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Just 1 ml. of Real Water Concentrate with E2 Technology transforms a 120 ml. glass of regular drinking water into healthy negatively-ionized and alkaline drinking water that provides better cellular hydration.

Click to order Buy Real Water Concentrate. One 120 ml. bottle treats 120 8-ounce glasses of drinking water - about 7 gallons.

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"Real Water™ Is the Only Stable Antioxidant Water
That Is Negatively Ionized and Alkaline"

Is the water you’re drinking actually hurting you?

Did you know that most of the water you drink every day may actually be harmful to your health?

And it’s not just the plain water you drink. How about fruit juices and juice drinks, tea, coffee, wine, beer, cider, colas, soda pop, soft drinks, and energy drinks?

You see, nearly everything you drink has water as its foundation. And nearly everything you ARE is water!

Did you know that your brain is more than 90 percent water?

Your whole body is comprised of more than 70 percent water. Yes, you are mostly a bag of water which contains some minerals and proteins and fats.

What kind of water do you want to be made of?

Doesn’t it make sense to drink water and water-based products that help improve your health instead of harm it?

Here’s the situation... most water and water-based products we drink and use have two very common problems.

Real E2 Water Concentrate in 4 fl.oz. glass bottle with glass medicine dropper. Fortunately, both of these problems can now be solved with just a drop or two of Real Water™ Concentrate made in the USA with E2 electron energized technology and distributed world-wide exclusively by The Real Water Club.

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First problem... the water has been damaged.

Before it gets to you, it has traveled through metal pipes made from copper, lead, or other metals, and through filtration devices and various systems. Even if you have a newer home without lead or copper pipes, your tap water is probably flowing through some parts of your municipal water supply system that are old and made of metal.

Even bottled spring water may have traveled through various metal pipes and filters (and may have been stored in plastic containers that leach chemicals into the water you drink).

During these travels through metal pipes and filters, the water molecules have been stripped of electrons (-). As a result, the water becomes "positively ionized" (+) which means it has a positive charge, not an electrically balanced charge.

The same kind of thing happens to the air in our homes and offices which gets circulated through metal ducts that strip the electrons from the air molecules and makes the air positively ionized. This makes people feel less healthy and energetic, and more likely to suffer from illnesses like colds and flu.

To solve this problem, electronic devices known as "negative ion generators" can add negative ions to the air to help solve that problem and make people feel more alert and energetic. And the negative ions attach themselves to airborne dust and microbes, which makes them heavier so they fall to the floor where they won't get inhaled.

In the case of air and water, "negative" ionization doesn't mean "bad" - it means "good"!

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Second problem... the water is very acidic.

But first, let's explain the first problem...

Problem #1 - Positively Ionized Water

That positively ionized (+) water is BAD for you!

When water molecules are missing an electron, this creates a positively charged molecule which will attempt to attract an electron to make its charge neutral and balanced - with an equal number of protons and electrons. Like a magnet that attracts iron filings, a positively charged molecule will always attract a negatively charged molecule, and they will try to move towards each other until the two are stuck together, bound by electromagnetic forces.

Hydrogen atoms have one proton and one electron. Oxygen atoms have six protons and six electrons, with two unbalanced electrons in the outer level. A water molecule (H2O) has two hydrogen atoms bound to one oxygen atom - where each hydrogen atom shares one of the oxygen atom's two outer electrons, which results in an overall neutral charge. The new H2O molecule becomes electromagnetically stable.

A water molecule that is missing an electron is "positively ionized" because the lack of that electron creates a positive charge. (If it had an extra electron, the molecule would have a negative charge and be "negatively ionized".)

This unbalanced positive charge will cause it to try to "share" an electron with a nearby H2O molecule. In effect, they "borrow" an electron from each other, and through the electromagnetic force caused by their relative positive and negative charges, the two water molecules are strongly drawn to each other and clump together.

When another positively charged H2O molecule is nearby, it too will attempt to "share" an electron with one of the H2O molecules in the clump, and thus the clump grows even larger, with all the H2O molecules bound by electromagnetic forces created by the imbalance of protons and electrons.

This "clumping" creates a problem, because now the water is composed of larger clumps of molecules which cannot easily pass through the membrane of the cells in your body. They are just too big.

Think of the cell membrane as being like a tennis net that would stop a tennis ball from passing through, but would allow a smaller ping pong ball to pass.

Simply put, the cell membrane won’t let this big positively ionized (+) clump of molecules pass into the cell. Our bodies evolved when water was pure and unpolluted with chemicals - and it flowed through rock, not metal pipes. So the cell membranes of our early ancestors evolved to allow the passage of water molecules that are grouped in small clusters, not large clumps.

Aquaporins are little channels in the outer membrane of your cells that transport water and nutrients through the cell wall. They are designed to let good water in and keep bad water out. They won't allow clumped and positively ionized water molecules to get inside, and for good reason. They would introduce free radicals that could damage or even destroy the cell!

The aquaporins are very selective, which is why some water gets into the cells and some doesn't.

So even though you are drinking a lot of water, you probably are not hydrating very well on a cellular level. Not enough water is getting into your cells and bringing them the nutrients they need to fully function in a healthy way.

But this isn’t the worst part. The next thing that happens is that the positively charged molecules (+) want to steal electrons (-) from other molecules that make up the cells in our bodies. This is what causes free radical damage.

A free radical is a positively ionized particle (+) that tries to rob electrons (-) from the molecules that form our body cells. We are bombarded with free radicals every day from the substances in polluted air we inhale, and from chemicals in the water we drink and the food we eat. But even if there were no pollution, we would still have free radicals being produced by our normal body processes, such as the oxidization of food to produce energy.

Free radicals literally zap or pull away life force from the cell. Then, once damaged, the cells start to allow unwanted toxic material and crud to attach itself inside our bodies. When the life force keeps being robbed, toxins start accumulating at various areas throughout the body.

This results in premature aging and an environment that allows disease to take hold. That is why there is such a buzz in the media and nutritional communities about anti-oxidants.

Antioxidants are molecules which provide extra electrons (-) to stop the free radicals from zapping our life force and stealing electrons from the molecules in our healthy cells.

Antioxidants are naturally present in many fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Yet few of us eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables each day to provide enough antioxidants to protect us from the ravages of free radicals that cause premature aging and degenerative diseases.

It would really help if the water we drank provided the antioxidants we are missing from our modern diet.

By using Real Water Concentrate we can turn the water we drink every day into a source of antioxidants.

Because each antioxidant molecule has one or more EXTRA electrons (which makes it negatively ionized), the antioxidants attract the free radicals and donate electrons to them. This neutralizes their charge so that they no longer need to steal electrons from the molecules in our body's cells.

It's something like a food bank worker donating some food to a starving food thief, so that he will not need to steal food from others. Thus the "thievery" is neutralized.

Free radicals are like microscopic "vampires", you could say, where the bite of one vampire creates another vampire. But a chain reaction of millions of molecules stealing electrons can take place in just a tiny fraction of a second, and much damage is inflicted on the cells whose molecules are involved in this destructive cycle.

When free radicals damage the mitochondria in our cells (parts of the cell which act like little "batteries" to store energy for us) we experience a loss of energy and a "run down" feeling, as if our batteries have lost their charge.

And then we just don't feel like doing the things we like to do because we feel too tired all the time. We just don't feel like doing things that would exercise our bodies and burn fat and help keep us healthy and trim.

When free radicals damage the DNA of a cell, the double helix which provides the template or "instructions" for the reproduction of a new identical cell; then the damaged cell will divide to reproduce another damaged cell - or a cell which is unnatural like a tumor cell, or malignant like a cancer cell.

Can you see how important antioxidants are to our health and well-being? And how drinking an antioxidant water could help us look younger, feel younger, and stay healthy?

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Problem #2 - Acidic Water and Acidic Foods

The second major problem with most of the water we drink is that it is very acidic.

More acid in our bodies is not good for us. In fact, many nutritionists believe that most diseases flourish and spread rapidly in an acidic environment.

For example, cancer cells need an acidic environment to grow and multiply. We are healthier when our blood is slightly alkaline, not acidic.

And guess what? Nearly all processed foods, sugar-laden foods and drinks, fried foods, and foods and drinks laced with chemical preservatives are very acidic.

Unlike these "processed" foods, most fresh vegetables are alkaline. An exception is stewed tomatoes and tomato paste, which are quite acidic. However, some scientists claim the tomato is a berry - which is a fruit, not a vegetable. It is interesting that the alcoholic cocktail known as a "Bloody Mary", which is made from vodka and tomato juice, is traditionally served with a very alkaline stalk of celery - which would neutralize the acidity of the tomato juice!

Celery is the most alkaline vegetable - in fact, it is so alkaline that you could eat half a stalk of celery to neutralize the hydrochloric acid that causes heartburn, instead of taking an expensive antacid pill. Try it!

So, what kind of foods were our ancestors eating 100 years ago? That’s right, fresh vegetables. They ate foods which were more alkaline.

Some of the most common killer diseases of today (like cancer) rarely occurred back then - long before acidic processed foods, colas and soft drinks became a big part of the North American diet. Is there a connection?

The same nutritionists also believe that most disease organisms will not grow in an alkaline environment.

Municipal water treatment plants add chlorine gas to the water to kill bacteria and other micro organisms. Elemental chlorine gas is a deadly poison to microbes and humans alike. If a freight train is derailed and a tanker car which is carrying pressurized liquid chlorine crashes and lets chlorine gas escape into the air, any nearby people who inhale that poisoned air will have their skin and lungs severely burned by the hydrochloric acid which forms when chlorine gas mixes with water vapor or liquid water.

Though the amount of chlorine added to municipal drinking water to kill microbes is small enough to be considered safe for human consumption, it does make the water even more acidic. Some towns and cities practice "fluoridation" of the water supply by also adding fluorine gas, which is another deadly poison that makes the water more acidic.

Acidic water is BAD for you. Alkaline water is GOOD for you!

Real E2 Water™ is an
Alkaline and Antioxidant Water

E2 Electron Energized technology provides a solution to both of these major problems.

Real E2 Water Concentrate in 4 fl.oz. glass bottle with glass medicine dropper.

First, it starts with water that has been purified through several stages of reverse osmosis. Then the E2 technology adds hundreds of millions of free electrons to the water through a proprietary technology that is both stable and natural.

This changes the water from being positively ionized (which is bad) to negatively ionized (which is good).

The transformation is measured in millivolts (mV) by an ORP meter. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. The energized water can be measured with an electrical device that will show the overall negative charge of the treated water that previously had a positive charge.

Real Water is guaranteed to have a negative charge which measures at least -50 mV when tested with an ORP meter. Its alkalinity is about pH 8 or higher.

Now that the water is negatively ionized, the H2O molecules no longer clump together. And the treated water actually becomes an antioxidant water that actively attracts and neutralizes free radicals!

The first problem is now solved! The water is now negatively ionized, not positively ionized. It is alkaline (pH 8) instead of acidic (pH 6 or less).

Now the water is not a problem. It's a problem solver - for it helps neutralize those positively ionized free radicals that could damage your cells and cause premature aging and degenerative diseases.

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Second, your cells will allow the negatively ionized H2O molecules that no longer form large clumps to easily pass through the cell membrane. More water can actually get INTO your cells.

So now your body can enjoy maximum hydration at a cellular level.

Water is called "the universal solvent" because it can dissolve so many substances. That's why our blood is made of water containing dissolved mineral salts like sodium, potassium and magnesium (known as electrolytes) and many other substances.

The more easily water can pass through the cell membrane, the more nutrients the water can carry into the cells. The more easily water can pass out through the cell membrane, the more waste and toxins can be flushed out of the cells.

The result: healthier cells and a healthier body with more energy and more resistance to disease.

Your cells may have been literally starving for hydration for a long time, even if you were drinking a lot of water. Most people don't even drink enough water, so it would certainly help to at least drink a negatively ionized water that is the most efficient in nourishing the body's cells.

With the Real E2 Water Concentrate™ added to your water, the cells hydrate quickly and start to flush out all the accumulated toxins and other crud that they have been storing for a long time.

Many Real Water users soon start to feel the difference in physical energy level and in their mental ability to focus and concentrate, with an improvement in memory.

People just don't realize that they are operating at subnormal levels of hydration until they restore themselves to optimal hydration and feel the difference.

Sometimes, for some users, the rapid release of toxins can result in temporary flu-like symptoms as the expelled toxins circulate in the bloodstream until they are filtered out by the kidneys and excreted from the body. Some toxins are excreted through the sweat glands and end up on the skin until they are washed off. So take it slow at first and drink less Real Water when you are first starting out, to avoid or minimize any possible "detox" symptoms.

Once you get through this initial detox phase, you will soon be saying that you have never felt better!

"Recently, I had the opportunity to test the pH and the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) or ionic value of a product called Real Water Concentrate for the Real Water Club. Unlike other products using potentially harmful substances to alkalize liquids, Real Water Concentrate uses a proprietary process called E2 Technology™. The only ingredients in Real Water Concentrate are purified water with trace amounts of magnesium and potassium. The E2 Technology™ process energizes the minerals with an abundance of negative ions attaching itself to the water. To my knowledge, there is no technology, company, or product that can reproduce this process of ionic energy imprinting.

In lieu of all the evidence available indicating the health benefits of consuming alkaline substances and anti-oxidants, I believe this additive has extreme health benefits. I therefore certify and gladly endorse this product as producing the results so described and tested. As long as the company continues to produce the same quality product, I will recommend it as a valuable water additive to create alkalinity and increase one's oxygen reduction potential or anti-oxidant level. I suggest you try this product and see what it does for you."

- Dr. James Chappell, Ojai, California, USA

"The Water is fantastic. It is not like anything I've ever used before. I feel energized and centered. Intuitively, I know this is perhaps the most important product I've ever consumed. High quality water is essential to great health and well-being. There is simply no getting around that fact. The third day on the water, I TRIPLED my time and number of burned calories running on the treadmill. After running one solid hour and burning 750 calories, there was no feeling of exhaustion and tiredness; I could have kept going! I highly recommend everyone make Real Water a required part of their health and fitness regime. There is simply no substitute. Asante!"

- Mark J., Oxnard, California, USA

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The second major problem is solved too.

The E2 technologyactually changes the pH of your drinking water from the bad acidic pH to a much better alkaline pH of 8 or higher.

Now the water you drink will make your body and your blood more alkaline and help your body resist disease.

The alkalinity of the Real Water made with the E2 technology can be measured by a simple pH test using a pH test strip or litmus paper. A pH higher than 7 is alkaline. A pH 7.0 is neutral. A pH 1 to pH 6.9 is acidic. (Cola beverages often contain phosphoric acid and can have a pH as low as pH 2, which is VERY acidic.)

Most brands of bottled spring water or glacier water have a pH on the acidic side - less than pH 7. Buying bottled water can help avoid the chlorine and chemical contaminants, but you will still be drinking water that is acidic, and it won't be negatively ionized.

You simply add one millilitre of the Real Water Concentrate™ to 8 ounces of water. That's just one squeeze of the droplet dispenser bulb.

This will transform your ordinary drinking water into a much healthier, stable, enhanced water that is negatively ionized and alkaline.

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Instructions for using Real Water Concentrate:

(1) Loosen the cap of the bottle of Real Water Concentrate.
(2) Squeeze the rubber bulb in the cap to expel some air.
(3) Release the bulb to draw up some Concentrate into the glass dropper, so that the Real Water Concentrate fills about half the length of the dropper.
(4) Remove the half-filled dropper and hold it over the glass of liquid you wish to convert.
(5) Give the bulb ONE firm squeeze to release 1 ml. of the Concentrate into the glass.

NOTE: the amount dispensed by one squeeze (or one "squirt") will be LESS THAN HALF of the Concentrate which could fill the full length of the glass tube. You DO NOT need to completely fill the length of the tube with Concentrate and DO NOT need to squeeze out ALL the Concentrate in the glass tube. The amount drawn in and then dispensed by just ONE squeeze of the bulb is enough to release the required 1 ml. of Real Water Concentrate.

You can also add the Real Water Concentrate™ to tea, coffee, fruit juice, vegetable juice, clear soups, and most other water-based beverages - even alcoholic drinks.

But DO NOT boil or microwave the treated water or liquid AFTER you have added the Concentrate, or it will revert to ordinary water. Do not add Real Water Concentrate to "fizzy" carbonated drinks such as colas or soda water. Do not store the treated drinking water where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

The Real Water Concentrate™ does NOT change the taste of the water or any liquid it is used with - though some users say that the ion-energized drinking water tastes better somehow.

You can add Real Water Concentrate™ to your water cooler bottle too. Add one millilitre per 8 fluid ounces, or 16 millilitres per U.S. gallon (a gallon is equal to four metric litres). In other words, 16 squirts of Concentrate will convert one U.S. gallon of bottled water.

Your 120 ml. bottle of Real Water Concentrate can convert a little more than 7 U.S. gallons of drinking water, so it becomes a much healthier negatively ionized drinking water which is slightly alkaline, acts as a atrong antioxidant, and provides better hydration of your body's cells.

Real E2 Water bottle. Some people put good-quality tap water into a water cooler that contains a charcoal filter to remove the chlorine and fluorine, and then add Real Water Concentrate™ so they can drink a healthy water at the lowest cost. If your town supplies good water, why pay dollars for bottled water when you can get it from the tap for pennies?

A pre-made bottled water version of Real Water is a top seller in some U.S. grocery store chains and whole food stores at $1.49 to $2 per bottle. But why pay twice as much and have to carry the water home, when you can make Real Water yourself at home from the Real Water Concentrate mixed with good filtered tap water, or with home-delivered spring water from your big water cooler jug?

Millions of empty plastic water bottles end up in North American landfill sites every day. You can "go green" and do your part to help eliminate this needless waste by making your own healthy drinking water at home with Real Water Concentrate. (And since plastics are made from petroleum you can help reduce the demand for oil, which will help keep gas prices lower.)

Give your body what it needs for optimal health!

Try Real Water Concentrate™ and feel the difference!

Real E2 Water Concentrate in 4 fl.oz. glass bottle with glass medicine dropper.

Real Water Concentrate™

4 fl.oz. (120 ml.) blue glass bottle with glass dropper dispenser.

Retail Price: USD $49.95 per bottle

One 120 ml. bottle of Real Water Concentrate treats 120 8-ounce glasses (7 gallons) of drinking water, juice, tea or coffee (using 1 ml. per 8 fl.oz glass).
The treated drinking water will remain ionized for up to 30 days, unless it is boiled or microwaved, or given long exposure to sunlight or excessive heat. If using with coffee or tea, boil the water and brew the beverage before adding the Real Water Concentrate.

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The Real Water Club is an international business opportunity, and members from all countries in the world are welcome! Products are shipped from the USA.

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Buy Real Water Concentrate. 120 ml. bottle treats 120 8-ounce glasses of drinking water.

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