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if you have:
Flatulence, Gas, Bloating, Cramps, Allergies, Cravings, Skin Ailments, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Indigestion, IBS, Constipation.
Or need:
Laxatives, Colon Cleanse, a Detox, Weight Loss, More Energy.
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Flatulence, Farts and Foods

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"Based on a Medicinal Herb Called Holy Thistle  Used For 2000 Years, This Colon Cleansing Detox Tea Has Been Used Successfully For Over 20 Years."

Photo of Holy Thistle, also known as Milk Thistle and Blessed Milk Thistle.  Botanical name is Silybum marianum.  Holy Tea is named after the herbal ingredient Holy Thistle.

Holy Tea Tastes Great and is Easy To Use. Just Drink Two 8-ounce Cups per Day.
Helps Relieve Flatulence, Gas and Cramps, Bloating, Heartburn, Constipation.

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Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

is a good-tasting, gentle, safe, all-natural tea with medicinal herbs and enzymes which help remove toxins and provide relief from many health problems.
Thousands of users were able to lose weight and inches from their belly simply by drinking
Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

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Bulging Bellies
Parasites & Worms
Symptoms of Parasite Infection
Yeast and Fungus
Symptoms of Yeast Overgrowth
Yeast Infections
The Colon
Digestive Tract
Liver and Kidneys
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Diarrhea & Steatorrhea
Dr. Miller


SIGNS of an Unhealthy Colon:
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Headaches
  • Confusion or lack of focus / "brain fog" / memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Flatulence with foul smelling gas
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloating or bulging belly / Gassiness
  • Chronic constipation / Irregularity / Hard stools
  • Skin problems like dermatitis, rash, hives, acne
  • Sciatic pain
  • Water retention
  • Bad breath
  • Body odor / Scalp odor
  • Diarrhea / visible mucus in the stool / chronic diarrhea
  • Many other GI problems, including GERD, IBD, IBS, Crohn's disease, spastic colon, colitis, enterocolitis, diverticulitis, leaky gut.
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Premature aging

Restoring colon health with
Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea
can help your body heal itself of these symptoms.

Holy Tea contains NO stimulants, caffeine, cascara, cassia, senna, sugar, salt, harmful chemicals, or pesticides.
It is made from the finest quality ingredients grown in the USA.
Holy Tea is gentle, easy to use, proven to work, and very affordable.

Who Uses Holy Tea?

Watch the Holy Tea online movie and listen to the personal messages from Dr. Miller and his grateful users.

Photo of Dr. Miller with Holy Tea user Connie Kimbell, who lost 100 pounds. Dr. Miller's Holy Tea - formulated by Dr. Bill Miller (Ph.D. Nutritional Science) of Tennessee, USA - is a unique herbal blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body. Holy Tea is a cleansing tea, a detox tea, a weight loss tea, and a great-tasting herbal tea - all wrapped up in each unbleached tea bag.

But most of all, Holy Tea is a healing tea. Remarkable things happen when you drink Holy Tea every day. It is gentle, yet surprisingly powerful as a digestion stimulant, colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, Candida cleanse, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, blood purifier, and whole body detoxifier. You probably won't need any more laxatives, stool softeners, high-fiber potions, antacids, allergy pills, acne creams and many other potions and lotions after you start drinking Holy Tea.

The name "Holy Tea" is taken from the traditional name of one of the ingredients, a widely-used medicinal herb known as Holy Thistle (Silybum marianum) or Blessed Milk Thistle, and is not intended to imply any religious significance - although grateful users who experienced remarkable health improvements after taking Holy Tea often thank God for this gift of healing! Some want to call it a "miracle tea", but this healing tea is really just a special blend of high-quality natural herbs, tested and refined over time, which produce fast and effective results that no imitator has been able to copy.

Kim Creasey of Lexington, TN, lost 100 pounds in 10 months with Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, entered a beauty contest and was selected over girls 15 years younger. Dr. Miller's Holy Tea may also be used as an element in any Weight Loss Program and is much more effective than Chinese Tea, Green Tea, Wu Long or Oolong Tea, Wu Yi Tea, or South African Red Rooibos Tea. The Persimmon leaves in Holy Tea contain a compound that binds to fat and helps eliminate fat from the body. Other ingredients help the liver burn fat more efficiently. Just drinking Holy Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body, and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly. For some people, the weight loss has been achieved quickly and rather dramatically (see the Testimonials below), but individual results will vary.

When the excess weight is actually from pounds of impacted fecal matter stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine, no amount of dieting or fat loss or exercise can reduce the size of the belly.  But Holy Tea can!
If you have bloat, midriff bulge, a "beer belly", a "Molson muscle", a "pot belly", or a protruding abdomen, then drinking Holy Tea can help you shed pounds and lose inches around your waist, without dieting or changing your eating habits.  (See Bulging Bellies.)

Photo of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea sample pack - a one-week supply with 2 bags which will make one gallon or 16 litre of Holy Tea Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is a safe, mild, all-natural, detoxifying health tea. It has a dual action: (1) As a colon cleanse it is gentle yet more effective than most bowel cleaners, laxatives, and stool softeners. (2) It's also a very good-tasting whole-body detoxifier which is simple to use - you just drink 8 ounces of Holy Tea twice per day with meals!

No restrictive detox diets, no fasting, no diet pills, and no complicated procedures. Just drink your Holy Tea. You don't even have to drink it with meals, but doing so could help provide heartburn relief or stop acid reflux.

Holy Tea LOOKS like any other herbal tea, but don't be fooled. Just two of those Holy Tea bags make ONE GALLON or about 16 litres of Holy Tea - an 8-DAY supply! And this is a HEALING TEA. Most people feel positive effects within a week, and often within a day or two!

See for yourself! Order a one-week Holy Tea Sample Pack for USD $12.49 plus a shipping fee of $2.51 to the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or any country in the world! Click here to visit the Holy Tea online store.

Holy Tea has provided many health benefits for over 20 years in Dr. Miller's two Tennessee clinics by thousands of persons who suffered with:

  • Excess Gas / Foul Flatulence / Stomach Cramps
  • Belching / Bloating
  • Indigestion / Stomach Ache
  • Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) or Heartburn
  • Enlarged Abdomen / Protruding Belly / Midriff Bulge
  • Irregularity / Chronic constipation / Hard Stools / Hemorrhoids
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) / Crohn's Disease / Chronic Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Pain / Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBDs)
  • Spastic Colon / Colitis / Ileitis / Enterocolitis / Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Candidiasis / Yeast Overgrowth / Parasites / Worms
  • Bad Breath / Bad Body Odor
  • Excess Stored Fat / Excess Weight / Obesity
  • Joint Pain / Back Pain / Arthritis / Migraine Headaches
  • Skin Conditions / Itchy, flaky skin or scalp / Dandruff
  • Inflamed Skin / Dermatitis / Eczema / Psoriasis / Acne
  • Allergies and Hay Fever / Food Allergies / Sensitivity to smoke and chemicals
  • Low Energy / Loss of Mental Clarity and Concentration / "Brain Fog" / Forgetfulness
  • Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / Sciatica
  • Insomnia / Restless sleep

Excess Gas and Flatulence (a.k.a. Flatus or Farting)

Passing gas through the anus is commonly called "farting" but the medical term for passing gas is flatulence and the smelly farts are called flatus.

The average healthy person will pass gas about ten to fourteen times per day, producing an average of half a litre of gas - though some individuals can produce a litre or more if they consume certain foods.

Basically, the gasses that are expelled as flatus are produced by the billions of bacteria in the large intestine (colon) fermenting foods which have not been digested and absorbed in the small intestine. The more undigested food that passes through the colon, the more gas can be produced.

When malabsorption (reduced food absorption) occurs due to certain medical conditions, excess gas in the intestines and excessive flatulence (farting) could be a symptom of these disorders:

  • diverticulosis that leads to an overgrowth of bacteria
  • celiac sprue
  • pancreatic disease
  • short bowel syndrome (where part of the bowel was removed by surgery).

Causes of Flatulence and Farts

Gas in the bowels is caused by fiber, starch, and some complex sugars which aren't easily digested in the small intestine.

Carbohydrates, the sugars and starches, are the main source of metabolic energy for the body. Carbohydrates form the major part of the diet, and provide between 50% and 70% of the energy intake, largely from starch and sucrose.

Chemically, the carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

The most basic carbohydrates are the monosaccharide sugars, of which glucose, fructose, and galactose are the most important nutritionally. These are the simplest sugars, and the most easily digested.

The disaccharide sugars are composed of two monosaccharides. The most important disaccharides in nutrition are sucrose (a dimer of glucose + fructose), lactose (a dimer of glucose + galactose) and maltose (a dimer of two glucose units). These are simple sugars, and quite easily digested.

NOTE: When you are looking at the ingredient labels of processed foods to see how much "sugar" they contain, note that all the aforementioned saccharides are "simple sugars" and will make you just as fat as sucrose, which most people know as "refined white sugar". These other sugars will also feed any yeast organisms which reside in your small intestine, and the yeast produce carbon dioxide gas. An overgrowth of yeast such as Candida albicans feeding on sufficient amounts of sucrose, fructose, maltose, galactose and other simple sugars can cause bloating and cramps. Yeast also produce alcohol along with the gas (which is how wine and beer are made), and some individuals with a yeast overgrowth may become slightly inebriated after eating certain foods which allow the yeast to produce alcohol that is absorbed into the blood through the small intestine.

Larger polymers of carbohydrates are known as polysaccharides or "complex carbohydrates". Two classes of polysaccharides include:

(1) starches, which are polymers of glucose units, either as a straight chain (amylose) or with a branched structure (amylopectin), and are able to be digested. Starches are found in most vegetables and grains.

(2) a variety of other polysaccharides which are known as non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), and are NOT able to be digested by human digestive enzymes.

The non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) form the major portion of dietary fibre. They include: cellulose, pectins, glucans, gums, mucilages, inulin, and chitin.

In addition, a number of oligosaccharides occur in foods. These consist of 3 to 5 monosaccharide units; and in general are NOT able to be digested by humans, but can be digested by some species of intestinal bacteria. Some non-digestible oligosaccharides are prebiotic, meaning they support the growth of colonies of certain probiotic (i.e. helpful) bacteria in the colon, such as Bifidobacteria. These prebiotic oligosaccharides include derivatives of fructose and galactose.

Some simpler and smaller undigestible oligosaccharides such as raffinose, stachyose, and verbascose are found in a variety of beans. These pass unabsorned through the small intestine and serve as food for gas-producing bacteria in the colon, which is why beans have a reputation as a fart-producing food. ("Beans, beans, the musical fruit - the more you eat, the more you toot!")

In general, the sweeter the bean, the easier it is to digest and the less gas it will produce. Adzuki, Anasazi, Black-eyed Peas, Lentils, and Mung beans produce less flatus. The least sweet and most difficult beans to digest are Navy, Limas, and whole cooked Soybeans, and these are the beans which produce the most gas and the most farts.

If you pre-soak your beans in water, discarding that water will remove up to 80 percent of the non-digestible oligosaccharides that cause flatulence. Bring the beans in water to a boil for 3 minutes, remove from the heat, cover, and allow to soak for 4 hours. Then discard the soaking water and cook the beans with fresh water to prepare a relatively fart-free serving of your favorite beans.

Some people who can easily digest most beans without much flatus being produced may have trouble with beans that are sweetened with brown sugar, honey or maple syrup, due to the added carbohydrates.

Digestive enzyme products made from a safe, food-grade mold can help break down the oligosaccharides before they reach the large intestine, and minimize the amount of flatus produced. The enzymes are either sprinkled onto the cooked beans or taken in capsule or tablet form just before eating the beans.

Why Farts Smell Bad

The undigested and unabsorbed carbohydrates and other undigested foods pass through to the colon, where they are fermented by various species of intestinal bacteria which produce hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulphide gases.

Intestinal yeast organisms tend to produce odorless carbon dioxide gas, but the farts can pick up odors from rotting vegetable material and putrefying meat stuck to the walls of the colon (mucoid plaque).

The foul smell of flatus comes from various sulphur-containing compounds. The compounds in a typical smelly fart are usually hydrogen sulphide or methanethiol. The "rotten eggs" smell comes from hydrogen sulphide gas, and a "rotting vegetables" smell comes from methanethiol.

Yet another sulphur compound, dimethyl sulphide, actually smells kind of "sweet".

Cauliflower, eggs, and meat are most likely to cause the smelliest farts.

Beans produce a greater quantity of gas, but do not cause particularly smelly farts.

In general, foods with little fibre produce very little gas.

Fat Farts

Giardiasis, an infection by the tiny Giardia lamblia protozoa parasite, can cause the most nauseating farts and belches, along with extremely foul-smelling watery diarrhea or steatorrhea. Steatorrhea is the medical term for watery stools which contain an excessively high concentration of undigested fats, which is why the stools appear shiny or greasy and usually float at the surface of the toilet water (where the foul odor can permeate the air of the room). Having an "accident" where some watery steatorrhea is excreted into the underpants will most likely produce a bad odor noticed by people nearby.

The Giardia parasites attach to the lining of the upper small intestine and impair the ability of the epithelial cells to absorb fats, so abnormal amounts of fats get passed to the colon. There they are acted on by putrefactive bacteria, some of which produce smelly hydrogen sulphide gas. Decomposing fat has a particularly foul smell (like a decomposing dead body), so the stools which contain excess fat are very smelly, and gasses which have passed over the putrefying fat in the colon may produce the worst-smelling farts.

Giardiasis usually starts with several days of foul-smelling diarrhea and a mild fever, but may become chronic if not treated. Chronic giardiasis may produce no symptoms other than occasional diarrhea, but the parasites continue to inhibit fat absorption by the small intestine and may be the cause of some smelly "fat farts".

Just eating a meal which contains too much fat for the small intestine to absorb will also send undigested fat to the colon, and may cause diarrhea or steatorrhea and smelly farts.

Lactose Intolerance Can Cause Farts

Another cause of excess gas can be a lack of the enzyme lactase which is needed to digest a simple sugar called lactose or "milk sugar". In a person who lacks this enzyme, consuming milk and dairy products which contain lactose can leave the dairy foods poorly digested and not absorbed by the small intestine. As it moves through the large intestine it becomes food for yeast and putrefactive bacteria - organisms which produce gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, or methane. When there is a yeast overgrowth in the colon, even more gas and more farts are produced.

People who cannot digest lactose are said to suffer from lactose intolerance. An hour or two after consuming milk or dairy products they can experience uncomfortable cramps and excess gas in the abdomen. This problem is compounded when the use of antibiotics kills the probiotic Lactobacteria which normally help digest lactose for us.

While cheese, milk, ice cream and frozen yogurt can cause the gas and cramping, regular yogurt does not, because the live lactobacteria culture which fermented milk into yogurt breaks down the lactose so we can digest it.

Flatugens - Foods That Cause Flatulence (Flatus or Farting)

Some foods are considered "high flatulogenic foods" (the suffix genic means "creating" or "causing"). These foods, known as flatugens, are the ones most likely to cause excess gas in the small and large intestines and an uncomfortable or painful "gassy" feeling in the abdomen, and cause excessive flatus or farting:

  • milk, cheese, ice cream, frozen yogurt (not regular yogurt)
  • most beans such as baked beans, lima beans, navy beans, soy beans, pinto beans, mung beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, adzuki beans, anasazi beans
  • sauerkraut, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, radishes, onions, carrots
  • prunes, raisins, bananas
  • bagels, pretzels, wheat germ.

Foods which are moderately flatulogenic include:

  • foods that contain wheat and wheat products, such as cereals, breads, pastries, pizza crust
  • potatoes
  • citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons
  • ales and beers, carbonated beverages, colas, sodas, soda water, sparkling water (bottled spring water that is carbonated to make it bubbly), Champagnes and sparkling wines.

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Drinking Holy Tea for Colon Health

"It was about eight years ago that I started drinking Dr. Millerís tea. Since then I have had two colonoscopies done by two different physicians. After each procedure the doctor has remarked to me how clean my colon has been. During this eight year period I have not had so much as a common cold. Working in the health field, I have learned that the body must get rid of toxins or else they will be absorbed back into the blood stream and cause many different problems. I have no doubt whatsoever that Dr. Millerís tea is the key to detoxification of the body.

Also, during this time I have noticed that my skin has a much smoother look and feel and my primary care physician has even remarked that I have the skin of a much younger man. I am a Vietnam veteran and will turn sixty on my next birthday. Many of my comrades in arms have either died or have some really serious health problems. Again, I am totally convinced that Dr. Millerís tea is the primary reason I am still around and kicking."
 - Dan Record, Henderson, TN

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Dr. Miller's Holy Tea - The Bottom Line

  • Holy Tea contains only safe, natural ingredients and is made from the finest quality edible herbs found in Nature. All are grown in the southern U.S. states of Georgia and Florida.

  • Holy Tea contains NO caffeine, ephedra, senna, cassia, cascara sagrada, stimulants, drugs, harsh laxatives, salt, sugar, pesticide residues, harmful chemicals, or fillers.

  • Holy Tea has no harmful side effects. There is no discomfort, and no constant running to the bathroom. It softens hard stools, but does not cause diarrhea. It helps you get back to having two to three quick and easy bowel movements per day, the way you are supposed to.

  • Holy Tea contains well-known herbs which have been used safely for hundreds of years, and have been the subject of various scientific research studies in recent years. It is the quality and the precise combination of these herbs which makes Holy Tea unique and effective. The secret formula has been imitated, but no one has been able to produce a body detox product as effective as Dr. Miller's Holy Tea.

  • Holy Tea helps you lose weight, reduce fat, and lose inches off your waist without any change in diet or depriving yourself of foods you like to eat. It can be used alone, or along with another weight loss program. A chemical in Persimmon leaves bind to fat and keep it from being absorbed. But much of the weight loss and inch loss is due to cleaning out pounds of impacted fecal matter and parasites from inside your colon, something which no fat loss diet can achieve.

  • Holy Tea provides the very best colon cleanse and body detox available today.  And it helps remove toxins from every place in your body - organs, tissues, blood, fat cells, and your entire digestive tract. It is also a gentle yet effective parasite cleanse, Candida cleanse, worm remedy, and herbal home remedy for food allergies, acid reflux, heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation and various colon diseases.

  • Holy Tea supports the body in detoxifying and healing itself of all kinds of ailments caused by: (1) toxic build-up of decaying impacted fecal matter in the intestines (mucoid plaque) and the resulting autointoxification (which means "self-poisoning");
    (2) bacteria, yeast, microbial parasites, amoebae, worms and flukes; and
    (3) the poisons and toxic compounds released by some of these bacteria and other microbes.

    Restoring the colon, liver and kidneys to a healthy state reduces the risk of many painful and potentially fatal diseases.

  • Holy Tea is made by a hands-on expert in Nutritional Science who actually cares about your health. Dr. Miller has devoted his entire professional life to researching, formulating, testing, and perfecting this remarkable healing tea while working with clients at his two health clinics.

  • Holy Tea has been used successfully for over 20 years at Dr. Miller's two health clinics in Tennessee.

  • Holy Tea has been proven to work. Just ask his thousands of happy clients!

  • Dr. Miller has hundreds of testimonials from grateful users of his Holy Tea. You can read some of their testimonies on this page, or hear them in the online Holy Tea video.

  • Holy Tea is convenient and easy to use. It's as simple as making a gallon of tea, then drinking two glasses per day.

  • Holy Tea tastes very good. It is clear and flavorful just like any good herbal tea. And you can mix it with herbal teas, decaf teas, or juices to suit your taste. You can vary the strength, and you can drink Holy Tea hot or cold. You can even open the dried used tea bags and add the herbs to foods like salads, sauces, soups, stews, or chili.

  • Holy Tea is very affordable. It costs less than over-the-counter remedies or prescription drugs that do less for your overall health. Two daily servings of Holy Tea cost about the same as buying just one regular tea or coffee per day at a fast-food restaurant. When you see and feel the results, you will realize Holy Tea is worth a lot more than you pay for it. (And by joinging the Holy Tea Club you can get your Holy Tea at a discount, or even for free!)

For information on buying Holy Tea contact  Michael Star  at 905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, GMT -5 hours).

Click here to BUY Holy Tea on-line at USD $49.95 retail price for a one-month supply (8 bags make 4 gallons or 16 litres).

Shipping & Handling (S&H) fee for 1 to 12 packages of Holy Tea:
(Save money by ordering a 2 to 12 month supply for the SAME shipping fee as for 1 month.)
$5 to mainland USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
$9 to Canada
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$11 to Central America and West Indies Islands (Caribbean Sea) $11 to South America
$11 to United Kingdom (UK), England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
$11 to Europe, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
$11 to Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Russia
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$11 to South Asia, India, Pakistan, South East Asia, Philippines, Taiwan
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$11 to Asia, Middle East, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea
$11 to Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific
$11 to Africa, including South Africa (not shipped to Nigeria or Ghana)

$0 to Holy Tea Club Members in USA, Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico when they set up a monthly auto shipment
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To keep this information from being told far and wide would be a shame - especially in the United States, where Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn's Disease cannot be cured, diabetes is widespread and increasing, the incidence of allergies is accelerating while the cause remains unknown, and over-the-counter drugs are a multi-billion dollar business.

We ask: "Where is the HEALTH in the "health care" system?" Is there really a wellness industry - or should it be called the "illness industry"?

In the USA huge amounts of money are being spent on products that treat symptoms but ignore the sickness that caused them...

  • Antacids: $1 billion
  • Laxatives: $850 to $900 million
  • Antihermorrhoidals: $250 million
  • Antidiarrheals: $100 million

It would be selfish and self-serving for the "health care" industry to deny real health to the multitudes who are looking for something, anything at all, to relieve their suffering and make them feel better - and stop feeling so sick and tired. But healthy people don't need to buy drugs and man-made medications or pay for pricey procedures. There is more money to be made by the "illness industry" in selling symptom relief than selling products that prevent sickness.

Why is the U.S.A. the world leader in deaths by cancer and nearly every other disease; while China has 1.5 billion people who remain healthy simply by drinking tea?

Dr. Miller has a patented Tea. But not just any Tea. Dr. Miller's Holy Tea not only has an enzyme that works on the toxic waste in the small and large intestines, but on every organ in the body. Each organ is connected to the colon, either directly or through the bloodstream.

The purpose of this article is to state the facts and the choices. We have the choice to drink a wonderful Holy Tea which will provide us with health and clarity and a new outlook on life - or to continue to look forward to every kind of illness one can imagine.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, it's time to try Dr. Miller's Holy Tea!

For information on buying Holy Tea contact  Michael Star   at  905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, GMT -5 hours).
Or contact Michael on Skype for free from anywhere in the world (in English).
SKYPE ID: michaelstar2

Click here to ORDER Holy Tea online at $49.95 retail price for a one-month supply, or $12.49 for a one-week Sample Pack.

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Holy Tea Club logo. Click to Join the Club. Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is sold nationally and internationally by a network marketing company in the USA that officially launched on September 19, 2007. They are looking for Members in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and most countries world-wide to join the Holy Tea Club. Members can purchase at wholesale prices to save money, and by helping to refer a few new customers and Members they can get their Holy Tea for free and even earn a nice part-time income. Some may wish to market Holy Tea world-wide as a full-time or part-time work at home business with the potential to earn a very large monthly income.

For information on buying or selling Holy Tea, or becoming a Member of the Holy Tea Club, contact Michael Star  at 905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, GMT -5 hours).

Or contact Michael on Skype for free from anywhere in the world (in English).
SKYPE ID: michaelstar2

Click here to BUY Holy Tea online now at the retail price of $12.49 for a one-week trial package or $49.95 for a one-month supply. Or use the link below to buy at wholesale price as a Holy Tea Club Member and save up to $14.95 per month. Members have the opportunity to get their Holy Tea for free by referring a few new users or other Members.)

Click here to learn more about the Holy Tea Club and reserve your position as a wholesale-buying Member with a free web site, simply by ordering a one-month supply at the reduced wholesale price. We ship to any country at low rates, and Members from almost any country are welcome.

If you feel that the Holy Tea is good for you, why wouldn't you want to tell your family and friends about it?

Cleansing the colon and detoxing the whole body can eliminate so much unneccessary pain and suffering and literally change someone's life for the better. Who wouldn't want to share that helpful information with the people they care about? That's why the motto of the Holy Tea Club is "Sharing is Caring!"

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Holy Tea stimulates your body to detoxify itself by eliminating all toxins and foreign substances, which may include drug residues and even current pharmaceutical drug medications. If you are taking drugs or medications or birth control pills, we suggest you do not drink Holy Tea for two hours before and after you take your medication, to avoid weakening tbe effect of the drug or birth control pill.

The Holy Tea user testimonials quoted in this article and recorded testimonies are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. Individual results will vary.

The FDA does not review health products which are sold as a dietary supplement. (Holy Tea is a natural food, not a drug.)
As required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Disclaimer: Do not take Dr. Miller's Holy Tea as a substitute for medical treatment. Always follow the advice of your personal physician or health care practitioner.

Some common alternate spellings and misspellings: Chron's Disease = Crohn's Disease; haemorrhoids = hemorrhoids; hemhorroids = hemorrhoids; faeces = feces; diarrea = diarrhea; diarrhoea = diarrhea; liters = litres; laxitive = laxative; mucous = mucus; exema = eczema; mould = mold; flavinoids = flavonoids; flatulents = flatulence; large bowel = large intestine = colon; irratable bowel = irritable bowel; irritible bowel = irritable bowel; syndrom = syndrome; iratable = irritable; iratible = irritable; irrital bowel = irritable bowel; irrritable = irritable; irritated bowel syndrome = irritable bowel syndrome; syndrom = syndrome; sympton = symptom; bowel cleanse = colon cleanse; bowel cleansing = colon cleansing; bowel cancer = colon cancer; impacted bowel = impacted colon; leaky gut = leaky bowel; roundworms = round worms; tapeworm = tape worm; pinworms = pin worms; WuLong = Oolong; Dr. Millers = Dr. Miller's; Holly Tea = Holy Tea; Jacksin = Jackson; holyteaca = www.holytea.ca; holyteaclub = www.holyteaclub.us

Why People Use
Dr. Miller's

  • weight loss
  • reducing a bulging belly (bloating)
  • excess gas
  • belching
  • foul flatulence
  • indigestion
  • heartburn relief
  • acid reflux (GERD)
  • stomach ache or stomach cramps
  • irregularity
  • chronic constipation
  • hard stools
  • painful bowel movements
  • hemorrhoids
  • bad body odor
  • bad breath or halitosis
  • increased energy
  • increased clarity and concentration
  • better sleep
  • clear, soft and younger-looking skin
  • strengthened immune system and resistance to disease
  • body detox / colon detox
  • nicotine detox / cocaine detox
  • eliminating heavy metals
  • colon cleanse / colon health
  • getting rid of intestinal parasites such as amoebae, worms and flukes
  • Candida yeast infection / Candida cleanse
  • food cravings / sugar cravings
  • clearing out nicotine and harmful chemicals from second-hand smoke
  • stop smoking aid
  • clearing out pharmaceutical drug residues
  • clearing out recreational drug residues
  • clearing out aspartame and its byproducts
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Crohn's disease
  • colitis and enterocolitis
  • diverticulitis
  • ileitis
  • leaky bowel syndrome
  • chronic diarrhea
  • chronic cough
  • skin rash or dermatitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • itchy skin or scalp
  • scaley skin or scalp
  • dandruff (seborrhea)
  • food allergies
  • hay fever and allergies
  • migraine headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • arthritis or joint pain
  • premature aging
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • healthy colon
  • healthy liver
  • healthy kidneys
  • healthy lungs
  • general wellness
  • good for diabetics

Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

is made in the USA
from the finest herbs grown in the USA.
Beware of unauthorized imitations which use cheap, low-quality ingredients from China.

Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

is distributed world-wide by the
Holy Tea Club