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Powerful AntiOxidants for a Long Life in Good Health

Breakthrough Anti-Aging Formula
by Dr. Paul Ling Tai, MD


By: Bob Flowers, Science Reporter

Tomorrow, You May Be Younger!

This special research report is for immediate release. Just in time for the "Graying of America", the largest segment of senior citizens in history, as well as for all health conscious people in their 30's and 40's who want and need to maintain their youth and vitality.
We are going to reveal a revolutionary new antioxidant supplement in the exciting and growing arena of ANTI-AGING.

Formulator of AntiOxidant SpecialistTm

Dr. Tai was born in Shanghai, China. He came to United States when he was a teenager. When he got here, all alone with only the one hundred dollars that his mother had rolled up neatly and placed in his pocket, he was constantly living in hunger and fear. It was the kindness and generosity of the American people who lent him a helping hand; and with lots of hard work and a little luck along the way, Dr. Tai is very successful today.

And he is determined to use his accumulation of knowledge and skills to serve the American people who treated him so kindly, and to help America to achieve a better quality of life. His "Specialist" formulations of natural health-promoting ingredients like AntiOxidant Specialist and Performance Specialist and Cardio Specialist and Prostate Specialist and Menopause Specialist are now bringing longer life and better health to people who realize that living with low vitality and degenerative diseases is not our normal state of health.

Dr. Tai is currently serving as a physician specializing in Podiatric Medicine, and is a Board certified surgeon (RET) on the staff of the Oakwood Medical Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Tai served under two governors for ten years as Vice Chairman of Michigan Board of Podiatric Medical Licensing and as Chief Examiner for the new Podiatric physicians. Also head of Surgical Residencies overseeing the hospitals and clinics in the state of Michigan, Dr. Tai served as Chairman of the Podiatric Physicians Continuing Education as well as serving as the Chief Compliance Officer for the State of Michigan who supervised doctors in his specialty.

Dr. Paul Ling Tai is a tireless researcher, teacher, lecturer, and an accomplished inventor with 8 patents in process and granted. Dr. Tai has helped thousands of patients and countless doctors who consulted with him on difficult cases from all over the world. An acclaimed formulator of natural supplement products that are extraordinary, his breakthrough technologies have been featured in renowned medical newsletters such as Women's Health Newsletters and presented in special reports worldwide by Health Science Institute.

AntiOxidant SpecialistTm is one of Dr. Tai's unique formulations specially designed to improve your health and your life.

AntiOxidantTm Specialist Testimonials

"Everyone said I look more vibrant since I started taking the Antioxidant SpecialistTm. Now, I feel good every day!"
- Ruby W. 60 years old

"My circulation is better, I can walk 2 miles a day since I've been taking the Antioxidant SpecialistTm."
- Peter T. 79 years old

"I can breath better and think clearer. Antioxidant specialistTm really works great! Don't want to start my day without it".
- Ron L. 54 years old

"My inflammation is definitely a lot better since I've been taking Antioxidant SpecialistTm! No more aches and pain on my shoulders, wrist, or knees"
- Kam L. 80 years old

"My thanks to Dr. Tai!  I feel and look younger since I've been using Antioxidant SpecialistTm. I am so confident, I feel I am able to conquer the world!
- Jackie S. 35 years old

Disclaimer: Various testimonial results stated herein may not be typical. Every individual is different and accordingly will have a different result or may have no result.


Research shows that cells have only a "limited number" of cell divisions possible in a human lifetime. Studies show that by the time you're 20, most of the cells that make up your body have used up half of the divisions available in their cell lifespan. By the time you're 40, there are maybe only 30% of your possible cell divisions left. When the cells use up their natural allotted cell divisions, the end is death!

Recent research has given NEW HOPE to the task of rejuvenating and extending the lifespan of cells. While this seemed impossible only a few years ago, astonishing scientific research has made possible longer cellular life spans (as much as a 300% increase) and improved vigor (a 600% increase).

This cellular rejuvenation, life extension, and improved vitality has been achieved using special antioxidants that can actually keep cells looking and acting younger (by 900%) - and may even REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS!

WHY ANTI-OXIDANTS? While oxygen supports our life, and "oxidizes" or literally "burns" food to create energy and heat for our bodies, certain types of altered oxygen molecules called "Free Radicals" which are ever-present in our bodies will damage our own cells and even our DNA, causing degeneration and diseases such as cancer. A "radical" is an atom with an unbalanced electrical charge, and it will seek to steal electrons from other atoms - such as the atoms of our body cells! As Dr. Tai likes to say, the oxidation of cells by free radicals makes our body "rust" like oxidation of metal makes it rust - and you know what rust does to the strength and natural beauty of the metal. Our bodies need the help of "antioxidants" to neutralize the oxidation properties of those invading free radicals.

ANTI-oxidants protect us against the harmful effects of oxidation, like fire extinguishers protect us against fire which escapes the place where it was meant to create heat, not harm our body!

Many common foods provide strong antioxidant properties, such as garlic, kale, blueberries, and strawberries. So do Vitamins A, C, and E. But certain herbs and fruits like clove, thyme, green tea, and wolfberry have SUPER-antioxidant properties hundreds of times more powerful than foods we eat in our normal diet. These and other super-powerful antioxidants are combined by Dr. Tai to create his AntiOxidant Specialisttm formula to supplement our normal diet and create in us a "Super Power" army of antioxidants to seek out and eradicate those dangerous Free Radicals which cause degeneration and disease and death.

Important Facts on Aging:

- The "Baby Boomer" population is now about 80 million.
- Life expectancy in 1776 was 35 years! In 2002, it was 77 years.
- In 1900 about 25% of the population lived past the age of 65.
- Now over 80% live past 65.
- It is projected that the "Baby Boomers" will live to be 100 years old.
- People over 85 are the fastest growing segment of the population.

- 50% of those people over 85 years old have Alzheimer's Disease.

- 61.3% of people regards themselves as NOT in good health.


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As required by the Food and Drug Administration:
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take AntiOxidant Specialist as a substitute for medical treatment. Always follow the advice of your personal physician.

AntiOxidant Specialist is a formulation of natural herbs, amino acids and minerals
created by Dr. Paul Ling Tai, MD
to minimize the effects of free radical damage to the body's cells and DNA.
It is sold as a "food supplement" product and is not a drug.
AntiOxidant Specialist and Cardio Specialist and Performance Specialist and Prostate Specialist
and Menopause Specialist are distributed exclusively by
Affinity Lifestyles Inc., 3035 Patrick Street, Suite #15, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. 89120
It is sold world-wide, exclusively through independent distributors
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Shipping is free in the U.S.A. to the lower 48 states by UPS "3 to 5 business day" ground shipment.