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Part 2 - Sabotaging Success

What will sabotage success?
Belief in our unworthiness.

- Michael Star ©2001 15JUN

We won't attract what we believe
we are not worthy to receive.

- Michael Star ©2001 22OCT

We could make more gains today
by getting out of our own way.

- Michael Star ©2002 14JAN

When we make our goal unclear,
it's sabotaged by guilt and fear.

- Michael Star ©2001 31JUL

Ideas are seeds so many sow,
yet few will act to make them grow.

- Michael Star ©2005 16MAR

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How many of your dreams it stole,
that disbelief in your own goal.

- Michael Star ©2001 03DEC

When you can't make up your mind...
ignoring Fear works best, you'll find.

- Michael Star ©2001 11SEP

Don't FEAR bad things could come to you,
for that means you believe it's true!
Believing it helps make it so.
That's not the way you want to go!

- Michael Star ©2001 26OCT

Since what you want will come to you...
how things are now,  you wanted too.

- Michael Star ©2002 05MAR

You'll see how well things just work out,
if you'll work through that fear and doubt.

- Michael Star ©2002 04FEB

Avoiding things wastes energy
that could be spent more usefully.

- Michael Star ©2001 31AUG

The more we think we "know the score",
the less we look to learn much more.

- Michael Star ©2002 08JAN

Great greed will garner only grief.
More money gives but false relief.

- Michael Star ©2001 26NOV

We flap and scrap for little things,
when we should soar with eagle wings.

- Michael Star ©2002 06MAR

If you can't let yourself have fun,
you might feel guilt for something done.
To think "I don't deserve it" means
your mind will plot self-screwing schemes.

- Michael Star ©2001 23AUG

If you can't love the life you're living,
ask yourself what you're not giving.

- Michael Star ©2001 01AUG

What's missing from the life you live
is what you'd have, but will not give.

- Michael Star ©2001 12OCT

To keep on playing "Pity Me"
won't let you be all you could be.

- Michael Star ©2002 19FEB

You will find few satisfactions
in blaming others for your actions.

- Michael Star ©2002 01MAR

To see Life as your enemy
will only bring you misery.
Just trust in Life's neutrality
and choose to live abundantly.

- Michael Star ©2001 05SEP

To "fear" a thing requires belief
in futures that will give you grief.
Since you'll attract what you believe,
such futures are what you'll achieve.
Since what you fear, you'll help attract...
to  act  from fear's an unwise act!

- Michael Star ©2001 03OCT

Let's not be fooled by our own fears,
which really are just "smoke and mirrors".
Imagined scenes of future pains
are just bad movies in our brains.
But WE direct them and project them,
and WE could choose now to correct them.

- Michael Star ©2001 22SEP

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