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Recognize Perfect Pitch.
With The Pure Pitch Instant-Download Home Study Course.

Perfect Pitch Ear Training

Learn To Master Absolute Pitch And Relative Pitch With This Amazing Course.
Perfect For Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin, Singing, Vocals, And Music Appreciation.

Did you know that for centuries the world's greatest musicians and composers had a secret weapon that few others knew about?
Even more astounding is the fact that you and every other person have this same ability lying undiscovered inside!

This special ability is pitch recognition - more commonly known as absolute pitch and relative pitch.

"Learn The Secret Method Of Pitch Recognition That Allowed A 16 Year Old Teenager To Master Absolute Pitch And Relative Pitch In Less Than 6 Weeks!"

To see the Pure Pitch Ear Training page, click here:
Pure Pitch Ear Training

Jazz Education and Performance...

The Barry Harris Approach to Improvised Lines & Harmony

"This 26 page tutorial introduces the reader to the practical and theoretical concepts taught by Dr. Barry Harris.

Topics include: scale runs, basic chord movement with sixth and diminished chords and sixth diminished scale concepts. Many examples supplement the concepts presented."

Click here to learn more about  The Barry Harris Approach to Improvised Lines & Harmony

As seen in Music Connection magazine...

The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook by Bob Baker

"Why is it that some artists and labels prosper, while others encounter only frustration and obscurity? The answer is fairly simple. The successful ones have learned that to get ahead, they must abandon the traditional methods and discover the secrets of Guerrilla Music Marketing.

With this manual, you'll discover that music marketing doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Whether you're promoting a fast-growing indie label or a one-man or one-woman act from your basement, the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook gives you the tools you need to get the maximum bang for your buck!"

Click here to learn more about the  Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook

Learn to play much faster, with more enjoyment, using...

Carl's Saxophone Course and
Carl's Chromatic Harmonica Course

"My name is Carl Prevost and I've been playing the sax, flute, and the chromatic harmonica for a number of years now. Learning to play these instruments was fun, but very difficult until I developed a method that I could easily implement. I tried most of the instructional books out there, but still found it almost impossible to play the songs that I liked and listened to on tape or the radio. I soon began to develop a style of learning that was more fun, less work, but still got better results for me. In fact, I would have quit playing if I had not developed this method.

When it comes to learning to play an instrument, I feel that you don't need much talent, but a desire to play and most importantly to not quit. Anyone can learn to play eventually, but frustration will cause stress and result in you putting your instrument down! What if you had a step by step method that is more fun and resulted in day to day measurable progress. A method that takes the work out of practicing, where you can learn from playing to your favorite tunes - and not tunes in a book that you may have never heard of. Would you get better enjoyment out of learning?"

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Click here to learn more about 
Carl's Saxophone Course  and  Carl's Chromatic Harmonica Course

Master acoustic guitar in various styles, with step by step lessons that take you to a high level of fingerstyle competence...

The Acoustic Guitar Workshop

"Here's your chance to take your acoustic guitar playing to a new level and master all those professional techniques that will have your listeners gaping with rapt awe. Join the Acoustic Guitar Workshop and learn how to play the ultimate, stand-alone-don't-need-nuttin-else guitar which is Fingerstyle.

Fingerstyle is the most satisfying form of guitar playing. The guitar becomes the entire band, playing bass, rhythm and melody. And you can apply it to whatever style you're into - blues, jazz, classical, country, folk, rock. Surely the most fun you can have with your clothes on!"

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Click here to learn more about  The Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Dating & Finding Love | Romantic Relationships | Sexual Relationships & Marriage | Family Relationships
Success & Business | Playing Music

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* the software used to read your ebooks is provided free of charge by Adobe or Microsoft, and you can download the latest version from the ebook vendor's web site.

- Michael Star

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