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Discover the simple, PROVEN path to True Success
(It will astonish you)...

Success: A Spiritual Matter

IF you truly desire Success in Your Life (and are fed up with false promises and hype), let more than a dozen of the most highly respected entrepreneurs and best selling authors share with you their secrets to success.

And find out why Paul Myers, Publisher, TalkBiz News, said:

"I've read probably 1000 books on the topics of business, spirituality and motivation. Rick Beneteau's book, "Success: A Spiritual Matter" is the best I've seen at addressing all these critical issues in one place.
"I don't know all the contributors to the book personally, but of the ones I do, I can say that they all truly live the way they describe and they're all successes in the highest sense of the word. They're the best kind of teachers. Learn from them."
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You Don't Need to Win the Lottery to Become a Millionaire...

Discover how you can live your dreams and become a self-made millionaire - even in tough times.

Turning Dreams Into Dollars

"This wonderful book is for anyone who wants to live the life of their dreams. You won't find the get-rich-quick garbage or motivational fluff that sounds OK but never works. Not too surprising, since the editors of Internet ScamBusters are publishing it. The perfect gift to yourself and anyone you know who is searching for something more in life."

The 10 Secrets to Finding the Hidden Gold Mine in Your Business!

In this brand new ebook, master copywriter and marketer David Garfinkel shares his success secrets. It's called:

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Become Much Richer in 90 Days... Or Sooner!

In addition to the 10 core money-making techniques, David also tells you:

- The amazingly simple strategy that added $5 million a year to the revenues of a six-person firm (it will work for just about any business).

- What "the stupid tax" is -- and how to avoid paying it.

- Three new, easy ways to start making money immediately... and what you should stop doing right now, so you can devote your time to what really works!

- And much, much more.

Here's what best-selling Guerrilla Marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson has to say about David:

"David Garfinkel is a treasury of inside secrets about direct response marketing. The information he presents flows directly from his mind to your bank account."
We highly recommend you check this out. And, you can save 33% during our Introductory Special. Click here for details...

Dating & Finding Love | Romantic Relationships | Sexual Relationships & Marriage | Family Relationships
Success & Business | Playing Music

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WOMEN:  What Men Secretly Want  |  Get Him Back Fast  |  The Woman Men Adore And Never Leave  |  Secrets of Understanding Men |  How to Enchant Him |  Her Seduction Secrets |  Text the Romance Back |  The Penguin Method (mate for life)  |  Get Your Ex Back |  How To Read A Man |  Online Dating Formula |  Make Him Desire You |  The Monogamy Method  |  Be Irresistible  |  The Breakup Cure |  Real Women Real Love 30+ 

If you have not downloaded an ebook to your computer before, consider these advantages of ebooks when compared to books printed on paper...

* ebooks cost less than the same book in print, and there are no shipping fees.
* ebooks can be downloaded over the Internet from anywhere in the world.
* ebooks can be downloaded in minutes, so you can start reading your book right now.
* ebooks can be purchased from home and in complete privacy. Where the book's subject matter or title might make you feel embarrassed to show it to a store cashier...you don't have to!
* ebooks can be backed up, so that if you lose your original copy you can still have a fresh new copy available from your backup file.
* ebooks have built-in search features, and you can add bookmarks and notes which can later be erased without harming the book.
* ebooks have text that can be changed in size to make it easier to read.
* ebooks can be read in the dark by the light of the computer screen, so you don't disturb others by reading in bed.
* ebooks can be carried in your notebook, netbook, or tablet computer - or ebook reader - wherever you travel, so you can read them while waiting for a bus or an appointment. I read ebooks on my 5-inch BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, which actually does fit in my pocket and is much smaller than a paperback book.
* ebooks can be stored in your computer or on removable media, dozens of titles on one disk or memory card; so you don't use any shelf space or have to carry them when you change residence.
* ebooks do not use up natural resources. No trees are killed to make your ebook; no air-polluting vehicles or disposable plastic shipping materials are used to deliver it; and no waste is added to a landfill site when you want to get rid of it.
* the software used to read your ebooks is provided free of charge by Adobe or other companies, and you can download the latest version from the ebook vendor's web site.

- Michael Star

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