Predictive Astrology 2

by Celeste Teal  ©1997-99
in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine

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Predictive Astrology

Part Two

By Celeste Teal, Astrologer

See Part Three of "Predictive Astrology"
in the December 8 1997 edition of STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

( Continued from Part One )

When the progressed aspects tell a story, and then the transiting planets repeat that story, it is safe to predict a certain trend and certain types of events. Use the faster moving planets to time the event. The Sun and/or Mars will usually be found on an angle of the natal or progressed chart, or stimulating a prominent configuration within the progressions when the event takes place. At the time the event takes place, the transiting planets will also be making contacts among themselves that repeat links found earlier!

So, the most important times will be when the angles are stimulated, the Sun is involved in aspects, and progressed aspects reconnect planets that were in aspect in the nativity. At the same time, the major transiting planets will emphasize and stimulate these progressed configurations, while making similar contacts among themselves. Finally, the transits of the Sun and Mars will time the event.

When a planet becomes prominent in the progressed chart through an angular position or through its involvement in several active aspects, an assessment of its inherent qualities will outline the probable events it relates to. To get a clearer idea of the planetary potential, consider the natal aspects along with the nature of the planet. This is true for both progressed aspects and aspects made by transiting planets.

Unless they are extremely afflicted in the nativity, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter can generally be anticipated to reflect fortunate times. All three of these may signify material benefits and pleasant occasions. The Sun and Jupiter signify events involving honor, and benefactors. One is often in a position to make progress through associations with those of honor or high standing in the community.

Jupiter tells of material or spiritual wealth, and when it is harmoniously aspecting the Midheaven, it reflects upon professional opportunities and recognition. If in aspect to the Ascendant, it shows opportunities more personal in nature. Both Venus and Jupiter signify social trends and ceremonies. When they are in a harmonious aspect with each other, they often signify elite social affairs or meeting a wealthy mate. Venus is often prominent during pleasant events such as childbirth, marriage, and similar happy occasions. These three can be considered the benefics.

There are some warnings to heed if these planets become involved in numerous harsh aspects, especially involving the angles. At those times they can signify illness, grief, loss and so forth, if combined with several similar configurations. Keep in mind that a benefic on an angle indicates harmony and ease. Countering aspects to such a benefic from a planet with an opposing nature reflects upon circumstances that will interfere with this harmony. Thus they often signify "dis-ease" or disease. When the benefic is angular and in conflict with another benefic, with other indications in agreement, the prevalent indication is one of loss or grief.

The Sun rules the father and the husband in a female chart, and the aspects made to it reflect either a time of ease or of hardship for those people. Mars is also an indicator of masculine affairs, and co-rules a woman's husband or male children.

Venus is similar in a man's chart, as it reflects events involving his wife. The Moon signifies the mother for everyone and must be considered as a secondary indicator of a man's wife. The Moon becomes prominent when events involving motherhood, or women's interests are arriving. Venus with the Moon suggests things feminine and lacy; a bridal shower for instance. The Moon is also reflective of public opinion. It accurately reflects times of personal popularity and support as well as times of reversal in this respect.

Mars and Saturn are often deemed the malefics. Uranus and Pluto also have certain attributes that will frequently find them on this list. However, just as the benefic planets sometimes correspond with unfortunate events, these potentially problematic planets are often prominent at times of great success. The potential of any planet can generally be found by assessing the remaining active aspects at the time it comes into prominence. "The majority rules", so to speak. If the majority of the active aspects are fortunate, then one or two stressful aspects is nothing to be alarmed about. It will likely reflect upon the overcoming of a barrier, which allows for much progress and happiness.

The natal condition of a planet must always be considered, and when a particular planet becomes prominent, look to its house rulership for the department of life reflected upon. This becomes more important when one planet is harshly aspected by several progressed and transiting planets at the same time. The area of life ruled by such a planet should be addressed for weaknesses and adjustment.

Mars and Pluto hold some qualities in common. Both reflect upon new ventures, initiative and taking control. Both can signify confrontations, forceful circumstances, and even tragedy, depending on the overall chart indications. These two in conflicting aspect with each other can reflect great danger, especially if other indications agree or if they held a conflicting relationship in the natal chart.

Saturn and/or Pluto will most often be in harsh aspect to the Sun at times of ill health since the Sun rules the vitality. These health indicators involving the Sun often point to hereditary conditions, while those involving the Moon show functional problems. The most often found aspect reflecting a functional problem is Mars in stressful contact with the Moon. Mars or Pluto in harsh aspect to the Moon can indicate upheaval within the home, the mother's ill health or forceful issues involving a woman.

Uranus signifies a new era, and temporary associations with those who can act as a catalyst to new experience. It can also be a sign of extreme and sudden disruption to existing circumstances if involved inharmoniously with other planets or points.

Saturn signifies authorities and older people, as well as issues involving the professional status. One of the best aspects Saturn can make is a sextile or trine to the progressed Moon. This reflects a time of great achievement at a professional and personal level. It frequently signifies fortunate real estate dealings, as well. Some of the most unfortunate times coincide with harsh aspects from transiting Saturn or Uranus to the progressed Sun or Moon. These often indicate hard times and heavy losses with Saturn, and great upsets and potentially scandalous events with Uranus.

Mercury and Neptune are neutral. Mercury will frequently take on characteristics associated with the planet it most closely aspects. It can be counted on to signify intellectual concerns, movement, agreements, and communications of all sorts. It is usually involved in angular aspects when a name change takes place or when one's name becomes prominent, such as connections with the media. Frequently, it reflects affairs involving minor children.

Neptune's nature is to eliminate boundaries, and this it does even in its manner of manifesting when active. It is difficult to curb it into a precise category. On one hand it reflects confusing issues, deceptions, intrigue, and escapist tendencies. On the other hand it reflects true inspiration and having dreams become a reality. If strong in the natal chart, Neptune may reflect upon true prophetic visions when coming to a prominent aspect in the progressed chart. In any case, it suggests that old conditions are dissolving while new entanglements are forming. Neptune must be judged in accordance with its natal prominence and condition, as well as the rest of the progressed chart.

John Travolta

An excellent illustration is found in the chart of John Travolta, who has recently made a terrific comeback to popularity. He was born February 18, 1954 at 2:53 PM in Englewood, NJ. For more than a year, his progressed Sun has been in active aspect with his natal Midheaven. The Sun rules his 2nd house of earned income and in this prominent progressed position has recently had the assistance of transiting Jupiter in sextile. The ruler of his Midheaven, Mars, lies in the 5th house of creativity and has had the power-packed influence of transiting Pluto forming a conjunction to it. This untiring duo has also had the assistance of transiting Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter for much of the past year.

There may be some challenges which lie ahead, shown by transiting Saturn in conjunction with both his progressed Sun and Moon which are forming a conjunction on the natal MC. At the time this aspect becomes most potent in December 97, assistance will still be coming from transiting Jupiter to the trio. Problematic times may lie in either early or late December, when first Mars and then the Sun squares into the configuration from the 6th house, but transiting configurations could stimulate the potentially worrisome trio for several months thereafter.

Princess Diana

Another illustration of the progressed potential is found in the chart of Princess Diana at her recent untimely death. Born at 7:45 PM on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, England, her natal 8th house held a trio of potential malefic planets along with the node, which emphasized the configuration that fairly outlined the possibility of an untimely death. Of these 8th house planets, Mars and Pluto were in conjunction, and Mars ruled her 4th house of endings. Uranus suggested the sudden fashion in which she would depart.

Princess Diana's progressed chart showed that the progressed Ascendant was forming an exact conjunction with natal Saturn, and transiting Neptune was stimulating the pair by exact conjunction. The progressed Midheaven was forming an exact square to the 8th house North Node and not far from exact to progressed Uranus, also in the 8th. A natal square between Jupiter and Neptune was stimulated by both transiting Mars and Uranus, with Mars on Neptune, an aspect of the bizarre and often reflecting upon extreme physical discomfort. Transiting Uranus along with Jupiter were opposing her progressed Sun in the 8th house. The transiting North Node was conjunct her progressed Mars, an aspect that frequently coincides with great activity, often involving force or conflict.

Princess Diana's chart also showed progressed Venus in conjunction with natal retrograde Mercury. Without going through the remaining contacts, the one that is most outstanding came from transiting Pluto, which formed an exact square to her natal Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 8th house, which at the same time had transiting Sun and Mercury in conjunction. The exact square from Pluto to Mars stimulated their natal relationship and the transits of both the Sun and Mars acted as the final trigger to set off events that tragic night. Aside from the alarming activity into the 8th house, Neptune was prominent, ruling photographers, alcohol, darkness and night time, and it is often involved when travel is an issue. Research has shown that when events take place of an untimely fashion, such as the illustration just given, or in cases of rape, kidnapping, and other events in which the individual appears to have little control, very powerful transits often appear to dominate the chart. Frequently it is found that there is a great amount of nodal activity, and Mars or Pluto is generally involved.

Once the progressed chart and the transiting planets have been considered for the current potential and major themes, the Solar and Lunar Returns can be read from a more authoritative level. They help determine when and how events will unfold.

Predominant themes showing in the progressed chart will also show in the returns, usually becoming angular at such times that events associated with the theme are about to take place. Configurations will form that match progressed aspects and this may be either aspects formed among the return planets themselves, or between a return and natal planet. The returns will be the subject discussed in Part Three of this article, coming in December 1997.

See Part Three of "Predicting Events with Astrology"
now on-line as of December 1997 at STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

For more particulars on these and other methods of prediction, watch for my book, called Predicting Events with Astrology, to be published by Llewellyn in 1999. In addition to demonstrating these techniques through chart delineation of case histories, the book includes eclipse and nodal data, how to use the Aries Point, the Pleiades, and more.

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Celeste Teal, Smiling Sagittarius About the Author

Celeste Teal became interested in astrology in 1975. At the time she first picked up a serious book on the subject, it was to prove to a friend that astrology was not a valid science, and nothing to take seriously. The book happened to show how to find a rising sign and the various house positions of the planets. By the time she left the store, book in hand, she was a believer and had found her life calling!

In the early years, while working full time and earning her credentials, she did hundreds of charts and reports manually for friends and acquaintances. She charged only a fraction of what they were worth, doing them for the practice. Now her articles are published frequently in both Dell Horoscope and American Astrology magazines. Celeste is an Associate member of the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), and has been awarded certifications in both calculation and interpretation.

One thing that has not changed is her investigative approach towards astrology. Having collected data and a multitude of individual and event charts, she has carefully researched many techniques. Those found to be consistently reliable for prediction purposes are shared in her articles and in her first book: Predicting Events with Astrology, published by Llewellyn.

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