THE WORLD THIS WEEK: July 28 1997 by Wolfstar
NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Ecology Debate Warms Up

Last week President Clinton launched a program to boost public awareness about the adverse impact of global warming. European and most other global leaders have criticized Americans for not setting realistic targets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, since the U.S. with only four percent of the world's population, spews 22 percent of the total air-borne pollutants.

Clinton and Gore, wearing identical powder-blue shirts, visited the once beautiful Lake Tahoe region to mediate between developers and environmentalists, as transiting Saturn makes its retrograde station. The Saturn station indicates that powerful forces are being set into motion, political and social shifts that will have repercussions in the next Presidential election, and far into the next millennium.

The natural ruler of ecology, Ceres, is currently exactly trine the U.S. Sun, giving celestial impetus for the country=92s leadership to focus on the causes of global warming. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal featured an article by Jack Kemp which pooh-poohed the theory that the earth's climate is changing due to industrial pollution. Kemp warned that any restrictions on energy use would damage American competitiveness and disrupt the economy.

Kemp and Gore are positioning themselves for the 2000 presidential campaign, which occurs as Saturn is in the resource-conscious sign of Taurus. Saturn was last in Taurus from 1969-1971, and featured an awakening environmental awareness from President Nixon to the grass-roots movement which gave birth to the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The Clean Air and Water acts were established then, along with the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Saturn in Taurus and Open Enemies

Saturn in Taurus is an ominous stretch because Taurus is the sign on the nation's seventh house cusp (in the Scorpio Rising horoscope set for 2:21 PM; July 4, 1776). Saturn in Taurus marks a 29 year war cycle, when Americans get dragged into extended military operations. The Vietnam War creeped into existence in the late 1960s, and 29 years before that, the U.S. entered World War II.

One cycle prior to Pearl Harbor, Americans had not yet become a global military power. When Saturn entered Taurus in 1910, the people saw their greatest enemy to be John D. Rockefeller, and his all-powerful Standard Oil Company, as well as other monopolies which were establishing unfair and mean-spirited economies. A landmark Supreme Court decision dissolved the Standard Oil Company in May 1911 when transiting Jupiter and Saturn opposed each other right on the U.S. Ascendant/Descendant axis.

Watch developments which parallel these historical lessons. Mission creep is evident in Bosnia, where NATO commando forces are targeting Serbian warlords accused of genocide. Trans-national corporations are once again as powerful as in Rockefeller's era, and the battle between economic development and ecological balance should grow enormously in scope.

What makes the next round of Saturn in Taurus particularly dangerous is the difficult aspect to the free enterprise planet Uranus, which will be transiting through the U.S. fourth house of domestic welfare... and climate! Saturn and Uranus will be squaring each other precisely during the next presidential election campaign.

Cunanan as Chiron, the Wounded Animal

A national sigh of relief could be heard last week following Andrew Cunanan's suicide in upscale Miami Beach. The dramatic conclusion to this horrific and sordid affair only begins the endless soul-searching by the media and public, as we collectively grapple with our lifestyles. Transiting Saturn is making its retrograde station right on the nation's Chiron/Juno opposition in the 6th and 12th houses of mind/body health and secret enemies.

Andrew Cunanan's birth certificate shows that he was born at 9:41 PM (in National City, CA; Aug. 31, 1969*). With a Moon/Saturn conjunction in Taurus near his Taurus Ascendant, Cunanan presented a polished image of a wealthy party animal (these Taurus planets are trine his Virgo Sun in the fifth house of partying).

Yet behind the scenes, Cunanan was psychologically wounded. His twelfth house Chiron forms a dynamic configuration with Juno (the relationships asteroid), and Mercury/Uranus in his 6th house of habits and routine. Uranus in the sixth house has very erratic and unusual habits, and undermines the stability and continuity of his prominent Taurus planets.

The sudden and radical break from sanity occurred as transiting Uranus exactly squared his Saturn. This connection happened in late April when he first killed. Note that Cunanan's Saturn is exactly conjunct the U.S. seventh house cusp of open enemies.

With Chiron in the twelfth house, Cunanan became like a wounded animal unleashed onto the world stage. He was in a rage, traumatized by being spurned in love, and the truth of his shallow existence. Advanced astrologers will want to look at his progressed chart: progressed Sun was exactly opposite his Chiron when he killed himself. Also in the progressed chart, Sun/Uranus squared Mars/Juno, and opposed Chiron.

* Many thanks to NewsScope readers Kevin Burk and David Kesten who emailed birth data on Andrew Cunanan and Gianni Versace. Versace: 6:45 AM CET; Dec. 2, 1946; Reggio de Calabra, Italy (38N06 15E39).

NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Conspiracies, Intrigue, and Serial Killers

Republican leader Newt Gingrich escaped a planned coup from his top lieutenants last week in what the news media openly calls a botched conspiracy. Meanwhile, Senate hearings conducted by Fred Thompson continue to explore Chinese espionage and an alleged plan to influence American elections. And a serial killer is loose, with his latest victim the wealthy designer Gianni Versace.

These emotionally charged stories have erupted under the ominous Full Moon aligned with Neptune, the planet of deception, uncertainty, and intrigue. And the Sun, Moon, and Neptune were simultaneously aligned with the U.S. Pluto. In America's horoscope Pluto is opposed by Mercury, a powerful mental/psychological axis akin to a double-edged sword.

This planetary combination is both America's greatest competitive edge and potentially its own undoing. Mercury/Pluto operates with an urgent need to know, giving rise to a fully-funded stable of intelligenece services, and an equally strong tendency to seek out conspiracies. Newt Gingrich, John Huang, Gianni Versace may have all mused last week..."Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me."

Under these celestial conditions, it's impossible to tell if the allegations are all smoke and mirrors, or there really is a conspiracy. Watch this coming week as transiting Mars and Saturn rapidly approach their opposition, scheduled for the last few days of this month. The atmosphere makes for extreme partisanship and a showdown mentality.

Gianni Versace, Designer for the Stars

Gianni Versace, murdered last Tuesday morning in front of his palatial Miami mansion, has been called the "Rock and Roll Designer". His clients have included Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, George Michael, Eric Clapton, Elton John and Michael Jackson. He has also made clothes for the Princess of Wales and Caroline of Monaco. The Versace look of the young, aggressive and wild woman is well-known, and his fashion designs have been the foundation of a solid business with annual turnover of 300 billion lira.

Versace was born in Italy on December 2, 1946, according to news accounts. With his Sun in cosmopolitan Sagittarius and his Moon in visionary, artistic Pisces, Versace's career has made him renowned in Europe's fashion capitals, and a regular in Miami Beach's elite southside community. While Versace's Venus/Jupiter conjunction in sexy Scorpio promises wealth and success, he has had to work hard for his renown, since these planets are square to his Saturn/Pluto conjunction in creative Leo.

Versace was gay, but his natal horoscope doesn't reflect this lifestyle choice. Despite opinions to the contrary, astrology can not determine an individual's sexual preferences. Tendencies will show, but those looking for a cause to homosexuality will have to use genetics, environmental background, or past lives for more tangible clues.

Versace's Mars, the planet associated with masculinity, was under major natal stress. Placed in Sagittarius, his Mars was opposed by Uranus, giving him a restless, volatile, and driven pesonality. This axis was squared by his Pisces Moon, instilling emotional sensitivity and a highly reactionary nature. Versace's Mars, it turns out, was in the exact same zodiacal location as the Mars of his killer, Andrew Cunanan.

Andrew Phillip Cunanan, the Chameleon Killer

Now at the top of the nation's most wanted list, Andrew Cunanan was born on August 31, 1969 in San Diego, according to the FBI. Variously referred to as a gigolo, a prostitute, and a chameleon, Cunanan made his way through the world be relying on the favors of his wealthy male lovers. The exact time of his birth is still unknown, but it's a safe bet that Neptune, the planet of deception and fraud, is closely aspecting the Ascendant, perhaps even conjunct the Ascendant.

Cunanan's Virgo Sun is closely trine to a solid Taurus Moon/Saturn conjunction, giving him the appearance and manners of a wealthy and stable personality. His Mercury, the ruler of mental attitude, is located in charming and likeable Libra, made more so by a harmonious connection to Venus. Yet this Mercury is also sandwiched between a highly erratic Jupiter and Uranus, and opposed by Chiron, indicating that he can turn suddenly from a poised, enchanting seducer into a wounded animal that attacks without warning.

The Mercury shows that his wounded psyche strikes out using words and attitude, but his Sagittarius Mars shows another, more dangerous side. His Mars squares Pluto,* an aspect which at its worse, knows no social limits when trying to get its way. Mars square Pluto can be ruthlessly cruel, decisively brutal, and instinctively vicious.

* Mars square Pluto is a powerful influence in a natal chart, but can be used in a constructive way. Cunanan's Mars shows the destructive side of this highly energetic and willful combination.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Mars Journal: Sojourner Bumps into Yogi

Mars was the lead story in many of last week's news headlines. Astrologically, the red planet rules aggression, military action, and economic competitiveness. Astronomically, our nearby neighbor experienced the first NASA probe since the Viking II set down on the Utopian Plains on September 3, 1976.

With Pluto in Sagittarius now, NASA is gearing up for major space exploration missions. The successful landing of Pathfinder on Mars' Ares Vallis, and the launching of the robot Sojourner across the rocky surface has led to the possibility of a manned flight to Mars by the year 2011.

Mattel's fast-selling toy replicas of Sojourner indicate that the next generation will be well-schooled in the technical logistics. Sojourner bumped into the rock named Yogi (after Yogi Bear), indicating that if NASA can't find federal funds, it may well look to Mattel for future funding.

All the hoopla around Mars derives astrologically from the U.S. Mars, now being successfully activated by Jupiter in Aquarius. This combination reflects the expanding NATO alliance (Jupiter in Aquarius favors alliances). And last Friday, when the Moon and Mars lined up in the sky, CNN broadcast live pictures from the red planet.

Jupiter's trine to the U.S. Mars pushed the Dow Jones to another record high, near the 8000 level. American competitiveness across the global village is likewise at an all-time high. Don't expect any sharp downturn in the immediate future, although Saturn's retrograde station near the end of the month might indicate a short term pullback.

NATO Assumes Role as World Cop

Last week a British commando unit, with U.S. military support, staged a surprise attack to capture suspected Serbian war criminals. The sudden action, which resulted in one dead and two captured, marks a sea change in NATO policy. Meanwhile, at the landmark summit in Madrid, Spain, NATO members agreed to allow Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary into the exclusive military club.

NATO came into existence when President Truman signed the ratified document on August 24, 1949 (at 11:24 AM in Washington DC). This horoscope reveals the immense power of the trans-Atlantic organization, with Pluto, the ruler of the chart, near the Midheaven. This same Pluto is exactly aligned with the U.S. Midheaven (at 16 degrees Leo), which demonstrates that American military might is the essential core around which NATO revolves.

Transiting Pluto is now in early Sagittarius, forming a do-or-die dilemma for NATO. Pluto has been in this area ever since the Bosnian crisis began. The United Nations could not muster the police power, and without American backing, the U.N. has dwindled substantially in global prestige. NATO has filled the vacuum, again, according to American military strategists.

Transiting Pluto is now pressing against NATO's several Virgo planets, with the Moon and Saturn the immediate targets. Watch over the coming year as NATO's organizational structure (Saturn) is radically transformed (Pluto) into a dominating global unit. War criminals such as Radovan Karadzic and Gen. Ratko Mladic provide the rationale for increased U.S. military presence past the scheduled June 1998 withdrawal period.

Tyson's Boxing License Revoked

Following Mike Tyson's bizarre ear-biting episode during his heavyweight title match against Evander Holyfield, the Nevada Athletic Commission voted unanimously to revoke his boxing license, and fined him $3 million. Tyson will be eligible for a return to boxing after one year.

Tyson's horoscope shows why he has become such a paradoxical figure: both brutishly powerful, and a wealthy outcast. Like all successful boxers, his Mars is the most aggressively dynamic planet in his chart. Located in Gemini, Tyson's Mars is squared by the generational conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and on the other side by Saturn and Chiron in Pisces.

The irrepressible desire to use absolute force in Tyson's horoscope is reflected in historical events. Tyson was born on the day that U.S. fighter planes first began bombing Hanoi during the opening stages of the Vietnam War. His life embodies the controversy of that era, and as a boxer with his Mars aligned with the U.S. Mars, he personifies the American warrior archetype.

Tyson is always repentant after one of his bouts where he loses self-control. His Sun is conjunct Jupiter, which can make him arrogant and self-righteous. But Jupiter is also a moral planet, and eventually teaches him the difference between right and wrong. And since its aligned with the U.S. Sun, his escapades make him a classic American story, bringing him fame and wealth.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Pluto to Venus: Campaign Finance Reform

On Tuesday July 8 a Senate investigation committee will begin hearings to try and unravel the campaign finance scandal. Chaired by presidential hopeful Fred Thompson, the Republican Senator (from Al Gore's home state of Tennessee) will be leading a bipartisan exploration into the sticky web of Big Money in politics.

Over the next two months transiting Pluto (the cosmic symbol for reform) will be forming an extremely close link to the U.S. Venus, located in the eighth house of corporate finances. At stake are President Clinton's place in history, Al Gore's chances for the Democratic nomination in the next election, and most significantly, an honest chance for actual reform legislation.

The confessed abuses during the last Presidential campaign have reinforced and aggravated public opinion that the political system is corrupt. Watch over the coming month as transiting Mars in Libra closes in on its opposition to Saturn in Aries. These planetary conditions describe a showdown, with the most critical phase during the last week of July.

Look for surprise witnesses with shocking tales, perhaps beginning on July 25 (when the Sun squares Pluto). Some likely media darlings will be John Huang, who is currently in exile in China, and Harold Ickes, who was dumped by Clinton after the election and is fully aware of Clinton's role.

May 4, 2000: Day of Catastrophe?

Psychics, prophets, and soothsayers are gearing up for the Millennium with predictions of coming earth changes and an assortment of other major catastrophes. One auspicious chart drawn up for the New Moon in Taurus on May 4, 2000 (set for 12:11 AM in Washington DC) shows an array of six planets in earthy Taurus dynamically related to the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius.

Among the Taurus planets, the most important are Jupiter and Saturn, which are forming their cyclical conjunction. This conjunction occurs every 20 years, and often presages the death of a president in office. The abundance of planets in Taurus has some telling historical precedents. The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 featured a similar grouping of planets in Taurus, including the structure establishing planet, Saturn.

Those with astrology software might check out the last New Moon and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus, which was on April 28, 1881. This era corresponded to the establishment of Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, and the model for all future trans-national corporations. Not coincidentally, the planet that rules oil, Neptune, was also in Taurus back then.

The cause-oriented planets in Aquarius challenge the practical Taurus planets on May 4, 2000. From these clues, look for an intense Presidential election battle between environmentalists and corporate interests. Saturn in Taurus also has brought Americans into war every 30 years since it corresponds to the USA seventh house of open enemies. Currently, the potential enemies list is topped by China, but there's a long shot possibility of invaders from outer space.

Jimmy Stewart's Wonderful Life

In voicing the public sentiment, President Clinton called the death of Jimmy Stewart last Wednesday "the loss of a national treasure." Star watchers may have noticed a wave of celebrity deaths, including Robert Mitchum the day before, and Jacques Cousteau the previous week.

All these famous entertainers passed on when transiting Pluto (in the U.S. second house of national treasures) was forming a harsh angle to the U.S. Venus, the natural ruler of celebrities. The adventuresome, archetypal male hero that these actors played is shown by Jupiter's exact trine to the U.S. Mars. These planetary conditions do not end this week, since Pluto remains in close connection to the U.S. Venus, and other planets enter critical zones to trigger more celebrity deaths over the next two months.

Adding to this celestial season was the activation of the U.S. Neptune, which rules film stars. A similar confluence of planets occurred in February 1996, when actors Audrey Meadows and Gene Kelly died on consecutive days, and George Burns a few weeks later. Film buffs will also want to check out the phenomenal number of movie stars who died in 1980, when the U.S. Neptune was likewise under major activation.

Jimmy Stewart was born a solid Taurus (May 20, 1908). His Mars/Pluto conjunction reveals his actual physical stamina and strength, and in Gemini, reflects his sterling World War II career as a bomber pilot. His Venus/Neptune conjunction near the U.S. Sun endeared him to the viewing public as a symbol of patriotism, virtue, and the American Dream.

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