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Taurus Teaching Tips 3
by Michael Star

(c)1998 STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine

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Taurus Teaching Tips 3

by Michael Star (c)1998

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Lazy-looking, Hard-working

Taurus types are not really "lazy" (just look at all the work this Taurus puts into this web site). Taurus is willing to work, but not willing to work for something s/he does not value. Value is a Taurus key word. Taurus has a sense of values, an ability to evaluate what matters and what does not, that is enhanced to a greater degree than in the other eleven Signs (except, perhaps, Libra). To value things and people is one of the main components of the Taurus strategy. That means your Taurus mate or child (or employee) will not particularly want to do what you want them to do, unless it coincides with what they want to do. This is when Taurus can appear "lazy" or get labelled as being "stubborn".

Taurus and "The Pleasure Principle"

So you may think those Taurus types are just "lazy"; but the truth is, they are just not motivated by some things. Given sufficient motivation, the Taurus types will work harder and longer than most people! Often this means working hard to create a situation where they don't have to work so hard later, and can have more time for "pleasure". Seeking pleasure and comfort is one of the main motivations for Taurus types, so you can use pleasure as an enticement or reward to motivate your Taurus. That would include almost anything that is pleasing to one or more of the five physical senses.

Enjoy, Enjoy!

The old expression "Wine, women, and song" more or less offers a clue to some of the sensual pleasures a Taurus type might enjoy. Enjoyment is another key word for the Sign of Taurus, for its strategy is to seek that which enables the experience of "joy" in its many forms which can be experienced through the five senses. This is why Taurus is called the sensual Sign (and probably has personal copies of the Kama Sutra and The Joy of Sex). The Venus-ruled Sign of Libra seeks enjoyment too, but is more likely to experience it in the mental, more abstract sense, such as "romance" or "literature". When the Planet Mars is in Taurus, the person will take action to attain the pleasure s/he desires, and to keep it. Here is where the "possessiveness" of the Taurus can be understood: the Taurus strategy is to preserve and protect what produces pleasure, whether it is a sexual partner or an object that pleases the senses. No wonder the Taurus child doesn't want to share his toys.

The Taurus "Value System"

When the Sun is in Taurus, the person will appreciate and value pleasure, and include the desire to seek enjoyment and comfort as part of his or her basic value system. Since the Sun represents Will, the Sun in Taurus person will tend to make decisions and choices which increase pleasure and decrease pain, which allow comfort and avoid discomfort. Since the strategy of Taurus includes various forms of "momemtum" or "resistance to change" - like persistence and perseverance and endurance (see Taurus Teaching Tips 2) - the Sun in Taurus person will have exceptional willpower and a strong sense of personal "ethics", but may also be exceptionally stubborn or dogmatic.

Lasting Pleasures

To see this "value system" in action, look at how the Sun in Taurus person will trade large sums of money for something which is valued as a source of pleasure or comfort. Taurus will spend on luxury if it offers real pleasure or enjoyment, and will spend even more if it offers a lasting pleasure - like a costly item of quality clothing, a valuable and pleasing work of art, or an expensive but well-built luxury automobile. Taurus seeks to conserve money and maximize the enjoyment it can provide, but Taurus is not cheap. The Taurus type, especially Venus in Taurus types, will spend lavishly if there is real value perceived in the purchase; and pleasure and comfort are two of the things Taurus values most. When it comes to Venus, the enjoyment of beauty and Love in all forms is valued highly. Venus is the symbolic "ruler" of both Taurus and Libra, and Venus in Libra particularly values intimacy and "one-on-one" relationships (especially romantic and/or sexual relationships with lots of physical stimulation) and marriage or business partnerships - not to mention a "beautiful" (or at least physically attractive) partner for that intimate relationship.

Laziness is the Father of Invention

They say that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." As a Taurus type, I would also say that "Laziness is the Father of Invention". I know this because I once spent a whole year writing a program to get a computer to do something for me that would take me an hour to do myself. What motivated me to stick with it all that time was the idea that it could save me an hour every time I wanted to do that task, and save me many many hours over the course of my lifetime. Perhaps the long, hard work has not paid off yet, but it has created a source of income for me without forcing me to spend a lot of time on boring repetitive tasks, which frees me to indulge in the pleasure of the things I prefer to do instead.

Taurus: Lazy Like a Fox!

A Taurus is not lazy about doing things, s/he is lazy about doing things s/he does not want to do and very hard-working when it comes to doing things s/he does want to do. "Lazy like a fox!", I say. Hmmm... better copyright (c)1998 that saying - it might become a "classic" if the Taureans get wind of it!

Taurus Team Motto:
"Not Losing, is Everything"

Taurus types will also work hard and endure hardships to avoid losing what they already worked hard for. People with Moon in Taurus will go to great lengths and/or put up with a lot of emotional suffering or deprivation just to avoid losing the person or situation which makes them feel emotionally safe and secure (the official word for this is "co-dependence", I think). In general, Taurus seeks permanence and stability, and prefers to avoid uncertainty and change.

Working for Worth

Someone with Sun or Mars in Taurus can look like a Virgo "workaholic" at times, when he or she is motivated by something of value. It's just that if it isn't "worth" it to the Taurus types, they tend to avoid expending the effort to pursue a pointless prize. That's not being "lazy" - it's the Taurus way of being "practical"!

- Michael Star, Astrologer

(c)1998 STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine (All rights reserved.)

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