The One Day Diet
Way To Weight Loss
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The One Day Diet Way To Weight Loss

Fast and Easy Weight Loss Without Hunger or Deprivation

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The One Day Diet for rapid weight loss without hunger or deprivation. One bottle of 140 One Day Diet wafers lasts for 14 days - 7 Diet Days plus 7 Food Days

A One Day Diet? Who couldn't stick to a diet for just ONE day?

But how how much weight could you lose by dieting for one day? Actually, many users were able to lose one to two pounds of fat in one day. And they lost more and more pounds when they kept repeating the cycle of one day on, then one day off, the One Day Diet plan.

You see, it really is a "one day diet" - but you can start it again and again until you lose the amount of weight you want. All you need to do is "eat normally" for at least one day before you start the Diet again.

The One Day Diet plan for safe and rapid weight loss without hunger is simple, scientific, safe, and successful. You diet for 1 day by eating 20 of the tasty vanilla or chocolate Diet wafers with all-natural ingredients - and you can also eat all the raw fruit you want on your "Diet Day". For 24 hours you will be burning stored fat and losing weight, even while you are asleep.

Starting in the morning of the very NEXT day is your "Food Day", where you can enjoy eating all your favorite foods. You just "eat normally" and consume enough calories to meet your body's basic energy needs, as if you were NOT on a diet. You always follow a Diet Day with at least one Food Day.

For the average man the normal calorie requirement is about 2,600 calories, and for a woman it's about 1,900 calories per day. You don't have to "count calories" on your Food Days - just don't eat any LESS than you would eat when you are NOT on a diet. By giving your body the "usual" amount of food at least every second day, you can "trick" it into sensing it is NOT on a diet, so it won't lower its basal metabolic rate and resist losing more weight - which is what happens with most of the unsuccessful diet plans.

So you simply repeat this 2-day cycle of one Diet Day followed by one Food Day for as long as it takes to reach your weight loss goal. If you want to go slower, you can do two or more Food Days between each Diet Day. You can even skip a Diet Day if you need to, and just start your Diet Day on the next following day.

With the One Day Diet...

You can repeat this simple 2-day cycle for 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months, and stop and start as you please. It is literally a "one day diet" where the weight is lost on that one day, but then you can do another Diet Day again and again - as long as you always have at least one regular Food Day in between the Diet Days.

You burn off stored fat for 24 hours on the Diet Days, not the Food Days, so if you wish to go slower you can simply do a Diet Day every third day. Typical users have burned off 1 to 2 pounds of fat during each Diet Day, depending on how much raw fruit they eat in addition to their Diet wafers. The 20 Diet wafers themselves only supply 180 calories all day. (You can eat more if you need to, but the less fruit and extra wafers you consume, the more fat you will burn off that day.)

This scientific diet plan maintains metabolic rate and blood glucose levels while dramatically reducing calories, preventing hunger, and providing healthy nutrition - so you won't gain weight when you stop dieting.

Lose weight fast without recipes, calorie-counting, deprivation, or drugs.

The new One Day Diet is a safe, simple and easy diet plan anyone can do, because every second day you can eat all your favorite foods. You are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite meal! The small tablet-shaped Diet wafers taste great - almost like a chocolate candy or a vanilla milkshake - and you get to "snack" on two of them every hour for 10 hours during the Diet Days. It's easy to put some in a zip-lock sandwich bag and carry them in your pocket or purse if you're not at home on your Diet Day.

And while dieting with the One Day Diet plan, you will likely save more on your grocery bill than you spend on the Diet wafers, so it's like gaining money while losing weight! One bottle lasts for 14 days of dieting. The One Day Diet comes with a 30-day, money-back, "empty bottle" guarantee - so what have you got to lose? Just those unwanted pounds and inches of excess body fat!

The Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet are great low-carb diets too, but the One Day Diet is simpler, easier and faster. No recipes, no calorie-counting, and no forbidden foods. On Diet Days you get only 180 calories from the 20 Diet wafers, but the NEXT day is always a Food Day, when you can eat whatever you want!

Basically, there are just 2 simple "rules" in the One Day Diet plan...

(1) On Diet Days, eat ONLY the 20 Diet wafers, 2 per hour starting when you wake up, and some raw fruit (not fruit juice or fruit drinks) if you want it, so you burn fat for 24 hours and don't feel hungry. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. NO sugar, NO alcohol!

(2) On Food Days, you eat your favorite foods, and you MUST eat the same amount of food you usually eat (getting the same number of calories per day), so you don't lower your metabolism. NO cutting calories, skipping meals, or dieting on Food Days!

This diet plan simply works well, if you will simply work the plan! Even with the 30-day money-back "satisfaction guarantee", the actual return rate is very low, which would indicate that a very high percentage of people really are succeeding with the One Day Diet by the time their first or second 14-day bottle of wafers is used up. Compare that to the U.S. national average, where only 12 out of 100 people who start to diet actually lose weight on their diet plan.

Most users of the One Day Diet do not feel hungry on their Diet Days when they are eating the two Diet wafers every hour, but since everyone is different and some may need extra help, the new Affinity Hoodi-Chews can be an effective aid in controlling hunger. Simply chewing a good-tasting, lemon-flavored piece of "candy-like" Hoodi-Chews instantly delivers natural Hoodia Gordonii to the blood vessels under the tongue, which then take the Hoodia's active ingredient (called molecule P57) to communicate with a part of the brain which controls appetite. You feel like you are "full" and don't experience feelings of hunger.

One 16 fluid ounce bottle of Lose And Snooze lasts for 32 days when taking one-half fluid ounce or one tablespoon each night before bedtime The One Day Diet works well with the Affinity Lose And Snooze liquid collagen supplement (see below) if you want to build lean muscle and burn fat while you sleep, re-shape your body, and firm up your skin to reduce sagging and wrinkling. You just drink one tablespoon of the good-tasting Lose And Snooze syrup with a little water before bedtime each and every night, while eating the One Day Diet wafers every second day.

Lose And Snooze can also be used by slender or underweight people who wish to build up their muscle mass and reshape their body, or firm up loose or sagging skin, or improve the healthy function of their joints, ligaments, and tendons. Lose And Snooze has been used successfully by persons with diabetes or an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Many users have reported some very beneficial "side effects" beyond the building of muscle, reduction of fat, improved appearance, and the deep, re-energizing sleep.

All of the Affinity natural health products come with the Company's 30-day, money-back, "empty-bottle", customer satisfaction guarantee. When did you ever get a refund from your drug store or doctor if you weren't satisfied with the results? With the One Day Diet and the other Affinity natural health products you can try them risk-free for 30 days and if you are not satisfied they work for you, then simply send back the empty bottle for a full refund. Shipping is by UPS to the lower 48 states of the USA, and the products can be shipped to nearly every country in the world (by US Parcel Post).

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