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The zodiac sign of Pisces is concerned with imagination and fantasy, romance and seduction, films and stories, fragrances and makeup, illusions and mystery, dancing, and things to do with water such as oceans and fish and ships. You are a Pisces type if you have Sun in Pisces or Moon in Pisces or Ascendant in Pisces (or Pisces Rising), or have several Planets located in the Sign of Pisces in your birth horoscope. Pisces types often tend to be "imaginative" and "intuitive" and "romantic" and "sensitive". They are tasteful decorators, fashion designers, perfume consultants, makeup artists, writers of romance and fantasy novels, film makers, actors, dancers, advertising copywriters, artists, and chemists. They like to give and get romantic and imaginative gifts. Pisces women are particularly feminine and seductive and love fashions and fragrances that are alluring and ultra feminine. Pisces types are less concerned with money than the beautiful things money can buy, and will spend more for what offers illusions of romance, or ways to "escape" reality for a while through the imagination. Consider romance novels or poetry books or "chick-flick" videos or a "fantasy" deck of Tarot cards. And you can never go wrong with flowers or perfumes or lingerie for the Pisces woman, or cologne or a silk tie for the Pisces man. Many Pisces types are spiritually inclined, and may appreciate books or tapes on religion or New Age spirituality - or spiritual or "tranquility" music CDs. When traveling or on vacation they like to be near the water, especially the ocean; and they love luxurious and fragrant baths, whirlpools, hot tubs, or spas. Consider giving bath accessories, or a gift certificate for spa or aromatherapy treatments, or a weekend at a beach resort. Here are some links to shopping sites which could interest a Pisces type. Clicking on a banner will open the shopping site in a new window.


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Pisces is a sweet, shy and somewhat passive "romantic" who dreams of being swept away in love and romance. The endearing quality of selflessness often leads Pisces to be too self-sacrificing and "sacrifice" their own self-interest (or even their "sense of self") for the one they love. This can lead to the well-meaning Pisces person being "taken advantage of" or treated like a "doormat" by unworthy lovers who use them for their own selfish ends. Their desire to "help and heal" can lead the caring Pisces to try to "save" someone who is emotionally wounded and incapable of loving them, or who is literally "wounded" by a health problem - and becomes an irresistible romantic attraction to the Pisces type whose desire is to help and heal the "victim". Pisces types are often attracted to "victims" - and often end of being emotionally "victimized" themselves. Some of the above ebooks might make a helpful gift to the Pisces who really needs some down-to-earth, practical advice in the area of love and romance.

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Pisces types are very imaginative and creative, and are often drawn to "the arts" as musicians, singers, song-writers, dancers, and actors. Pisces is the sign of illusion and may be drawn to photography, painting, caricature, cosmetics, and costumes - and even performing as an "illusionist" such as a mentalist or magician. Some of the above ebooks might make a good gift for the creative Pisces type.

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Many Pisces types are drawn to perform compassionate service - which often leads them to serving in the field of health care. A Piscean doctor or nurse usually has a kind, caring and emotionally sensitive "bedside manner" with those in their care. They want to end or ease the suffering of people with health problems, and might appreciate a gift of one of the above ebooks which could help to heal someone they care about.

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