Graphology and Compatibility
by Peter Dennis
a Graphology article in
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

Graphology and Compatibility

What Handwriting Reveals
About Your Relationship

(c)1999 by Peter Dennis

Compatibility in romantic relationships as revealed by analysis of the partners' handwriting.

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Graphology and Compatibility

by Peter Dennis ©1999 October

What clues does handwriting reveal about the compatibility of two people?

Well, I believe that nearly any two people can be compatible. Some say that opposites attract; others say that likes stay. Experience tells us that the more two people are different, the tougher it will be for them to have a strong relationship. But it also seems that people can have many differences and still be compatible partners. The key, I believe, is that the individuals must be aware of their differences, understand them, and be willing to accommodate them.

So, awareness of the differences is important, and this is where handwriting analysis can be most helpful.

Handwriting analysis can identify well over 100 aspects of personality. So, in looking at compatibility, whether in a business or personal relationship, handwriting analysis can give us much to consider. Here are just a few points to illustrate.

As an analyst, the first thing I look at is emotional responsiveness; that is, how we respond to emotional situations. This is indicated by the slant of the writing. The more it is slanted to the right (Fig. A), the more emotionally responsive the writer is. The writer whose script is vertical (Fig. B), is less emotionally responsive and is driven more by logic, facts, data, and the “head”. If one partner is “ruled by the heart” while the other is more “ruled by the head” are they compatible?

Fig. A

Fig. B

People have different ways of thinking. Some are quick to understand and get the idea well before you are finished explaining it. Some are slower and more careful; they build ideas, one upon another. Some are very investigative and want to know all about things. Some are explorers, and direct their thinking to concepts and ideas that are not yet discovered. The m's and n's indicate an individual's style of thinking. So, if one person is very quick to comprehend, retracing the upstrokes of m's and n's, making them look more like w's and u's (Fig. C); while his partner is a slower, more careful thinker making the rounded, wider, “copybook” structures that we were taught in grade school (Fig. D), are they compatible?

Fig. C

Fig. D

Analytical ability is indicated when the downstrokes on m's and n's are not retraced with a following upstroke (Fig. E); but rather the upstrokes move to the right, creating little “v” structures at the baseline. A non-analytical person would retrace the downstrokes just as we were taught in elementary school (Fig. F). So, if one person is analytical and the partner is not, are they compatible?

Fig. E

Fig. F

Direct people have an absence of approach or lead-in strokes at the beginning of each word. A person who gets to the point quickly and doesn't “beat around the bush” would not have these lead-ins, and, nearly every time, would begin the first letter of each word with a downstroke, starting above the baseline (Fig. G). A person who slowly leads up to a point with a little talk about the weather, last night's game, etc., would start each word with an approach stroke originating on the baseline (Fig. H). If one party is direct and quick to get to the point, while the other always takes time to lead up to a point, are they compatible?

Fig. G

Fig. H

At this point, imagine that one person is ruled by the head, a quick thinker, analytical, and very direct (Fig. I); while the other is driven by the emotions, not at all analytical, a slower and more methodical thinker, and always taking time to lead up to a point (Fig. J). Do we have compatibility here?

Fig. I

Fig. J

With just these four aspects of personality, you can see that a challenge is shaping up. With dozens of other traits to consider, you can see the power of what we are dealing with.

Overall, I suspect that any two individuals contemplating a close relationship will have a number of personality differences. Having a great many differences does not make two people incompatible, but it does make compatibility tougher to achieve. Identifying, understanding, validating, accommodating, and enjoying each other's differences can go a long way towards building and sustaining compatibility. The contribution of handwriting analysis is in identifying and understanding the differences.

©1999 by Peter Dennis

For an easy-to-follow method that you can use to explore the compatibility of two people, look at Chapter Eight in the book, HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: An Adventure in Self-discovery, Second Edition.

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