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All I can say is "WOW". I tried the A.C.T. drink and within a few minutes I felt a surge of "FEEL GOOD" energy. This drink was incredible. My energy level remained strong and steady all evening.

I now drink A.C.T. first thing in the morning before I run or workout and have a great sustained energy level all through my workout and throughout the day.

Thanks M2CGlobal for an incredible "Feel Good" drink!

Jim Hoy
Arizona USA

I have never put anything harmful in my body - I just won't do it. But when I drink A.C.T., I feel like a brand new individual. I am mentally alert, stronger, faster and quicker!

I constantly get approached to try new energy products, with every product promising to help me feel and perform better. I can tell you this: A.C.T. is the only product of choice for me. Where was this drink 5-7 years ago while I was still in the NFL!

Tim "TMack" McKyer,
Retired 3-time NFL Super Bowl Champ

I am so excited about your A.C.T. Energy drink. In just a few short weeks of drinking A.C.T. I don't have a taste for coffee. I was the Starbucks daily customer. Thank you for this A.C.T. drink that makes me feel so good!

Cindy M.,
Texas USA

A.C.T. makes me feel good! My eyes don't get sleepy in the middle of the day anymore. On top of everything I do every day, I find by drinking ACT late morning around 11 AM, that this is giving me an even, sustained, energy-endurance clear until evening. Also I notice more clairty of mind to accomplish my tasks. I like having the variety of one more convenience drink every day.

Thanks for the FEEL GOOD boost!

Doris Spencer

Hi A.C.T.,

Well I started drinking A.C.T. and didn't think I was feeling anything. Normally, when I get home at the end of a day I just want to get a bit to eat and relax cause I'm just plain tired.

After two days of drinking A.C.T. I am finding myself doing things around the house I normally don't do, I look at the clock and its midnight or later and have to put myself to bed instead of being passed out on the couch by 10 as the case use to be. I FEEL GREAT. I'm sleeping thru the night now, where as before I'd be up once or twice to go to the bathroom. It's gotta be the A.C.T. It's the only new thing in my life and I FEEL GREAT!!!

I Love Ya,

I just ordered the A.C.T. drink last week. I received my first 60 day supply, received my Power Mixer, and have taken the drink for 2 days now, and have to say WOW!

I have tried over 100 different products over the past 7 years and I have to say the A.C.T. drink beats them ALL! I get the energy and well-being without the jitters and mass confusion that most products on the market have as side-effects.

This product is amazing!

Tonya Pruitt

When I initially drank A.C.T. I didn't think much about it. I then proceeded to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, mop the hardwood floors, cook and look for other things to accomplish before I finally went to bed around 1:30 am. I woke up at 6:30 am ready to go to church before the alarm even went off. I'm A Believer! Everyone should know about A.C.T.!

Have a great day!

Steve Johnson


My sample has provided me with the most energized day that I have had since I was put into my "handicap able" circumstance due in part to multiple sclerosis and in part to a very un invasive knee surgery that has put me on my rear for almost three years. Having been an athlete since I was four years old (wrestling, football, and bodybuilding) I can speak with almost thirty years of experience vis-a-vis sports, energy drinks, et al. This drink more than lives up to hopes and it seriously eviscerates any other "energy" drink that I have every tried!

I will have physical therapists as well as the medical doctors who work with me on this amazing drink! Thank you for surpassing expectations!

Cory Reeves

I have been taking pain pills and muscle relaxers three each day since January.

June 10, 2005 I started taking the A.C.T. drink. After two weeks, the arthritis was so much better that I cut down on my medications and now for the last week I have taken NONE. Also my legs and arms are so much stronger. I know it helps my energy but why the A.C.T. drink is helping my strength... I do not know or care.

This A.C.T. drink just works. I am hitting the golf ball further and scoring lower, 88-92 (instead of 100-110). I play golf 4-5 times a week because I have a very loving, understanding wife...

Thank you!! Thank You! Thank You!!


PS: A friend of mine hasn't played golf for over a month played with us today. He had a lot of arthritis in his hands and wrists, and it was affecting his ability to play. After three of the sample packs he is playing golf again. He is one happy kid (48 years young). He shot a 72 with a handicap of 6. I am so happy for him. Bones is his name.

I pray that this ACT drink posting finds you and yours in good health, happiness and times. I have multiple sclerosis myself. I have been an athlete since I was four years old. I am thirty-three now. I had the least invasive orthoscopic knee surgery (medial meniscus and chondroplasty) possible. I am a college graduate, Texas Tech University, and I have been learning to walk again for the past three years. The surgeon told me "six weeks" to full speed. A bit wide of the mark. Multiple sclerosis brings fatigue with it. Makes it challenging to have an actual day of activity. Praise God! this ACT Drink actually gives me the type of energy that I need to have a fulfilling day of activity! I know that ACT will help you.

God bless,

Cory Reeves

Okay, I just tried the stuff, and you're right, it's amazing! I was trying to write a little, and kept nodding off, even though I got plenty of sleep last night. Irritating as all get-out! Anyway, I mixed the ACT in water (32 oz rather than 8 oz, I drink a lot anyway, especially in the heat of summer.) Drank half of it, and within MINUTES was awake and aware again! Incredible! Now you absolutely must "tell me more".

I drive for living. Sometimes, get sleepy on road. Dis wery dangerous. I try vitamin supplements. But they too expensive. I try caffeine energy drinks. They make hands shake. Very frightening. Then, I try Advanced Cell Therapy:
Advanced Cell Therapy tastes good.
Advanced Cell Therapy works fast!
Advanced Cell Therapy. Better than Bull!

I have had four way heart by-pass surgery, so have to be very careful what I take. There are many products that are out there and some are great, but so are the associated costs. Some are scandalously over-priced and work in varying degrees - I should know! I have been there and done that.

What has really 'ignited my spark' with M2CGlobal and this incredible 'FEEL GREAT' drink is that it actually does work, not just once but EVERY time!

I took a sachet morning and mid-afternoon as advised because of my ticker challenges, and within 15 minutes I physically noticed a marked improvement. And NO, I was not ready to run the marathon, BUT my awareness had increased, as did my concentration levels. I seem to be able to get more done without feeling so drained. I do quite a lot of motorway driving and we all know how easily tired we get - not any more! This A.C.T product is making a significant change to me personally. (It may not work for you - but why not try the product for FREE?)

Gone are the 'lull periods' in the day - so I want to both applaud and thank the M2CGlobal team for this fabulous Safe, Feel Great Factor and VERY Affordable Product.

Warmest regards,
Robbie 'Now A UK Member' Elliott
United Kingdom

I am diabetic and have been taking a packet in the morning and a packet at around 3pm. I have felt a definite boost to my energy levels and I no longer feel "washed out" towards the evening. What is even better is my blood tests first thing in the morning ("fasting blood sugar" has dropped from around 8.4 (above normal) to 6.5 (normal). I haven't changed anything else, just started to drink A.C.T. I can't wait to get my regular supply. At around 50p a day to feel this good, it's a bargain!

United Kingdom

I am 44 years young and have been a heavy coffee drinker all of my adult life. Being used to drinking 3 pots a day, I decided to try A.C.T. first thing in the morning. Wow! about 10 minutes later I was energized and focused. Not one sign of jitters which is good working at the computer most of the day. It wasn't until around noon I realized I had not had any coffee yet that day. Now I drink 1 pot or less a day thanks to A.C.T. and look forward to a cup rather than needing it. The real kicker... no headaches like other times I would drink less!

Joe McFarland
Oregon USA

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for over eight years. A year ago I was taking between eight and twelve Lortab along with antidepressants, anti-inflamatories, and on and on.

I started drinking A.C.T. three weeks ago and I have so much ENERGY that it almost scared me!! I haven't had pain, I am able to exercise for the first time in years, I have lost 15 pounds and I feel like a NEW person. The free business opportunity is mind blowing, but without the energy from A.C.T. I would not be capable of taking advantage of the business! Thank you and God Bless you M2CGLOBAL!!

Brenda Prosser

Hi Everyone,

My name is Frank M. Trevino, and I have been using ACT for 3 months. In March of this year I began my low carb diet and was determined to lose weight. I lost 30 pounds from March 15th to May 20th.Then I began taking A.C.T. in very late May and lost another 31 pounds in just 1 month! AWESOME! And I am still losing weight! BUT perhaps the greatest and most satisfying thing that has happened to my family with A.C.T. is that my dad (he's 72) had been resisting taking this "new drink" for almost 2 months. Mom (a breast cancer survivor) has been sold on A.C.T. since day 1 in May, and has regained a lot of her energy and mobility.

Dad, also a heart patient, finally tried A.C.T. in late July and came to my house to tell me about it in person. HE CLIMBED UPSTAIRS TO MY SECOND STORY HOME OFFICE AND TOLD ME HOW GREAT A.C.T. WAS! I asked him,. "HEY DAD, what are YOU doing climbing the stairs?" He said, "Frank, I have NO MORE PAIN IN MY KNEES! I can walk farther than I have in years. After 30 years, I CAN CLIMB STAIRS AGAIN!" JUST 2 DAYS AFTER STARTING ACT!!! He is so excited, he and mom are sampling and recruiting all of their friends. Make no mistake - Dad is STILL a heart patient, and mom is still monitoring herself, but their QUALITY OF LIFE has significantly improved! They are ECSTATIC! AND NOW, Dad is dusting off his GOLF CLUBS and buying new batteries for his GOLF CART!!! WE WILL NOT BE WITHOUT THIS DRINK!!!

Frank M. Trevino

I lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks and have more energy and mental focus than I have EVER had.

I have been drinking A.C.T. for about 2 months and was skeptical after taking Ephedra for many years with great success. I thought nothing would ever work for me again! The first day I drank A.C.T. I felt great energy, the second day my appetite was dramatically suppressed and the third day I called all my friends to tell them about it. I lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks and have more energy and mental focus than I have EVER had.

What a breakthrough for energy, focus, stamina, weight loss and a financial opportunity. Thank you M2C Global for giving me the vehicle to change my health and financial opportunity!

Karen Ford

Thank God for A.C.T.!

I started drinking A.C.T. on May 22 and it was so wonderful for me that I wanted my granddaughter to try it. She has been Diagnosed as being Bi Polar and takes about 11 to 15 pills a couple of times a day.Every time she is here she sleeps almost over half the time, always complains about her knee hurting and her sinuses driving her crazy. She told me when she got here her knee hurt and her sinuses were already bothering her, so as soon as I could I gave her an A.C.T.  WELL... she was awake until 10 - 11:00 at night and I didn't hear another word about her knee or her sinuses. She said she felt great.

Lynnie from Virginia USA

Being a Certified Lymphologist, I did not believe that there was a health drink on the market that will give you quick energy in 30 minutes without the side effects of being jittery and let down like sugar and caffeine do after they wear off. I know that it takes Glucose plus Oxygen to make A.T.P. (Adenosine TriPhosphate) to give our cells energy to work properly. The best source of Glucose is from fruits and vegetables, and A.C.T. is full of it. After drinking A.C.T. for the first time I knew that I had a winner. What a product! I knew this would be a good business and very easy to work so I fast forward and ordered 1000 samples to start my business.

Nathaniel Caine
Washington, DC, USA

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