How Accurate Are Sun Sign Horoscopes?
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Are horoscope columns accurate?

Since no one actually tells the astrologer his or her personal time and place of birth, the "daily horoscope" columns cannot be as accurate as a forecast based on an individual's exact time and place of birth. If you really want some useful information from Astrology, you need to work from a real horoscope chart, not a generalized forecast which has to apply to everyone whose Sun at birth was "somewhere" between 0 and 30 degrees of some Sign.

Often they are written by assuming the Sun is on the Ascendant and in your Rising Sign. So you should read the ones for your Rising Sign AND for your Sun Sign.

Without knowing which degree of the zodiac the Sun (and the Moon and all the Planets) actually occupied at your time of birth, no astrologer can produce a really accurate, detailed, and useful forecast or personality analysis for you. Without at least the day, month, and year of birth being known, a real horoscope of any kind cannot be cast.

When an astrologer does those Sun Sign horoscope columns, he has to assume certain things and use estimated positions of the Sun and House Cusps, which may or may not be close to the reality of your own horoscope. Other things, which cannot even be estimated, have to be ignored and not discussed.  Click for "Signs And Cusps"   ©2001 by  Michael Star

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