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Star Signs Astrology Zine

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine  is for professional astrologers and serious students of astrology. It interviews top astrologers, features lively articles on a wide variety of astrological topics, reviews books and software, and reports on the global astrological climate.
Dell Horoscope magazine  is written for amateur and professional astrologers and for readers who want to be introduced to the ancient art of astrology. Monthly features deal with world and national affairs, personal problems, as well as yearly, monthly, and daily guidance.
Astrology Magazine  is a magazine for those who use the stars as their guide or who are just interested in the ancient art of astrology. Each issue targets experts and beginners alike, covering romance, wealth, and more.
American Astrology Magazine  provides monthly horoscopes, analysis for each day's high points and pitfalls, lucky days for love and money. Also contains information on casting your own charts.

Star Signs Astrology Zine

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