Eclipses Leading to The New Millennium
by Celeste Teal, Astrologer ©1999.
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The New Millennium

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Eclipses Leading to the New Millennium

by Celeste Teal, Astrologer ©1999 FEB 17

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The Millennium Countdown Entering the New Millennium

Astrologers often take it upon themselves to get a glimpse into the future, myself included. Sometimes their endeavors are chillingly accurate, and other times terribly inaccurate, depending upon the astrologer. With The New Millennium swiftly approaching, most of us cannot help but recall the many prophecies we've heard over the years. Nearly every prophet and seer, backed up by stories from the Bible, have left us hanging shortly after the year 2000. According to some of the most respected prophets, we are approaching our Armageddon, due in May of 2000, and all kinds of horrors are in store for us - earth changes, viruses, "the war to end all wars", and catastrophes we can only imagine.

By comparison, the Y2K problem seems a relatively small price to pay; and even that is beginning to shape up to resemble a real crisis - if we can believe everything we're hearing.

Just to set the record straight, there have been several predictions for the end of the world in the past. Two were in the sixteenth century; and the most recent of these predictions was for 1962, when an eclipse and planetary line-up took place in Aquarius. Many historical events did take place following that eclipse, but we made it through intact; and an improved social structure was the eventual result from many of those crises.

Change is inevitable, and though uncomfortable at times, without it we would stagnate. Perhaps we should keep our sights tuned to what lies on the other side of the coming changes, and welcome the opportunity to participate in these most historical times.

Having found significant transits that will trigger 1999 eclipse points coincident with our very entry to The New Millennium (Mars will cross the Solar eclipse of February on December 31, 1999.) I decided to do a little research. The Solar eclipses for 1999, like the one in 1962, makes unmistakable contacts to the United States chart, indicating significant events on the horizon. By taking a look back, it seems possible to shed some clues on the future.

My objective is not to make predictions, but to extract some realistic probabilities; and my findings are presented here for further research. For any one event, there must be multiple configurations indicating it; a minimum of three corroborating themes for one event.

Eclipses as Forerunner of Historical Events

Throughout history, eclipses have been considered as very powerful phenomenon; and in ancient times, especially so, as they related to the charts of kings and countries. In those times, astronomy and astrology were not divided; and because religious and other ceremonies were set to take place in accordance with the stars, priests were the acting astrologers. In fact, it was only the very influential who had privy to the services of an astrologer.

Leaders ran their countries according to the information provided; and eclipses were noted to be of significance preceding famine, prosperity, disease, war, and other broad-scale events. When occurring within three degrees of the Sun, Moon, or Midheaven of a leader or country, they were regarded with much anticipation as reflecting upon future events, sometimes well into the future. Today, the majority of astrologers still consider eclipses of special merit, as they correspond with notable events.

In a Solar Eclipse the Moon passes in front of the Sun, as viewed from Earth; which means it can only occur during a New Moon. In a Lunar Eclipse the Earth is aligned exactly between the Sun and Moon, and casts its shadow over the Moon. The solar eclipses in 1999 occur on February 16 at 27 Aquarius and August 11 at 18 Leo in the Tropical Zodiac. In Astrology, a New Moon is a Sun/Moon conjunction, and a Full Moon is a Sun/Moon opposition; but not all will form an actual Eclipse. Eclipses occur when the New or Full Moon takes place within approximately 19 degrees of one of the Lunar Nodes. The Nodes themselves, though nothing more than a point of intersection of orbital paths, and not planetary bodies at all, show a point for potentially dynamic activity. It is as if the Nodes mark a point of magnetism, drawing upon the vibrations of other nearby bodies to a powerful degree, and providing an outlet for the energy. The nodes in close contact to the Sun or Moon are most relevant to earth's inhabitants; and the closer they lie to the degree in which the Sun and Moon form their monthly conjunction or opposition, the more powerful the potential.

The function of the nodes is similar to the angles of a chart (the Ascendant/Descendant and Midheaven/Nadir axes), a point where energy accumulates for release.

The names Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail were given to differentiate the North and South Nodes. The North Node is ascending, and of a positive nature; while the South Node is descending, and receptive in nature. The North Node appears to bestow special strength and a blessing; while the South Node reflects an area of potential vulnerability.

The motion of the nodes is about 19 degrees per year backward through the zodiac. Usually, two Solar eclipses occur each year as the Sun moves into the zodiacal sign occupied by either the North or South Node. Sequential years show eclipses within neighboring degrees and frequently in the same sign. Eclipses also run in several cycles and series, beyond the scope of this article, with the longest of these cycles lasting 1260 years.

The nodes, and thus also an eclipsed degree, reflect dynamics associated with other planets to which they come in contact. For an eclipse, this includes the later transit of a planet across the degree. Basically, they allow a planet to function at a higher vibratory rate. The nature of a planet and its elemental manner of expression multiply, and so it then becomes essential as to the planetary nature and the stimulation it receives.

Unless an eclipse occurs in a significant degree and receives sufficient stimulation from other transiting planets, very little activity may be traced to it. If, on the other hand, the degree is triggered sufficiently in an important degree, it will be traced to many dynamic events. In referring to a significant degree, this may be a point in an individual's chart, the chart of a country, or a world leader's chart. In this column, we will concentrate primarily on the United States, although several other countries will be experiencing stimulation from the 1999 eclipses and planetary transits, including Russia and Israel.

Clinton's Confession

Since the Solar eclipses have moved into Leo and Aquarius, they've become reflective of events that have already taken place in our country, namely the recent situation surrounding our president, Bill Clinton. Besides the ties in the US chart, the eclipse that took place in August of 1998 was within 2 degrees of Clinton's natal Sun; and within days of the eclipse, he'd made his historical confession to the world.

Eclipses in 1999

Solar eclipses hold potency for some time, depending upon the length of time the aspect between the Sun and Moon is exact. This means they are extremely prone to stimulation from other transiting planets, and will often begin to produce activity shortly following or even prior to the eclipse itself. We have two Solar eclipses in 1999. The first occurred at 27 Aquarius 08 on February 16, 1999, and was an Annular eclipse. The next Solar eclipse is a Total eclipse on August 11, 1999, at 18 Leo 21.

Note: Both the Annular and Total eclipses are considered Umbral, a case in which the Moon is definitely contained within the Sun's shadow as it comes between the Earth and Sun. In an Annular eclipse, a narrow rim of light is visible around the Moon.

Transiting Mars and Saturn

The transits of Mars and Saturn were traditionally considered to be most powerful as they crossed an eclipsed degree. Mars was believed to stimulate and start events connected with an eclipse, and Saturn was believed to bring the final conclusion. Mars frequently activates an eclipse shortly following the eclipse, although Saturn's transit may come much later, due to its slower motion.

Of course, ancient astrologers had no opportunity to observe the transits of the three outer planets across an eclipsed degree. Modern research shows that each of these planetary transits can be traced to coincide with spectacular events as they stimulate an active eclipse, just as Mars and Saturn do.

A Look at the Past

Click to see full-size Horoscope Chart in a new window Before presenting the material relevant to the eclipses leading up to the year 2000, a look at the past is in order. While there remains much controversy among astrologers as to the "right" chart for the United States, I find the chart reflecting a 2:21 PM time of inception (the "birth" of the nation) to be quite illustrative in regard to many historical events, especially with respect to eclipses. This chart shows 8 degrees of Scorpio on the Ascendant, and a Midheaven at 16 degrees of Leo. [Click on the chart image to see the details in a full-sized 81K version in a new window.]

Three Solar eclipses are of special note in this chart, as they preceded the assassination of President Kennedy and other critical events. The similarities between the 1999 eclipses to those of 1962, as they made ties to this US chart, are ample reason for its consideration.

Eclipse of February 4, 1962

The illustration here shows the US chart in the center, the eclipse configurations in the middle wheel, and the transits at the time of Kennedy's assassination in the outer wheel.

The Total Solar eclipse at 15 Aquarius 43, on February 4, 1962, fell exactly on the United States fourth house cusp. The South Node was within 3 degrees of the eclipse and lying just inside the fourth house, indicating vulnerability for the president. The fourth house in a natal chart reflects the home and parental authority; in the chart of a nation, it signifies the security of our homeland, as well as the experiences and welfare of our country's leader. The Sabian symbolism for the eclipsed degree on February 4th, 1962, describes: "The active executive of a large corporation sits at his desk immersed in the details of some business project; Keywords - central control, head function - MANAGEMENT". How well this symbolism described the President and his activities at that time in our history!

Note: When checking Sabian symbols, any fraction of a degree is to be considered as a whole degree. In the previous example, the Sabian Symbol for 16 Aquarius corresponds to 15 Aquarius 43, the point of the eclipse. Had the figure been 15 Aquarius 00, the Sabian Symbol would have been for 15 Aquarius. The Sabian Symbols are interpretations by Marc Edmund Jones for each degree of the zodiac. They are seldom to be taken literally, but as a catalyst to higher understanding.

Within a short time, Mars activated the eclipse degree and numerous conflicts developed over the coming months. Issues became heated over racial segregation in southern states. Riots erupting on college campuses led Kennedy to send in the National Guard to prevent further rioting in Mississippi, and federal marshals to enforce desegregation in Alabama. The murder of the civil rights worker, Medgar Evers, was followed by more enforced legislation to prevent discrimination in education, voting, etc.; but these conflicts continued to escalate in the coming years.

The year 1962 also saw the Supreme Court rulings against prayer and devotional readings in public schools. Then came the Cuban Missile Crisis and fear of the outbreak of World War III, and developments were escalating for US involvement in the Vietnamese conflict. Decisions made by Kennedy were creating fierce enemies for him.

More than a year and a half later, on the day of the assassination, Saturn had just completed a passage across that eclipsed degree of 16 Aquarius! Neptune was in square to it. Ruling both conflict and accidents, Mars in its passage across that fourth house eclipse set into motion developments that ultimately resulted in death for the president. Saturn brought a close to the cycle. Neptune reflects mystery, deception, and illusions; hence in the thirty-odd years following, facts surrounding the assassination are still shrouded in secrecy. The Saturn transit to this exact point at the time of the assassination may be an indication that this was the most pertinent of the three eclipses preceding Kennedy's death.

A few other notable contacts are seen in this chart. The eclipse chart itself shows Pluto on the Ascendant. Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth, and issues in need of transformation which are brought to the surface for exposure. Like a long-term accumulation of toxins, they finally erupt to alleviate a fever. Pluto also infers powerful and dangerous forces.

Neptune during the eclipse was on the US Ascendant, suggesting dissolution or vulnerability to the strong image of the US, a weakened link, and the need for a period of recovery. Several planets are clustered near the eclipse at the bottom of the chart, reflecting two themes. This portion of the chart identifies conclusions and beginnings; and the many planets there show a great expenditure of energy and activity, both individually and nationally, in handling the transformations taking place.

This highlighted portion of the chart also points to the many conflicts arising in the south, including Kennedy's assassination in Dallas and the situation in Cuba, with the Mars/Saturn conjunction a key aspect. Uranus had just risen in the eclipse chart and was positioned at 29 Leo. It was the most elevated planet in the eclipse chart, revealing unexpected and shocking events. On the day of the assassination, the transiting Sun exactly squared this degree from the first house of the US chart.

Eclipse of July 31, 1962

The next in this series of eclipses occurred on July 31, 1962, at 7 Leo 49. This was another Solar eclipse; an Annular that took place exactly on the natal US North Node. The Sabian symbol for the 8th degree of Leo reveals: "A man of mean and low appearance but with the burning fire of a great cause in his eyes is stirring up discontent"; Keyword - Leaven". A plan was brewing in the mind of Kennedy's enemies, obviously, which might very well affect the country's destiny, according to this particular tie to the natal node. At the time of the eclipse, the North Node excited the potential from one degree away; while Saturn opposed, and Neptune squared the eclipse degree.

At the exact time of the assassination in Dallas, the transiting Moon was opposing the eclipse degree; while in conjunction to the eclipse Saturn, and square the eclipse Neptune.

The US North Node is quite a sensitive point, especially to Mars transits. Following this eclipse, it was on the very day, October 22, 1962, when transiting Mars crossed and triggered this eclipse degree, that the Cuban Missile Crisis transpired. (Similarly, in the WW II era, an eclipse took place on this degree in August of 1943. D-Day followed on June 6, 1944, coincident with Mars' passage across the degree. The recent US intervention and activity in the Kosovo Crisis also shows ties to this sensitive degree.)

Again, the time of the eclipse shows Pluto on the Ascendant, Neptune even closer to the US Ascendant, and Uranus once again at the 29th degree of Leo. This time Mars is the most elevated in the eclipse chart, and lies in the eighth house of death in the US chart. This eclipse Mars was opposed by transiting Mars at the time of the assassination, and so far there have been transiting ties to both previous eclipse charts on the day Kennedy was shot.

Eclipse of July 20, 1963

A third Solar eclipse took place on July 20, 1963, at 27 Cancer 24, only four months before the assassination. This one happened to occur on Kennedy's natal tenth house Saturn, while exactly opposing the US Pluto, ruling the US first house and signifying death. At the same time, the progressed US North Node had moved into position to oppose natal Pluto; so that the eclipse degree was in double affliction to the United States chart. Pluto and Mars were the most elevated planets in the eclipse chart. Together with Neptune and Uranus, all were elevated above the Sun and Moon, which held an eighth house position (death) in the eclipse chart, along with Mercury and Venus.

Eclipse Saturn, signifying loss, was in the US fourth house and nearing the US Moon. Such an aspect frequently reflects a trend of great sadness and hard times. The US progressed Venus had just come into conjunction with this Moon, so the indications of the loss of a loved one were also shown by Saturn's position there. The progressed US Midheaven was only four degrees behind, at 21 Aquarius. These points were all brought into prominence at the moment Kennedy was shot, and were rising to the transiting Ascendant at 20 Aquarius. Transiting Uranus was conjunct the eclipse Pluto, and the transiting North Node was conjunct the US Sun.

The Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Cancer depicts: "An American Indian girl, college trained but returned to her people, seeks to win their friendship for her lover. Keyword - Allegiance". This is absolutely chilling, as it reflects our First Lady at that time, of her brave persona and the huge loss experienced by the whole country on that tragic day in 1963. Allegiance is exactly what transpired. Not only does the majority of Americans regard Kennedy as one of the greatest of leaders in our history, there is a certain fascination for him that has lived on.

1999 and The Voice of the People

Click to see full-size Horoscope Chart in a new window The chart illustrated here shows the first 1999 Solar Eclipse, at 27 Aquarius 08, against the US chart. Transits for December 31, 1999, 11:59:59 PM EST are shown in the outer wheel.

This eclipse took place on the 16th of February, coincident with the winding down of the Clinton Impeachment process that was set into motion at the Solar Eclipse of August 1998. That eclipse was closely conjunct Clinton's Sun; this one opposed it, indicating that difficulties still lie ahead for him.

The South Node, at 21 Aquarius, is near the eclipsed degree, and both are in the US fourth house. This eclipse took place within two degrees of the US Moon, also in the fourth house. This US fourth-house Moon indicates the people's desires, and with the stimulation of an eclipse the voice of the public will be heard in coming months as it raises in volume. The last time eclipses set off the potential of this Moon was in 1979 and 1980. At that time, the public was so disappointed in Jimmy Carter's administration, due to the situation in Iran, that Reagan was swept into the presidential office, ousting Carter; and the Republicans took a majority seat in the Senate for the first time in 26 years. Especially combined with Uranus' passage across the cusp of the fourth house, a change of trends seems likely and may tend toward more conservative lines, with family values accentuated.

Issues over coming months pave the way for changes; although a sudden twist may coincide with the transit of Uranus. (Incidentally, following those eclipses in 1979 and 1980, it was when Mars exactly triggered both those previous eclipses in a slow retrograde cycle transit that Hinckley made his assassination attempt on Reagan, on March 30, 1981.)

Divas and the Awakening Goddess?

What does not show here, is that the US progressed Sun is quickly approaching the natal US Moon. This will be the first time this aspect has formed since the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. It is already within active orb, and will be within half a degree by the end of 1999. At midnight, December 31st, Mars will have just crossed over that configuration to come to the 27th degree of Aquarius, triggering two previous eclipses and the Sun/Moon conjunction!

While all may not be coming up roses, this combination of the Sun and Moon indicates promising new beginnings, an enthusiastic united effort, and a melding of energies. It is the signature aspect of true balance - healthy, realistic and a combining force of the masculine/feminine energy. A New Moon of this nature is usually quite positive. The fact that this US configuration receives the added power of an eclipse (a New Moon itself) ensures great dynamics are at work to push us toward a more idealistic reality.

Women in Office

To be sure, the aspect promises that a great many of our future leaders will be women; and the aspect would be exemplified should a woman run for President or as the running mate in the next election. This trend toward women in office has been flourishing recently, reflected by the closing conjunction of the US progressed Sun to the natal Moon. The connotation of the South Node nearby could symbolize the old image of women as being more vulnerable than their masculine counterparts.

Along similar lines, this long-range spotlight on the US Moon reflects the current attention being given to Hollywood Divas, and even more importantly, it reflects the Awakening Goddess. A spiritual revolution, sparked by the approaching New Millennium and cultivated primarily by women, has been intensifying in momentum. Dedicated to a more positive outlook and the belief that we can effect a healthier collective future through cooperative efforts, the Sun to Moon complement perfectly symbolizes the God & Goddess together, and signifies a wave of reception to the concepts of Co-creation.

Perhaps this idealistic balance is what lies on the other side of the New Millennium, resulting in a more dynamic and functional social structure overall.

In getting there, however, some obstacles are in view. Mars' transit to this configuration and to the eclipsed degrees, so closely approaching the New Millennium, suggests some fireworks - a temporary disturbance to our collective domestic harmony, or precautionary measures that will be taken to guard against disturbances. The latter is more likely, and we might expect to see some National Guard activity, with implementation and enforcement of martial law to guarantee our safe transition.

The Sabian symbolism is thought-provoking for the 28th degree of Aquarius: "The pioneer cottage is prepared for winter's rigors, with a tree felled and sawed and all else in order; intelligent foresight, faith in Providence. Keyword - REWARD".

This summons several images to mind. Preparations against Y2K by technicians, the US Treasury printing extra currency to offset individual habits of stashing money at home instead of banking it, etc. Other possibilities exist as well.

The True Age of Aquarius?

In looking at the eclipse chart itself, Uranus is in its own sign and further empowered there by several planets, suggesting creative genius emerging on both the group and personal levels. Especially in regard to hi-tech areas, expansion and breakthroughs are happening so rapidly that it's difficult to keep up. Are we to suppose that it will end now? Not likely. Though technicians still have plenty of code to debug, the Sabian Symbol suggests that the majority of Y2K problems will be handled in time.

Saturn forms a sextile to the eclipse. It is an aspect of opportunity, indicating disciplined application to the problem at hand. No doubt, the seriousness of the effect which the Y2K bug would have is also a factor reflected in this Saturn aspect. Saturn also suggests a slow but thorough process, and further implies that some older concepts and methods might be implemented in resolving the situation.

This eclipse in Aquarius may be indicating our true entry to the Age of Aquarius. For certain, it suggests entry to a New Era of more ideal proportions, and Saturn in aspect is a sign that this isn't merely a dream. Saturn brings stability and long-term results from the efforts and hard work put forth in bringing about more ideal circumstances. We're also urged to learn new ways of getting along on the very broadest of spectrums. As a forerunner to the New Millennium, this eclipse blends well with the very meaning of millennium: "utopia" or "heaven on earth".

In checking the US angles at the time of the eclipse, we find Mars on the US Ascendant, Uranus nearly conjunct the fourth house cusp, and Saturn approaching the seventh house cusp.

Uranus & Technological Progress

The last two transits of Uranus through the US fourth house coincided with vast technological breakthroughs. First was in the area of transportation, as steam locomotion reached new speeds and steamboats overcame previous challenges to navigation. Railway systems expanded, and government funding provided for more canals and railroads. Eighty-four years later, the last time Uranus transited this house, saw immense expansion in the auto industry. Legislation and funding were provided for the construction of a myriad of new major highways.

This time around, transportation is still highlighted; but now technological breakthroughs can be expected to continue revolving around the "information super highway", computers, and an ever-better communications network.

Incidentally, the current anti-Trust suit against Microsoft is also a historical repeat of this position and transit of Uranus. At both its previous passages through this house, actions were taken to guard against monopolies, and new, empowered competitors burst forth onto the scene. This we are also seeing, especially from Internet enterprises, as smaller corporations and interests are merging with established ones, such as the recent purchase and partnership effected by AOL.

Other mergers are taking place as well. These mergers and business deals, as well as resulting conflicts, can be expected to continue as the US second and eighth houses of values and finances are stimulated for the long haul. The current situation with skyrocketed gasoline prices is being challenged by the public, and the quickly formulated plan for a "gas-out" may be an indication of how the Global Mind is beginning to function. It is also a preview of the public's demand to be heard, especially in standing up against big business.

Women's Rights

The last transit of Uranus through the fourth house, in 1916, also coincided with the Women's Rights movement and legislation surrounding the rights of women to vote. This partakes of an earlier theme, and how appropriate that the last transit of Uranus through the fourth house gave women the right to vote - and this one is putting her into office!

In other areas, both of those two previous transits of Uranus through the fourth house also coincided with confrontations between the US and Mexico, the first due to the expansion of US borders into Texas. Could this mean another confrontation due to drug trafficking or illegal immigration? With an emphasis on this international border, Texas Governor George Bush is likely to be in the spotlight, and he is already expected to run for President. In fact, activity in the south is likely to be highlighted in general, as this latest eclipse shows a concentration of planetary activity at the bottom of the US chart, though not to the extent as the previous eclipse of 1962.

Saturn & War?

Saturn moving into the seventh house of the US chart is indicative of potentially serious confrontations with open enemies. This is a war zone for Saturn, and just since beginning this article, we became involved militarily in Kosovo. Saturn's last transit through Taurus and the US seventh house saw the country heavily involved in the Vietnam War. On its previous transit, we entered World War II. The eclipses of 1999 are activating planetary hot spots in the charts of several major countries, and the Aquarius accent on organizations and group alliances verifies continuing activity by allied forces such as NATO and the United Nations.

Mars, the Military & Viruses

Mars is conjunct the US Ascendant at the time of the eclipse and is making its retrograde cycle in the US first house. This position of Mars suggests an aggressive US military, corroborating similar themes thus far. Though Mars goes retrograde every two years, this will be the first time it has made points of station and remained for an extended period in the US first house in almost 50 years. Shortly following the February eclipse, the crisis in Kosovo called for action of the US military. This began as Mars, near the Ascendant of the US chart, opposed the Sun/Moon midpoint of that chart and Venus opposed eclipse Mars from the seventh house cusp - a double connotation of disharmony. Uranus was within a one-degree orb of its first contact to the fourth house cusp, and the sensitive US North Node was rising when the signal went up for US intervention in the conflict. Attending afflicting aspects came from both Venus and Mars to that rising US North Node.

Mars also rules fevers and viruses, and both of the previous stations made by Mars in the first house corresponded with polio epidemics; but also with the vaccine against polio the last time around, as well as effective treatments against measles and tuberculosis. Vaccinations became mandatory in both instances as well, and a yellow fever epidemic was alleviated in 1905 through vaccine implementation. The first birth control pill was also introduced in 1952, during Mars' last prolonged stay in the first house.

The Melissa Virus, who introduced herself just recently, did so as Venus squared Uranus from the seventh house while still in opposition to Mars. The square of Venus to Uranus is quite symbolic of the female-named computer virus while the conflicting Mars suggests the instigator. Melissa is believed to be only a forerunner for more sophisticated viruses like her, and these computer viruses cannot be ruled out as among some of the most troublesome types we might be facing during this Mars' stay in the first house. When all the eclipse factors are combined, conflicting aspects to the Aquarius features may signify that many future breakthroughs in technology will be a result of driving though on some formidable tasks. Both the Y2K bug and computer viruses fit the bill. Unfortunately, other possibilities cannot be ruled out.

Important Upcoming Dates

All in all, the three angular bodies, Mars, Uranus and Saturn, have each corresponded with eventful circumstances and major conflicts. Neptune's position in early Aquarius, also approaching the fourth house, adds fuel to the fire as it forms a T-square to both Mars and Saturn in mid to late May 1999 on the angles of the US chart. Fortunately, the contact involving all three of these is brief, but Mars and Neptune will connect again about July 13th. This is near the time of the country's birthday, and several important contacts indicate peaks in activity that week.

Beginning with the conjunction of the transiting Sun to the US Sun, Mercury will then make a retrograde station on the US North Node, and Venus contacts the eclipse degree. July and August are likely to be among the most climactic months of 1999.

Watch also for events that take place in April and May of 1999. Several planets will make important aspects at that time. Mars on the US Ascendant, while retrograde, will oppose Saturn on the seventh house cusp. Uranus will make a retrograde station on the cusp of the fourth house, and will make its final passage across that point coincident with the New Year. The retrograde periods generally indicate a review period following initialized action. A cycle is put into motion at the first contact, and then decisions and choices during the review period determine the eventual outcome at the final transit. So, activities unfolding during April and May are likely to be connected to more crucial events later in the year.

Other Highlights

To conclude (for now) with a couple of untapped observations, the asteroid Chiron was transiting the Ascendant of the February eclipse chart. Chiron corresponds with the Wounded Healer archetype. Chiron will move back and forth across the degree it held in the eclipse chart in the coming months, and will make final passage in October to catch up with Pluto by the end of the year. Pluto, also near the Ascendant in this eclipse chart, combines later with Chiron to create a vortex for powerful transformation. It reflects a sense of freedom following internal upheaval, internal in this sense, as it corresponds to our collective domestic affairs.

Another interesting figure in the February eclipse chart is Jupiter's position in the Aries Point degree. This degree automatically distinguishes events of far-reaching magnitude, with the involvement of those normally outside the sphere of concern. When occupied, the Aries Point degree stimulates activity associated with the three remaining cardinal signs, reflecting intense developments. Jupiter in Aries is highly excitable, with a tendency to leap before looking, and repenting in leisure. Associated with broad communication and promotion, it is rather a higher octave of Mercury, which rules communication in general. On the last day of the year, Mercury in its transit will square this eclipse Jupiter. Though further research is required, news of an excitable nature could prompt an overreaction in the public, possibly in regard to the Y2K bug, which will cause more harm than good. The aspect also reflects that refined technologies will be put to immediate use at that time.

With both Jupiter and Mercury ruling and occupying the financial houses, this transit late in the year is likely related to a frenzy of stock market activity as well. Eclipse Jupiter is in the US fifth house of speculation, while ruling the US second; Mercury rules the eighth house and transits the second. Perhaps by observing Mercury's stimulation to this point in the coming months will allow a glimpse of what that final transit signifies. Hard contacts of Mercury to Jupiter in the Aries Point will form on April 18th, June 7th, and September 16th.

A later article will further explore the probabilities, and take a look at the August Solar eclipse, possibly the most important of the year. In the meantime, recommended reading is Tomorrow's News by Michael O'Reilly in American Astrology magazine. His use of this US chart enables him to give quite accurate reports of upcoming events, even though his column is written months ahead of time.

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