Michael's Musings on Intimacy
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 Astrology Zine by Michael Star

Michael's Musings on Intimacy

©2002 AstrologyZine.com

True love is like a sunny day
that stirs your soul to sing and play.

- Michael Star ©2002 13FEB

What's great about real intimacy
is that you're free to simply "be".

- Michael Star ©2001 17AUG

To show just parts you'd have them see
does not allow true "intimacy".

- Michael Star ©2001 21JUN

Two lovers are not kept apart
by miles, yet by a fearing heart.

- Michael Star ©2001 10JUL

Fear would make you hesitate
to show your whole self to a mate.
Love would wish you to reveal
those fears and guilts they'll help you heal.

- Michael Star ©2002 13MAY

To tell a friend your greatest fear
won't scare him off, but draws him near.

- Michael Star ©2001 02AUG

We all have wounds we try to hide.
They heal when shown, not when denied.

- Michael Star ©2002 20MAR

We're always matched up perfectly
with one in whom ourselves we see.

- Michael Star ©2001 05JUL

We often dislike in a mate
what's like the parts of US we hate.

- Michael Star ©2002 10JAN

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Let's drop our "masks", give up pretense.
It keeps out Love, this dumb defense.

- Michael Star ©2001 14DEC

Beneath the masks we always wear,
authentic selves are hiding there.

- Michael Star ©2001 31OCT

To tell the truth may seem unwise,
yet truth heals more than lovely lies.

- Michael Star ©2001 14AUG

Our souls are so much less apart
when we can say, "I hear your heart."

- Michael Star ©2002 31JAN

With gentleness a heart is won
when wariness would whisper, "Run!"

- Michael Star ©2002 02FEB

Never in a thousand years
could true love fail to conquer fears.

- Michael Star ©2001 27JUN

In loneliness we will abide
until we welcome Love inside.

- Michael Star ©2001 21JUL

Achieving perfect unity
means seeing every "I" as "We".

- Michael Star ©2001 21NOV

The evidence of your devotion
is found in action, not emotion.

- Michael Star ©2001 22NOV

A Law the loveless have not sighted:
Love Only Enters When Invited.
Believing one's "not worthy" only
locks one's door and leaves one lonely.

- Michael Star ©2002 20DEC

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Michael's Musings On Intimacy