Astrology An Astrologer's View -
Princess Diana and Mother Teresa
by Michael Star
(c)1997 OCT 01
in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

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An Astrologer's View and Tribute to

Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

(c)1997 by Michael Star, Astrologer

Princess Diana

Lady Di was born with Sun in Cancer (sensitive, mothering, patriotic), Moon in Aquarius (humanitarian, idealist, individualistic, reformer), and Ascendant in Sagittarius (cheerful, good-humored, friendly, fun-loving, tolerant, traveler).
On the Princess Diana Horoscope page you'll see how Astrology can reveal the life experiences a soul has chosen for this lifetime by "reading" the horoscope of the human being at birth (the "birth chart"). You'll see some insights into the traits and tendencies Lady Diana Spencer was born with in her "Psyche Secrets" Reading, and see the talents and tests and trials she chose to carry into this life experience in the "Karmic Gifts and Lessons" Reading. In the "Career Counselor" Reading you'll see the Life Work and career interests indicated in baby Diana Spencer's horoscope, and how several of these were actually chosen by the adult Lady Diana either as a vocation or avocation - "Teacher", "Foreign Ambassador", "Fashion Designer", and others. In the "Monthly Forecast" and "Weekly Forecast" Horoscope Readings for the day before the unexpected death of Princess Diana you'll see some indications of influences, issues, and individuals who ultimately played a part in the tragic accident.

A horoscope reading does not predict a person's choices, only the things which may influence those choices. Diana and Dodi died because at that time they chose to seek privacy and escape from the paparazzi, because they chose to trust their safety to a substitute driver who appeared competent but was actually under the influence of alcohol and prescribed drugs, and because they got into a car in a back alley to deceive the paparazzi and told the driver to escape from the photographers in front of the hotel. They did not choose to die, but the combination of influences which led to their personal choices did set the scene for an accidental death. You can see it in Diana's horoscope reading.

Any one of those choices made differently could have created a different future, but they chose the ones which created the conditions for the accident. Diana and Dodi died with the person they loved, and their death created an opportunity for the greatest outpouring of Love from humans all over the Earth that has been experienced in this century.

Can we really say their death did not serve a higher purpose? Can we wonder if in some "cosmic" sense these two Souls did choose to die in that place at that time for a higher purpose that was agreed upon before the Spirit entered into the flesh at birth? If you can accept the possibility of an immortal Spirit which gives life to the body but does not die with the body, then perhaps you can take your attention from the death of the body and appreciate the awesome accomplishments of the Spirit that did not die with Diana but lives on in its profound effects on the peoples of the Earth. Foundations have been established to carry on the charitable work Diana championed, and people are opening their hearts and pocketbooks to donate time and money to help the helpless. With the sales of Elton John's tribute song to Diana, "Goodbye England's Rose", expected to be in the millions, it looks like Princess Diana will be "immortalized" in song. Who could argue that the Spirit of this "Queen of Hearts" has died?

This great Soul we knew as Princess Diana inspired us to show compassion for our fellow souls, and her death freed so many of us to express and extend the Love we were not willing to give until this crisis became the catalyst and created the opportunity. The sudden and seemingly senseless death of the "Queen of Hearts" becomes profoundly purposeful when we choose to look at the Love that lives on, and not the death that destroys bodies. The real meaning of the death of Christ was in the resurrection and not the crucifixion; the point of the death of Princess Diana was the unlimited, unconditional, living Love her Spirit inspired -- and not the death her body died.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa died peacefully the same week as Princess Diana, after a long and fruitful life. She was born with Sun in Virgo, and with three other "personal planets" in Virgo. Her long life dedicated to serving others in a useful, practical, "down-to-earth" way exemplified the best qualities of the Earth Sign of Virgo: service to others, humility, practicality, purity, cleanliness, health-consciousness, sense of order, sense of duty, diligence, dedication, and devotion. We mourned her passing, for she will not be with us now. Nor will she continue her great work and show us how to love one another as she always said Christ wanted us to.

We cannot feel sad for Mother Teresa, for her life was long and it was her time to leave in peace; but we felt sad for ourselves because we felt we had lost a sainted soul who was always there to show us how to love one another and help one another. She was "Mother" to her nuns, and to millions of us. She was the kind of loving mother we always wanted, or wanted to be. We miss our Mother Teresa, as we would miss our own mother. But like a mother who raises her children to take care of themselves, Mother Teresa trained thousands of devoted followers who will carry on with her great work. And we can carry on with her lessons in Love, by remembering how she showed us that a life of loving service to our fellow man is a life worth living, and a life that was rewarded with love and longevity, even with fame and good fortune.

Though Mother Teresa took a vow of poverty, died with few personal possessions, worked without pay, and did not seek publicity or promotion; she could easily be regarded as having become one of the most famous people on Earth, one of the richest in resources to accomplish whatever she chose to do, and one of the most respected and powerful people in the eyes of the rich and famous and powerful people who honored her, in her life and at her death. She was a living example of the Power of Love.

The Spirit of Mother Teresa, whom we knew in our hearts was a Saint in the truest sense of the word, lives on in her good work carried on by the Order she established. Her loving Spirit lives on in the Love she inspired in us. Her humble but beautiful Spirit lives on in the lesson she never tired of teaching through her enduring example of concern and care for others: we must love one another. If Mother Teresa could care for and love a leper, can we learn to love our neighbor?

The Power of Love

Can you think of any two people of our time who were more widely known, or more loved by the world, than these two wonderful women? They loved those who needed Love the most, and the world loved these lovers. There is no power on Earth greater than the Power of Love, and perhaps the lives of this wealthy, beautiful Princess and this humble, hardworking Nun will inspire us all to seek Love and not Money, and to extend Love and not Fear towards our fellow human beings. We are all One, and we have felt this in our hearts as we wept together for the loss of these ladies who lived to "love thy neighbor as thyself".

May God bless you, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, as you have blessed us!

Michael Star

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