The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope
& Mating Rating by Michael Star
A Romance Astrology horoscope reading in
STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1 Heart to Heart

As interpreted and written by Michael Star:
A PERSONAL Reading of the UNIQUE Birth Charts of you and your romantic partner, using the astrological technique called Synastry.

Be The Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave
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"The reports are very insightful and I am able to relate to them, particularly the Cupid Compatibility report. It has told me things about the person perhaps I might have never known or understood, even after a lifetime with the person. I am condfident I will be able to deal with him more effectively. I cannot thank you enough for this. This is a real gift you have...

S.D. on from Singapore

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On this page some paragraphs from my Cupid Compatibility Horoscope with "Mating Rating" are reproduced so you can see what a typical report would look like. It is usually 10-15 pages long, which is too much to include here. For a full-length sample reading, click here to see the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Compatibility Horoscope. You may see a written description of this or any other Readings by selecting the appropriate hyperlink below. - Michael Star

A Sample Horoscope Reading:
Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1
& Mating Rating

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is sent by email in ASCII text format when you purchase a personal Reading. You may print it out on your own printer in any text style you choose, and on any type of paper you choose. All Readings are pre-formatted to fit any standard page 66 lines long and 80 characters wide.

The following paragraphs are samples from A SMALL PART of a CUPID COMPATIBILITY Horoscope C1 for a woman and man whose birth charts have been compared in great detail (also available for same-sex love relationships: be sure to specify genders when ordering). This Reading also includes a Mating Rating of the relationship, based on the same seven Rating Factors described under the STAR MATES Search Report. Its length varies according to the complexity of the relationship, averaging 10-15 pages.

At the present time, only romantic relationships are described in the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope. (A version of this reading can be done for a gay relationship, if the sexual preference of each person is indicated when ordering). A platonic-friendship interpretation is also being developed, suitable for: friends, parent/child, teacher/student, professional/client, employer/employee, or business partners. Meanwhile, ordering a Cupid Compatibility Horoscope C1 could still give you many valuable insights into these types of relationships, provided you ignore any references to romance or sex! As you can see in the sample paragraphs below, many factors in a relationship apply to both romantic and platonic pairings.

A more detailed explanation of the CUPID COMPATIBILITY HOROSCOPE (its purpose and how to interpret it) is included on Cupid Compatibility Horoscope page. An explanation of how it works follows the sample Reading.

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Speaking to Jill:

Maybe it's not mutual...but it's magical! You are drawn to this man by some mysterious chemistry that likely produces a deep attachment or a "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" feeling. You feel this irresistable enticement whether or not the relationship has any other appeal or reason, even if it seems ill advised or illegal or potentially disastrous! If Cupid shoots an arrow to one's heart it often brings together even the most unlikely partners or lovers. Often this type of allure will lead to a MARRIAGE.

You can be mutually TOLERANT and BENEVOLENT and GENEROUS; and instinctively BRING OUT THE BEST in each other. You feel you can TRUST each other; and no matter what adverse factors may affect your relationship there will be a natural desire "TO SERVE AND PROTECT" one another. You could benefit each other in material AND spiritual ways. You might even feel you "bring each other luck". Most likely you will be the one who gains the most from this beneficial bond.

He's your ENERGIZER in getting your creative power flowing and stimulating your urge to assert your independence & individuality. If other factors lead to a co-operative relationship then you make a competitive team who can accomplish ambitious goals. You stimulate in each other the spirit of self confidence & self actualization... adding energy & enthusiasm & enterprise to each other's life. This can arouse a SEXUAL ENERGY as well - since his sexual drives are stimulated when you act to assert yourself!

[Many other paragraphs follow (in order of strongest to weakest), describing both the beneficial and difficult factors in the relationship, from Jill's point of view. Then a second set of paragraphs describe other aspects of the relationship, from Jack's point of view.]

Speaking to Jack:

She tends to STABILIZE YOU and to remind you of your responsibilities or restrain any unrealistic enthusiasm; while YOU ENCOURAGE her and contribute energy & inspiration & confidence. You add the ambition & enthusiasm while she adds the persistence & organization & caution to accomplish your goals as an effective team. She can teach you discipline and responsibility; and act as your reality check when your enthusiasm takes you beyond the bounds of practicality. There can be great LOYALTY & STABILITY here!

She openly shows AFFECTION and a tolerance of your moods and can make you feel at ease - which encourages an affectionate response from you. You find pleasure in each other's company and may share a few tastes in entertainment or art or culture. There is a strong attraction to each other and if there is some sincere affection the minor adjustments can easily be made...there may be some disharmony or occasional hurting of feelings; petty jealousies; differences in tastes or social activites.

The UNusual is the usual state of affairs in this relationship...the UNconventional; the UNexpected; at times the UNcanny! You are FASCINATED by what seem to be unusual or dynamic qualities in your partner and are very strongly drawn to the continuing & varied mental STIMULATION sparked by some "electricity". Her originality is inspired by your imagination and emotions. She awakens new feelings and new freedom of emotional expression in you; and inspires new ideas. She may help in unexpected ways.

[Many other paragraphs follow (in order of strongest to weakest), describing both the beneficial and difficult factors in the relationship, from Jack's point of view. When birth times for both partners are given, a Mating Rating page is included which gives percentage ratings on each of seven Mating Rating FACTORS.]

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     > True Love relationships often rate over 60% in *ALL* FACTORS
     except DIFFICULTY (which could range anywhere from 0% to 60%).
     FOREVER FACTORs may indicate a bond of Lust that may not last.

     This RATING is based on a MIX of these separate 7 FACTORS:

     INFATUATION FACTOR: IN= 85% Chance of Instant Interest or Infatuation
     FRIENDSHIP FACTOR:  FR= 76% Chance of Warm and Intimate Platonic Love
     LONGEVITY FACTOR:   LO= 62% Chance of Long Loyal Bond/Real Commitment
     RAPPORT FACTOR:     RA= 91% Chance of Real Communication/`Like Minds'
     FATE FACTOR (KARMA):KA= 58% Chance of `Fated' Attraction /Karmic Bond
     DIFFICULTY FACTOR:  DI= 67% Chance of Irritations /Splits /Reluctance
     PHYSICAL FACTOR:    PH= 79% Chance of Sexual Desire and Compatibility

     A Factor % ESTIMATES HOW YOU RELATE to that person...and they TO YOU.

     SIMILARITIES= 58% includes MATCHING: 17% 
     DIFFERENCES = 42% includes OPPOSITE: 11% [50:50 SIM:DIF is best]

     SIMILARITIES= % of traits which adjust easily to each other's.
     MATCHING= % of traits which are almost identical in each other.
     DIFFERENCES = % of traits which attract but need adapting to.
     OPPOSITE= % of traits which one person has and the other needs.

     > Opposites attract & make you feel completed.  Happy matches
     will have about a 50/50 BALANCE of SIMILARITIES vs DIFFERENCES.
     > Too many SIMILARITIES may be a sign of neurotic dependency.
     > Too many DIFFERENCES may be a sign of frustration/separation.

     Each FACTOR (1-99%) represents the POTENTIAL for experiencing:
     [IN]fatuation /INstant INterest/ Fascination/Love-at-1st-sight.
     [FR]iendship/Warm affection/Intimate sharing/a Platonic love.
     [LO]ngevity /LOng-lasting LOyal bond/Responsibility/Commitment.
     [KA]rmic Attraction/Feeling you met before/An UNexplained bond.

     Jill Sample       02AUG1975 07:41 PM DT Zn 8    Los Angeles CA
     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7
     Page 14 



     MATING-RATING * STAR-MATES * GREAT DATE GAME (c)1995 by Michael Star

     [IN]STANT INTEREST/INFATUATION: This Factor indicates how "in-
     teresting" you find each other from the first encounter until
     the initial interest fades with familiarity. A high % indicates
     an immediate "liking" or fascination...possibly an infatuation
     or a sense of "being more alive" when in each other's presence.
     Each may keep thinking about the other while apart and yearn for
     another meeting. It's mental not physical--but can feel ROMANTIC.
     If you IDEALIZE & GLAMORIZE them now you'll find the flaws later.

     [FR]IENDSHIP/AFFECTION/INTIMACY: This Factor indicates the poten-
     tial for sincere affection; true platonic love; and genuine inti-
     macy.  "Friendly relations" may begin on first meeting and con-
     tinue as a cameraderie or bond based on familiarity and trust.
     A high % here indicates a capacity for close companionship and
     intimate sharing of confidences and becoming "best friends". You
     may find you really "like" each other on first meeting and feel
     pleasure in being together. You can "be yourself" & be accepted.

     [LO]NGEVITY/LOYALTY/COMMITMENT: This factor indicates the poten-
     tial for a long and loyal bond; where a sense of commitment and
     responsibility (or duty) keeps you together when differences or
     difficulties tend to push you apart.  It's the glue that holds
     the relationship together. Sometimes it's comforting; sometimes
     it's a burden; sometimes it's a sense of karmic duty or payback.
     In a friendship it's Loyalty. In a romance it's Commitment. In a
     marriage it's "a tie that binds" a couple "for better or worse".

     [RA]PPORT & REAL COMMUNICATION: A LOW % for this Factor warns of
     trouble "understanding" one another or "communicating". A HIGH
     % says you can truly "hear" what the other is saying and see what
     they MEAN or know how they FEEL.  You LIKE to TALK (or tease). You
     may "think alike" and share many of the same views or opinions.
     Even when you disagree you have the capacity to COMMUNICATE and
     reason things out. You STIMULATE each other mentally...maybe even
     INSPIRE new ideas. Sometimes you seem to read each other's mind.

     [KA]RMIC ATTRACTION/FATE FACTOR: You could call this the "Fate
     Factor" if you don't believe in Karma and "past lives".  A high
     rating (over 80%) may indicate a potential karmic bond that draws
     you together for better or worse -- a subtle sense of needing to
     serve some purpose or pay back some obligation or perform some
     unknown penance. OR you may just be back together again because
     two Souls have loved before! If the OTHER Factors are too LOW to
     account for a real attraction, an 80+ [KA] makes it SEEM stronger!

     [DI]FFICULTY or [DI]FFERENCES: This "Difficulty Factor" is the
     guide to how likely it is there can be CHALLENGES & CONFLICTS in
     adjusting to your differences in temperaments & styles & drives &
     values.  A [DI] of 50% or higher is a warning that there are more
     differences to create irritation & frustration & separation than
     there are similarities & attractions to smooth & soothe & stab-
     ilize & sustain togetherness. It IS possible to happily handle a
     high % of [DI] if there's also a high % of LOVE... but not EASY!

     MICHAEL STAR  81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G 4S7

Two Hearts in Love

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope
for Two Lovers

Michael Star's Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is your helpful guide to recognizing True Love, or just Lust, or Intimate Friendship in a relationship. It uses complex and accurate astrological calculations based on the time and place of birth of the two people involved. Combining traditional Astrology with some complex computer calculations and some original research and innovative ideas, the Cupid Compatibility Horoscope determines how two people are likely to attract and react to each other. It explains it in detail, and in plain English!

Each Cupid Compatibility Horoscope is ten to fifteen typed pages long and includes a Mating Rating (when both partners' birth times are given). The fee is US $30 for a Reading emailed within 24 hours. For printed and mailed orders add 20% for printing and US $3 for postage. For more information, link to: COMPATIBILITY.


The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope

How It Works

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope was designed to help two people in a romantic relationship understand in more detail the dynamics of their relationship, particularly the attractions and reactions working at an UN-conscious level. Most people seldom give much thought to WHY they are RE-acting to each other - they are too busy or too concerned with the reactions, and are less concerned with the motivations which cause the actions and reactions.

The Cupid Reading is an attempt at analyzing those motivations. It is important to understand that MOTIVATIONS are ALL it is discussing - how each partner in the relationship chooses to ACT on those motivations is entirely the result of his or her own FREE WILL. Our motivations and emotions do NOT have to drive us. It is we who are in the driver's seat of our own destiny!

Many of us, however, do allow ourselves - and our destinies - to be driven by emotions. Instead of acting on our own judgment and in our own best interest, we spend most of the time RE-acting on old emotions, not CHOOSING our best actions in the present.

The Cupid Reading uses an astrological technique called Synastry, an analysis of the angles (called "aspects") which the planets in each person's birth horoscope make to the planets of the other person, as well as the House (one of 12 sectors of the circle) in each person's birth horoscope in which the planets of the other person's birth horoscope would be located if the two birth charts were superimposed. Synastry has been found to be surprisingly accurate and useful in analyzing or even predicting the way two people attract each other and interact with each other.

The Cupid program calculates the precise position of each planet in each person's birth horoscope, and then checks for all the "aspects" between them. Each aspect represents a motivation, which is then described in a separate paragraph printed in each person's part of the Report. The closer the aspect (or angle between planets) is to one of the specific angles considered significant in Synastry (such as 0 or 60 or 120 degrees) the stronger the "factor". So each factor is sorted by strength; and its descriptive paragraph is listed in order -- the strongest are printed at the beginning of each person's section, and the weakest near the end. Next are printed seven paragraphs which describe the effect of each of that person's "personal planets" being located in one of the twelve Houses in the partner's chart; then a few paragraphs describing some personal characteristics.

The Cupid Reading is designed to discover and describe these inner drives so you can be aware of them and better understand how and WHY you affect each other in certain ways. With some relationships there are many "aspects" in the horoscopes, and thus many factors working to create a more complex relationship. Often there may be some factors which seem to oppose or even contradict each other; but this merely reflects the reality of the complex dynamics in the relationship. One of the opposing drives may be suppressed most of the time or each may be expressed at different times. Astrology can only predict the MOTIVATIONS; not how your Free Will chooses the DECISIONS you make or the ACTIONS you take!

(c)1997 Michael Star 81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON L5G4S7


The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope

How To Interpret It

If you read a Cupid Reading dealing with a present or past relationship between you and a particular person, even if you do not believe in Astrology or the technique called Synastry, you will still be able to JUDGE FOR YOURSELF whether the descriptive TEXT is accurately describing how you react or reacted to each other.

You must remember at all times, however, that the Cupid Reading is always describing the unconscious reactions and motivations you bring out in each other -- Not necessarily the obvious outward reactions, nor the effects of your conscious decisions to express or suppress these UNconscious urgings. Whether or not you notice them in yourself or the other person depends on whether they are being allowed to express themselves.

Because you have a Free Will you can choose to allow your inner urges and drives to be expressed in your outward behaviour; or you can choose not to allow any particular urge or drive to control your behaviour.

The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope may detect and describe some spiritual affinity which may be sensed but not recognized, or which one feels but does not reveal. It will often confirm or even predict a "Love at first sight". Or it may warn of what is working against Love.

At best -- The Cupid Reading helps you recognize a good relationship and decide to pursue it. At least -- it provides a written critique of the relationship and a basis for discussing what is wonderful & worthwhile and what are the potential problem areas.

At last -- you have something a lot better than over-simplified and over-generalized "Sun Sign" Astrology to use a guide to your relationships! Real Astrology really works you will see.

-- Michael Star

(c)1997 Michael Star 81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON L5G4S7


The Cupid Compatibility Horoscope

A Note to Young Lovers

In analyzing the relationships of younger people v.s. older people, it often appears the attraction comes more from factors which create romantic or sexual interest and excitement than from the factors which create harmony, stability and long-term bonding. This is to be expected, for it is through our relationships that we learn who we are and what we really need to feel fulfilled. Most people have a series of relationships starting in their teens or twenties and, obviously, every person who attracts us does not turn out to be a long-term lover or our lifelong mate. We learn by making choosing the partners who are right for us for a time, but not for ever.

When reading the "Mating Rating" at the end of The Cupid Reading, one may be hoping to see some super-high numbers suggesting one may have found the "perfect" mate. We all wish for a Soul Mate or True Love, and often our wishful thinking leads us to believe our present partner will be our perfect partner.

If we realistically look back at our own past relationships, we have to conclude that few, if any, were potentially ideal life-long loves -- even if we thought so at the time. If they were, we would likely still be with them and not looking at a Cupid Reading on our present partner. With this fact of life in mind, please don't be too disappointed if the numbers for the "FOREVER FACTOR" or other "FACTORS" are not as high as you hoped for! Value the relationship for the good things it is giving you in the present, but decide for yourself if its potential for happiness deserves a lasting commitment to the future. Remember that every relationship is a lesson in life, and every relationship can give you a lasting gift of wisdom: knowing what you want or don't want in a relationship, or how to avoid making the same mistakes again!

As you experience more relationships, you naturally learn how to attract relationships which are better able to satisfy your needs for personal fulfillment and genuine loving. Theoretically, the older and more experienced you get, the higher your relationships tend to "score" in the Mating Rating -- because you get better at finding partners who are better FOR you. Not to say a couple in their teens might not meet and recognize a True Love at an early age; but such lucky breaks are exceptions rather than rules! Most of us have to experience a lot of relationships before we get to the right one and learn how to keep it and care for it.

If the "FACTORS" labelled INFATUATION, PHYSICAL, FRIENDSHIP, RAPPORT and LONGEVITY just all happen to BE in the 80s or 90s, then you MAY have found a relationship really worth working at, one deserving some serious attention and a willingness to compromise in order to nurture it and keep it growing! The Cupid Reading was designed to help you RECOGNIZE a True Love - even when you don't seem to realize what a valuable treasure you have found! The decision is yours, of course, but sometimes it helps to have your attention drawn to something you may have been missing. If your Cupid Reading helps you see that your present partner has the potential to be an ideal mate, this realization may help you decide to value this gift beyond price - and to protect it from loss!
- Michael Star

©1997 Michael Star 81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON L5G4S7


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