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Quotations on Love and Romance Heart to Heart

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On the Nature of Love

Love's a gift that's given free.
If it's not, then it can't be.
- Michael Star ©1999 05SEP

Love's not need; and you may see
real Love won't need security.
- Michael Star ©1999 24AUG

Love is something to give - not to get.
- Michael Star ©1999 04NOV

You'll know it's Love if you ACCEPT
all they may give, and don't EXPECT.
- Michael Star ©1999 15SEP

Love has value beyond measure.
So do you treat it as a treasure?
- Michael Star ©1999 26SEP

No sacrifice for Love's required...
to give is naturally desired.
- Michael Star ©1999 07OCT

To say "Love hurts" would not be true;
not giving Love keeps hurting you.
And not accepting Love brings pain,
when you're without it once again.
- Michael Star ©2000 FEB

You have lots of love to give.
Love, and you will love to live.
- Michael Star ©1999 31OCT

Love's a gift you give away,
and yet have more to give each day.
- Michael Star ©2000 10FEB

A kind and selfless act of caring
shows how Love is in the sharing.
- Michael Star ©1999 28NOV

You see your soul, you realize,
as you look in a loved one's eyes.
- Michael Star ©2000 13FEB

The joy I feel in seeing you
suggests a sense of being you.
- Michael Star ©2000 12FEB

Making love is what you do
when you forget that you are you.
- Michael Star ©2000 21JAN

The hour when I give up the ghost,
and wonder what I valued most,
I know my final thoughts will be
of who I loved, and who loved me.
- Michael Star ©2000 26JAN

Copyright Notice

On Romantic Love

If you yearn to find a soul mate,
try to be a soul they would date.
- Michael Star ©1999 27OCT

Keep this in mind about romance...
it's not a contest, but a dance.
- Michael Star ©1999 07SEP

Romance may be a self-delusion;
but Love is never an illusion.
- Michael Star ©1999 09DEC

Romance is yearning to possess;
true Love gives all, and nothing less.
- Michael Star ©2000 FEB

You often are attracted to the one who seems so unlike you.
- Michael Star ©1999 11SEP

What you believe about yourself,
you'll see or hear in someone else.
- Michael Star ©2000 05FEB

An object of desire is gained
when perseverance is maintained.
- Michael Star ©1999 23NOV

Romance can often be ironic,
when passionate turns to platonic.
- Michael Star ©2000 24JAN

Copyright Notice

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On Love Relationships

It helps when we are quick to spot
an act of love ...or one that's not.
- Michael Star ©1999 02SEP

Intimacy is when you can reveal your worst side
...and they still like you!
- Michael Star ©1999 15SEP

It would help us get along,
if we were willing to be wrong.
- Michael Star ©2000 02FEB

Sometimes it's wise to realize
you're seeing you in others' eyes.
- Michael Star ©2000 16JAN

Give out Love to all who need it...
and realize some just can't receive it.
- Michael Star ©1999 19OCT

Better to have loved and learned
than not love, fearing you'd get burned.
- Michael Star ©1999 21OCT

If you trust, you will be trusted.
If you can't be, you'll be busted.
- Michael Star ©2000 11JAN

"Projection" lets us blame someone
for what we cannot see we've done.
- Michael Star ©2000 07JAN

When fighting to be right's too strong,
it often means they fear they're wrong.
- Michael Star ©1999 12DEC

Trust bad feelings as a clue
if you choose what is wrong for you.
- Michael Star ©1999 15DEC

If what you give is what you get,
then giving grief's a losing bet.
- Michael Star ©2000 08JAN

Anger is too often spent
on someone who was innocent.
- Michael Star ©1999 01DEC

Words of Love work better magic
than "pity" when a scene seems tragic.
- Michael Star ©1999 04JAN

The one who's giving loving care
seeks the love they try to share.
- Michael Star ©1999 30DEC

Don't let past hurts scare you away,
when you could be loved today.
- Michael Star ©1999 22DEC

True gifts have ribbons but "no strings",
seek but to please, no other things.
- Michael Star ©1999 25DEC

Copyright Notice
"Love Quotes" aren't "famous quotes" but I hope some will be "famous sayings" someday. Or maybe song lyrics. If you like any of my little love poems, feel free to use them in your everyday speech. Maybe one day I will hear someone quoting me to me! - Michael

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