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Secondary infection by Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria in children or the elderly with flu can cause death from pneumonia.
This "super bug" known as MRSA is resistant to antibiotic drugs, but not to Nature's disease fighter, Allicin from Garlic.

Price List for Alli-C™ and Alli-Ban™ Liquid

One bottle of Alli-C™ contains 30 capsules, which provides a one-month supply to the typical user. Each capsule contains 300 mg. of pure Allicin powder from garlic in an odorless and stable form, plus 60 mg. natural Vitamin C and 40 mg. citrus bioflavonoids. The pure Allicin delivered by one capsule of Alli-C is equivalent to eating 30 to 40 bulbs of fresh-crushed garlic, but without the garlic odor!
Alli-C™ is a food supplement from natural plant sources, and has no known side effects. Garlic has been safely eaten for 4000 years.
Typical use is one capsule taken daily with water at a main meal, but additional capsules may be taken for days or months for increased effectiveness against a developing or chronic infection. Capsules may be opened and the Allicin powder mixed with water for application to infected areas of the skin, or the powder may be sprinkled on small pieces of bread for application to the throat and tonsils. Safe for children over seven years of age. Safe for dogs and cats and other animals too!

Alli-Ban Liquid is a formulation containing 500 parts per million of Allicin in a 1/3 oz. dropper dispenser bottle, for application to areas of the skin infected by a virus or fungus or bacteria which cause conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, warts and athlete's foot. It may also be dropped into the ears, nose or throat, and is effective with cold sores (Herpes Simplex), Gingevitis, tooth abcess, and halitosis. Place and hold a few drops under the tongue for fast sublingual absorption into the bloodstream (useful if you cannot swallow capsules like Alli-C). Note that there is a small amount of natural mint oil added to mask the slight garlic odor. Refrigerate after opening or when stored for long periods, to maintain potency.

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"I asked myself if I wanted to keep my money and keep suffering, or spend my money to end my suffering.  I chose not to suffer from the many things I could avoid with Alli-C.  I and my wife each took one capsule per day, and we avoided getting any colds or flu this past winter.
Alli-C really worked for us!
- M.S., Toronto, Canada



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Not Available In Drug Stores!
Alli-C™ is Today's Only Source of Pure Allicin.

Stop Suffering the Symptoms - Now You Can Control the Cause!

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$28.00 Alli-C™ Allicin & Vitamin C (30 capsules, 1 per day, 300 mg. Allicin per capsule)
A natural antibiotic, and the only odorless garlic supplement that delivers real Allicin.
Allicin is highly effective against intestinal parasites and the "bad" bacteria and yeast organisms such as Candida, yet does not kill most of the "good" bacteria (probiotics) such as Acidopholus which help digest food. This helps avoid the diarrhea which is often caused by use of antibiotic drugs which also kill the "good bacteria". (Using drugs may allow Candida to over-populate the intestine after the drug treatment is ended, because helpful bacteria like Acidopholus which limited the spread of Candida have been killed by the drugs.)

$24.95 Alli-Ban Liquidantimicrobial (1/3 oz. dropper dispenser bottle, 500 p.p.m. pure Allicin, for external use on skin, nails, cuts or wounds; or in mouth, nose, or ears. Refrigerate for longer shelf life.)

$49.95 Alli-Ban Gold Liquidantimicrobial (1 oz. dropper dispenser bottle, 1000 p.p.m. pure Allicin, for external use on skin, nails, cuts or wounds; or in mouth, nose, or ears. Refrigerate for longer shelf life.)

$33.95 One-Day Diet Vanilla wafers (140 for 7 "diet days" during 14 days on the Diet)

$33.95 One-Day Diet Chocolate wafers (140 for 7 "diet days" during 14 days on the Diet)

$32.95 Lose-And-Snooze Collagen Supplement to build muscle and burn fat (16 fl.oz., drink half-ounce each night)

$39.95 Sea Energy Liquid Vitamin and Mineral Supplement (32 fl.oz.) 30% certified Aloe Vera

$39.95 PowerMax "triple-strength" Sea Energy (32 fl.oz.) 91% certified Aloe Vera by weight

$39.95 Manuka Oil 100% Pure antimicrobial (10 ml. droplet dispenser bottle, for use on skin or in aromatherapy)
Manuka tree oil from trees in the East Cape of New Zealand is 10 to 15 times more effective against bacteria than the well-known and widely-used Australian tea tree oil (and much more effective than oil from manuka trees grown in other areas of New Zealand).

$39.95 Manuka Soap antimicrobial (three bars antibacterial and antifungal Manuka Soap)
Use all-natural Manuka Soap to kill the bacteria that cause underarm body odor, instead of using popular "deodorants" which may contain harmful substances such as aluminum, or fragrances which may be causing allergic reactions.

$39.95 Manuka Oil Intro Pak antimicrobial (1 Manuka Soap plus 1 Manuka Cream, for use on skin)

$39.95 M-Water Primordial Water concentrate (16.9 fl.oz.) 2 teaspoons treat 1 gallon of drinking water

"Specialist" Products formulated by Dr. Paul Ling Tai

$39.95 AntiOxidant Specialist anti-aging formula (30 capsules, 1 per day)
This herbal antioxidant supplement contains an extensive mix of natural antioxidants working in synergy, including the two most powerful antioxidants, Clove Oil and Thyme Oil. Antioxidants neutralize "free radicals" - molecules which are missing an electron and which try to "steal" electrons from other molecules, such as the ones in your body cells and even your DNA. This damages your cells and your DNA, and causes disease and the ravages of premature "aging". Today we get far more free radicals from our food and polluted environment than our parents and grandparents did. Our usual diet may not be supplying enough antioxidants now to counter the devastating effects which make us look and feel older than we should. Our bodies were built to last 120 years, but only if we take good care of them. Think of antioxidant supplements as doing for your human body what a "rust inhibitor treatment" does for the body of your car or truck - it makes it last longer and look better!

$39.95 Prostate Specialist formula for enlarged prostate gland or BPH (90 capsules, 3 per day)
This all-natural herbal formula contains a substance which inhibits the production of a human hormone that is the sole source of food for the tumor cells that cause Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, and gradually kills those cancerous cells by starving them to death. This can cause the enlarged prostate gland to shrink back to normal size and end the chronic pain and embarrassing symptoms of BPH. (Dr. Paul Ling Tai, after much scientific research, developed this herbal formula to shrink his own enlarged prostate gland when he was a 32-year-old surgeon in Detroit, Michigan. I tend to trust a doctor who actually takes his own medicine - and finds it works!) Listen to Dr. Tai's story at the Prostate Specialist link above.

$39.95 Menopause Specialist formula to minimize Menopause and PMS symptoms, with Phyto Estrogens (60 capsules, 2 per day)
This 100% herbal formulation provides estrogen from plant sources, which have far fewer side effects and health risks than the animal estrogens contained in the widely-used prescription drugs used for hormone replacement therapy (which are made from the concentrated urine of pregnant horses). Please listen to Dr. Tai explain the shocking scientific evidence concerning use of animal estrogens by clicking the Audio link at the Menopause Specialist web page.

$39.95 Performance Specialist formula with Cordyceps for increased strength and stamina (90 capsules, 3 per day)
Competitive or professional athletes may need to take 6 or more capsules per day to enhance endurance, stamina and strength. The Cordyceps mushroom originally harvested by hand during spring in the high Himalayan Mountains of China and Tibet has several remarkable effects on human health and vitality, and now the new hybrid varieties which may be commercial grown and harvested in clean conditions are even more powerful. All-natural Performance Specialist may be used by anyone, including elderly persons. And, yes, it does enhance "sexual performance" as well as athletic performance and overall vitality. Click on the link above for full details and scientific evidence.

$39.95 Cardio Specialist formula to remove plaque from heart and arteries (90 capsules, 3 per day)
Heart attacks and strokes are caused by plaque formations which break off and block the flow of blood through a vital artery or capillary that feeds the brain or the heart muscle itself. Preventing plaque formation and dissolving existing plaque formed by LDL cholesterol and calcium deposits can greatly lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Cardio Specialist is an all-natural herbal product that might help you and your loved ones live longer and better. Click the above link to get the truth about heart disease and the latest scientific studies - and learn how YOU can avoid being the latest victim of a fatal heart attack (for even when your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in medical test results are said to be "perfect", you can still have a heart attack if there is plaque in your arteries.)

$39.95 Digestion Specialist formula to cleanse colon and end constipation (150 mg. powder, 37 daily servings)
People who are irregular or constipated may have 40 pounds or more of old, impacted, fecal matter in their colon and intestines, which causes diseases due to "self-poisoning" as this toxic waste is continually absorbed into the bloodstream. Laxatives and fibers are not effective enough in removing this hardened toxic waste material. This good-tasting natural orange/vanilla drink adds moisture to the digestive tract to soften and wash out that hardened fecal matter from the nooks and crannies of the intestinal tract (and also softens the stools) - which cleanses the colon and digestive tract and ends the constipation and the formation of large hard stools which can cause hemorrhoids. You may feel the difference within days.

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Alli-C™ is a formulation of 300 mg. pure Allicin from garlic
plus 60 mg. natural-source Vitamin C with 40 mg. Bioflavinoids, in capsule form.
Alli-Ban Liquid is a 1/3 oz. dropper bottle with a formulation containing 500 parts per million of Allicin, for use in ears, nose, throat or mouth, or the skin and nails.
Place and hold a few drops under the tongue for extra-fast sublingual absorption into the bloodstream . (Use this method if you cannot swallow capsules like Alli-C.) Alli-C™ is not sold in drug stores, but is distributed exclusively by Affinity Health through independent distributors.

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