Michael's Musings on Fear
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 Astrology Zine by Michael Star

Michael's Musings on Fear

©2002 AstrologyZine.com

With gentleness a heart is won
when wariness would whisper, "Run!"

- Michael Star ©2002 02FEB

You'll see how well things just work out,
if you'll work through that fear and doubt.

- Michael Star ©2002 04FEB

We will not enjoy much peace
unless our fears and judgments cease.

- Michael Star ©2002 19MAR

Never in a thousand years
could true love fail to conquer fears.

- Michael Star ©2001 27JUN

While hearing only through our fears,
no words of love will reach our ears.

- Michael Star ©2001 17JUL

Don't FEAR bad things could come to you,
for that means you believe it's true.
Believing it helps make it so.
That's not the way you want to go!

- Michael Star ©2001 26OCT

Don't be afraid to love today,
or think that there's no time to play.

- Michael Star ©2001 30OCT

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To tell a friend your greatest fear
won't scare him off, but draws him near.

- Michael Star ©2001 02AUG

Joy could be our natural state
if we could just get past Fear's gate.

- Michael Star ©2001 08AUG

When you can't make up your mind...
ignoring fear works best, you'll find.

- Michael Star ©2001 11SEP

To "fear" a thing requires belief
in futures that will give you grief.
Since you'll attract what you believe,
such futures are what you'll achieve.
Since what you fear, you'll help attract...
to act  from fear's an unwise act!

- Michael Star ©2001 03OCT

We only fear some "future" thing
that our own Future might not bring.
But present acts, if led by fear,
help draw that fearsome Future here.

- Michael Star ©2001 20SEP

Let's not be fooled by our own fears,
which really are just "smoke and mirrors".
Imagined scenes of future pains
are just bad movies in our brains.
But WE direct them and project them,
and WE could choose now to correct them.

- Michael Star ©2001 22SEP

Though it's true we're all connected,
we can choose how we're affected.
"We are the world" yet live right here,
and there's no room left here for Fear.

- Michael Star ©2001 25SEP

We "terrorize" ourselves to tears,
reacting to imagined fears.

- Michael Star ©2001 11OCT

Our hearts grieve for the innocents
lost to a senseless violence.
But let us not be victimized
by fears not real, just fantasized.

- Michael Star ©2001 12SEP

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