Pluto Takes on Sagittarius, Part 2
by Michael Star

a Predictive Astrology article in
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine


Pluto is like a volcano - the hidden pressures slowly build until they blow off with cataclysmic force. Pluto or Hades was the mythological God of the Underworld. A look at the symbolic themes of Pluto and Sagittarius, and how they may possibly play out as Pluto passes through the astrological Sign of Sagittarius. Pluto's purpose is to renew or restore, but Pluto may have to remove or destroy what is stagnant or stifling. Pluto and Scorpio are much misunderstood and maligned, but here you will see both the bright side and the dark side of Pluto the Planetary Policeman.

This information remains relevant for several years beyond 1996, since Pluto moves VERY slowing through the Signs!
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©1996 by Michael Star

(This page is copyrighted and may not be published or sold without the permission of the author. All rights reserved.)

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Pluto Takes On Sagittarius, Part 2

by Michael Star, Astrologer (c)1996

SUB-title: Seeing Signs of the Planet's Purpose...

(First, a re-cap of Part 1)

Pluto the Power Planet, while still in the starting stage of its sojurn in the Spiritual Sign of Sagittarius, sets people to prognosicating and positing theories about what may be the ramifications of this relentless and ruthless planet passing through the new Sign. In this article I am going to explore the significance of Pluto in Sagittarius by investigating the symbolic themes of the Planet and the Sign, and then speculating on some scenarios that might possibly play out when the themes are threaded together. It's a long story, so I'm going to publish it in two parts.

This week I'll be discussing the planet PLUTO and its function in the Horoscope of individuals. The same themes which apply in the birth horoscope of an individual will also apply in a more general world-wide way to the times when Pluto passes through the Sign of Sagittarius, as we will see in the second part of the article.

"HE'S B-A-A-A-ACK!" (from the film "POLTERGEIST")

This is the sequel to Part 1 in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine NOV 18 1996 edition. The Sun has passed out of SCORPIO and into SAGITTARIUS - like PLUTO did again in the year 1996 ("He's ba-a-a-ack!"). You Scorpions may find this interesting, since the Sign of SCORPIO is involved through its ruler PLUTO.


SAGITTARIUS is about RELIGION because religion is a form of philosophy, in which one group of people have agreed that they have found the Truth which goes beyond earth-bound logic and physical laws - they agree on their belief in a super-set of meta-physical Laws which transcend or "go beyond" (Sagittarius) the perceived reality (Gemini) of this material world. This is "a good thing" if the followers of the religion actually have "the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth".

Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. Most religions find PARTS of the whole Truth, and then assume they have it ALL. Then they form the opinion that THEIR truth is right and everyone else's truth is wrong; when perhaps the REAL truth is that all the religions have parts of The Truth, but none have discovered the Whole Truth. As in the example of the New Yorker who moves to London and discovers that his New York ways are not the ONLY ways to live, the religions would do well to discover that their religion's ways are not the only ways to live.


Once a particular religion is established, it tends to stop EXPLORING new ideas and inspirations to find even more of the Whole Truth, and begins to stagnate into a belief system which becomes rigid and limited by its own dogma and doctrines. It becomes intolerant of other religions and their beliefs, because it assumes it has all the truth and the others must be wrong when they disagree with its own dogma and doctrines. It may even become intolerant to the point of judging or attacking the other religious beliefs, or attacking its followers. This is how Holy Wars develop, and this is where some religions have gone beyond their usefulness in the spiritual development of their believers. They are limiting their growth, and keeping them stuck in defending their cherished beliefs, and attacking other beliefs which they see as a threat. This is NOT what The Truth would teach, and thus it is a thing which has outlived its usefulness and is due for reconstruction or renewal. Sounds like a job for PLUTO...

Religious wars seem such a shame... they called one God a different name,
forgot their Father loves them all, and would not wish one child to fall.

- Michael Star ©2000 MAR 05


With PLUTO, you can go the easy way or you can go the hard way. When a religion is not willling to renew itself, often it is forced to change by some form of CRISIS. Witness the changes in doctrine of some Protestant churches who are now allowing women to become ministers. Even the Roman Catholic Church is looking at allowing priests to be released from the traditional vow of celibacy because they are being forced to by a crisis in which their own priests are resigning to marry - while others are being publicly accused of engaging in homosexual activities with boys or young men in their care. Isn't it interesting that these changes in RELIGION are coming about through a crisis involving SEX? The priest who wants to marry will resume his sexual activity and perhaps conceive a child with his wife, while the priest who appears to be celibate on the surface is engaging in hidden sexual activities, probably through coercion or domination. Sex, conception, coercion, domination, hidden things - do these sound like PLUTO themes?

Religion and institutes of "higher" learning are SAGITTARIUS themes, and Catholic boys' schools are institutions which teach religion. Marriage is an institution, and the Church and the priesthood are religious institutions. The themes of PLUTO and SAGITTARIUS are being played out in both these scenarios which involve a CRISIS of CHANGE!


Now let's look at the Middle East and Jerusalem, where two of the major religions are continually at odds with each other. The Jewish religion and the Muslim religion are overly attached to their traditions and dogma, and in 1996 they engaged in hostilies over an ancient tunnel which passed near a building considered "holy" by the Muslim religion. In fact, the tunnel in question has existed for nearly 2000 years, and is about 300 feet away from the edge of the holy building. The Israelis did not dig the tunnel, they merely opened a new access to it to allow people to get somewhere more conveniently. But the Muslims perceived that as a threat to their "holy" building and hostilities broke out in protest. The issue is over a material thing, a building, and not over the Truth. These religions appear to be stuck in their history and tradition, and thus not open to allowing constructive changes which might help them find greater truths or get closer to discovering The Whole Truth. They are attacking each other instead of loving their fellow man. They are choosing unhappiness instead of happiness, hostility instead of peacefulness, attack instead of acceptance. If this is what their religion is teaching them, then perhaps their religion is overdue for a renewal or reconstruction. It is not helping them to be happy.

"RESISTANCE IS FUTILE" - (from "Star Trek, The Next Generation")

Now that the symbolic agent of TRANSFORMATION is transiting through the sign of TRUTH - or PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION - it appears that it is time for religions to be renewed or reconstructed. If there is no willingness to change, there may be a CRISIS which forces the necessary changes. A PLUTO transit INVITES US TO CHANGE the easy way, but when we are not willing to change, PLUTO can be ruthless in destroying what we are unwilling to LET GO OF, and then re-constructing a newer and more useful version - once room has been made for the new and useful to replace the old and worn-out.


It is not surprising to see some crises arising in any religion that is unwilling to keep seeking for higher truths and is limiting itself and its followers by an attachment to old ideas. Land and buildings and artifacts have no meaning (Sagittarius word) other than the meanings we attach to them. It is our own Gemini perceptions and the Sagittarian understanding we gain from them which is what will lead us to the higher Truth; yet to focus too much on material objects limits us by keeping our attention on the objects, and not on the ideas they symbolize.

To be so attached to the objects or buildings or even land, to the point of acting hostile or even killing other human beings in order to protect the material things, is not what religion is meant to accomplish. It is counter productive, a distraction and misuse, and simply not USEFUL in serving the seeking of the Truth and its positive appliciation to human Life. It is destructive to human happiness and to human existence. It is in need of CHANGE, or, if the change is not willingly made, it is in need of the destructive action symbolized by PLUTO, so that it can be transformed into something more useful and helpful.


If two religions attack and destroy each other, it is a very sad thing; but perhaps it is the only way to remove the hate and hostiliity and self-destruction that threatens to harm the rest of humanity. Just as we must sometimes cut off our own leg to keep the sickness in the cells of the leg from infecting and killing the rest of the cells in our body, sometimes the Universe will allow the disruptive and destructive parts of itself to be forced to change, or even be destroyed, to permit the continuance of a harmonius balance in its wholeness.


This is not a frivolous Fate, nor a vengeful god, nor the unjust decree of a Universe which seeks to punish those who do not obey its natural laws. You do not cut off a leg with gangrene to punish the leg, but to save the body. The leg has already allowed itself to be destroyed. You do not claim that a cliff is out to punish people who walk over it and fall to their death. The cliff is just a cliff, and Gravity is just a universal physical Law which cannot be acted against without also creating some consequence. Religions cannot preach hate or persecute or kill without creating consequences, for they would be acting against the Universal Truth which requires us to love our neighbours (and our "enemies"), not judge them or attack them. And one of these Universal Truths is that "as you sow, so also shall you reap". Its manifestation on the material plane is one of the laws of Mechanics: "For every force there is an equal and opposing force."


By the way, I personally interpret this to mean that I must "love" my fellow souls in the same way I would want all the cells in my own body to "love" each other and not fight against each other, because they are ALL part of ME. I believe we are meant to respect the right of our brothers to BE who they are, whether it is the way we would WANT them to be or not. We may have to "love" our brothers, and let them BE; but that does not mean we have to BE WITH them all the time - no more than our nice noses have to be in our beautiful butts...


The consequences imposed by the Universe upon those who act against its Universal Laws may not be pleasant - they may be very UNpleasant, or even deadly - but they will have been created by that religion and those who act on the beliefs of that religion. What you give, you get. What you do, is done to you. Life in this Universe just works that way. If they should destroy themselves with their own hate, then so be it. Which would serve humanity better: for those who hate to destroy themselves, or to destroy the whole world? We live in an Age when the widespread and terrible destruction of global nuclear warfare or biochemical warfare is a real possibility. Neither consequence is a nice one, but it is created by the choice not to be nice in the first place. It could turn out differently if people could learn to make better choices. If only we could all learn to play nicely with the other children of God...


PLUTO is like a volcano that says "Move!" when it rumbles and blows a little ash and gas into the air for all to see. If you refuse to get moving soon enough, the volcano can ruthlessly destroy you and everything in its vicinity. Yet after the destruction there is room for re-creation. On the island of Hawaii you can look at the lovely landscape where lush vegetation has grown from the black rock and rubble of volcanoes.

CAUSE and EFFECT: Impartial, Inevitable, Integral

PLUTO transiting SAGITTARIUS is a sign that religions and philosophies must grow and remain useful to their followers, or to willingly renew and change when they start to stagnate and stifle their growth. Those religions and philosophies which are not willing to do so, or which continue in their course of negativity and un-loving behaviour, are due for a crisis of some kind, one whose unpleasant consequences will be in proportion to whatever trauma or ruin is required to force the NECESSARY and INEVITABLE change.

It would not be surprising to see that the Universal Law of Cause and Effect produces some not-so-nice effects to balance the not-so-nice things which some religions and philosophies have caused. The more hate or destruction they have sown, the more hate or destruction they will reap. They caused it, they need it, and they are likely to get it during a transit of PLUTO through SAGITTARIUS. They chose it for themselves when they chose to use their religious beliefs to promote hate and hostility and harm, instead of love and harmony and helpfulness. PLUTO is just the agent of NECESSARY change, by whatever means are required to accomplish the change.


You could compare Pluto to a policeman or soldier authorized to use "deadly force" if it is necessary to stop the dangerous actions of a criminal or terrorist which threaten the safety of other citizens. The policeman or soldier is the ENFORCER of human laws designed to promote amd protect the peace and well-being of the citizens of a state. They are no threat to those who abide by those laws, but can be deadly to those who choose to break them.

PLUTO is not the bad guy, he is a "Universal Law Enforcement Officer" who only harms those people and things which are threatening to universal peace and well-being. When he takes on the strategy of SAGITTARIUS, he is put on patrol to seek out those who teach what is NOT Truth, or who act in ways which do not demonstrate a trust or faith in the fairness of Universal Truth. His strategy is that of SAGITTARIUS - seek the Truth, tell the Truth, act on the Truth - combined with his own unrelenting and ruthless nature, which includes the ability to apply destructive or deadly force, but only where absolutely necessary.

It is interesting to observe the fortunes of O.J. Simpson, who was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend while Pluto was in Scorpio. Now he is facing a "wrongful death" civil lawsuit initiated by a justice-seeking family, and is being cross-examined in an attempt to discover the truth about the murder and his alleged involvement as a suspect. Murder, obsession, suspicion, subterfuge, and secrecy are Scorpio themes. Courts, judges, truth, and justice are Sagittarian themes. Will the real truth be uncovered while Pluto is in Sagittarius? (As time passed, the Truth did come out, and O.J. Simpson was convicted in the civil suit and forced to pay damages to the family of his victim.)


We are already seeing many "willing" changes in religions and philosophies. To the extent that Astrology is teaching parts of the Universal Truth, it will be spared traumatic changes, and obstacles will be removed which have previously prevented it from teaching those truths on a world-wide scale. Scorpio is about revival, renewal, and resurrection -- things which have been happening to Astrology during the time of the Pluto transit through Scorpio. Now we may see some Sagittarian themes being played out -- openness, tolerance, acceptance, a search for spiritual truths, and an expanding awareness of how Astrology fits into The Big Picture. A search for the keyword "astrology" on a World Wide Web search engine may report the existence of over 60,000 web pages related to Astrology. The awareness of Astrology is expanding on an international scale, and astrologers from all nations are connecting and communicating and sharing their truths.

Astrology newsgroups on the Internet and astrology sites on the World Wide Web will survive and thrive to the extent that they teach Truth, while others will face some form of crisis which will force change, or bring about their demise. What is Truth and what is not Truth will be determined by each individual, and he will govern his attitude, his approach, his choices, and his actions accordingly. PLUTO moves slowly but inexorably, so the changes may take place over many years and not be perceived as they are happening, like the gradual changes in climate or mass consciousness. But PLUTO is also like a volcano in which unseen subterranean pressures slowly build up until they blow off in a dramatic and destructive demonstration of the power of those forces. Some of the changes brought about by PLUTO may be cataclysmic. Not heeding the warning signals of a PLUTO transit can create a crisis with all-or-nothing consequences. When the lava oozes from the volcano, it would be wise to walk away while you still have time to flee the fiery flow!


Narrowing the focus to the specifics of the affairs of the astrology newsgroup on the Internet called alt.astrology, it appears that during this transit of PLUTO in SAGITTARIUS those who post hostile or untrue words will likely create a crisis of change for themselves. They can choose to change their attitudes and actions willingly, or be forced to change or be removed by some means. Those who believe in rigid thought patterns and out-worn and limiting philosophies will face a crisis of change which will allow them to change their habitual beliefs and stagnant philosophies - or else experience unpleasant consequences which force them to change, or to be removed from a position of being able to influence others to stay stuck in their outworn beliefs. Those who post words on the Web which add to universal understanding and wisdom, and teach parts of the Truth to others who may choose to learn and grow in their understanding of Universal Truth, will find that obstacles to their activites will be removed, and their own blocks to their insights and inspirations will be let go, or transformed by outside influences - possibly by the words of other seekers of the Truth.

They may even be indirectly aided by the words of those who refuse to seek the Truth, which challenge the seekers to assess, and perhaps discard, some of their own outworn beliefs and blocks.


The truth of these possibilities will be seen in the events which unfold, or which have already unfolded since PLUTO first entered SAGITTARIUS. Witness all the postings in alt.astrology which are more about philosophy and religion than about the art of astrology and its use as a tool for self-understanding. Witness the hostilities between those who are attached to old philosophies or religions or rigid dogma, and those who are open to seeking new truths and changing their beliefs as new ideas are shared on the world-wide web of communications, from which each individual can choose the parts he can perceive as truths. Witness the words being posted by persons who attempt to impose their rigid belief systems upon others - contrasted with those sincere seekers who are sharing their new insights and offering them to others for their consideration, without expecting them to accept their ideas without question, or accept them at all. Witness the cynics who complain and criticize the ideas and beliefs of others - contrasted with the open-minded skeptics who are willing to explore new ideas and discern what may be undiscovered truth, or what is actually a misperception of the truth.

SAGITTARIUS, the Seeker of Truth and the Explorer of "the undiscovered country", will favour the philosophers and pathfinders; while PLUTO, the Enforcer, will deal with those who block the way or lead seekers astray.


PLUTO is relentless, and its effects are inevitable. All we need to do is be willing to change our own beliefs about what is true, and we will be spared any discomfort or destructiveness. If we watch as events unfold, we will witness those who are rigid and resistant to change, or are destructive to the seeking of truth and threatening to the expansion of awareness in others, meet the consequences of their own stifling or destructive attitudes and actions. Those who use their power positively will grow in power and effectiveness; those who use their power negatively will likely suffer setbacks or losses of power.

We should remember that another theme of PLUTO is its power of persuasiveness over the MASSES, as is seen in those charismatic leaders who persuade large groups of people to follow their agendas for good or for evil, for construction or destruction, or for co-operation or conflict. Those who post or preach in these world-wide forums might be well advised to consider that PLUTO is patrolling here in these years, and will be ready to deal out the consequences to those who misuse the power of PLUTO in persuading people to believe in or act on their personal version of what is true. Propagandists, political powers, religious leaders, evangelists for science and materialism, and all who have power to influence the masses would be well advised to seek, teach and preach Truth and Justice - and not seek to stifle, subdue, stamp out, sabotage, pervert, or conceal the things sacred to the symbolism of Sagittarius.


As individuals, we do not have to be the agent for enabling PLUTO's power to force others to renew or be destroyed, though some of us will attempt to use our own PLUTO power on others. The only person one can change, or even has the right to change, is ONE SELF - i.e. oneself. This is the time to focus on examining our OWN beliefs (on a DEEP Plutonian level) and ruthlessly discard or re-construct those which no longer serve us and our growth in understanding of the Universe and its Truth. We can use the fearlessness of PLUTO to face our fears of change - or our fear of letting go of comfortable belief systems and having to find comfort in new ones, or even in not knowing what to believe.

Sometimes we can get some new insights into a planet's symolism by looking past the Sign that it "rules" (Pluto rules Scorpio) and look at the Sign which is opposite that ruling Sign, the Sign which is called its "detriment". Pluto is not comfortable in the Sign of its "detriment", which happens to be Taurus - the Sign which values comfort the most, and is most unwilling to change.

Here is another clue to what Pluto is all about - letting go of our attachment to what is comfortable, and of our resistance to change. That is the only way to make a Pluto transit more COMFORTABLE and less painful - to be willing to LET GO of the desire to stay in one comfortable position, and be willing to CHANGE to a newer and more comfortable position. Yet sometimes we cling to our comfortable bed, even when the bedclothes are burning; and Pluto has to rip our clutching fingers free to save us from self-destruction.


We can call on PLUTO's strength and determination to willingly LET GO of any attitudes or beliefs which no longer serve us, but are now limiting us. That includes all the ones we were taught and then accepted without question, or which we purposely created to serve a purpose which no longer applies.


Often, without being aware of it, we still hold onto beliefs deeply buried in our unconscious, such as childhood beliefs which hepled us survive as defenseless children but do not serve us now as empowered adults. Maybe Uncle Joe molested you, but that does not mean you should now fear sexuality, nor all adult males, nor believe that you can be victimized, nor believe that no one will believe you if you tell the truth about what you experienced. There was a good reason you chose to hold such beliefs then, if it served to help you survive as a child; but they have served their purpose in their time, and are now inappropriate for you in the present time of your life. It is time to dig them up and look at them in the light of the present day. You may need to let them go now, and replace them with new beliefs which best serve the person you are today.


These are the kind of "buried beliefs" which most of us carry unsonsciously, and we need to find them and choose differently now, so we can replace them with better beliefs which help us rather than hinder us. Often we may find we fear facing the things we buried long ago, and are reluctant to open up old wounds, or to open our family closets and look at the skeletons hidden there. But, like a cut to our flesh which needs to be exposed to air to allow it to heal rather than fester, the wounds to our psyche need to be exposed to our conscious mind to allow us to make the conscious choices which can heal the festering fears and resentments. They will continue to CONTROL us until we choose to CHANGE them, so we must face our fears of the hidden hurts and be willing to LET THEM GO.

The Sign of SCORPIO is "ruled" by PLUTO, and is noted for fearlessness in the face of death and danger, as well as for a desire to dig deep into places where secrets are buried. If we can call upon the POWER of Pluto acting with the fearless investigative STRATEGY of Scorpio, perhaps we can emulate the adventurous archeologist Indiana Jones, or the crusading coroner Quincy Jones, or the determined detective Mickey Spillane, and DIG UP those buried secrets?


If we need to relinquish some cherished beliefs which are no longer useful to us, or heal some old wounds which hold back our growth, then PLUTO will be bringing them to our attention, putting them "in our face" so to speak, so that we can do what needs to be done. The powers and the strategies of PLUTO can work FOR us if we are WILLING, but they can also work AGAINST us if we are UNWILLING.

If we have old issues pertaining to power, control, manipulation, sexuality, letting go of things, accepting loss or endings, death, or ANY of the PLUTO themes - then PLUTO will be setting up some SITUATIONS of the very same TYPE to make us face similar issues and SEE what needs to be healed, or transformed, or let go. All this can take place on a personal level, as well as on a universal scale. The same THEMES we see playing out in our own little worlds will appear in symbolically similar style on the larger stage of world-wide affairs -- for, as the song was sung, "We ARE the World". If we want to heal the world, we must be willing and able to heal ourselves.


In summary, I'd like to offer an EXPANDED list of the key themes of PLUTO and SAGITTARIUS. Looking at these, you can imagine the many ways the themes might MANIFEST when the two sets of themes intertwine during a transit of PLUTO through SAGITTARIUS. A similar interplay of themes will also apply in the life of a person born with a horoscope having Pluto in Sagittarius or, to some extent, to a person born with Pluto aspecting Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius), or with Jupiter in Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto).

A CRISIS of CONFLICT requiring CHANGE and CREATIVITY is most likely to occur when PLUTO makes a 90-degree "square" aspect to another transiting planet, or when PLUTO squares a planet's position in the birth horoscope of an individual, or in the inception chart of a country, corporation, or institution (PLUTO will square the SUN of those born with Sun in Virgo and Pisces). A 180-degree "opposition" could indicate a CONFLICT of OPPOSING FORCES which requires CO-OPERATION and CO-EXISTENCE (PLUTO will oppose the SUN of those born with Sun in Gemini). A "conjunction" could indicate an INTENSIFICATION of the need for INTEGRATION and RE-FORMATION (Pluto will conjunct the SUN of those born with Sun in Sagittarius). Those born with the SUN in the early part of these Signs (around the 21st-23rd of the month) will already be experiencing these things now, while those with Sun in the later degrees will not be due for such changes for many more years.

Because Pluto moves so slowly, things may build up over a period of a year or more before there is any outward indication of what is really going on under the surface. Like the pressure building up beneath the Earth's surface, things may appear stable until the pressure builds enough to suddenly erupt like a volcano, as an intense and inevitable event. While Pluto is in the Sign of Sagittarius, the event is likely to be "a big deal" and have "far-reaching" or "philosophical" implications. In one way or another, some truth will be exposed and/or some belief will be changed.


Can you see how this would apply to the O.J. Simpson murder trial? Truth and Trust and being Just are the big issues with Sagittarius, with Racial Tolerance, Laws, Courts, and Judges as sub-themes. Add in some negative Pluto themes of Obsession, Jealousy, Victimization, Subterfuge, Manipulative Strategy, Propaganda, Cover-ups, and Crime to the neutral Pluto themes of Sex, Death, Power, Charisma, Mass Media, Investigation, Detectives, Forensics, and Genetics - and you have all the ingredients coming together to describe the events of the Simpson trial and the international mass-media coverage and world-wide obsession it produced. When the truth is finally found (or dug up), perhaps justice will be seen to be served and beliefs will be forced to change?

Table of PLUTO and SAGITTARIUS Themes

The themes of each are listed side-by-side, but are not necessarily connected to the one opposite. Any theme of one may blend with the theme of any other. There are infinite possibilities in how the themes manifest. That is why it is really rather useless to try to pinpoint predictions using Astrology - it is the THEMES which are predictable, but not necessarily how they mix and manifest as events. The appropriate events will manifest in the lives of the people who NEED them to change what NEEDS to be changed - which is why a good astrologer knows that you must also examine the themes revealed in the birth chart of the individual to see the most likely ways a transit will manifest as an event in his life. Sometimes it is a "situation" or a "stress" which manifests first, and an event or crisis may never occur if the individual chooses to change after seeing the signals symbolically sent by the stress or situation - BEFORE it escalates into a crisis or catastrophe.

PLUTO Themes/Goals                       SAGITTARIUS Themes/Strategies
==================                       =============================
- Transformation                         - Truth / Universal Truth
- Reformation                            - Trust / Faith / Knowingness
- Demolition                             - Meaning / the true meaning
- Removal                                - Philosophical Beliefs
- Renewal                                - Religious Beliefs / Ideals
- Reconstruction                         - Higher Learning / Study
- Renovation                             - Wisdom / Understanding
- Refurbishing                           - Universal / World-Wide
- Conception / Sexual Union              - Foreign/Unfamiliar Ideas
- Birth/Death/Re-Birth Cycle             - Foreign Culture or People
- Volcanic Activity / Earthquakes        - Different Ways of Living
- Total Annihilation / War               - Freedom of Thought/Speech
- Nuclear Fission / Plutonium            - Freedom of Religion
- Power / Nuclear Power                  - Publishing
- Personal Power / Charisma              - Foreign Travel / travel by air
- Persuading/Influencing the masses      - Exploration / Seeking-out
- Mob rule / Manipulating the masses     - Humour / Comedy / Clowning
- Terrorist acts of destruction          - Exaggeration / Hyperbole / Hype
- Secrecy / Sabotage / Secret agendas    - Vision for the Future
- Underhanded Tactics / Sneakiness       - World-view / The Big Picture
- Underground Groups/activities          - Truth without Tact
- Subterranean Forces/activity           - Forthrightness / Bluntness
- Hidden Forces/Activities               - Spontaneity / Openness
- Sexual Magnetism/Manipulation          - Optimism / Enthusiasm
- Domination / Slavery / Subjugation     - Fun / Fun-loving attitude
- Cruelty / Sadism / Ruthlessness        - Inspiration / Inspired ideas
- Inevitablility / Irresistable Force    - Righteousness/Self-righteousness
- Obsession / Compulsion                 - Wise Judgment / Judging others
- Symbolic "death" of anything           - Religious tolerance/intolerance
- Removal of blocks or obstacles         - Seeing overall similarities
- Crisis requiring Change                - Seeing larger patterns/themes
- Catalyst for Change/Growth             - Seeking universal truths
- Unrelenting Pressure to Change         - Seeing universal truths/laws
- Traumatic Upheavals / Blow-ups         - Society's laws / Universal Laws
- Situations coming to a head            - Legal or philsophical arguments
- Bubbling-up / Blowing-off              - Determining truth eg. in Court
- Digging up buried/hidden things        - Making just laws / Passing laws
- Archeology / Paleontoloy               - Advancing new theories
- Facing buried fears or resentments     - Idealistic philosophies
- Fearlessness in facing death           - "A just society"
- Close encounters with death            - "Truth in advertising"
- Pruning / burning stubble or weeds     - "Eat, drink and be merry!"
- Dredging up the past or old guilts     - Living in the present, not past
- Psycho-analysis / healing old wounds   - Moving on to greener pastures
- Healing physically or psychologically  - Seeking a Utopian lifestyle
- Spiritual/Psychic healing power        - Teaching/Preaching higher truths
- Powerful people who change your life   - Motivational speakers/preachers
- Intense encounters which change you    - Experiences expanding your view
- Intense sexual experiences             - Inspiring experiences or people
- Cathartic experiences                  - Experiences that set you free
- Near-death trauma that forces you to   - Enlightening or mind-expanding
  change your attitude or activites        experiences revealing new truths
- Dangerous people /Criminals /Warlords  - Free-spirited people / Wanderers
- Manipulators / Dictators / Fascists    - TV Evangelism / World religions
- Military Strategists / Detectives      - Criminal Trials / Class Actions
- Investigators / Researchers            - Journalism / Reporting the truth
- Diagnostics / Forensics / Pathology    - Philosophical/religious writing
- Surgical removals / Plastic surgery    - Humourous writing / Jokes
- Oncology / Euthanasia / Abortion       - Human Rights issues and writings
- Nuclear Physics / Geophysics           - International Political issues
- Prostitution / Extortion / Vice        - Gambling / Speculation
- Victimizing / Being a victim           - Brutal bluntness, but truth told
- Sexually-transmitted diseases          - Hedonism / Excessiveness
- Propaganda / Fanaticism / Cult leaders - Cultism / Religious zealotry
- Cover-ups / Espionage / Assassination  - Half-truths / "The Big Lie"
- Destruction by fire or earthquake      - Expansion or broadening
- Things that are small but powerful     - Being big, broad, wide-ranging
- Strategic positioning                  - International institutions
- Secret strategies                      - International law
- Covert operations exposed              - International affairs
- Brinksmanship                          - Foreign trade/commerce
- Mass death and destruction             - Foreign policy
- Fatalism                               - Optimism
- The End Times / Armageddon             - The Future is Bright
- Redemption                             - Enlightenment
- Resurrection / Re-emergence            - Cosmic Justice
- "The Last Judgment" / Tarot card XX    - "Temperance" / Tarot card XIV


I could go on, with other variations on the same themes, but this gives you much to work with. Try to imagine how something from the PLUTO column could combine with something from the SAGITTARIUS column, and that may be the kind of thing you will witness, or experience, during this transit of PLUTO through SAGITTARIUS. Remember that there are both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE ways to express any of these themes, and either way will serve to demonstrate which is the better choice in the long run.


This has been written "just off the top of my head", so please regard it as one man's opinion -- and feel free to question or challenge any of it, as you judge for yourself what may be true for you... or not.


Where do I get all these ideas? I don't really know, but maybe it has something to do with my birth horoscope having Jupiter in its own Sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter exactly trine Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio? Or maybe it's because I have already experienced a few transforming transits of PLUTO - the hard way AND the easy way. Believe me, the easy way is definitely the BETTER way! But if you have to learn this the HARD way like I did at first (with my Sun in Taurus stubbornness and resistance to change), you will probably learn it very well.

With PLUTO soon to oppose my Ascendant, I am now going to be willing to change how I see myself and others, and let go of old habits and old styles that are holding me back - and maybe experience a big change in my "image" and how people perceive me. I may even have to "re-invent" myself in some Sagittarian way. I can already see that happening - I used to like writing about opinions and facts (Gemini) and wanted people to agree with me. Now I like to write about meanings and higher truths (Sagittarius), and do not need so much to have everyone agree with my views. My truth is mine, but your truth is yours. If we can share them, maybe we will find some new truths in each other's views.


Respect your planetary policeman and pal, PLUTO, and he will protect you rather than point his gun at you. While PLUTO is in SAGITTARIUS, be aware of your Sagittarian issues with Truth or Justice or Spiritual Laws, and be willing to change your perceptions and beliefs when PLUTO is angling up to aspect one of your personal Planets or Points. The themes of that Planet and its Sign will be your clues as to what needs to be faced, and what BELIEFS about it need to be changed so you can:

And that's my "take" on Pluto in Sagittarius.

- Michael Star

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If you'd like to see if PLUTO is about to aspect any of the "Personal Planets" in your birth horoscope, you may be able to get some insights from my MONTHLY FORECAST Reading.

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