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Be The Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave

A unique inter-active party game:

Get labelled, get looking, get lucky!

 CANCETTA                        27 JUN 
 IS responsive; romantic & enigmatic 
 YET open-minded & often outspoken.
 LIKES expressive & entertaining 
 OR creative & complex & chaotic type.
 MATCH DATES:          14 AUG    15 NOV 

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Samples of THE GREAT DATE GAME Name-tag Labels

(c)1996 by Michael Star (All rights reserved.)
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(This copyrighted material may not be reproduced in any media without the permission of the author. "The Great Date Game" software and labels are copyright (c)1996 by Michael Star.)

Michael Star's
Great Date Game © Nametag Labels

An interesting, inter-active party game and ideal ice-breaker for large parties, dances, conventions, college or school reunions, and nightclub promotions such as "Ladies Night".

In the Nametag Labels below, for each line of text, there are eight possible variations, each one a completely different description which would also apply to the same person. If the same person played THE GREAT DATE GAME on eight occasions, he or she could get a different label with different MATCH DATES each time. This makes THE GREAT DATE GAME ideal for a weekly event at a singles club, nightclub, or college pub. People come back to see who they will "get matched to" next time!

The GREAT DATE GAME is the perfect event for a college or university Orientation Week because it introduces newcomers to each other in a casual conversational way... with the elements of curiosity and competition to overcome shyness, "break the ice", and get people interactively involved!

 GEMINA                          03 JUN  
 IS quick-witted and fast-talking
 AND unconventional & unpredictable.
 LIKES adventurous and aggressive
 OR communicative & companionable type.
 MATCH DATES:          09 SEP    11 DEC 

 CANCETTA                        27 JUN 
 IS responsive; romantic & enigmatic 
 YET open-minded & often outspoken.
 LIKES expressive & entertaining 
 OR creative & complex & chaotic type.
 MATCH DATES:          14 AUG    15 NOV 

 LEO                             26 JUL 
 IS creative; confident & commanding
 YET sensitive and soft-hearted.
 LIKES curious clever & quick-witted
 OR giving & gullible & vulnerable type. 
 MATCH DATES:          22 DEC    21 MAR 

 LEONA                           04 AUG 
 IS loud & proud and royal & loyal
 YET caring & comforting & cuddly.
 LIKES family-loving & fiercely loyal 
 OR sweet & seductive & secretive type.
 MATCH DATES:          09 SEP    11 DEC 

 VIRGIL                          08 SEP 
 IS sensible and self-sufficient
 YET free-spirited & spontaneous.
 LIKES passionate & provocative 
 OR helpful hard-working & honest type.
 MATCH DATES:          10 MAR    11 JUN 

 VIRGINIA                        20 SEP 
 IS dedicated & dutiful & devoted
 YET courageous & often outrageous.
 LIKES confident & capable & creative
 OR fun-loving & free-spirited type.
 MATCH DATES:          01 FEB    03 MAY 

 LIBBY                           01 OCT 
 IS pleasantly polite and bright 
 YET energetic & excitable & exciting.
 LIKES pleasing pliant & peace-loving
 OR patient & proper & practical type.
 MATCH DATES:          29 OCT    28 JAN 

 SAGIO                           01 DEC
 IS straightforward & spontaneous 
 YET family-loving & fiercely loyal.
 LIKES dignified & decorous & devoted 
 OR gutsy & lusty & bold & brazen type. 
 MATCH DATES:          09 MAY    11 AUG

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These are examples of eight different Nametag Labels created for players in THE GREAT DATE GAME. The Nametags are printed on self adhesive labels, and the NAMES and DATES would be printed in larger and darker text than shown here.

These are the actual descriptions printed for real persons born on the dates shown at the top right (only line 1 is set by the date - the rest depends on date AND year). The names have been changed, and also the MATCH DATES at the bottom. Only the 1st line describes the traits of the person's Sun Sign; the other 3 lines are determined by the Signs of three other Planets in their actual birth horoscope, which is based on the Month/Day/Year and Place of birth (and Time if known).

The YEAR and LAST NAME are never printed on the nametags, so no one can tell the person's age or full identity. Players can use fake names if they wish, but if they submit inaccurate birth data (especially the YEAR), the descriptions will not really apply to them.

THE RULES of the GAME are simple:

There seems to be a mysterious tendency for a player whose MATCH DATE matches someone's BIRTH DATE to be ATTRACTED in some way to the person born on that date....

EIGHT different descriptions can be printed for EACH line, for the same birth date. Even when two people have the same Sun Sign, or were born the same month, day and year, the odds of them getting even the same FIRST line are one in eight. The chance of them having any of the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th lines the same is much, much lower... for there are eight variations for each Planet in a particular Sign, and each Planet could be in any of twelve Signs! It appears that the overall chance of any two people having 4 identical lines on their nametags would be about one in 165,888 ie. 8 x 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 (check my math)!

The samples above include labels for two people with Sun in LEO, and two with Sun in VIRGO (check the birth dates at top right). Their descriptions are quite different, even the 1st line which describes traits of their Sun Sign. To help those people who are not familiar with the particular Month and Day that the Sun is usually in a particular Sign, I have changed these Names to contain the first few letters of the person's Sun Sign.
Those of you who have a good working knowledge of the SIGN characteristics might have some fun trying to guess which Sign traits each of the other three lines is describing!

I have taken a little "poetic licence" with the keywords included for each Sign (I can't resist using alliteration), so don't take them too seriously! The idea of the GAME and the "PERSONAL ADS" printed on each person's nametag is to "LABEL" them with some traits they will find surprising and amusing -- AND with some traits they may have to deny or defend!

The fun part of the THE GREAT DATE GAME is not just finding your DATE MATCH and winning a prize -- it's reading your own label and then checking out everyone else's!
These LABELS make a great ice breaker and conversation starter, which is exactly what the GAME was designed to do.

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SAMPLES of Michael Star's
Birth Date Game © Labels

THE BIRTH DATE GAME uses the same Nametag Labels as The Great Date Game above. The Birthday Game is for ANY group of people to play, by matching their Birth Dates to the Match Dates printed on the bottom of some other player's Nametag Label. It's about matching BIRTH dates, not DATING, so it can be played at reunions, conventions, corporate events, dances, parties, or anywhere people gather together to mix and mingle.

Because it prints NAMETAGS for everyone, as well as an amusing 4-line character description, The Birth Date Game works great as an ice breaker and conversation piece. People can have fun ribbing each other about the traits the computer "labelled" them with, and they can take the labels home to show their friends or family.

Offering prizes to the players who are first to find their MATCH adds an incentive for people to meet and talk to each other, and gives the event a kickstart at that time when people are still arriving and things are not "happening" yet.

Click on Nametags to see eight samples of the LABELS printed by The Birth Date Game or The Great Date Game computer.

"For entertainment"

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