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Are You Predictable Using Astrology?

Don't forget that we all have Free Will, which means we can CHOOSE whether or not to be "influenced" by a particular astrological factor when we make the choices whose consequences affect the emotions and experiences in our individual lives (see What Is My Fate?).

In general, the more consciously "aware" you are of your own psyche and the inner desires and needs and fears which motivate you, the more you are able to excercise your Free Will. You can be aware of an astrological "influence" and then choose to let it guide your choices - or to not affect your choices at all.

When you are not "aware" then you are likely to automatically make choices guided by those "influences" - and thus are more "predictable". What is "predicted" in your horoscope is more likely to actually take place in your life when you make choices out of habit and let those influences unconsciously control your personal actions and reactions - instead of making conscious choices by exercising your Free Will to choose as you see fit.

Astrology predicts the timing of certain patterns, which can take many forms. While many might be experiencing the same overall pattern or "theme" in their lives at some time, each experiences it in a different form or "way", which depends on their nature and their choices.
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