The Scoop on Sagittarius
by Celeste Teal
(Sun in Sagittarius)
a Personal Astrology article in
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine

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Sagittarius the Centaur

The Scoop on Sagittarius

By Celeste Teal

When Michael Star first asked me if I'd like to write this article about Sagittarius, I told him I wasn't sure if I was the best-qualified person for the job. Sure, I've been a Sag for, uh... well, for all my life; but with a stellium of planets on my Libra Ascendant, I was sure my article would have a strong Libra coloring. As a matter of fact, I rely pretty heavily on my Libra qualities to help keep me out of Sagittarius trouble. You know, the "foot in mouth disease", for instance. But I'll go into that a little later.

So, using my astrological wits and having known many Sagittarius people personally, including several in my family, I will try to zero in on their similarities and differences and give you my summary of the sign of Sagittarius. As with any other sign, there are positive qualities along with weaknesses; and the way the rest of the natal horoscope chart is configured influences the overall Sagittarian character. We will explore both sides of the Sagittarian, and hopefully you will recognize the positive traits in yourself and in the Sagittarius people you know.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius

Perhaps one of the most often expressed sentiments I've heard from acquaintances goes something like; "I'm so comfortable and contented around you!" I mention this because it leads to the first point I wanted to make. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is naturally self-confident, optimistic and enthusiastic. Sagittarians have a way of being quite animated that tends to be rather entertaining. They are easily stimulated and naturally stimulating, and can be counted on to provide feedback on even the most trivial matters. After having what most people would consider a boring day, Sag can still come up with cute anecdotes and interesting stories to tell.

Fortunately or unfortunately for the Sagittarius types, this ability can be so well developed that sometimes the people around them need no other form of entertainment; and then become content to sit back and wait for Sag to bring forth a bit of hilarity or excitement for their pleasure. This contributes to the tendency of some Sagittarians to become known as "the life of the party". For them and the rest of us Sagittarians, playing out this role to some degree becomes a duty of sorts. We feel we must always be happy-go-lucky, lest we disappoint you. We know that when everything else is going wrong, you still count on us to provide a reprieve, and you may never hear about our occasional bad day.

Sagittarius is a Preparatory Sign

As a sign that naturally corresponds to a cadent house, Sagittarius is making preparations and laying the groundwork for important issues later on. They are absorbing experience and learning all they can about a number of concepts to ensure they make informed decisions down the road. For Sag, these preparations are tied to Saturn, Capricorn, and the coming issues of the tenth house. They want to know just what beliefs society will accept or adhere to and create as the reality for us all. That's why they like to categorize and label, compare and make deductions. They are observing, with much personal interest, the trend society is following.

This is where the prophetic or visionary gift of Sagittarius comes into play, and it is not really such a magical gift at all. They can easily see the trends developing because they constantly analyze and scrutinize. When something is accepted and workable, they tuck away the little tidbit of information into a specific category, adding to it later. When something is rejected, they watch it fall by the wayside, and make a note for future reference. For the results of these efforts, see "The Preacher, Teacher and Disseminator" below.

The Dispersed Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the signs referred to as "mutable", along with Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. This means changeable, and an assortment of adjectives come to mind. The Sag can be transitory, vacillating and rootless, and a picture forms of the "wanderer". These types either aren't sure what they are looking for, or don't really want to find it; since it might require them to actually produce a product. So they roam aimlessly for much or all of their lives (for more information, see "The Sponge Type"). The wanderer learns a little about a lot, and can become "a jack of all trades, but master of none"; although she might convince you otherwise. Some find her stimulating enough that they don't mind having her as a house guest from time to time.

This brings to mind a close cousin of the wanderer, the type of Sagittarius who doesn't recognize green grass when it is under her feet. She might be called "clueless". She pleads with the universe, saying, "if only I had _____ I'd be happy". But once she has it she still isn't satisfied, nor does she appreciate it. She continues to complain, "If only I had______ I would be happy".  I lose patience with "clueless".

Of the more positive types, the mutable quality of Sagittarius makes her very flexible and adaptable, which can be quite an asset. She adjusts more easily than many signs to changing circumstances and confidently keeps her eyes open for the silver lining in each dark cloud. She can be quite uplifting to those around her during times of change or turmoil.

The mutable signs are also quite versatile and have many interests, which leads them from one activity to another, often before sufficient progress has been established on the previous one. The Sagittarius has a particular problem deciding which basket to store her eggs in, and would prefer to keep one in each of a dozen baskets. That way, she keeps all doors open and never runs out of stimulating places to return to.

You would be ill advised to buy stock in a new company that has two or three mutable signs running it in partnership, unless you know their personal histories and have their horoscopes for reference. Chances are that, a couple of months down the road, each will be heading off in different directions; and it was only by chance that they met at this juncture in their individual travels in the first place. This is not really a bad thing, it is just part of the mutable signs' natural function and a needed element in the world we live in. The cardinal signs need us for our input before starting their next enterprise, and the fixed signs need us so they don't become totally immovable.

The Arrow, the symbol or glyph for Sagittarius.

The Sidetracked Sagittarius

The Sagittarius loves variety and despises boredom. Having wasted a lot of time in my earlier years, experimenting first with this thing and then with another; I finally began to pause and read the "Dead End" signs before traveling too far down a road. Or to be more accurate, the "Sidetrack" signs. With conscious effort, I've become focused; but I'm still the happiest when I have several things going at once. Now, I just make sure that all of my projects are contributing to one overall goal. Most Sagittarians get to this point early enough that there is still plenty of time to accomplish some great results. And a lot of those side roads had a contributing purpose that later becomes apparent. For example, my Libra energies demand that I have an artistic project underway on top of my other work, and I feel sure this is leading somewhere important. But even if it isn't, everyone is allowed one hobby, aren't they?

A closely related Sagittarius symptom, and possibly one of the greatest weaknesses of Sag, is an inability to push through barriers. This is another area where some of the wasteful characteristics associated with Jupiter can be seen. Sag excitedly heads off in a new direction and may spend considerable time and resources pursuing her distant goal. Then she encounters a barrier that is not easily overcome, and immediately her interest wanes. You will soon find Sag absorbed in something else, sometimes not even remotely related to the former interest. But she is urged toward expansion and accretion, to absorb more of the universe into herself. Restriction is like having a door slammed in her face. She isn't welcome here, and her natural inclination is to try another friendlier door.

The Sagittarius despises repetitive tasks and reaches burnout quickly. Once she's mastered something she's ready to move on to new adventures. I once got it in my head that I must make a quilt, and spent time gathering pieces and drawing up my pattern. Finally, I made my quilt, and that was that. Although for twenty years I've kept my leftover assortment of really cool quilting pieces stored away in my cedar chest, just in case, I seriously doubt that I'll ever make another quilt. There are too many other things I haven't done yet. For further information on this trait, see "Sagittarius Around the House".

Compatibility of Sagittarius with Other Signs

For those Sagittarians who would appreciate a bit of grounding, the Sag often benefits by hooking up with one of the fixed signs, such as Taurus. This sign tends to stabilize and ground her, without suffocating her need for independence and freedom. Taurus is rather like an anchor for the Sagittarius. There is a lot of rope and the boat is free to drift off in any direction, as long as it doesn't stray too far away. This provides the Sag with a sense of security while also allowing the exploration of new territory and personal adventure.

Leo with Sagittarius can be another good choice, with some provisions. Leo will want to take the dominant role in the relationship, and Sag can handle this to a degree. One word of warning, though. Sag does not make the best satellite, and Leo will need to have plenty of personal interests to keep him occupied while Sag explores other orbits. If the bond is tight, Sag will find her way back to check in from time to time, and she is trustworthy after all. If the bond isn't so tight ... well, you get the picture.

Aquarius with Sagittarius blends air with fire, which can definitely be exciting. These two might not accomplish much in the material world, but they would have a great time pursuing favorite theories. Although this should be one of the better matches for Sag, with fixed qualities to settle her and air to sympathize, Aquarius may be just a bit too quirky and changeable even for Sagittarius, who knows all too well that she provides enough stimulation for one relationship.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign, and we all know what happens when you throw water on fire. Pffft...the fire's out. Scorpio can be rather controlling and dominating as well, which Sag might deal with for awhile; but eventually she'll squirm out from under the thumb of Scorpio and be out of sight before you know it.

Of the cardinal signs, the one I've found to work surprisingly well with Sagittarius is Cancer, although traditionally, Libra would be the best match.

Aries and Sagittarius have almost too many similarities to work well. Both love to rush into new activities. Unless they are both focusing on the same goal, they can spend most of their time bumping into one another. Both are outspoken and blunt and could do with a little filing around the edges. This pair could also have the wool pulled over their eyes because of a proclivity towards naivete and the expectations that all of humanity is as above-board as they.

Libra with Sag can work very well and tends toward intellectual pursuits. As long as there is some earth and water in their charts to help them handle the realities of life, this could be an ideal combination.

Capricorn may take a bit of work, but can also be compatible with Sagittarius as long as Capricorn doesn't become a wet blanket and try to snuff out the idealistic visions of Sagittarius.

As we've already seen, the other mutable signs, Pisces, Virgo and Gemini are naturally the least compatible with Sagittarius as far as serious partnerships go. Overall chart configurations must be considered, however; and these signs are often the very best source for inspiration, food for thought, and stimulation for the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Around the House

Even though Cancer is a water sign, its ruler the Moon has a lot of common qualities with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. Both are nurturing and concerned with family ties, and if you've never noticed, Jupiter in your chart can tell you a great deal about your family relationships as well as the Moon. Besides this, Cancer won't mind throwing in a load of laundry or tidying up behind Sag!

Cancer usually enjoys cooking too; something considered a chore by Sagittarius. Although Sag can cook, it is just not the way she prefers to spend her time. Been there, done that! Even the male Sagittarius has been known to put together some pretty tasty dishes if there's no one around to do it for him; but he still pretends ignorance about the sink and dishwasher. Household tasks are just too routine and boring to hold much interest for Sag, and even the types who handle these responsibilities well usually stick to the minimum daily requirement, and are always contemplating the interesting things they would rather be doing. That's why there's still a load of clothes in the dryer and no toilet paper in the house.

Before marrying my husband, a Taurus with Cancer rising (yes, I got the perfect match, but so did he), I made sure, as a verbal prenuptial agreement, that he knew I have to be in the mood to spend an extended amount of time in the kitchen. I felt it only fair to warn him since I knew about the Taurus appetite. Several years later, he is still waiting for the day that mood will strike me, and in the meantime we compromise. I provide four or five good weekday dinners, he does weekend breakfasts and the rest of the time we eat out, order in, or have a free-for-all in the kitchen.

With my Libra qualities I'm really not comfortable in a disorderly environment, so I'm excellent at keeping things in their place. But, the dust is a whole different story. Unless it rudely grabs my attention, I sometimes forget about it. My husband though, almost as fanatical about cleanliness as any Virgo, loves performing the white glove test. (Oops, I should have reviewed this little detail in the pre-nups!) If his Cancer gears are working at optimum level, he goes ahead and dusts, leaving me happily immersed in my current project. If not, I make a mental note and then dust within a day or two, feeling like the little kid who has to clean her room before she can go out and play. See how the anchor works? Sort of a reality check.

Sagittarius The Bachelor

Sagittarius is one of the top-ranked signs of the zodiac to produce the bachelor or bachelorette, especially if Venus is also in Sagittarius. They have an aversion to committing themselves because by this time they are well aware of their tendencies outlined previously; and because they crave excitement and adventure, something that doesn't normally go hand-in-hand with marriage. Even having someone show signs of becoming "serious" is often enough to send them running in the other direction. They recognize responsibility when they see it coming.

They really do want to be loyal and honest, and would rather wait to make a commitment until they know they are ready to settle down. For many, this may take a while. This trait can be disappointing to others; but in this case the Sag is probably doing the wisest thing, and is being honest after all.

The Sagittarius Parent

For many a Sagittarius, the same factors that cause them to remain single also contribute to a choice to remain childless for an extended time. After that they are likely to put a strict limit on the number of children they have, and some forego having children altogether. They are aware that parenting is a serious responsibility and not always conducive to the active lifestyle they have in mind. They like the freedom to get up and go at a moment's notice. Not easy with the luggage and the schedules that come with babies.

Out of the entire list of Sagittarius people I know personally, only one has chosen parenting as her main purpose in life, and she is exceptional. She would keep going and going if her husband would only agree. Now on number four, and all of them under six years old, you would never know it by watching her, but she says she has to make a conscious effort to keep her patience with her children. Are you kidding! I would be institutionalized already! Before I ran her horoscope, I knew what I was going to find. I figured either Cancer rising or Moon in Cancer along with Sag on the fifth house. Indeed, she has Cancer rising and a large portion of Sag in the fifth house.

Although Sagittarius may not choose parenting as her primary goal in life, or be the most natural sign to attend to tiny babies, she has qualities that put her among the best when her child reaches the toddler stage. Her superb teaching ability blossoms and she never tires of lavishing on her child the individual attention he needs. Sagittarius, especially if Mercury is also in this sign, has a way of presenting concepts fitting to the age and capacity of her student; who in turn is quite receptive to her efforts. The child of Sag often has an extended vocabulary for his age.

Sagittarius also encourages her child to follow his heart and his dreams, and you will never find her trying to coerce her child into a strict role or field that doesn't suit him. In short, she supports and encourages him to explore his potential and develop his own identity. A Sag parent tends to become a friend to her children rather than taking the role of "authority figure". In fact, as the child gets older the Sagittarius parent will often appear to be on a level similar to that of a peer or companion. The child learns early that he can talk about anything with his Sag parent without fear of strange reactions, alienation, or rejection. When the child becomes an adult, these relationships continue to thrive, and the Sag gets just as much feedback from the child as she gives.

Sagittarius The Preacher, Teacher and Disseminator

Once Sagittarius has researched countless theories, explored various philosophies, and pursued sufficient avenues, her major function is to present her findings. Although the developed types of Sag will forever also be a student, other people need to be kept informed and up-to-date on what is what; and who better to tell them than the Sag who has spent years preparing for the job?

Once a Sagittarius is sure of a thing, she feels compelled to make the information widely available to others. This means the Sag must disseminate, propagate, and communicate. That is why publishing is linked to the sign of Sagittarius, and many become published writers and/or publishers. The natural teaching ability of Sag is also directly related to such a motivation. Even without formal training, there is usually found an outstanding ability to teach and communicate, if Mercury is also in Sagittarius.

Entertainers from the Sagittarius group are similarly motivated, though they have chosen a different avenue for their dissemination. A couple who come to mind, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, had some pretty heavy messages to deliver through their music and lyrics.

The Sagittarius inclination to search for the truth often leads them to study religion; and they have a very personal need to come to terms with their own religious beliefs. This makes Sag a primary candidate for getting caught up in religious extremes or, on occasion, a cult. If you run into a freshly "born again" Christian from the Sag family, it may be a while before you want to spend much time around them. They tend to go overboard, and forget about concepts of moderation. Very few things are acceptable to them, including many that would surprise other devoted Christians.

Sagittarius is the natural preacher too, whether preaching religion or something else. Beware the Sag who thinks she has everything figured out and needs not look any further! She will give you a sermon at any opportunity and try to force her beliefs down your throat. The very worst of these types become bigots, racist, and narrow-minded to the nth degree.

The Sponge Type Sagittarius

Evidently it is due to the Sagittarian need for freedom and resistance to responsibility that contributes to a symptom I call the "sponge" in some of these people. There are several variations of the "sponge", but the worst of these types will show all the symptoms.

In some cases, the Sagittarius will latch onto the dominant personalities of the zodiac, and then be quite content to take a back seat role in the relationship in exchange for avoiding any type of responsibility. These people can give the word lazy a new definition. They pretend inadequacy for making even the smallest decisions on their own; thereby ensuring that no one will ask. If they are asked to do something, they make sure to make irreparable errors. This gives them great pleasure, and the guarantee that someone else will handle matters in the future.

The sponge types also take advantage of the support and kindness of others. They use up resources without contributing to the source of supply. They pretend fragility and weakness, letting the more dominant personality handle more and more of their own responsibilities, until at last, they have none to handle. They are really good at using one's strengths for manipulation, and to convince you that you need to help them. Sad but true, the dominant one is at cause here too, and further cripples the sponge Sag by allowing such an out-of-balance exchange situation to continue.

The Sagittarius "Foot in Mouth Disease"

One of the toughest problems faced by Sagittarius is the "foot in mouth disease". Borne of a need to be honest in all matters, it strikes out of nowhere and requires tremendous control. For me, the disease lays dormant for longer and longer periods, but I'm still not out of the woods. Unable to gather testimonials appropriate for publication from my Sag counterparts, I offer one of my own:

The last time I went to Indiana I stayed with my long time best friend. One evening we met up with some of the old gang for a get-together. My friend, who has always had a battle with her weight, upon returning to the table from the restroom, was complaining about how overweight she'd become and how badly her clothes were fitting. Out of my mouth popped the comforting phrase, "But Retta, you're still very pretty!" One of the girls sitting nearby almost fell off her chair in hysterical laughter, but I was horrified!

I didn't mean to hurt her, but she, a sensitive Pisces on top of everything else, looked like she would melt into tears any second. I managed to clear up my blunder by reminding her how often I complain that I'm getting fat. Obviously, at 103 pounds, I don't really mean it. To me, it's just a phrase women use sometimes when there is a lull in conversation, nothing to take seriously. (Whew! If only that Libra diplomacy worked as a preventive measure.) If there is a bright side to this, it is that she would not question my sincerity about her beauty.

It appears that this Sagittarius symptom flares up when Sag is comfortable and unguarded. For me, there is never a premeditated intention to hurt someone, and it is always the echo of my words that informs me of my mistake.

What could be worse? The Sag who doesn't even notice when she's crushed someone! Now some serious choking is in order! If you didn't see the error in the above scenario, chances are you are a young and budding Sag, and some role reversal exercises are advisable if you want to have friends later on.

And if you think you have it bad, try being a Sag and having a Sag for a daughter-in-law! I can't tell you how many times my son has had to act as interpreting mediator with: "Mom, what she was trying to say was..."

I think I've come to expect a certain number of these incidents. Now, after my initial wide-eyed gasp, I calmly remind myself that I'm dealing with another Sagittarius and reinterpret her comment myself. And we've had some talks about this illness we have in common; but, for all I know, she might feel that she could put your stories about your mother-in-law to shame! To spice things up, the universe has also provided her with a Sag son and me with a Sag grandson! Pity the poor father!

The Obnoxious Overly-Friendly Sagittarius

Have you noticed the Sagittarius types who begin to act like a bosom buddy as soon as you meet them? Overly enthusiastic, they make outlandish promises and commit themselves to your service when you barely know them. You know that if they are like this with everyone, they are booked up until at least the year 2049. This type actually scares people away with their good intentions, and people begin to eye them with suspicion. Although many Sagittarians display this tendency to a minor degree, at the other extreme they become obnoxious and overbearing. Thankfully most of them outgrow it; but if you are a Sag and notice your friends whispering and turning around so you won't recognize them when you enter a room, you might want to consider this trait as a possible cause.

Sagittarius the Centaur

Physical Attributes of the Sagittarius

Although the rising sign and planets in the first house greatly influence the physical attributes of those with Sun in Sagittarius, most of them are slightly disproportionately bigger through the hips and thighs. In this area weight comes on first, and leaves last. With considerable strength in legs and thighs, the Sag is usually quite the athlete in her younger years, especially if Mars is in aspect to the Sun. The female Sag often begins as a tomboy and remains an excellent companion for those who enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking and sports.

Even when they are no longer active participants in sports, the Sagittarian enjoys spectator sports, and most of them still consider physical fitness a priority. At the other extreme, some of these older folks may be writing their life story, forgetting everything except the keyboard, their coffee, and cigarettes. But they've always been that way.

As far as appearance goes, Sagittarius tries to make herself attractive, but does not in general concern herself too much over her style of dress or the latest fashions. Other configurations in the chart will temper this, and some Sagittarians can be downright sloppy in dress; while others are always model perfect. Weight becomes a problem only for those who have in their horoscope chart some affliction to Jupiter or the Sun, usually involving the first or sixth houses.

The Sagittarius Child

Social, optimistic, and trusting, the Sagittarius child can usually be counted on to tell the truth. Generous with playmates, he enjoys the outdoors and would be an exceptional caregiver and companion for a pet, especially a dog or pony. His health is generally good, and he has excellent recuperative powers; but he benefits from plenty of fresh air and a balanced diet.

The Sagittarius child is direct and candid, and should be allowed to express himself, lest he feel suppressed. Quite inquisitive, he should be provided with plenty of intellectual stimulation. Wise beyond his years, he knows and understands you better than you might think. Give him guidance, but treat him as an equal and try not to dictate. Pay close attention to his first attempts to teach or disseminate his ideas; and later on, encourage him to take journalism, always letting him think it was his idea.

He is likely very sensitive and shy and it is easy to injure his pride when you discipline him. He suffers humiliation at the slightest reprimand. Encourage him to handle responsibility, a little at a time. Help him with organization, and encourage him to keep track of things for himself. Don't forget that details aren't very appealing to the Sagittarius. More than anything he needs to be taught emotional responsiveness, and that his behavior and words do affect others.

The Sagittarius House in Your Horoscope Chart

The affairs governed by the house that Sagittarius rules in your horoscope chart is the house where you can most appreciate the natural inclinations of the Sag personality. This is the house where you tend to be the least practical because the expansion urgency is at work here. You show the least amount of discrimination about the affairs of this house, and they appear to be subject to luck, optimism, or abundance. Here you are philosophical, humorous, and inspirational; or hunches play a critical part in your decisions. You get easily carried away on the issues of this house, and have little patience for interference.

Advising others about the affairs of this house becomes important, and you invite others to get to know you regarding these issues. Now, if you can see yourself handling all your affairs the way you handle those of this house, you will come to understand the Sagittarius personality a little better!

(c)1998 by Celeste Teal

Please visit my web site at

Celeste Teal, Smiling Sagittarius Celeste Teal is living "happily ever after" in Phoenix, Arizona, with her perfect match. She has two sons and three young grandchildren. After an assortment of life experiences and "jobs", she now concentrates exclusively on the other love of her life. An astrology researcher for many years, Celeste is a writer/author and has just begun to compile a companion book to her first, "Predicting Events with Astrology", which will soon be published by Llewellyn. She has Uranus on her Midheaven. Saturn on her Libra Ascendant contributes to her discipline to do daily aerobic workouts.

If you would like to comment on her article, write Celeste at

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