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Taurus Teaching Tips 2
by Michael Star

(c)1998 STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine

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Taurus Teaching Tips 2

by Michael Star (c)1998

Seeing the Signs

See the article by Sue Armitage called The Truth About Taurus for many insights into this "sensational" Sign of the Bull. And since Sue has the Sun and Mercury and Venus in Taurus, you might also see some of those Taurus traits in her other writings such as Secret Diary of an Astrology Student" in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine. And since I have the Sun in Taurus in my own birth horoscope, you may see some of those Taurus tendencies in my own writings (like Teach Yourself Astrology 1) and in the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine web site itself.

Because the planet Venus is the "ruler" of two Signs, Taurus and Libra, some of the things described here about the Sign of Taurus will also apply to the Sign of Libra. If you have Sun or any Planets in Libra, you may want to read this too, especially the part about "stuffing anger" when you have Mars in Taurus or Libra.

Something I have come to notice in myself (Sun = Self-Identity) is that I tend to try to take a rather "mystical" or abstract subject like Astrology or Tarot and then bring it "down to earth" so everyone can understand it in familiar terms, with real-life examples and analogies to familiar figures - our modern "mythical figures". To me, this seems such an "Earth Sign" approach, so typical of "Taurus", the most "earthy" of the Signs. I hope this Taurus trait of being realistic and practical in using Astrology will be of help to you in understanding the Sign of Taurus, and Astrology itself, when you read my astrological articles.

Taurus Traits and Tendencies

I have placed many of the Taurus traits in bold italics when they are mentioned in Sue Armitage's article The Truth About Taurus, and also in my "Taurus Teaching Tips 3" article. Taking note of these italicized words and phrases can help you learn about the Sign of Taurus and see how learning the key words for each Sign is a wonderful way to really learn Astrology, right from the start. A Taurus strategy is to build from the ground up, so let's start to build up our vocabulary of Taurus terms, and our understanding of the most sensual and down-to-earth Sign of the zodiac.

A "Key" Word Opens the Door

In reading this essay about Taurus, you may be able to see how a true "key" word is one which "opens the door" to many variations on the same theme. The key word or theme is the Pattern, and all the variations on that pattern are its various Forms. To understand Patterns and Forms, think of the ice crystals we call "snowflakes", which all share the same six-sided crystal Pattern, but have an infinite variety of individual Forms. It is far easier to remember a few key words (like "six-sided" for snowflakes) that are each related to several other traits, than to try to memorize many traits as unrelated factors. And seeing the pattern helps you see the "big picture" and understand WHY the Signs have certain tendencies which derive from their unique strategies.

"The Dirty Dozen"

In an old Hollywood film titled "The Dirty Dozen", twelve soldiers convicted of various military crimes are given the option to stay and serve time in prison, or to join a special team created to accomplish a specific strategic mission in World War II. Each man is a specialist with a certain talent needed to accomplish the mission. In other words, each man "does his thing" in a different way, yet each different way will help accomplish the same goal. This military metaphor may help you understand how Astrology works: in your horoscope chart, the Planets are the missions, the Signs are the strategies, and the Houses are the terrain or field of operations.

For more details on Planets, Signs, and Houses, and what they mean in the context of your horoscope chart, see my article on Planets-Signs-Houses in the "Teach Yourself Astrology" series.

Twelve Signs, Twelve Strategies

Like the twelve specialists in "The Dirty Dozen", there are twelve Signs of the zodiac, which each have a different "strategy" set for accomplishing the "mission" of the various Planets. And this is why we each have all twelve Signs in our personal horoscope chart, so we can call on the strategies we need to accomplish the ten missions of the ten Planets we have in our horoscope. Sometimes the sets of strategies for more than one mission are the same - when more than one Planet is located in the same Sign they all use the same basic Sign strategy for their various planetary missions.

If you have Planets in Taurus, you will be using the Taurus strategies, many of which happen to start with the letter P, like perseverance, persistence, patience, peacefulness and pleasantness, among others. And one of your more pleasant strategies will be the pursuit of pleasure. Who said Taurus was boring?

Ten Planets, Two Points, Twelve Missions

Note that in Western geo-centric (Earth-centered) Astrology we use eight planets of the solar system, not counting Earth because we live on it, plus the Sun and Moon - and we refer to all of them as "Planets" simply for the sake of convenience, even though the Sun is really a star and the Moon is a satellite of planet Earth. I put a capital P on "Planet" to indicate I am referring to this set of astrological "planets" and not to the nine planets of the solar system.

Some people were born with a natal horoscope chart which has each of the ten Planets in ten different Signs, indicating a more complex set of strategies. When we add the Ascendant and the Midheaven (which are called "Points") to the mix of ten Planets, we get twelve missions (Planets and Points), and a choice of twelve strategies (Signs) for each of them. Sometimes our horoscope chart shows that we have "doubled-up" on some strategies, when two Planets, or a Planet and a Point, occupy the same Sign and share the same strategy for their separate missions. Sometimes there are three or more Planets in the same Sign. (The two Points are never in the same Sign as each other, but each Point could share a Sign with any number of Planets.)

(If you do not already have a birth chart which shows what Signs and Houses all your Planets and Points are positioned in, you can order a "Natal Horoscope Chart with Aspect List" here at STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine and receive it by email in 24 hours.)

Variations on the Key Themes

As Sue Armitage explains in "The Truth About Taurus", what is often called a "key word" for the Sign of Taurus - "possessiveness" - is really just a variation on one of the true themes and key words for the Sign of Taurus, which I suggest could be called Inertia or Momentum. The essence of both these terms is "resistance to change". And that is a key element in the basic strategy of the zodiacal Sign of Taurus.

Checks and Balances

By contrast, the Signs before and after Taurus both seek change for their separate reasons: Aries seeks new challenges, while Gemini seeks new perceptions. It is typical of Fire Signs like Aries and Sagittarius to initiate changes on a physical level, while it is typical of Air Signs like Gemini and Libra to initiate changes on a mental level. It is typical of Earth Signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn to maintain the status quo, which serves as a "checks and balances" system to keep the changes realistic and practical. Taurus, being a Fixed Earth Sign, is the most resistant to change of all the twelve Signs. Taurus has the most "inertia" or "momentum" - and thus has the most "stability" - and this is one of the greatest strengths in the strategy of this Sign of Taurus. It is like the inertia-driven gyroscope in an airplane, which helps the pilot keep to his true course in spite of all the outside influences which tend to alter the plane's direction.

Physical Laws for a "Physical" Sign

In the physical science of Physics, "inertia" is the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion - whether it is resisting being moved from a position of rest, or resisting a change in speed or direction of its present motion. If you keep this key word of "inertia" in mind, you can understand how all these traits associated with Taurus are just variations on the theme of inertia or "resistance to change": persistence, determination, endurance, conservatism, caution, peacefulness, steadiness, stability, and steadfastness; as well as stubbornness, inflexibility, laziness, apathy, placidity, predictability, and possessiveness.

Rolling Stones Gather Momentum

If you simply remember to think of this particular "key" word of "inertia" when you think of Taurus, you can probably remind yourself of most of these traits which are found behind the door in your imagination which that key opens. Think of a huge stone which you are trying to get rolling down the hill - it takes a lot of energy to even get that mass moving a little bit; but once it starts rolling down the hill, it would take a lot of energy to slow it down or stop it, or change its course. That's Taurus for you!

Taurus: The Bulldozer

Another way to understand a Sign is to use the Symbol for that Sign, which is illustrated by an animal or human figure (or The Scales for Libra), as well as by a pictograph called a "glyph". The Taurus glyph is a circle with a crescent on top - which represents the head and horns of the Bull if you view it literally. If you know the symbolism of the glyphs, it has some other arcane mystical meanings too. I can see a quite mundane, not arcane, image in the Taurus glyph - a round "bulldozer" with a big curved blade. They call those things "bull-dozers" for a reason, don't they? For one thing, they are really hard to stop, and if you don't get out of their way, they will plough right through you! And, of course, they are earth movers that move slowly but surely.

Bulldozers are too big to push or pull, but you can get them to move with just two fingers holding their key-ring. This also true of The Bull, who can be led by a ring in his nose; or the Taurus male, who is sometimes said to have become so "domesticated" that his wife is said to "have a ring in his nose". Certainly Taurus males and females, who often have an acute and discerning sense of smell, are often "led by the nose" when enticed by the scent of something promising sensual pleasure. Funny how that Taurus glyph also resembles a nose ring, or a wedding ring...

Taurus: The Bull, Big Animal

Alternatively, you could simply think (as a Mercury in Taurus type would) of Taurus the Bull and imagine the real-life, plain-and-simple traits of this animal symbol for the Sign of Taurus. Since Taurus is probably the Sign most in touch with Nature and the "animal nature" of human beings (no wonder so many Sun in Taurus types are farmers and stockbreeders), you will probably find that almost all of the above words apply as well to a real-life bull as to a Taurean type who is "as stubborn as a bull" or "as steady as an ox", and is sometimes accused of being "as horny as a bull". Scorpio is known as "The Sex Sign" with its strategy of "sexuality"; but Taurus is on the opposite end of that "sex-life-death" axis and is "the other Sex Sign", with its strategy of "sensuality". (That usually means Taurus enjoys cuddling, caressing, and foreplay more than Scorpio.)

"The Eye of the Bull"

In the constellation of Taurus the brightest star is Aldebaran, known as "The Eye of the Bull", which is what I believe the name means in the ancient Arabic language, and may be the source of the archery term "bulls-eye". I may be getting a little too "symbolic" in my thinking here, but I do find it helpful to think of how trying to hit the bulls-eye with an arrow requires a steady hand, a strong grip, and a calm and careful aim. Using this symbol of the Bull's Eye has led us to think of four more traits of Taurus. And Sun in Taurus types may find a little pride in knowing that the Taurus alpha star, Aldebaran, is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. And the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus, IS the brightest star-like object in the night sky.

Taurus: The Benign Bull

Contrary to the image of the Bull depicted in the descriptive phrase "mad as a bull", the Bull is basically a peaceful creature who only charges at the toreador or bucks off the bronco-buster because he has been tormented beyond the breaking point before the spectacle starts. The same Brahma Bull that is the terror of the rodeo circuit in North America is the gentle creature that roams freely and peacefully in the streets of Calcutta, where no one provokes him to change his normally placid nature. And don't forget the powerful but placid ox which pulls the heavy plough, or the domesticated, docile cow which donates her calf's milk to feed human babies.

Taurus: The Raging Bull

Now remember, you can't push a Bull - but you can lead him gently by the ring in his nose, or coax him with tasty food or the sight of a sexy heifer in heat. If you leave him in peace, he will leave you in peace. If you push him, he will quietly endure more than most; but if you push him beyond his level of tolerance and ignore the warning snorts and stampings, you will suddenly be facing "a raging bull" whose aroused anger and animal instinct of "flight or fight" could drive him to destroy something he sees as the source of his torment. Or if that source is simply not in sight, a substitute may serve as sacrificial victim. You really won't want to stay around to offer yourself as that sacrificial subsitute...

The Taurus Temper

In the typical Taurus temper tantrum, it is usually just a table being thumped or a handy thing being thrown; but a rare Richter-scale rage could result in the destruction of something valuable or valued - even something the Taurus type worked hard to create, like a personal project or a romantic relationship. But it would be best to retreat until that bottled-up anger blows over - especially if you are the source of the Bull's torment, or happened to be the hapless innocent to "break the last straw" before the bedevilled Bull's blow-up was triggered. Some people think the Taurus is too "predictable"; but in this case I think they could really appreciate knowing what is about to happen - in time to avoid it! At least the Taurus gives you fair warning, if you pay attention to the snorting and stomping, the flaring nostrils, or the glowering gaze.

Primal Instinct

Trust me, I have Sun in Taurus, and know of these Taurus things. I think those with Sun or Mars in Taurus are more aware than other people of this basic "animal" instinct that lies beneath our civilized human behaviour; and, being more in touch with this "natural" primal instinct, do their best to keep it under control.

Stuffing Anger

This often means that like Libra (the other Venus-ruled Sign), the Taurus type - with that exceptionally calm and peaceful nature - tends to naturally and easily suppress the feelings of anger which can come up in everyone at times. I like to call this behaviour "stuffing it inside" - when someone is experiencing anger, but does not give that energy some form of physical release. Anger is just a form of energy. To release it you don't have to hit someone; you can let that energy be used in doing some useful chores, runnning around the block, playing a strenuous sport, or (dare I say it) having "angry sex" where you make love, not war, with "the enemy" - that partner who may temporarily be your "enemy" because you are angry with them over something. Taurus types and Libra types are natural-born "stuffers", especially the ones with Mars in Taurus or Libra. Because their primary drive is to maintain peacefulness and pleasantness, they have trouble expressing anger openly, so Mars in Taurus or Libra types stuff the anger inside until it builds up to critical mass. (Ironically, the Seventh House of Partnerships, which is ruled by Libra, is also called the House of "intimate enemies" - because the closeness of an intimate relationship brings up all kinds of personal issues that just don't come up in other types of relationship. Libra is about compromise, but you can't learn unless you have some conflicts to resolve through compromising.)

The Pressure Cooker Blows Off Steam

Taurus is like a pressure cooker with a tight lid. It takes a lot of heat energy to get the water to the boiling point, but the tight lid keeps the pressure building up so the water cannot boil and blow off at the usual temperature of 100 degrees Centrigrade. When enough heat energy is absorbed, though, the intense pressure can build up to a point where it breaks open the lid and the super-heated steam suddenly blows off in a violent burst. If you are standing too close when it blows, you can get burned. Do not stand too close to a Taurus who is blowing off steam.

Mars in Action

Mars is the Planet which indicates how you "take action". The Sun represents how you "express your Self". They both represent "masculine" energies that seek outward self-expression in some physical form or action. You might find it helpful to understand the difference between the Sun and Mars energies by thinking of the Sun as "your heart-light" or "vitality"; and Mars as "your muscle-power" or "drive". Mars represents how we take action and physically express energies like desire, self-survival, self-assertion, anger, aggression, and lust.

Venus is Attraction

But the ruler of Taurus is Venus, the Planet which indicates how we give and receive affection, and how we attract what we desire in a passive way. It's energy is one of attraction, not assertive action. Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, wins without energetic effort - by being instead of doing.

Mixed Messages

There are some "mixed messages" being given when the Planet of the God of War tries to use the strategy of the Goddess of Love and Beauty! Venus always says "Make Love, not War", and when the Venus mission is assigned to any Planet that occupies the two Signs ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra) then even the Planet Mars has to try to do it her way - if Mars is in Libra or Taurus. The Mars mission takes on a strategy of "peace and harmony"; and with Mars in Taurus it also takes on some Taurus strategies like patience, persistence, endurance, and stability - which are forms of that Taurus key quality of momentum.

To some extent, this applies to all the Planets, but especially to Mars and the Sun, because the Sun IS your sense of identity and its self-expression (your BE-ing); and Mars is the physical ACTION that accomplishes that self-expression (your DO-ing).

Taurus and Libra:
Lovers, not Fighters

Now, Venus-ruled Libra is naturally a nicey-nice "lover" and really hates physical violence anyway; so Mars in Libra just can't let himself get angry in any really "physical" way like attacking someone. Libra is an Air Sign, one that expresses through the intellect, but it is also a Cardinal Sign that initiates action; so Mars in Libra will often provoke someone else to get angry, or will do verbal battle with a lot of yelling or arguing - but no hitting! No wonder a lot of Mars in Libra types like to become courtroom lawyers. This sounds a bit like the way a lot of wild animals bluster and bluff but don't actually bite, doesn't it?

Mars in Taurus

Mars in peace-loving, Venus-ruled Taurus can't let himself get angry either; but Taurus is a sensual Earth Sign which tends to express in a physical manner. Remember, Taurus is a "sensualist" Sign that operates through the five physical senses more than any other Sign. Yet Taurus is a Fixed Sign and also a Feminine Sign, which makes the Taurus strategy less likely to include initiating anything, except to try keeping things the way they were - at peace. So what happens when peace-loving Taurus Mars has had too much anger stuffed inside for too long?

Something has to give sometime, and when that Mars in Taurus (or Sun in Taurus) has to vent the built-up anger (building is a Taurus key word), then it is more likely to come out in a very physical way - like breaking a table or charging at a bully who is threatening the Taurus type. This can be a big surprise to someone who has seen the Taurus type as so easy-going and seemingly passive and placid. But Mars is still the action-adventure God of War, even when he is trying to take on the passive, peace-keeping role to please Venus the Goddess of Love. Like a wild animal who acts tame but can suddenly revert to its wild nature, Mars in Taurus can keep it calm for a time, but could also suddenly show his true colors when the tension of acting tame becomes too much to keep it under control.

Klingons at the Peace Talks

I call this paradox a situation like "sending a Klingon to the peace talks", to use an analogy from the popular TV series "Star Trek, The Next Generation" and "Deep Space Nine". Klingons are great archetypes for the Mars energy, for they are Warriors (even the women), who like to butt heads as their idea of having fun at a party. If that doesn't remind you of a certain Sign of the zodiac associated with that master butt-head (oops! I mean head-butter), known as The Ram, then I don't know what will! And the Sign of The Ram just happens to be ruled by the Planet Mars.

Buttheads, Bulls, and Blow-Ups

So there you have it - war-making Mars-ruled Rams butt heads at the slightest provocation and blow off steam; but peace-keeping Venus-ruled Bulls stuff their anger until it builds up and blows up - and then they come at you with head down and horns directed at your vulnerable parts. Hmmm... we Canadians are known as the world's professional "peace-keepers" (sounds like a Taurus job), so I wonder if those patient, peace-keeping soldiers in the Canadian army (soldier and army are Mars words) are building up some anger energy that is going to blow up some day in some way?

The Peace-Keeper Paradox - The Taurus Turns Tyrant

Maybe that's what happened in Somalia when a few of the "peace-keepers" took some irrationally hostile action against a hapless Somali scavenger who sneaked into their stockade? This bears a strong similarity to what might happen if someone stepped into a Spanish bull-ring in front of a bull who has been tormented and teased beyond his breaking point. The bull is seething mad by then, yet cannot vent his anger on the tricky toreador; so he turns on anyone who happens to be handy, and thus directs all his frustrated anger at the innocent bystander, and charges at this person who unwittingly volunteered to be victimized as the "scape-goat".

Bad Bulls and Sacrificial Scape-Goats

This brings to mind another infamous "scape-goat" incident, which I hesitate to mention because I happen to have Sun in Taurus, as did the perpetrator of this major crime against humanity. Adolph Hitler, a poor paper-hanger who became frustrated and angry at his lot in life, blamed the German Jews for his troubles and convinced the nation to make the Jews the "scape-goats" for all of Germany's troubles. Millions of Jews were attacked and destroyed when this enraged Taurus tyrant vented his anger on those innocent bystanders. Another Taurus tyrant is Saddam Hussein, and one wonders if his attack on Kuwait was a similar incident of scape-goating? And now he is scape-goating a new victim, since he seems to have convinced many of his countrymen to blame the current American leader for all of his country's troubles.

Two Sides, Same Sign

I certainly don't mean to imply that Taurus is a terrible Sign, for other Signs have their negative side and their villians too. But a long-suffering Taurus seems to have a tendency, when angry and frustrated, to set up scape-goats and attack them (often verbally, not physically) - just like a raging Bull will do. So will any other injured animal, who may bite even the person who reaches out to help it. Do you ever set up a scape-goat to "attack" when you feel frustrated and angry? Maybe you have a Planet in Taurus, or the Sign of Taurus on the Cusp of the House which deals with an issue or area of life which is your personal source of frustration. You might want to take a look at this in your own horoscope. I did, and it is quite revealing (but I am not going to reveal it here, since my Sun in Taurus is in the 12th House of "secrets").

The Taurus Temper:
Long Fuse, Slow Burn, Big Boom!

Taurus types are not often seen to be angry, since they will usually do a "slow burn" when something provokes them, and keep the energy bottled up inside. It may not show on the surface, but the anger is stored inside (and may fester there as "heartburn" or an ulcer). Then once in a rare while, someone pushes them too far and the building anger energy erupts in the "raging bull". Often the angry outburst is way out of proportion to the issue at hand that triggered the reaction; for the anger has been building up for a long time. It was just about ready to "blow" when a little more added anger brought it all to the point where Will Power (the Sun energy) could not contain it any longer. The Taurus type has a long fuse on his explosive temper, probably the longest of all the Signs; but when it blows, it blows up big-time!

Taurus TV Typecasting

This tends to remind me of that other TV series, "The Incredible Hulk", where the nice, gentle doctor turns into the raging muscle-bound bully when his anger gets the best of him. And for the ladies, there is Xena's sweet and artistic, but sometimes feisty and fierce, side-kick - Gabrielle - in the TV series "Xena, Warrior Princess". Not that I'm really into that kind of show - I just read the characters, for astrological research...

Soothing the Sulking Sensualist

So, be nice to your gentle Bull, and your Bull will be nice to you. But if you bully a Bull beyond the breaking point, you should get out of the way while the Bull vents that anger - usually by stamping and snorting or breaking something. "Soothing the savage beast" may work, but usually it is best to just go away and leave your Taurus type alone until s/he has finished the rant and then "pouted" for a while. There's that inertia again - it takes time and effort to change the angry mood of the Taurus type to one of peace and harmony.

Often the Taurus type will stomp out on his own and go for a walk around the block, or throw some rocks or kick some cans or something. When the "fighting mad" stage and the hurt feelings finally fade, your sulky sensualist can be coaxed into a forgiving mood with a little sensual pleasure, like a warm hug or caress and some tasty treat. And then again, making love after making war could be something a peace-loving Taurus would consider a pleasurable part of the peace process...

- by Michael Star, Astrologer

(c)1998 STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine (All rights reserved.)

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