Michael's Musings on Pride
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Michael's Musings on Pride

The Pride that sets one up to "fall"
sets one apart from "one and all".
No Truth supports such "separation".
One can't be more than God's creation.

- Michael Star ©2002 05SEP

"Greater than" or "lesser than",
applied to souls, is not God's plan.

- Michael Star ©2002 01MAY

What does not lead to happiness
should not be seen as real success.

- Michael Star ©2002 06AUG

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The greatest threats to happiness
are fear and guilt and self-ishness.

- Michael Star ©2002 15AUG

No wonder Pride was called a sin,
it keeps God's love from coming in.
His love's for all, not "either...or",
yet Pride means "God must love me more."
What loving God could love some less?
Can Allness know such separateness?
Such insane thoughts set one apart,
for Love can't fill a prideful heart.

- Michael Star ©2002 05SEP

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