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Dear Michael,

Right on! Your socratic, reflexive questioning is only too little heard here in America. From the shores of Canada, the goings-on here in the States must seem strange, but to the more clear-headed of us Americans it is an appalling spectacle. I can only say it is a sad day to be an American; and though I don't weep for my country (yet), I do feel a tremendous sense of outrage.

Of course, if intelligent public discourse could reign, I wouldn't be upset by the legitimate legal, moral, and ethical questions raised by this incident. In many ways Clinton has shown himself to be a weak man lacking in integrity. But all sense of fairness, civic-mindedness and proportion is drowned out by the hue and cry of self-righteous politicians smelling blood; while the public's need for entertainment is fed by the daily parade of scandal and pornography, without being able to see its own titillation and prurient interest (the very definition of pornography) being aroused, and the media is shamelessly pandering to it.

What is being overlooked is that two individuals' rights to privacy have been violated, and no one seems to notice or to care. To risk hyberbole, I think it is we who owe Clinton and his family an apology and not the other way around. It is obvious to me that Clinton has been turned over to his enemies for their own narrow political gain, and our delicately crafted constitution and system of governance is being subverted and turned into a travesty.

You're right to point out the incongruity of republican's sense of indignance at being questioned on their own motives and past behavior, while waging the worst kind of smear campaign and character assasination on our President. Any depth psychologist can see the shadow material coming out here.

And then there is Kenneth Starr, who seems to have a personal vendetta against Bill Clinton. After spending four years and forty million dollars of the taxpayers's money, it appears he was coming up empty-handed; so he had to resort to the lowest forms of political chicanery and machination to dig up dirt. Now we have this sanctimonious, bible-thumping prosecutor who thinks he has a license from God to sit in judgement on the soul of this poor sinner, Bill Clinton.

Puritanism still runs deep in the American psyche. Makes me recall Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". Ol' Roger Chillingworth is alive and well in the figure of Kenneth Starr. (Some strong, dark Scorpio elements must play a major role in his psychological makeup, don't you think?)

Whatever the outcome, when the dust settles (and most people want it to settle soon), I think it will be revealed that this whole mess has been more about us Americans and our own obsessions, thoughts, and beliefs, than about the sex life of two individuals which hardly amounts to a hill of beans. We Americans do have the nasty habit of airing our laundry for the world to see. (I was once told that this is our gossipy Gemini Ascendant and our stern, authoritarian Saturn placed in the fifth house of dramatics and self-expression). [Ed. - in the U.S. Constitution inception horoscope chart]

In a way, I am actually a little glad to see this side of Clinton. It makes him more human, more vulnerable, and therefore more like us. Grandiosity and inflation have been the hallmarks of his personality up to this point (Jupiter influence probably overly strong). Absent a strong father figure in his life (Saturn?), he may gain from this experience a little moral gravity and saturnian weightiness that has been lacking so far . Ultimately, though, I just see him as a grandiose Leo with a big, generous heart who has trouble saying no.

Wasn't Zeus (Jupiter), king of the gods, the biggest philanderer, that even the Greeks made jokes about? Isn't jupiterian political power and creativity, procreativity even, intimately mixed? While respecting Hera and her jealous guarding of the sanctity of marriage, can we accept that a wise, caring leader of gods and men may need his moments of creative play and re-creation?

Power is certainly an aphrodisiac. Clinton isn't the first president to have had extra-marital affairs. And Hillary (a strong Athenian woman) doesn't appear to me to be really hurt or wounded by her husband's peccadillos. She has her own power games to play.

Just some stray thoughts and rantings at midnight,

Dave from New Jersey

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