The Future
is Now

by Michael Star
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 Astrology Zine by Michael Star.

The Future is Now

If the transiting Planets in your horoscope indicate that an issue is coming up now, it is because now is the best time for you to face it and make some new choices about it this time. If you made the best choices the last time it came up, then you may find that the new situation which presents that old issue (in a different form) is much easier to deal with this time.

If you made some errors in the past, then now is your opportunity to choose again and make a better choice for all concerned.

We can only make choices in the Present, but the attitudes and actions we choose today will shape our Future in ways that correspond to our choices. We will get what we expect. If you don't like your Present, change your choices to change your Future.

"I'd be happy if I could
stop choosing things that bring no good."

 - Michael Star, Astrologer

If we want a better Future, we need to make better choices in the Present - and not keep repeating any choices from the Past which have not created a happy Present. We need not hold onto guilt for poor choices, for they were the mistakes we learned from. We can always choose again.

If you are holding onto some old attitude or habit that seemed to work well in the Past but is not working now in the Present, it might be wise to consider the way a famous psychologist once defined insanity:  "doing the same thing you have done a thousand times before, and expecting it to turn out differently this time."

©2000 by  Michael Star, Astrologer

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