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Make Money Selling eBooks on the Web

- Even If They Are Not Your Own!

You know, a lot of people have tried to make money on the
Internet, and a lot of people have failed.

A few have succeeded.  Some are doing pretty well, and I'd
like to tell you about one of them.  His name is Jim

Just last month, for example, Jim sold 514 ebooks on six
different subjects.  In the last nine months, he's sold 
4,655 ebooks.

With ebooks selling on the Web from $27 to $97 each, you
can see how numbers like that really add up!

Let me get right to the point.  Jim believes there is an
unlimited opportunity right now to make big money selling
ebooks, if you are someone who can "seize the moment".

He has put together a brand-new resource:

How to Make Massive Amounts of Money With Your Own eBook
(Whether You Wrote It Or Not!)

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eBook Secrets Exposed

He put this new ebook together after surveying 814 of his
customers.  They told him they wanted to know more about

* how to create more passive income

* how to set up a totally automated ebook delivery system on
  the Web

* how to make more money from each ebook sale

* advanced techniques to create ebooks quickly

* and more!

Now just because Jim is doing well with ebooks, don't think
he's defined how high you can go.  Because there's one
author on the Net who's making $35,000 a month with one
ebook!  Jim says he knows another author who will go over
$1 million in sales this year.  All from selling information
over the Web!

Frankly, I don't know how much money you could make with
ebooks.  What I do know is the opportunity is here NOW for
those who wish to take advantage of it.

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eBook Secrets Exposed

Here's how "eBook Secrets Exposed" came about:

Jim sat down with David Garfinkel, one of the most famous
copywriters in the world, and David slowly and methodically
pulled every business secret out of him that there was to
pull. Jim admits he felt totally drained (and a little
empty!) after four hours and 20 minutes of nonstop grilling.

It turns out David used to be a journalist before he hit the
high (paying!) road of professional copywriting.

After he and David edited and enhanced the six transcripts
they ended up with, they had a veritable business manual for
using ebooks to make money on the Internet!

They've shown it to a few fellow authors, and the response
has been overwhelming.  Jay Conrad Levinson, the world's
best-selling marketing author (Guerrilla Marketing), said:
"If there ever was a 'must' read for this century, it's
this book."

And Yanik Silver, Jim's co-author on "33 Days to Online
Profits," sent these glowing words of praise:
"Jim and David have really 'broken the code' on what it 
takes to make big money on the Web."

You ARE interested in making more money, right? :)

So please do yourself a favor and check out the Web site

* eBook Secrets Exposed! *
How to Make Massive Amounts of Money With Your Own eBook
(Whether You Wrote It Or Not!)

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eBook Secrets Exposed

By the way, this new resource contains a lot of information
that's NEVER been revealed anywhere else before - especially
all in one place!  So take a look and decide for yourself if
this is one business boom you want to cash in on!

To your success,

Michael Star
Publisher of

P.S.  Some people have asked Jim how "eBook Secrets Exposed"
is different from his earlier eBook "How to Write and Publish
Your Own eBook in As Little As 7 Days."

The answer is that "eBook Secrets Exposed" contains detailed,
step-by-step marketing methods and an array of inside
secrets for making MONEY, along with concise summaries of
the best ways to create best-selling ebooks quickly.

On the other hand, "How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook
in As Little As 7 Days" focuses mainly on how to write an
ebook from scratch fast, and only gives a general overview
of how to market and sell your ebook to as many people as
possible as quickly as possible.

So if you want the "advanced" information you can take to
the bank immediately, get "eBook Secrets Exposed!"

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eBook Secrets Exposed