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The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is concerned with exploring, foreign travel, airlines, ships, the outdoors, international trade, long-distance communications, publishing, higher education, foreign languages and cultures, humor, healing, philosophy and religion. You are a Sagittarius type if you have Sun in Sagittarius or Moon in Sagittarius or Ascendant in Sagittarius (or Sagittarius Rising), or have several Planets located in the Sign of Sagittarius in your birth horoscope. Sagittarius types are adventurous, and often tend to be "travelers" and "wanderers" and "sportsmen" and "outdoors types". They are good athletes, healers, philosophers, humorists, publishers, teachers, translaters, travel guides, explorers, and foreign correspondents. They like to give and get gifts that are fun or exotic or educational or humorous. Sagittarius types are often impulsive and prone to over-indulging and over-spending, but are also honest and generous. Here are some links to shopping sites which could interest a Sagittarius type. Clicking on a banner will open the site in a new window.


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1800Flowers - giftology
Delivery to 195 countries. Fast same-day delivery available for some items. Browse the catalogue for flower arrangements for all occasions, live plant gift items, gift baskets, Harry London gourmet chocolate, Fanny Mae chocolates, Cheryl's gourmet cookie gifts, The Popcorn Factory gourmet popcorn, gift cards and more. Sagittarius types have friends in foreign countries. This is the place for sending flowers and gifts to or from foreign lands.

Casasilk silk scarves
A bright silk scarf is a great gift for your sunny Sagittarius lady. Remember that Sagittarius is a flashy Fire Sign, so a colorful silk scarf is a stand-out. For the Sagittarius man, a bright silk tie says "sporty" and "spontaneous". For either sex, the Sag love of "foreign" things can be expressed in foreign fabric patterns and exotic color schemes.

Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!


Be the Woman Men Adore - And Never Want To Leave!

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