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About Your Reading

Here are some URLs to paragraphs on this page and on separate pages which contain additional information about the various Horoscope Readings you may have ordered. You may simply click on them now if you wish to read them now, and then use the BACK button on your browser to return to this spot. For some which are on this page, you can just scroll up.

Interpreting the Readings

Interpreting Your Reading: http://www.astrologyzine.com/confirm.shtml#Interpreting

C1 Cupid Compatibility Reading:

Birth Times and Accuracy: http://www.astrologyzine.com/confirm.shtml#Time

Interpreting Compatibility Readings: http://www.astrologyzine.com/confirm.shtml#C1

How It's Done, How to Read It: http://www.astrologyzine.com/cupid-compatibility.shtml#CUPID.HOW:

F2 and F3 Forecast Readings:

Interpreting Forecast Readings: http://www.astrologyzine.com/confirm.shtml#F2

Translating Readings into Foreign Languages


About Computer-generated Horoscope Readings


Interpreting Your Reading

by Michael Star

First, I would like to say that I have purposely made the readings as concise as possible, trying to make every phrase meaningful and to not waste words on redundant explanations, flowery language, or meaningless jargon. This isn't just because I am a thrifty and practical Taurus, but because I want to give the most information at the lowest cost; and printing or emailing extra pages increases the time and expense it takes to get the information to you. And on the Internet, the shorter the message, the better the chances of it getting through some of the mail servers that have problems with (or reject) large messages.

You may see some repetition of ideas in separate paragraphs in some cases, but that would be because there is more than one factor in your particular horoscope that has a similar influence - and you should interpret the repetition as meaning that this common theme or influence is even stronger in your case. If you see the same theme being repeated in several places in the same reading, it is a very important influence in your life and in your relationships.

I would strongly recommend that you go over your reading several times to find some meaning you may have missed at first glance; and also keep your reading for several years (or for life) and go over it again whenever you feel inclined to take another look at it. There is much more in these readings than you may see at first. Even when I read my own readings on ME years later, I sometimes see truths or clues or solutions I should have seen before - but was not ready, willing, or able to notice or acknowledge them.

If you are willing to reveal parts of your nature to a close friend or relative, it may help to get "a second opinion" by asking someone else to go over your Reading and tell you if they think parts of it are true about you, or not. It is very difficult to be "objective" about ourselves, for we tend to deny or not see the things we do not like in ourselves - but your friends will tell you! If you feel a need to deny something you see in your reading, you can always "blame it on the computer"...

Second, I would like to warn you not to read more into my words than they actually say. Please be aware that when you see the words "may" or "might" it means "maybe" - i.e. "it is possible, it is likely, but it is NOT absolutely certain, and you can choose NOT to be this way or have it be this way".

When you see the word "or" it means only: "this is another possibility" - but "or" does NOT mean "AND this one too". It may mean "and/or" in some cases, but usually it means "either/or". Sometimes I have used a "/" to mean "or" in the same sense (to save space) - it does NOT mean "and". When you see "MAY" or "MIGHT" or "ONE" or "SOME" in capital letters, it definitely means "this is ONE of several possibilities, but NOT ALL of the ones mentioned may apply in your case, and maybe only ONE will be true for you".

When reading the horoscope interpretations you receive, please remember that they are not "cast in stone" but only indicate potentials and tendencies. If you have a Fate, it is to be born with the tendencies or challenges which can be read in your horoscope chart; but you also have a Free Will to choose your own attitudes and actions, and then experience the consequences of those choices. I find it helpful to compare this to the concept of a "genetic code" which pre-determines your physical characteristics at birth. You may have been born large or small, short or tall; but what you choose TO DO in life, as an individual with those characteristics, is your own choice. If you were born a short person, you are not very likely to become a professional basketball player, yet there ARE some short people who have become good pro basketball players. They chose to do what they wanted to do, in spite of their genetic code which destined them to be short in stature.

The purpose of the horoscope is not to predict your choices, but to help you be aware of your potentials and your inborn tendencies which may influence your choices; so that you may be aided in making the best conscious choices for yourself and others who may be affected by them. Most of us learn best by making mistakes, and that's okay - even though we can also learn the "easy" way. To my way of thinking, the only real "mistake" would be to keep making the same mistake over and over again, and not learn from it!

C1 Compatibility Analysis - How Birth Time Affects Accuracy

by Michael Star

IF you ordered the Cupid Compatibility Analysis reading C1 and made a guess about the birth times for you and/or your partner just so you could have the "Mating Rating" page included, you are running the risk of making other parts of your Reading inaccurate, as well as the "scores" on the Mating Rating. This is NOT a good idea, so please let me know if you want me to use 12:00 PM Noon instead. This lets me use a different method to calculate your horoscope chart which gives more accurate results than a wrongly guessed birth time, which might be off by up to 24 hours.

When the hour and minute of birth is not known, using 12:00 P.M. (Noon hour) as the estimated birth time will minimize the possible error to plus or minus 12 hours at most, and the positions of the Sun and planets will still be calculated quite accurately - not more than one-half of one degree away from their true positions, and probably closer. But having to use this method means that I will not be able to consider the Moon or the Ascendant or Midheaven points in the written interpretation or in the scoring for the Mating Rating, because these three positions change much more quickly than the Sun and planets.

The Moon moves 12 to 14 degrees per day (nearly half a Sign), and could change position so much over the course of a few hours that I might place it in the wrong position (or even the wrong Sign) and give you some interpretations that are not really relevant (unless you really were born at 12:00 PM Noon). The Ascendant and Midheaven points move by about 1 degree every 4 minutes!

It's better to just not use these three items, than to make potentially inaccurate statements about them. Since no interpretations of their aspects to other Planets can be given, this will make your reading have fewer paragraphs. It will probably make the scores in your Mating Rating lower (because I cannot add in the scores for the effects of those three factors).

You can still get a lot out of your reading, but please be aware of the limitations that can result from not being able to submit an accurate birth time to the nearest few minutes for either yourself or your partner. Giving an accurate birth time for at least ONE of the two partners will be better than not entering any birth time for either, and result in a longer reading with more accurate Mating Rating scores. But only when you can submit accurate birth times for BOTH of you will the Mating Rating be reliable. When even one birth time is unknown, the Mating Rating scores can only be used to note the relative strength of the various Factors in comparison to each other - for the actual percentage points will be lower than if both birth times were used, and thus will not reflect a meaningful absolute "rating" out of a possible 99%.

If you obtain several Compatibility Analysis readings for yourself with two or more different partners, only the ones where an accurate birth time was known can be accurately compared to each other by their absolute scores out of a possible 99%. It would not be a fair comparison if one partner knew his/her birth time and the other did not, for a partner's potential score is usually lower when their birth time is not known. Yet that score might have been higher IF the real birth time had been used in the calculations.

If you are the one who does not know your birth time, this still applies if one partner does know and the other does not; but even if both partners do know their birth times, if you don't know yours then your Mating Rating score is only an estimate. Your actual score might be greater or less with one partner or the other if you did know your true birth time - but you don't know which one would really score the best with you, unless you know your real birth time.

Sorry it has to be this way, but without a known and accurate birth time the calculations cannot be fully accurate and the scores have to be estimated. When we can't tell exactly where the Moon and Ascendant and Midheaven were located at the time of your birth, we can't do a full comparison of your horoscope to your partner's and expect it to be a fully complete and accurate analysis. Without knowing your birth time, we will not really know if the estimated birth chart we are using is the "real" one for you. We can make a good estimate, but we just can't say how close the estimated chart is to your "real" birth chart - and we can't say how close the estimated "scores" are to your "real" scores.

Interpreting Compatibility Readings

In the case of Compatibility Readings using the astrological technique called "Synastry", the birth horoscopes of two people are, in effect, being placed one on top of the other. The angular relationship (called an "aspect") between each Planet in one person's horoscope is then compared to each Planet in the other's, and interpreted according to its astrological meaning. As well, the House in one person's horoscope in which the other person's Planets would be placed is noted and interpreted. (When I type Planet with a capital P it means the Sun and Moon and all the planets. When a person's birth TIME is known, there will ALSO be some listings and interpretations for any "aspects" which exist between the Ascendant and Midheaven points, and any which exist between these two "Points" and all or most of the "Planets".)

Where my Reading may differ from other computerized readings I have seen, is that I write out the interpretations of the various "Synastry aspects" in the order of their "strength" - so that the paragraphs you read near the beginning of each person's section are the MOST influential and noticeable ones affecting the relationship. The further down you read in each section, the "weaker" the effect of the tendencies being described. So, even though the words used are the same, please interpret them as being less obvious in their effect and of less significance in the relationship, the further down in the list they appear.

You can also tell the strength by the number after the word "Orb" in the title line of most of the paragraphs: the smaller the number (closer to zero), the "stronger" the effect. When the Orb is 5 or more, the effect may not even be noticeable in some cases. The Orb is like the "tolerances" allowed in manufacturing - it is a measure of the difference from an exact match, which is considered acceptable, but only up to a certain degree - so an Orb of 0 or 1 is much stronger in effect than an Orb of 4 or 5.

What all this reveals is how the two people influence each other when "in relationship" with each other; so the reading is really more about "the relationship" itself, and not so much about the individuals alone (some paragraphs at the end of each section ARE about the individual's traits, though). What the Synastry horoscope reveals is what "influences" are affecting this relationship or potential relationship. How the two partners choose to respond or react to these influences or tendencies is determined by their own personal choices. Please read the information about the "The Cupid Compatibility Reading" at http://www.astrologyzine.com/cupid-compatibility.shtml

Occasionally you may see a paragraph in your section of the Compatibility Reading being repeated in your partner's section, or see one that is very similar. This is normal, and it means that one of your planets, say Venus, is "in aspect" (making a particular angular relationship) to one of your partner's planets, say Mars - AND ALSO that their Venus is in the same or a similar "aspect" to YOUR Mars. The general meaning is the same in either case, hence the same paragraph being printed for both. But the influence is from one to the other in the first case, and from the other to the one in the second case. It's the same effect, but more an effect BY one person UPON the other - in most cases. Sometimes it will be a case of each affecting the other in the same way.

When you see such a REPETITION of paragraphs, it means the influence is extra STRONG, perhaps as much as double the influence of only one of the aspects alone. You may also see SIMILAR paragraphs or themes being repeated in your own section, or in your partner's section. This means that there is more than one aspect between two Planets in the Synastry horoscope that would create an influence of that type. When you see certain themes being mentioned in several places, it means this theme is an important part of the relationship, and will likely come up in many forms as the intimacy level and duration of contact increases.

I wrote the interpretations in plain English with no astrological terms, so that anyone could understand my readings. In the Compatibility Reading and some others, I have chosen to add a line which gives the astrological data for what is being interpreted in the following paragraph. You can just ignore these "technical" terms if you do not know what they mean; but if you do understand Astrology, you can use the data to look up additional interpretations of that same aspect according to different astrologers and authors. Check my "Astrology Book List" page at http://www.astrologyzine.com/b-astrology.shtml for some good text books on Synastry (see "Relationships" section) or other topics. I particularly liked the one called "Sky Mates" by Steven and Jodi Forrest, for it is interesting, up to date, and will be easy for beginners to understand.

At times you may see a title line with no paragraph following it. This will be what is called a "minor aspect", one which is not as influential or important as the ones I have chosen to include interpretations for. Some day I may add interpretations for the minor aspects in a new version of the Reading, which will be longer and more detailed - and cost a bit more. Meanwhile, I HAVE listed them there for you so you can look up their meaning in one of the astrology text books which deal with minor aspects like the "quincunx" and "semi-sextile" in Synastry. If you are not into studying Astrology in more detail, just ignore those title lines with no paragraphs after them.

In some cases, I have included interpretations for these minor aspects between certain Planets, but only when they are considered as having a stronger influence. In general, these are usually challenging or "difficult" aspects, I'm sorry to have to say. They usually indicate differences which require some compromises between the two partners. But they can add a little interest and excitement too, similar to the effect when an Aries dates a Virgo or Scorpio - not as "comfortable" as with an "easy" aspect like a trine or sextile, but more "interesting".

Interpreting F2 Monthly Forecast and
F3 Weekly Forecast Readings:

People are less likely to order an astrological forecast when "things are going well" for them; so the forecast is less likely to be a really "nice and easy" one. It really helps to be aware that when your reading confirms the challenges or conflicts or crises you see coming up in your life at this time, they are there because you need to look at something and learn from it. Usually there is some conscious or unconscious belief or attitude you are holding onto, which is working against your own well-being, happiness, and your ability to love and be loved. That is what really is behind whatever is coming up for you to look at, see differently, and change your mind about.

There are many clues in my readings to help you "to see what needs to be seen", if you are willing to look at it in a new way and use it for your benefit and personal growth. Dealing with these issues now means you may not have to deal with them again and again over the course of your life. You won't need to learn what you have already learned, and Life will not keep presenting you with reminders or tests once you have learned the lesson!

To put it another way, let's say that when you change your attitude or behavior you will not keep "setting yourself up" for the same consequences which your previous habitual choices were creating for you. An obvious example would be that if you believe you cannot trust anyone, you will have to keep seeing ways you cannot trust someone (even if they ARE trustworthy) and you will keep attracting people into your life who will help you "prove" this false belief that you cannot trust anybody. Once you change that belief, you will no longer need the false "evidence" which helps sustain it, and you will stop attracting the kind of people you really cannot trust, and start attracting more of those whom you really can trust.

Please be aware that any paragraph you may see in your own Forecast Reading will apply to most people at some time in their life, and that some of the ones you read there are ones you have already "gone through" one or more times in your own life by now... and you survived! So don't believe that any of the "negative" things you may see mentioned really "have to happen" - for you CAN make choices which avoid them. All choices lead to consequences, but you can always make new choices that have nice consequences instead of negative ones!

The reading is designed to warn you when YOU are most likely to make choices which are most likely to result in the circumstances or events described; but the horoscope only reveals "tendencies". YOU are in control of whether you choose to let them influence you or not. It is helpful to know the times when certain tendencies or "influences" are in effect for you as an individual, so you can be aware of them and then choose to "go with" them, or not. You are always creating your own "Future" by the choices you are making in the Present.

Think of your Forecast Readings as "a psychological weather report". Here in the Toronto area anyone can "predict" that if you plan to go on a picnic in January, you are likely to feel cold and see more frost than flowers; and that if you time your picnic for July, you will tend to feel warm and see more sunshine. But you can still choose to enjoy a picnic in the winter time, if you want to.

An astrological forecast is something like that - it tells you the timing of various psychological tendencies or emotional states that are influenced by the motion of the Planets, just as the timing of the seasons and various weather patterns are influenced by the cycle of the Earth revolving around the Sun.

If you want to take a "karmic" view of this, then let's say that there are times in your life when certain "lessons" will be coming up for you to learn - or to re-learn because you didn't "get it" the last time it came up for you. Or to get a chance to apply what you have learned in a new, but similar, situation - so you can see that you really have learned the lesson. Astrology reveals a kind of "karmic curriculum" which was set up at (or before) your birth, something like the way you have to follow a certain curriculum of courses in college if you want to graduate with a certain degree. The courses are offered on certain days at certain times, so if you want to get the degree you have to take the courses at the times they are presented. You can skip classes or take a course in a different year, but you still have to learn the lessons at some time if you want to graduate with a degree that says you have learned all the required lessons. Life is like that, and Astrology is like the course descriptions and timetables for the lessons you have to learn.

Translating Readings into Foreign Languages

If you are using translation software to translate my readings into another language, please note that because I make frequent use of English idioms and other North American phrasings that assume a familiarity with the culture, your translation may not say exactly what was intended in the original English text. Please take this into account! If your translation looks strange, you should probably ignore that part because it is probably NOT saying what I originally meant to say!

There is a free translation service at http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com which will translate a web page into several languages - but only the first 5000 bytes (5 KB). You simply enter the URL for the page into their form and it appears with the first 5 KB translated into the laguage you selected. Or you can copy a 5 KB portion of the text of your horoscope reading by highlighting the text and pressing the Control and C keys at the same time; then place your cursor in the box on the Alta Vista translation page and press the Control and V keys at the same time to insert the copied text. Repeat this procedure of marking, copying, and inserting text for each 5 KB portion of your reading; and save each part as an HTML file (with a name like "reading-1.html") to your computer disk by using the "Save As" command in your web browser (for Internet Explorer this is found under the File menu at the top left of your screen). Then you can print or review the reading later by using your web browser.

If you have your own web page, you could load the text of your horoscope reading into any word processor, break it into 5 KB parts and save each part as a separate plain-text file (.txt or .doc), then use an HTML editor to make each file into a web page which you can upload to your own web site after naming the page with a separate URL (e.g. reading-1.htm). Then you can use the Alta Vista translation service to translate each page by entering its full URL ( e.g. http://www.astrologyzine.com/sample5.shtml ), and then saving the translated page as a file on your computer disk drive or a floppy diskette. Name the file with an extension of .htm or .html when you upload it to your web server. (You can also buy Alta Vista's translation software for your own use on any size web page or file). Be sure to delete your private horoscope pages from your web site after you translate them, because anyone could access them on the Net while they remain on your web server! Most Internet Service Providers (even AOL) allow you to set up your own web pages at no extra cost - check with your ISP for information on how to do this. You can use any simple word processor (like Notepad) to write simple HTML code - simply add these lines to each page, and place angle brackets around each of the capitalized words of HTML code like this <HTML>


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Computer-generated Horoscope Readings

I want to make a real horoscope reading available in my own words and style to as many people as possible, and a $10 or $30 computerized reading makes an accurate reading available to many more people than a $75 or $300 personal consultation (I'm paid $100 per hour for personal appearances where I do personal horoscope readings at corporate events or private parties). Of course, the readings produced by a computer are not as complete or as good as a live reading, but they do not cost as much either!

I want to provide something between the almost useless kind of Sun-Sign "horoscope" in the newspapers, and a live horoscope reading from a professional astrologer; and I want to let people who are willing to spend as little as $10 or $15 see what a real horoscope reading can reveal about them - one that is created from knowing their own month, day, year, (and hour and minute if known) and town of birth, not just the Sign the Sun was in at their birth. Just knowing the day and month of birth tells you the Sun Sign, but the Sun could be anywhere from 0.0 to 29.9 degrees within that Sign. Adding the year narrows the position of the Sun to within one particular degree within that Sign, and lets an astrologer consider the angles or "aspects" other planets make to the Sun - and be accurate about them. If the hour and minute and town of birth are also known, the astrologer can place the Sun and Moon and planets accurately in the proper Houses and add much more to the interpretation of the person's birth horoscope. And knowing the time and place of birth, he can calculate and interpret the Ascendant Point and the Rising Sign, and the Midheaven Point and Midheaven Sign too.

Please keep in mind that because I have chosen to offer a choice of topics, a particular reading will only be part of the total picture, and not what you would expect from a comprehensive (and more costly) reading that might take many other factors of your hororoscope into account.

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