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The Truth About Taurus by Sue Armitage

(c)1998 STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine

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These rocks represent the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Truth About Taurus

by Sue Armitage (c)1998

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The Archetype of Taurus

I forget where I first heard Tolkein's hobbit Bilbo Baggins (from the fantasy novel "The Hobbit") described as the archetypal Taurean, but it sort of stuck in my mind. Before any Taurus types reading this get mad and pick up their pens to complain, I think I should tell you that I am a Taurus and am quite enchanted by the parallels!

If we look at Tolkein's description of a hobbit, the first thing he says is "there is little or no magic about them except the everyday kind", and isn't this true for Taurus? But familiarity with magic, because it is "everyday", makes it no less magical. Taurus is an Earth Sign, and these people are often only really happy when communing with Nature.

Taurus Talks to Plants and Pets

Taurus types have "green fingers", not just a "green thumb", and are magically able to make things grow; where their lesser brethren would have no success at all. If they live in town, then their houses and apartments may be full of indoor plants, all of which will be flourishing. This is often because, in spite of their pragmatism, talking to plants comes naturally to them.

And then there are animals. The Taurus types are particularly good at working their magic with animals of all kinds, and are likely to feel empathy with their pets. "Do you want a drink?" they will ask the dog when he gazes lovingly at them; and of course that is exactly what he wanted. Talking dog or horse language seems like magic to me, even if it's quiet, country magic!

Hobbits and Habits

Hobbits, we are told by Tolkein, are likely to be "inclined to be fat in the stomach". No Taurus is born fat; but a liking for "two dinners a day" tends to pad them with a little plumpness! It's not that Taurus is greedy, exactly - it is more, I think, about the sensual pleasure of food. Many Taurus types enjoy cooking, and this sometimes leads to the fallacy that they are good, mothering, homey types. Well, some Taureans may be, but I think this stems more from their desire for stability and comfort than from any inherent maternal instinct. More about this later!

Tolkein's hobbits tended to "dress in bright colours", and colour is often very important to a Taurus type. They sometimes have quite a talent for interior design, tending to go for richness and quality - something lasting and timeless, rather than today's fashion which will be gone tomorrow.

Taurus by the Throat

If any Taurus reading this has thick brown fur on his or her feet, may I offer my condolences and suggest electrolysis? But often there will be a thick head of hair, and usually the neck is noticeable in some way, either being short and thick (like Bilbo's) or, alternatively, long and slender (like mine, of course!) A Taurus is often prone to getting a sore throat and other ailments in this particular area, and Taurus types are known for their rich singing or speaking voices.

Astrological glyph for the planet Vemus, a symbol which resembles a mirror Venus might use to admire her beauty.

This Thing Called "Lurve"...

Leaving The Hobbit behind, we must not forget that the official ruling planet for the Sign of Taurus is Venus. Venus is the Roman name for the other archetype associated with this Sign: Aphrodite, Goddess of "Lurve" - and how Mr and Ms Taurus love "lurve"!

Animalistic Aphrodisiacs

As the Ultimate Sensualist, the real touchy-feely of the zodiac, your Taurus lover is an absolute natural. And don't bother with the perfume or after-shave cologne, because Taurus types are really into pheremones - the subtle scents given off naturally by the body. If your Taurus mate loves you, s/he will be quite happy to savour the scent of your natural body odours. Then again, this can be true even if your Taurus lover is merely lusting for you (those pheremones do tend to raise the lust level of the Taurus type). Of course, that is not to say that some Taurus types will not find some commercial perfumes attractive - but many of them are based on natural scents like musk. A Taurean nose is a finely-tuned erogenous zone!

No Angel, But a Good Analogy

Let's look a little more closely at the Aphrodite myth to shed some light on Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus. Aphrodite's only divine duty was to make love. One day Aphrodite was caught working at a loom by Athene. This really annoyed Athene, who saw this as an act of trespassing on her territory. "If you don't stop that immediately", she scolded, "you can take over all my duties!" This, naturally, caused Aphrodite to stop and return to her designated role of Love Goddess, as she had only been amusing herself and was really quite lazy (something some say is a Taurus trait). She seemed selfish by human standards, and was certainly amoral in her amorous activities.

Desire and Conquer

Aphrodite was totally independent, and if she wanted a man she had him because she desired him, not because he wanted her. In spite of her promiscuity she remained married to the ugly metal-smith god Hephaestus, who adored her. Here we have a goddess who saw sex as her sole recreation, and yet she kept the security and love of a doting husband. She needed her admirers, but she also needed security. This seems pretty much a Taurus tendency to me; but tending to behave like Aphrodite is more likely if the person has both the Sun and Venus in Taurus.

Wooden mirror case from tomb of King Tut. The Egyptian ankh symbol and the astrological symbol of Venus are very similar, and both resemble a mirror Venus might use to admire her beauty.

Objects of Desire

Please do not think that I am saying Taurus types are promiscuous. What I am saying is that sexual behaviour comes very naturally to them; and whilst they crave security, they also have this need to be admired and desired.

Seeking Security

The security does not, of course, have to come from a relationship, for there are other Taurus traits that can provide this - such as financial acuity and astuteness. Two lady Taureans who spring to mind as illustrations of this are Barbra Streisand and Cher, both acting independently in a Taurus occupation (singing), achieving financial security, and being so carefully preserved that it would be hard for them to deny that they needed to be admired and desired.

Simply Irresistable - In My Golden Girdle

Barbra Streisand is not beautiful by conventional standards, yet she manages to convince large numbers of people that she is. Although she is certainly admired and desired for her singing, she also works as an alluring actress. Like Aphrodite, she puts on her golden girdle and enslaves the masses.

For those who do not know about Aphrodite's golden girdle, let us say that this made her irresistable to any man who laid eyes on her. From time to time other goddesses tried to persuade her to lend it to them, but Aphrodite was jealous of her position as Love Goddess and could not bear the thought that anyone might be more desirable than she. Possessive and jealous - more Taurus traits!

Taurus: The Domestic Cow?

Aphrodite had a large number of children by her innumerable lovers (Eros/Cupid was her baby boy); but she wasn't the maternal type. They were merely a byproduct of her amorous activities, rather than the reason for them. This is not to say that a Taurus woman is a bad mother, but I don't consider "mothering" to be a primary Taurus trait. (Cancer is the expert on that subject.)

Nevertheless, if children come as a result of being desired, having a secure home and comfortable life style; then they will be welcomed as part of the package. The Taurus mother will be quite happy to let her offspring roll around on the floor with the dog and dig up worms and beetles, because, after all, these things are natural and it's all just "good clean dirt"!

The Taurus Woman:
Earth Mother, or Earthy Mistress?

It is often assumed, quite wrongly, that because the Taurus type of woman usually enjoys traditional feminine occupations like cooking, dressmaking, and interior design, she must be the Earth Mother type who likes to be surrounded by hoards of children. I have not found this to be so; and in fact, they make quite good mistresses - as long as their lover's family does not take too much claim and drain on his time and energy!

Why wash socks and do the ironing when you can be wined and dined and pampered like Aphrodite? These "homey" occupations are enjoyed for the sensual pleasure that they evoke, or are done for the Venus driven desire to create something beautiful. They can create enjoyment as part of family life, but they are not necessarily created from a desire to have a family, and certainly not any strong desire to be looking after children.

Your Inner Calf

When I first studied Astrology I was quite embarrassed about being "a Taurus". I had read the Sun Sign descriptions which contained words such as "persistent, determined, placid, inflexible, needs a steady routine" (boring, boring, boring!) and, even worse, "possessive". Now, as a person with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Taurus in my birth horoscope, I am, I like, I even think Taurus; so let me explain these key words from the inside!

Simply Sensual Pleasures

Taurus is a Fixed Sign - but so are Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio, and no one thinks they're boring! Taurus is a very peaceful sign, and is amused by simple, unsophisticated, natural things. Taurus types find pleasure in the sensuality of touch, the warmth of the sun, the smell of freshly cut grass - quiet little everyday pleasures that don't need bright lights and crowds of people. These things may seem boring to signs that need more stimulation, but not to Taurus. So to others, the Taurus idea of fun looks monotonous, but is really quite enjoyable!

It's easy for such peaceful people to get stuck in a rut. Finding pleasure in such small things, Taurus has a very high boredom threshold and can tolerate routine and repetition, which would send some other signs completely off the rails.

Life Change and Pocket Change

There is also some difficulty with change, and I think this is where the "possessive" key word comes in. Taurus suffers more from inertia and fear of loss than from possessiveness. A Taurus type is often afraid to let go of situations that have become comfortable and familiar, even when the shelf-life has well and truly expired.

This is particularly true in relationships, and there is a real tendency to believe that "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't". Of course, if the devil you know comes complete with the security of the family home and joint bank account, Mr or Ms Taurus will put up with all sorts of grief, rather than risk changing the situation for an uncertain future. This is particularly true if it might mean being hard up and uncomfortable for a while...

Taurus, "The Money Sign"

Talking of being hard up, let me add a brief word about money, which Taurus is extremely good at making - or marrying. Bilbo Baggins lived in a bank, and the very pragmatic Taurus often works in one! Any area dealing with finance, insurance, or the stock market will be popular careers. With Venus as the ruling planet, however, Taurus is also often artistic and loves beautiful, expensive articles - and of course, a suitable property in which to keep them and display them! Dancers, singers, antique dealers, jewelers, and estate agents may also be fulfilled and happy Taureans.

Taurus on Trial

So: is Taurus inflexible, self-indulgent, greedy, and possessive, like the books say? Well, perhaps; but it's a bit like the scandals that arise when a movie star or government minister runs off with someone else's wife - by the time the newspapers have finished with it, it sounds tacky and immoral. But if it were you involved, it would be a meeting of minds and the purest kind of love. And if that ain't a Taurean analogy, I don't know what is!

- by Sue Armitage

(c)1998 (All rights reserved.)

About the Author

Sue Armitage lives in London, England, and works as a counselor and therapist using Astrology. Having a Taurus Sun with a Pisces Moon and Scorpio Ascendant, she incorporates all these energies into her work, which is also her hobby. Sue somehow finds time to play the piano and enjoys writing, reading, and walking her two dogs. She always means to join a gym and do something energetic, but never quite gets around to it. Sue is married and has two sons.

See Sue's other article, "Secret Diary of an Astrology Student" in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine, and her weekly Love Lady astrological advice column on relationships. Watch for forthcoming articles written by other practising astrologers about their own Sun Sign.

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If your natal horoscope has any of these Planets in Taurus, the key words and traits of Taurus will apply to some part of your personality. And most people will have the Sign of Taurus on the cusp of one (or even two) of the Houses in their natal horoscope, and thus will tend to use a "Taurus" strategy in dealing with the areas of life said to be "ruled" by that House which has Taurus on its cusp.

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