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Kelly's Questions, Michael's Answers

3. How did you become interested in astrology?

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 Received: from for
 Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 15:28:05 -0500 (EST)
 Dear Reader,
 For my eighth grade English report I chose the topic of 
 Astrology. I have to interview three people, and I was 
 wondering if you could answer some questions for me. My 
 report is due on April 10, so it would help a lot if you 
 could reply before then.  Here are the questions...

Since sending my email reply to Kelly, I have edited and added to the original answers to create this series of Astrology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages for the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine website. Her questions were good ones, and probably represent the kind of questions many children, teenagers, and adults ask about Astrology. I hope that my answers based on my experience with Astrology will be helpful to the many people who may read them here on the world wide web. These are one man's opinions, and you are welcome to take what truth you see here, or to ignore what does not resonate with your personal view of what is true for you.
-- Michael Star, Astrologer

Hi Kelly!

I'm glad you wrote to look for some answers to your questions, as it has stimulated me to write quite a long explanation, as you will see...

3. How did you become interested in astrology?

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Michael's ANSWER 3:

Until I was about age 29 my only exposure to Astrology had been those horoscopes in the local daily newspaper. I thought they were a joke, and that is why they were on the comics page!

Someone I met that year showed me a copy of "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs", which was, I think, the first astrology book to make the New York Times best-seller list. I read a few parts about how a Taurus was supposed to get along with the other Signs, and it made more sense to me than those newspaper "horoscopes". I checked the Signs of two of my last romantic relationships, and was surprised how well the book decribed them in only a few lines. I remember calculating the odds of the astrology book getting two out of two right, when there were twelve different Signs to choose from. I figured there was a 1-in-12 chance of the first one being right, but only a 1-in-144 chance of both being right! I was impressed enough to decide I should look into this Astrology further.

So I later bought a copy of "Sun Signs" for myself, and got even more interested once I read what Astrology really is all about. Until then, I was getting all my information from the comics page, and was unfairly judging Astrology on the basis of my own limited information about it. Kind of silly, wasn't it? I don't mean that astrology was silly -- I mean it was silly to even form an opinion about something I really knew nothing about.

When I see scientists telling people that Astrology is bunk, I wonder if they are making the same mistake I did -- judging something without having first studied it thoroughly enough to form an informed opinion about it. It is not very "scientific" to make such unfounded judgments without really investigating something first, is it? You'd think a scientist would know better...

I was getting more interested in finding out how Astrology could describe someone's character or personality so accurately just by using their month and day of birth. At that time I was only familiar with the small part of Astrology most people had heard about: Sun Sign Astrology. Sun Sign Astrology is popular simply because it is convenient and easier to understand. You only need to know the month and day of birth of a person to know what Sign the Sun appeared to be in when he was born. That is why a list of twelve date ranges are given in the horoscope columns and Sun Sign books. The Sun appears in the same Sign for a month at a time, and there are twelve month-long periods in each year. So all you need to do is look for the month-long range of dates for each Sign and see which one contains your month and day of birth. My birth date in May was in the list called Taurus, so I considered myself "a Taurus".

I should mention, now that I have learned a lot about Astrology, that what they do not tell you in the newspaper is that those date ranges are only for an "average" year. Depending on the actual year you were born, the dates on each end of those ranges can vary by one day either way. That's because our calendar is based on the motion of the Earth around the Sun, but the time it takes to go completely around the Sun is not exactly one year, but 365.25 days. That is also why we have a "Leap Year" every four years: to get our calendar back into alignment with the actual motion of the Earth around the Sun. If we didn't do this, then eventually the dates would not match the seasons the way they do now. The month of May might become a winter month instead of a month in Spring.

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