Love Quotes
March 2001
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Philosphical Thoughts on Love

Taken from Michael's Mini Musings for March 2001, which appeared daily on the Free Daily Horoscopes page at

Temptation is a chance to know
that you will reap what you would sow.

- Michael Star ©2001 02MAR

Love's a gift that can't cause pain.
It's not love if you give to gain.

- Michael Star ©2001 08MAR

We'd be more happy if we could
stop seeking "bad" in what is "good".

- Michael Star ©2001 19MAR

My "Love Quotes" aren't "famous quotes" but I hope some will be "famous sayings" someday. Or maybe song lyrics. If you like any of my little love poems, feel free to use them in your everyday speech. Maybe one day I will hear someone quoting me to me! - Michael

Life's too short to waste on worry;
and love's too long to make it hurry.

- Michael Star ©2001 22MAR

When you would like to blame another,
is that guilt yours - and they're your "cover"?

- Michael Star ©2001 21MAR

Infatuation's short-term pleasure
leads to Love - the lasting treasure.

- Michael Star ©2001 28MAR

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