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M-Water Treatment





Water Is the Source of Life

M-Water™ is the Ultimate Functional Healing Water!

© 2002, Dr. David Wheeler
Water Crystal in non-Activated Water
Larger clusters are hydrated less effectively
(spring water from Oregon)
© 2002, Dr. David Wheeler
Primordial Water Crystal™ in M-Water™
Smaller clusters are hydrated more effectively
(spring water from Oregon)

The most important component for health in the life of every human being is one simple thing: Water! But not just any water. Anyone can transform their life and health by drinking M-Water™, the ultimate functional healing water.

Dr. David Wheeler, a Chiropractic Physician from Oregon, has researched and developed the M-Water Activation Technology™ to produce M-Water™ Primordial Concentrate, a duplication of Perfect Living Water from the environment. The M-Water Activation Technology™ recreates ideal natural forces of water movement and vibrational input that is emitted from the ground. In this technology, water movement is Super Coherent in order to eliminate all randomness, and the materials used to emit vibrational signals are optimized in terms of their total support of living chemistry. Therefore, there is biocompatibility between M-Water™ and the cells of the body to support the highest level of health possible.

Water crystallization studies have been carried out on M-Water™ by Masaru Emoto at his I.H.M lab in Japan to understand the clustering formation that occurs in M-Water™ and M-Activated Water™ (made by adding a small amount of M-Water™ Primordial Concentrate to a small amount of clean drinking water). The results are astounding, as depicted in the photos above in terms of the change from incoherence to Super Coherence as smaller clustering in order to facilitate hydration of the body.


Based on Hydration with Coherence, the following functional healing benefits are promoted by drinking plenty of M-Water™ every day (the opposite results will result from not drinking enough water every day):

1) Increased absorption and utilization of nutrients
2) Increased oxygen availability to the cells
3) Increased detoxification of the body as a whole
4) More perfect cell replication


The M-Water Activation Technology™ does NOT involve adding any specific substance to water, but is the indirect application of external forces only (from vortex motion and low-level magnetic fields similar to Earth's natural magnetic field). It is made from fresh, pure, natural spring water from artesian wells, with NO additives whatsoever. The water is NOT ionized or subjected to any electromagnetic radiation, but is designed to closely resemble the naturally coherent primordial spring water flowing up from the ground through the twists and turns of channels in the bedrock - the kind of water which nourished our earliest ancestors, and which evolving human bodies recognized as "good water" (and still do).

SAFE AND PLEASANT TO DRINK: M-Water is not only as safe to drink as pure natural spring water, but has a very pleasant taste (this contrasts to products such as STC Energy Water that is made with sea salt and added to water).

DIRECTIONS: Adults should add two teaspoons of M-Water™ Primordial Concentrate to a gallon of clean drinking water, and then drink two to three liters per day. In addition, for optimum results, drink at least one to two teaspoons of the concentrated M-Water™ (straight from the bottle) right after waking up and right before falling asleep.

Each bottle of M-Water Primordial Concentrate contains 16.9 ounces and will last approximately 30 days for one person with moderate use. One bottle of concentrate will treat about 50 U.S. gallons of regular drinking water, such as tap water or bottled water or filtered water. The M-treated water may be frozen or boiled without decreasing its molecular coherence (but do not microwave M-Water or the treated water, or it will destroy the coherence).


Richard T.
55 year old man
with fibromyalgia for 20 years

Within a few months of taking M-Water every day, I noticed substantial reduction of pain due to fibromyalgia. My physical energy went up and all other symptoms simply disappeared.

Kari W.
55 year old man reporting on his family
from Queensland, Australia

After drinking M-Water for a few weeks, our granddaughter stopped having colic with constant crying, my wife finally likes drinking water every day for the first time, and we both lost 10 pounds without trying to diet.

Judy R.
61 year old woman
I feel better now than in years

I have more physical energy, I am more patient with people, and I am not chronically constipated anymore. I feel better in one week of drinking M-Water than I have in many years!

Brian D.
24 year old man
general health improvement

After drinking M-Water for a few days I noticed that I had much more physical energy and needed less sleep. I also notice that I am much happier and feel more in harmony with day to day events and the world around me.

Pete Petrone
51 year old man
Nationally Recognized Body Builder

I had been using a colloidal mineral product for a few years before finding about Dr. David Wheeler's M-Water. I hadn't really noticed any real benefit from this product, but after taking M-Water every day I noticed over time a big improvement in endurance, strength, and muscle definition and mass.

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Dr. David Wheeler Biography

The inventor of the M-Water Activation Technology™ is Dr. David Wheeler, a Chiropractic Physician from Oregon who graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1982. He has practiced in both Portland, Oregon and New York City. In 1995 he began researching natural supplements because of the need to resolve his own life threatening health issues. He soon discovered the absolute importance of water for health and began providing M-Water™ to other professionals and the public in 1997.

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© David Wheeler, 2003

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