natural source of Vitamin C) in each capsule. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and provides a one-month supply at the suggested dose of two capsules per day. Two capsules of the new Alli-Oregano per day deliver a medicinally effective 300 mg. dose of Allicin super-charged with 50 mg. Oregano Oil and 50 mg. of Camu Camu.

Both Oregano Oil and Camu-Camu are powerful herbal products by themselves. The garlic extract known as Allicin has well-documented benefits as a powerful wide-spectrum anti-microbial (see below). When Allicin is mixed with Oregano and Camu-Camu, they become much more powerful in synergy, and their benefits are enhanced by up to 30 percent!

This is an extremely effective combination. With the latest news reporting the inability of pharmaceutical antibiotics to combat bacterial infections such as MRSA (a drug-resistant strain of Staph A.) and fears of potential virus epidemics like the Asian bird flu, this is also a timely combination!

Oregano Oil

Oregano, like many herbs, is a common item in the kitchen and seemingly a simple herb. What may surprise you is the medicinal value of some of these common and "simple" herbs!

Research on the benefits of Oregano has been ongoing for over fifty years. Ironically, this is about the same period when the use of man-made antibiotics really began to take off. Oregano Oil has proven effective against bacteria, fungus, yeast, and parasites - without becoming less effective due to the adaptive resistance that many bacteria and virus organisms develop against man-made antibiotic and antiviral drugs.

With the advent of widespread antibiotic usage in the late 1940s, doctors began to vanquish the bacterial diseases that had ravaged mankind since ancient times. By the 1960s such ancient enemies as diphtheria, scarlet fever, syphilis, bubonic plague and tuberculosis were easily treatable with modern antibiotic drugs.

Yet by the 1990s, antibiotics were no longer hailed as the miracle they had seemed just 40 years earlier. By the 1990s many bacteria had developed a resistance to most antibiotics. Widespread overuse and misuse of antibiotics also seemed to promote the development of fungal infections, when the antibiotics indiscriminately killed the bio-friendly "good" bacteria in our intestinal tract like Acidopholus and Bifidus, which help digest our food and crowd out the harmful yeast and fungus organisms like Candida.

Oregano has been used for the alleviation of a broad range of conditions since the tine of the ancient Greeks, who used Oregano for a broad range of purposes involving food preserving, open wounds, lung disorders, poisoning, and more. Modern science has verified the broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of Oregano oil. Recommended use of Oregano has continued throughout history. Medieval Europeans used wild Oregano to prevent milk spoilage. In the 1600s British herbalists promoted Oregano as the ideal treatment for head colds.

In modern research, scientists tested thirty-two different substances that appeared to have broad spectrum antimicrobial capabilities. The substances were tested to see how well they worked against a range of bacteria and fungi. These thirty-two substances were placed individually and set against many different bacteria. Out of the thirty two antimicrobial substances tested, only Garlic was able to reduce the bacteria as much as Oregano! In Alli-O you can benefit from these two most powerful natural antimicrobials!

Camu-Camu Fruit

The third item in the formula is Camu-Camu. This is a low-growing shrub found throughout the Amazon rainforest, mainly in swampy or flooded areas. It grows to a height of about two to three meters and has large, feathery leaves. It produces round, light orange-colored fruits about the size of lemons, which contain a significant amount of Vitamin C.

"Significant" is an understatement. Camu-Camu fruit is the best source of Vitamin C known to man!

With the highest concentration of Vitamin C in any food source, Camu-Camu fruit has been much in demand in the natural health products market. Some groups are now beginning to cultivate this important new rainforest resource, which is still harvested in the wild throughout the Amazon region.

Camu-camu fruit provides up to 500,000 ppm (parts per million) of Vitamin C, or about 2 grams per 100 grams of fruit. Compared to oranges, Camu-Camu fruit provides thirty times more Vitamin C, ten times more Iron, three times more Niacin, twice as much Riboflavin, and 50% more Phosphorus. Camu-camu fruit is also a significant source of Potassium, providing 711 mg. per kilogram of fruit.

Camu-Camu fruit also provides a full complement of minerals and amino acids that can aid in the absorption of Vitamin C. This compares to oranges, which provide 500 to 4,000 ppm of Vitamin C. The substance Acerola (from the acerola cherry) has tested in the range of 16,000 to 172,000 ppm of Vitamin C. Neither come close to the 500,000 ppm of Vitamin C provided by Camu-Camu fruit.

As with any fruit rich in vitamin C, however, the time between harvesting and consumption is crucial, for the fruit may lose up to a quarter of its vitamin C content in less than a month, even if frozen. Even with this loss, Camu-Camu fruit is still far and away the densest source of Vitamin C.

Botanist Mark Plotkin notes in his book, Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, that "a forest stand of Camu-Camu is worth twice the amount to be gained from cutting down the forest and replacing it with cattle," and he believes that Camu-Camu cultivation holds real economic promise for local economies.

Allicin from Garlic

Is All Garlic Created Equal?

When it comes to garlic supplements, the answer is a resounding NO!

Research shows that the key active medicinal constituent in natural garlic is a powerful plant chemical called Allicin which is produced when two compounds known as Alliin and Allinase come into contact with each other if the garlic is cut or crushed - or if a microbe attacks the plant and penetrates the membranes of adjacent cells, which then release the two compounds to produce Allicin at the site of the attack.  No "garlic pill" available today, except for Alli-Oregano and Alli-C, contains enough Allicin to be medicinally effective.  But why?

Garlic oil and garlic powder supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic, and then diluting it with other substances.  This process destroys the majority of Allicin in garlic.  Therefore, these supplements rely on the human stomach to convert some of the remaining garlic components into Allicin.  Although a few garlic powder supplements are able to generate some Allicin within the stomach, the amount converted - if any is converted at all - is dependant upon optimal stomach conditions.  A plant chemical essential to the production of Allicin (the enzyme Allinase) is broken down and rendered ineffective by stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). The process not only is unreliable, it can take several hours.  And it also can lead to unwanted garlic odor. If fresh Allicin is actually created in the stomach, it will produce that "garlic breath" smell - similar to the strong smell of fresh-crushed garlic cloves.

New Alli-Oregano doesn't need to wait to be converted into Allicin, because each capsule of Alli-Oregano contains an abundance of stabilized Allicin powder. All the Allicin is already there, and it was already made odorless, so it can't create any "garlic breath" or burps from your stomach.

New Alli-Oregano provides its superior benefits without producing any of the garlic odor commonly resulting from inferior garlic supplements. Also, note that when another garlic supplement cites an "Allicin potential" measured in the range of 1 to 100 "micrograms", for which the abbreviation is "mcg.", this means that the amount of "potential" Allicin each capsule or pill could theoretically produce would be on the order of a THOUSAND TIMES LESS than the 100 "milligrams" or "100 mg." of pure Allicin that is actually delivered in each capsule of Alli-O.

There are one thousand micro grams in one milli gram, so 100 mg. of Allicin is equal to 100,000 mcg. It does not make sense to pay money for a few hundred micrograms of "allicin potential" in other products when you can get 100,000 micrograms of "real" Allicin from EACH capsule of Alli-O - equivalent to the amount you'd get from chewing and swallowing 12 to 15 cloves of fresh garlic! If you take Alli-O you won't have to eat the garlic, and you won't have that people-repellant "garlic breath" either! Also note that the advertised amount of Allicin potential in some other garlic products might refer to the amount in the whole bottle of 50 to 100 capsules, not the amount in EACH capsule.

Advanced Technology

British scientists have developed a proprietary process through which the naturally occurring Allicin in garlic is extracted, stabilized and concentrated.  The end result is the extremely potent and effective product: Alli-Oregano.

Each capsule of Alli-Oregano contains 100 milligrams of pure stabilized Allicin powder, plus Wild Oregano oil powder and natural Vitamin C from Camu-Camu fruit, plus the natural bioflavonoids which are essential for absorption of Vitamin C. The antioxidant Vitamin C works in synergy with the Allicin to make it even more effective than Allicin by itself.

The Allicin content of TWO capsules of Alli-O is equivalent to 25 to 30 cloves of fresh, crushed garlic!

No other garlic supplement on earth provides the proven benefits of Alli-O.

Not Available In Drug Stores!
Alli-Oregano is Today's Strongest Source of Pure Allicin.

Stop Suffering from Symptoms - Now You Can Control the Cause!

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Allicin Content of Alli-Oregano vs. Other Garlic Supplements

Alli-O 100.0 milligrams of real allicin powder
Kwai™*       1.8 milligrams*
Garlique™*        5.0 milligrams*
Pure Gar™*      10.0 milligrams *
Garlimax™*        5.5 milligrams*
Garlic Powder™*        3.0 milligrams*
Kyolic™*            No claim
*Note: There is no real Allicin in these other garlic products. The Allicin content listed is based on the garlic product's "potential" to create Allicin.  This is a purely theoretical yield of Allicin. You won't know if you are really getting Allicin into your body where it will do the job for you.

Proof That Alli-Oregano Really Works!

Several strains of potentially deadly staphylococcus bacteria (such as Staphylococcus Aureus or "Staph A." and its resistant strain MRSA) have developed resistance to common antibiotics like penicillin, methicillin, streptomycin and vancomycin.  In one study, resistant strains of Staphylococcus bacteria were placed into a laboratory dish.  Pure Allicin powder extracted from garlic was subsequently placed into the center of the bacteria in the dish.  The results were dramatic: the Allicin powder killed all of the bacteria in the dish!
  (41st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy, American Society for Microbiology, December 2001.)

In a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Allicin powder was found to reduce the incidence of the common cold by over 50%, and Allicin powder also was found to reduce the duration of symptoms in those patients already suffering from colds.
  (Advances in Therapy, July-August 2001, Volume 18, pages 189-93.)

How Is Alli-Oregano Made From Natural Garlic?

New Alli-Oregano is made in the same way that Allicin from fresh garlic is formed.  The patented process produces large quantities of potent, stable liquid Allicin.  This natural antibiotic and antimicrobial is then tested and dried, and then encapsulated and bottled for your convenience.  Each capsule of Alli-Oregano contains an amount of pure allicin equivalent to 12 to 15 cloves of cooked fresh garlic - but without the garlic odor!

How Much Alli-Oregano Should I Take Each Day?

Research indicates that just two capsules of Alli-O (i.e. 300 mg. of Allicin) taken each day with a little cold liquid during your main meal will provide enough Allicin to support good general health and well-being. Additional capsules may safely be taken as needed or as recommended by your health consultant. When travelling on a commercial airplane where you will be breathing the same air as many passengers, or to a tropical country where there is risk of infection or food poisoning, microbial parasites, or mosquitos which may infect you with Malaria, it is recommended that you take 6 capsules of Alli-Oregano per day until 3 days after returning home.

Note that Allicin tends to break down in the bloodstream over a period of about one day, so it is essential to take a fresh dose of 2000 mg. Allicin every day to ensure that there is enough Allicin in the blood to reach the areas of the body where it may be needed. (To repel mosquitos will require approximately double the daily dose.)

Alli-Oregano may also be given to children over age 7, and also to pet animals, but reduce the dose in proportion to their body weight compared to a 150 pound man (e.g. for a 50 pound child or dog use 50/150 or one-third the adult human dose). Some promising studies are underway regarding the benefits of Allicin powder added to the feed of chickens in poultry farms, and to game fish raised in commercial fish hatcheries. Some owners of valuable horses have added Allicin to their feed.

Life, Garlic, and the Pursuit of Healthiness
Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

Garlic Prevents Common Cold
British Broadcasting Network (BBC)

Not Sold In Drug Stores!
Alli-Oregano is Today's Best Source of Pure Allicin.

Stop Suffering the Symptoms - Now You Can Control the Cause!

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not review or test garlic supplements classed as a "food supplement".
The following statement is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."
Disclaimer: Do not take Alli-Oregano as a substitute for medical treatment. Always follow the advice of your personal physician. The information provided on this page is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


Alli-Oregano garlic supplement is a formulation in capsule form of 100 mg. pure Allicin from garlic,
plus 25 mg. Wild Oregano Oil powder and 25 mg. Camu-Camu extract, a natural source of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. Recommended daily dose is 2 capsules (300 mg. of Allicin).
Alli-Ban Liquid is a formulation containing 500 parts per million of Allicin (with natural mint oil), for use with nail and
skin infections, acne, head lice, and warts. It may also be taken by mouth to support relief from cold sores caused
by herpes simplex, as well as gingevitis, gum and mouth infections, an abscessed tooth, and toothache.
Alli-Oregano and Alli-Ban are not presciption drugs and are not sold in drug stores,
but are available from Affinity Lifestyles through independent distributors
participating in the Affinity Just-2 Plan for "referral marketing" where happy customers refer new customers.

Ask how you can refer new customers and earn bonuses to get this product free for life.

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For information, contact your independent Alli-O distributor:
Michael Star Co.
Phone: 905-891-7436 (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, GMT-5).
Member I.D. "star"

Alli-O "for personal use" may be shipped world-wide via U.S. Parcel Post to countries where no import restrictions apply.
UPS "3 to 5 business day" ground shipment is FREE in the USA to the lower 48 states.
Please allow at least 7 business days from Order date for delivery to your door.

Allicin is not a drug, but a natural chemical compound made by the common garlic plant that has been safely eaten by man for 4000 years with no harmful side effects. One capsule of Alli-O contains 100 mg. of stable and odorless pure Allicin powder, equivalent to eating 12 to 15 cloves of cooked fresh garlic!
Since the recommended daily dose is 2 capsules, this provides 300 mg. of pure Allicin, which is equivalent to 2,000 mcg. (1000 micrograms equals one milligram). These half-size vegetarian capsules are of benefit to users who have difficulty swallowing pills.
Allicin's antiviral activity may be of interest to people concerned with...
Flu (Influenza A and B), Colds (Rhinovirus Type 2), Pneumonia, Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 virus (Cold Sores) and Genital Herpes, Herpes Zoster (Shingles), Chicken Pox, Aspergillus, Coxielli Burnetii (Q-Fever), Cytomegalovirus, Pox Virus, Parvovirus, Vaccinia Virus, Variola Virus, Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and Warts caused by a virus.

Allicin's antifungal activity is highly effective in killing fungus infections and yeast infections such as Candida Albicans, which are not affected by man-made antibiotics. Candida yeast organisms which can cause vaginosis and throat infections (like Thrush) may be killed by Allicin with no harmful side-effects, though many people do not realize it and will suffer needlessly from the symptoms or the side-effects of certain prescription drug treatments. Allicin's antifungal properties may be of interest to people suffering from yeast infections and dermatophyte infections from: Aspergillus Flavus, Aspegillus Fumigatus, Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus Ochraceus, Aspergillus Parasiticus, Auxarthron Zufiianum, Chrysosporium Tropicum, Coccidiodes Immitis (Valley Fever), Cryptococcus Neoformans, Didium Lactus, Epidermaphyton Mentagrophytes, Fusarium Laceratum, Geotrichum Candidum, Histoplasma Capsulatum, Malbranchea Pulchella, Microsporum Canis, Microsporum Gypseum, Oospora Lactis, Parracocciodes Brasiliensis, Trichophyton Cerebriforme, Trichophyton Granulosum, Trichophyton Terrestre, Trichosporon spp., Uncinocarpus Resli.

Do you suffer from any of the other ailments alleviated by the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity of Allicin? Click to see Benefits of Alli-C.

Some regular users of Allicin, like Phill S. of Colorado USA, have reported that mosquitos, who have a highly developed sense of smell, seem to sense the Allicin in the user's bloodstream and are repelled by it. Maybe garlic really IS effective against little "vampires"! Mosquitos are the carriers of West Nile Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Filariasis, and Ecephalitis in humans; as well as the deadly canine heartworm parasite in dogs, and the equine encephalitis virus in horses. A sufficient amount of Allicin in the bloodstream may also repel other blood-sucking insects such as fleas and lice, and the ticks or chiggers which often carry Lyme Disease.

Allicin may be safely given to pets such as dogs, cats, and horses. Suggested dose is proportional to their body weight compared to a 150 pound human (e.g. a 50 pound dog should be given 50/150 or one-third the human daily dose). We presently have no results concerning black flies or horse flies, and would be grateful to anyone who can report the effectiveness of Allicin as a repellent of these types of biting flies.

Mosquito-borne diseases cause about 700 million infections world-wide per year in humans and about 3 million deaths per year, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Note that allicin in the bloodstream breaks down into other compounds after about 24 hours, so to maintain its effectiveness you should take the recommended daily dose every day. One bottle of Alli-O will provide a 30-day supply for one person.

Allicin may be of interest to people who have the following conditions or ailments...

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, High Blood Sugar, Hyperglycemia and Diabetes, Stomach Ulcers, Asthma, Allergies, Hay Fever, Eye Infection, Pink Eye, Sinus Infection, Chronic Sinusitis caused by fungus infection, Thrush, Throat Infection, Chest Infection, Staph Infection (Staphylococcus bacteria), Staphylococcus Aureus infection causing Eczema, Skin Infections such as Eczema or Psoriasis or Rosacea or Acne, Warts caused by a virus, Fungus Infection (by Coccidioides, Aspergillus, Histoplasma, Trichophyton, Cryptoccocci or Candida), Yeast Infection causing Bacterial Vaginosis or Vaginitis, Bacterial Infection of the Gastrointestinal Tract, E-Coli food poisoning, Helicobacter Pylori bacterial infection of the stomach causing ulcers, Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Herpes Simplex virus infection (Type 1 and 2) and Cold Sores, Opportunistic Bacterial Infections due to a suppressed immune system in persons with AIDS or MS, Influenza B virus (flu), Common Cold Rhinovirus, Head Cold, Nasal Congestion, Nail Infections and Athlete's Foot and other fungal skin infections, Head Lice infestation.

Allicin and garlic have an anticoagulant effect similar to Aspirin(tm), which may increase the effectiveness of blood-thinning drugs like Aspirin, Heparin, Warfarin or Coumadin, or natural herbs like Ginkgo or Ginger which also have blood-thinning properties. Consuming Allicin should be discontinued two days before any elective surgery, and before any operation your surgeon should be informed that you have been taking 300 mg. of allicin from garlic per day. It may be resumed after any bleeding has stopped, and may help boost your immunity to post-operative infections, particularly to the drug-resistant Staph. A bacteria known as MRSA.

Allicin can reduce high blood glucose levels, so persons with Diabetes Mellitus should consult their physician before taking Allicin or garlic supplements, and monitor their blood sugar levels to see if a reduction in their daily dose of insulin is appropriate (which is actually a beneficial side effect).

Garlic and Allicin may reduce the immune response suppression effect of steroid drugs like Cyclosporin.

Alli-O should not be confused with a similar product called "Allisure" which also contains pure allicin powder from the same supplier in the United Kingdom, and is also made from European garlic. However, only Alli-O contains Wild Oregano and Camu-Camu and natural-source Bioflavonoids blended with pure Allicin powder - a combination which has proven to be more effective than taking Allicin alone. and are ©2003-2007 Michael Star Co.