MeridiumXN with Xanthohumol

Helps You Minimize Metabolic Stress

Now you can create metabolic balance for a healthier life!

Everything you do - eat a meal, drive to work, even walk around the block - produces metabolic waste and toxins. Your body usually can't eliminate metabolic waste as fast as it is produced. And poor diet, excessive stress, strenuous workouts and pollutants in the air you breathe can increase the rate at which waste builds, creating metabolic imbalance in your system.

Prolonged metabolic imbalance leads to a breakdown of cellular tissue structures and functions, resulting in a condition known as metabolic stress which characterized by a variety of symptoms.

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

  • Trouble focusing on an activity or task
  • Moodiness, irritability
  • Lack of energy, feeling "run down" or sick
  • Difficulty keeping weight down
  • Unhealthy cholesterol levels
  • Glucose and insulin imbalance
  • Build-up of environmental toxins in the body
  • Cell damage caused by free radicals that come from oxidative stress

If left unchecked, metabolic stress can develop into full-blown metabolic syndrome, which - according to a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association* (JAMA) - afflicts about 50 million American. Metabolic stress and metabolic syndrome are identified as precursors to:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes
  • Macular degeneration

Until now, there was no easy way to reduce metabolic stress and bring your body back to metabolic balance.

Introducing MeridiumXN... the antidote to metabolic imbalance! MeridiumXN from BioNovix is a powerful remedy that acts directly at the molecular level to restore metabolic balance.

Scientific research indicates that the active ingredients in MeridiumXN, when taken daily, can help your body eliminate metabolic waste and may prevent the harmful chemical reactions associated with metabolic stress and metabolic syndrome.

Here's How MeridiumXN Works

MeridiumXN contains the naturally occurring micronutrient Xanthohumol - a bioactive molecule found in the flowering hops plant (Humulus lupulus) - the same hops used to make beer (but beer does not supply nearly enough xanthohumol to be effective).

The health benefits of this "master molecule" have been known for years, and in more than 60 research studies xanthohumol has been linked to a wide range of potential benefits:

  • Supports cell health to fight oxidative stress
  • Regulates fat metabolism and storage
  • Modulates cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Promotes general health to ward off illness
  • Supports eye cornea and retina health
  • Maintains glucose and insulin levels
  • Protects against free radicals better than green tea and red wine, with 6 times the power of antioxidant-rich citrus fruits and 4 times the strength of soy foods, which are also high in antioxidants
  • Eliminates toxins from the body
  • Modulates the hormone responsible for a sense of well-being

In its natural state, xanthohumol cannot be absorbed in significant amounts by the body. MeridiumXN from BioNovix is a patented water-soluble formulation that makes xanthohumol readily ingested and metabolized. It combines xanthohumol with a proprietory extract that enhances this molecule's therapeutic effects and allows xanthohumol to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

MeridiumXN is available in capsules, or also as a liquid concentrate you mix with water to make a drink with an herbal flavor similar to unsweetened green tea (or you could also mix it with a fruit juice instead).

It's not a stimulant, so you can take MeridiumXN daily, any time of the day, with or without food. MeridiumXN can enhance the effectiveness of your vitamin and mineral supplements, but it is not a nutrient-based product so it shouldn't be used as a replacement for these nutrients.

Even if your diet isn't as good as it could be, if your family health history is less than ideal, or if you are exposed to airborne agents that cause illness - you can support your body's ability to stay healthy, function efficiently, and manage existing health conditions.

Simply put, MeridiumXN makes a body feel good, enhancing your energy while giving you a sense of calm and well-being. Best of all, it's simple and easy to take. For metabolic balance and a healthy life, take MeridiumXN.

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