by Michael O'Reilly

NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines
(Using Mundane Astrology: birth charts of nations and their leaders, and current transits and progressions to these horoscopes)

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This page contains archives of Michael O'Reilly's NewsScope column for past weeks -- December 30 1996 to April 14 1997. To view the latest column for THIS week or a more recent week, select the |THIS WEEK| hot-link. Click here for the "Maddona as Evita" horoscope analysis.

NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Saturn entering Critical Zone

Over the next two weeks the celestial climate becomes highly turbulent as several planetary indicators cycle into key zodiac zones. The leading edge is represented by Saturn's path, which is dynamically activating the U.S. Sun, an aspect which becomes exact on April 23 and is presently growing geometrically in strength and influence.

Saturn enters this rarified region only once every seven years, and tends to usher in both a stimulating and challenging atmosphere in American politics, especially regarding the President (represented by the Sun). Clinton's legal woes are coming to some dramatic breakthrough, perhaps the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate the Campaign Finance scandal.

Currently, Clinton's progressed Mercury squaring his natal Saturn might indicate this kind of political setback. This progression has a positive side, one that focuses the mind, and tightens an overly expansive nature. Watch over the next month or so as Clinton's persona is tinged with this astrological condition, as he will seem much more serious, perhaps even pre-occupied by some personal or political problem.

Because Saturn is also opposing the U.S. Saturn (in diplomatic Libra), Clinton may embark on a much needed negotiating effort in the Middle East. The U.S. Saturn is naturally tuned toward mediation, and as the situation in Jerusalem verges on chaos, only the United States is sufficiently accepted as an honest broker between the two parties.

Conspiracy Theories

When Saturn opposes the U.S. Saturn, a number of institutional changes can be seen. Secretary of Treasury Rubin visited Vietnam last week to pay off some pre-war debts, and to build trade agreements with the fledgling capitalist economy. Vietnam's public officials are eager to establish market economy institutions, but haven't a clue about how to proceed.

Rubin assured the officials that the U.S. will be glad to help with the assistance of the World Bank, and many American multinational corporations. Watch over the next few weeks as U.S. politicians, representing their corporate backers, make institutional arrangements to further the global market economy, and install American corporations in prominent trading positions.

Saturn opposite the U.S. Saturn also signifies major challenges to the American political system. Timothy McVeigh's trial represents one aspect of this as the hot-headed militant threat. In the Scorpio Rising horoscope for the United States, Saturn is located near the twelfth house, and so takes on its hidden qualities.

Conspiracy theories mount, and fears of a secret government, or a rogue faction within the federal government are likely to receive widespread publicity over the next few weeks to a month.

Perhaps it's not surprising that the assassination of Martin Luthor King is being revisited now, as the King family has pushed for an investigation, agreeing that the alleged assassin must have had help in the plot. King was killed on April 4, 1968, exactly one Saturn cycle ago, on a day when the Sun and Saturn were together in Aries, and exactly opposite the U.S. Saturn.

The Mystery of Captain Craig Button

At 10:45 AM on April 2, Capt. Craig Button took off from Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Arizona on a routine training mission. He was flying a single-seated A-10 jet attack aircraft, and accompanied by two other A-10s. At two minutes before noon, he suddenly and inexplicably veered off course from his companions, and ever since, has been the object of a massive search effort.

What happened to Button and his A-10 is now a matter of intense speculation. Did he crash? Did he steal the $9 million aircraft? Did he commit suicide?

Radar reports he continued toward Colorado, and disappeared somewhere after circling at low elevation between Aspen and Vail at 1:41 PM. While precise birth data information on Button would be enormously helpful in solving this riddle, event charts drawn up for the time he took off, left the group, and disappeared from radar offer substantial clues.

At the time of Button's escapade, the Sun and Venus were together and exactly squaring the U.S. Sun (at 13 degrees Cancer). These two planets are non-violent when together, and because of their favorable connection to Jupiter at the time, are profoundly peaceful. The Moon had last passed over Uranus in this event, and this corresponds to an emotional crisis. Reports of Button's mother converting to a pacifist religion may have been the inspiration for this event. Button took off and veered off course when the sign of motherhood, Cancer, was Rising.

At the time Button left the radar screens at 1:41 PM, Jupiter (the traveling planet) was setting. Jupiter is often prominent in suicide charts because it is felt as a wonderful escape, with death as the ultimate trip. Neptune in the last degree of Capricorn symbolizes spiritual desperation. With the asteroid Pallas Athene exactly conjunct Neptune at the time, Button was undoubtedly highly tuned to this escapist vibration, which finds its final exit through suicide.

Reader feedback is welcome! If you have any relevant and reliable birth data for people in the news, please write -- Michael O'Reilly.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

1000 Days to the Millennium

Responding to the Heaven's Gate fiasco and the cult's belief in extra-terrestrials, last week a Pentagon spokesman felt compelled to deny once again that the U.S. military tracks UFOs. He stated that the Air Force investigated UFO reports from 1947 to 1969 but all 12,618 sightings were explainable as aircraft or weather phenomena, and posed no threat.

Astrologically, the month should be filled with strange and unusual events since Neptune, the planet governing the weird and supernatural, is in the last degree of Capricorn. Hale-Bopp will be visible during the entire month, and as of Sunday April 6 only 1000 days remain until the next millennium. The media will be filled with stories about odd beliefs and expectations. Watch for spectacular disaster movies, and for real life to prove stranger than fiction.

Neptune in the U.S. horoscope is located at 22 degrees Virgo. In astrological terms, the Sun represents publicity, and last month when the Sun opposed the U.S. Neptune, a wave of UFO sightings were reported from all over Arizona. Hundreds of reports came over several nights, beginning at 8:16 PM on March 13. By the end of the flap, dozens of videos were taken of an array of UFOs over Prescott, Tempe, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and other major Arizona cities.

While thousands of people saw with their own eyes UFOs hovering over their cities, the TV and news media turned down offers of showing the video clips. The widely accepted official version was that the strange lights were "flares." Meanwhile, eyewitness accounts describe how two F-15c fighters were scrambled from Luke Air Force base near Prescott, and succeeded in intercepting the objects over downtown Phoenix!

Mexican Drug Czars

Neptune rules drugs, and in the now last degree of Capricorn reflects how desperate the U.S. government is to stop the flow coming across the southern border. Federal anti-drug programs rely heavily on foreign governments to prosecute major drug traffickers, but all too often, the governments themselves are corrupted by huge bribes made possible by enormous profits from the drug trade.

Mexico's government recently escaped being labeled uncooperative, but over the next week or so, the media should be bursting with reports of corruption in high places. Leading the story lines will be questions of how Raul Salinas, the brother of Mexico's former President, managed to amass a fortune of $100 million now hidden away in Swiss bank accounts.

Mexico's federal government was established on January 31, 1917 (at 4:42 PM CST in Querataro; 20N36 100W23). With tyrannical Pluto in its twelfth house of secrets, Mexico is subject to being controlled from behind the scenes by ruthless, dictatorial forces. Neptune, by transit and progression, has been an active force in Mexican politics over the last few years, to the point where the country currently supplies 80 percent of the U.S. market for cocaine and heroine.

Currently, Saturn is crossing Mexico's Midheaven, leading to a crisis of authority, and much damaging publicity. Mexico and Russia both established their modern governments in 1917 during the last phase of Uranus in Aquarius. Now that Uranus has returned to this sign, both countries may be expected to go through some severe crises of power and chaos over the next few years.

Timothy McVeigh's Mars

Back in the revolutionary 1960s the outer planets Uranus and Pluto were aligned in Virgo. This rare conjunction occurs on average every 127 years, and represents a phase in humanity's evolution marked by social upheaval. Those years are now history, but the individuals born during that phase carry the astrological signature for social revolution in their natal horoscope.

Most people born during that era have found traditional, non-confrontational means of effecting change, which is their instinctive inheritance. However, some will naturally be more violent and direct in demanding immediate transformation. And some, if their natal Mars shows major stresses, will fight for anarchy and an end to the system as we know it, much as the anti-Vietnam movement did in the late 1960s.

Timothy McVeigh, accused of planting the Oklahoma City bomb, is one of those individuals. McVeigh was born on April 23, 1968 (at 8:30 AM EST in Lockport, NY). His Mars is tucked away in the 12th house, where it quite naturally fights against the status quo. McVeigh's Mars receives power and radicalism by being favorably connected to that era's Uranus/Pluto conjunction.

His Mars is also the recipient of a difficult aspect to Neptune, pushing him into questionable actions based on flakey beliefs. Astrologically, there can be little doubt that this individual carries a generation's frustrations and anger over a corrupt system.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Heaven's Gate and the Immortality Plunge

Last week, following on the heels of the spectacular Lunar Eclipse and comet Hale-Bopp's closest approach to Earth, the nation was stunned by the mysterious mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate cult. Their oddly fascinating beliefs mixed traditional Apocalyptic views of the Millennium with New Age mysticism and UfOlogy. Led by "charismatic" Marshall Applewhite, the 39 members were reminiscent of the mass suicide in Jonestown 19 years ago.

Astrologically, this incident has strong Neptunian overtones. By transit, Neptune is now in the last degree of Capricorn, a critical zone where everything appears to be at an end, especially in Neptune's terms of spirituality, delusions, and visions for the pending change. Neptune will continue in this "End Times" zone throughout 1997, but becomes particularly prominent toward the end of April and early May.

Neptune in the U.S. horoscope was activated during this event by transiting Mars. The U.S. Neptune resides in the eleventh house where it describes America's penchant for strange groups and ideologies. Another Neptunian connection is the eclipse cycle - eclipses fall in the same zodiacal degree every 19 years, a pattern shown by the location of the Moon's North Node. The North Node is very near the U.S. Neptune, just as it was 19 years ago during the Jonestown mass suicide on November 18, 1978.

TWA Flight 800

Leading the unsolved mysteries described by Neptune in the last degree is the TWA Flight #800 crash. The event chart is set for July 17, 1996 (8:31 PM EDT; New York City). Some observers, having exhausted all obvious causes, have attributed this accident to a hostile UFO. The event chart doesn't uphold this scenario, since the seventh house (describing the perpetrator) has no unusual planets in it (Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) which would symbolize an alien presence.

To the contrary, the seventh house contains two personal planets, most notably, Mercury right on the Descendant. Mercury here represents the active agent who shot down the 747, and does reflect the likelihood of some individual triggering the incident. Mercury's nature indicates this person was an agent for a group or organization, and that TWA did not explode due to mechanical failure.

Was this agent from an enemy nation? I think not, since Jupiter in the twelfth house shows friendly, protective influence behind-the-scenes where potential secret enemies would be lurking.

The astrological evidence seems to point to TWA being shot down by friendly fire. The Navy was playing war games just off the coast, and the TWA flight pattern was right over the northern edge of this area. The Sun opposite Neptune shows a case of mistaken identity; most likely a dummy missile was fired from a submarine at a drone, and the Navy's Aegis missile system "painted" (electronically latched onto) the TWA jet which was in line with the drone.

In what must be either a cosmic joke or some serious espionage game, one of those who died in the TWA explosion was Charles Beatty, senior systems engineer for the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Beatty's work involved software development to support the Aegis U.S. Naval ships! For some compelling supporting evidence, visit Michael Rivero's TWA #800 page at Lately, this web site has become inaccessible, so another interesting support site is Ian Goddard's page at

Marshall Applewhite, Possessed or Deluded?

Marshall Applewhite was born on May 17, 1931 in Spur TX with his Sun located in late Taurus, and his Moon most likely in Gemini. The Lunar Eclipse last Sunday took place right on his natal Ceres, ruler of life transitions, activating his cosmic flight plan to the so-called Higher Level. Most everyone born in the early 1930s has an Aries Uranus squaring a Cancer Pluto in their natal chart, a generational aspect denoting an urgent need for pioneering (Aries) forms of family or national groups (Cancer).

In the 1930s this outer planet configuration led to a flurry of nationalism, but in individuals born during this time, the inclination is carried as a life path. Applewhite's Mars, which shows how he identifies with his masculine side, was squaring Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This Mars/Chiron tension describes his uneasiness with his sexuality, and he wounded himself sexually (by castration) to remove this psychological handicap.

Was Applewhite actually present in his "container," or was he gone, and an alien presence moved in to lead the Heaven's Gate crew out of here? Transiting Uranus recently squared Applewhite's Mercury, perhaps unhinging his mind, or at least, presenting him with a wild plan of action. What he might have been possessed by is anyone's guess. He and his followers embarked as transiting Neptune was opposite his progressed Sun in Cancer, showing they believed they were going to their galactic home.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Israel's Neighbors Gathering in Opposition

A Hamas suicide bomber triggered a wave of violence in Israel last Friday, an event clearly and accurately forecast in last week's NewsScope column. Israel's horoscope reflects the tenuous nature of the peace talks, the likelihood of more violence, and even the possibility of war. Because the Israeli army remains alert and strong, the attacks will probably be terrorist, though better organized that the random protest actions of recent years.

Last week's column described the major indicators for the present disruption from the Israeli perspective. Hamas, and other Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist groups, get most of their funding and training from Iran. Iran's chart is set for the beginning of their Islamic Revolution on February 1, 1979 (at 9:30 AM, Tehran), and shows an aggressive Aries Moon near an Aries Ascendant.

Following the global trend sponsored by Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius, Iran is currently undergoing a democratization process, with its first contested Presidential election scheduled for May 23. While last week's Lunar Eclipse, which fell right on Iran's Ascendant, might indicate this facvorable internal evolution, other indicators in Iran's chart point to impending warfare. Most notably, transiting Uranus is approaching Iran's feisty Mars, located in ideological Aquarius.

Uranus turns retrograde within close proximity of this Mars on May 12, a date to watch in Middle East politics. Also, Iran's progressed Mars forms a conjunction with the twelfth house Vesta, the asteroid promoting the terrorist training camps for a Pan-Islamic state. From these signs, watch over this coming week and into April for a coalition of Israel's neighbors to fight the Zionist housing hegemony in Eastern Jerusalem.

Washington Politics and Campaign Finances

Regular readers of this column weren't surprised when Anthony Lake unexpectedly withdrew from the nomination process last week. Lake was only the fourth Presidential cabinet appointee this century to be forced out before being approved. His decision to bow out was a direct result of the campaign finance scandal, which continues to dominate all Washington political actions.

This coming week Vice President Gore steps into the limelight as transiting Saturn approaches his Sun. This particular transit is the most difficult character test anyone could possibly experience. Saturn is testing Gore's ability to be tough by the Chinese leaders, the very ones who likely approved a Chinese Secret Security operation to buy political influence last year by contributing to the Clinton-Gore campaign fund.

Washington pundits are observing how Gore's China trip, Lake's nomination process, and virtually all domestic national politics are being shaped by the campaign finance scandal. With Neptune, the planet of scandal, in the very last degree of institutional Capricorn, governments everywhere are teetering toward chaos. Neptune brings that murky state of affairs where anything goes, and in the last degree, a feeling of the End, as in the apocalyptic catastrophe that awaits a sinful, immoral society.

The most unbalanced nations throughout 1997, but especially through the end of April, will continue to tilt toward anarchy and chaos. The parallel situations in North Korea, Albania, and Zaire reflect this celestial climate. Christian Fundamentalists, every much as militantly radical as Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalists, are successfully culling the ranks of the desperate and disillusioned for converts.

Hamas and Internet Censorship

Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against controlling the Internet. The central issue revolves around two competing rights, Freedom of Speech and protecting the nation's youth against obscenity. However, the nation's intelligence agencies are also concerned about the availability of terrorist weapons and tactics, and would like to censor this kind of information.

While the ruckus over Anthony Lake focused on his lack of management skills, this public flap concealed the more cloak-and-dagger competition going on behind the scenes between America's chief espionage companies. The FBI and the NSC, the lead agencies responsible for getting key foreign intelligence to Clinton, were mum on the China influence scandal. With transiting Neptune floating around the U.S. Pluto, intelligence companies are likely vying for national control now.

One place to see the effects of this is on the Internet. Astrologers interested in Middle East affairs will want to track Hamas' movements through its birth chart, set for August 18, 1988 (for noon in Gaza). This is the date when the Hamas Covenant was proclaimed, a fascinating document which is no longer available on the net, though it was last year. Apparently, it has become a classified document.

In any case, Hamas' horoscope shows a dynamic Mercury-Pluto-Mars configuration. This combination reflects Hamas intensity, and especially its willingness for violent action. Over the next two weeks these three planets will be activated by transiting Saturn, so we can expect a surge of publicity around Hamas, as well as a flurry of covert activity.

Although the uncensored Hamas Covenant is no longer available, one site has some brief excerpts, which you can visit by clicking here [sorry, link is not working in 2002].

Reader feedback is welcome. Email [Michael O'Reilly]

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Clinton's Knee and the FBI

President Clinton tripped down the stairs at 1:20 AM early Friday morning, tearing his tendon, and garnishing a great deal of sympathy from fellow Baby Boomers. Following immediate surgery and a favorable prognosis, the President confirmed his important summit with Boris Yeltsin in Helsinki will push forward as planned.

Astrologically, the most relevant significator for this accident is transiting Uranus opposing Clinton's Mercury. This aspect becomes exact on March 22, and indicates, besides a tendency for accidents, heightened mental activity, a sense of crisis, and a tremendous amount of details, documents, and plans to keep organized. Certainly, the expansion of NATO into former Soviet territory ranks high on Clinton's agenda.

Mercury rules Clinton's twelfth house of subconscious images and secret knowledge, and when activated by the erratic Uranus, the impulses burst through the self-control when the consciousness is dimmed in the night hours, or by over-work. Clinton's accident reveals that he is mentally torn by conflicting demands. The torn tendon is the physical reflection of his mental state. Perhaps it's no coincidence that Hillary Clinton leaves on her six week African tour just before Paula Jones tells her story on Sixty Minutes.

Most recently, Clinton has been in open disagreement with the FBI, which was supposed to have warned him about the Chinese intelligence agency's attempt to influence Washington politics. As his twelfth house ruler, Clinton's Mercury represents his own access to secret intelligence, and transiting Uranus opposing describes perfectly his rift with the FBI. This same aspect might indicate that Clinton is aware of some intelligence that will affect his meeting with Yeltsin.

The separative Uranus also portends that Anthony Lake, his appointment to head the CIA, is in jeopardy.

Mars in the Danger Zone

Several extraordinary astrological events are shaping up this week, and due to climax around the Lunar Eclipse. The Eclipse is scheduled for this coming Sunday, March 23 maximizing at 11:45 PM EST. Simultaneously, the closest approach of Comet Hale-Bopp to our blue planet is on March 22. The combination of these two events is celestial splendor, a rare lifting of the veil to muse upon the mysteries of space-time and our place within the cosmos.

Another planet to watch this coming week is Mars, currently retrograding through Virgo. When Mars, the natural ruler of violence, aggression, and military affairs, makes dynamic aspects, you can expect trouble. Mars will be fomenting plenty of confrontations over the next month, reaching its most critical turning point on April 27 when it turns direct at 16 degrees Virgo. This date (plus or minus a few days) is extremely dangerous because it activates the energy from the Solar Eclipse of March 9.

As Mars heads backwards through the zodiac, it will make key connections to the U.S. horoscope, and trigger situations which require military action. The favorable aspects indicate successful operations, and this was evidenced last week when the Marines airlifted American citizens out of the chaos in Albania. At the time, Mars was exactly trine (120 degrees, very favorable) to the U.S. Pluto.

However, toward the end of March, Mars makes some more difficult connections. Mars will aline with the U.S. Neptune by Friday March 28, and then go on to square the U.S. Mars on March 31, the very day when Hale-Bopp reaches its perihelion. The last week of March will likely be filled with very difficult military choices, and direct intervention is highly probable.

Israel's Twelfth House

Last week, when Mars was exactly squaring Israel's Jupiter, a deranged Jordanian soldier opened fire on a group of visiting school girls. Jupiter is located in Israel's third house of visitors. Although Jordan's King Hussein directly expressed his deep concern, last week he also wrote that he was terribly disillusioned by Netanyahu, and no longer trusts him.

Conditions in Israel are reaching the flashpoint. Mars continues to make extremely volatile and dangerous connections to Israel's horoscope. The most serious one will be when Mars squares Israel Uranus this coming weekend as Hale-Bopp and the Lunar Eclipse make their showing.

Even more significant is transiting Saturn's approaching opposition to Israel's twelfth house Neptune. Saturn takes 29 years to make one orbit, and when Saturn was last opposite Israel's Neptune, the tiny country was attacked by a coalition of its Arab neighbors in the so-called Six Days War of June 1967. Israel routed its enemies, and went on to capture the West Bank and Jerusalem, which are the very sources of contention during this all-important Saturn Return.

The dangerous Mars activity, and the Saturn Return indicate that Israel is presently under immediate threat of terrorist attack. This phase was exacerbated by Prime Minister Netanyahu's insistence on building new housing in Eastern Jerusalem, a traditional Palestinian area. Last week's attack was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the pent up rage about to be released.

Reader feedback is welcome! Email: [Michael O'Reilly].

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Earth Out of Balance

After he was disillusioned by his poor showing in the 1988 presidential run, Al Gore wrote an incredible indictment of the transnational corporations and the damage they were causing to the global ecosystem. In his book "Earth in Balance" he stated that "Global warming, ozone depletion, the loss of living species, deforestation all have a common cause: the new relationship between human civilization and the earth's natural balance."

While the Vice President has been on the defensive lately, his breathtaking analysis of threatened ecosystems remains the clearest, most radical vision among any of the world's political leaders. And last week when the Mid-West was overrun by tornadoes and flooding, the disruption of the normal weather patterns made it obvious to most Americans that our global ecosystem is definitely falling out of balance.

One way to astrologically track weather disasters is by looking at the horoscopes of insurance companies, which will have to make major payoffs. These indications would have to coincide with afflictions to the national horoscope, and especially the American fourth house, which governs domestic conditions. Last week when the tornadoes struck, the asteroid Juno (the storm goddess) was exactly squaring (forming a harsh 90 degree angle) to the U.S. fourth house.

Simultaneously, Ceres, which indicates relief efforts and care for the dislocated, was entering the fourth house. The combination of these two triggered the disasters. Ceres will officially enter the U.S. fourth house this Tuesday (March 11) by which time the media should be broadcasting stories about the immense relief efforts sponsored by this asteroid.

The Eighth House, Budgeting in Floods

Insurance companies and government budgets are ruled by the eighth house in a horoscope. In the U.S. chart, which has four planets in the eighth house, Jupiter there is the planet with the strongest affinity for Big Business. Jupiter is associated with largeness, and with the abundant financial resources available to not only insurance companies, but any huge corporation.

Last week transiting Pluto turned retrograde as it formed an exact aspect to the U.S. Jupiter. The combination of these two planets revealed the political power (Pluto) of America's wealthiest corporations (Jupiter in the eighth house). The flooding of funds into the Washington political power structure has been the top news story for weeks now, as transiting Pluto has completed this connection.

Now Pluto is going backwards (by apparent motion), and the Washington insiders are feeling the pressure to reform the system. Also, with last week's Solar Eclipse squaring Clinton's Lunar Nodes, and aligning on Al Gore's Mercury, look for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate campaign finance fraud.

Insurance companies are likewise feeling the pressure of natural disasters and flooding. Some 600 disasters cost the insurance companies $60 billion in 1996. And many states are now factoring in flood relief and infrastructure improvements in their long range budgets to counter-act the acknowledged effects of global warming.

Al Gore - Fallen Boy Scout

Al Gore's boy scout image was tarnished last week when he admitted to making phone calls to campaign donors from the White House. The Vice President was born on March 31, 1948 (at 12:53 PM, Washington D.C.) with his Sun in pioneering Aries, and his Moon in ambitious, but cautious Capricorn. This combination of planets is a steamroller, with a constant tension between the gung-ho Aries nature, and the more strategic Capricorn Moon.

Transiting Saturn is approaching Gore's Sun, always a severe test of character. This aspect becomes exact during the first week of April, so we can expect that he will be in hot water until then. Because Saturn often leaves scars, this next month should be decisive in determining whether his candidacy can succeed during the next election.

With Leo Rising, everything Gore does is done in a big way. He sees the Big Picture, whether it's the global ecosystem, or the network of well-heeled political donors, Gore is at his best when he's working at the macro level. Al Gore single-handedly brought in $80 million for the 1995-96 political campaign.

Meanwhile, an Argentine scientist recently discovered a crack in an Antarctic ice shelf, indicating that the rise in Earth's temperature is beginning to melt the polar ice caps.

Al Gore has his Sun opposite Neptune, a planet which looks for a mission of redemption. Neptune offers vision, but can also bring scandal.

Environmentalists want to know if the Vice President is a savior, or just another Washington insider caught in the act.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

The Lincoln Bedroom Guest List

Last week the White House released a list of 938 guests who had stayed overnight at the Lincoln Room. The revelation unleashed howls of indignation from critics, many of whom demanded yet another independent counsel to investigate the potential illegalities. The memo describing the selling of the White House was given to the media by Harold Ickes, who had been spurned by Clinton to be his Chief of Staff.

This incident highlights Clinton's Mercury, located in early Leo alongside those cosmic heavyweights Saturn and Pluto. Mercury is important in Clinton's chart for many reasons, but lately its prominence has grown since it's the ruler of his twelfth house of secret affairs. Over the last few months Mars has been traveling through Clinton's twelfth house, which gave rise to many hostile, behind-the-scenes actions. Ickes released the list last Tuesday when transiting Jupiter opposed Clinton's Mercury.

Chief of Staff and other White House agents are symbolized by Mercury. Mars is now retrograding through Clinton's twelfth house, where it will remain through the end of June. This promises to bring an extended phase of enemy action, as the anti-Clintonites rally their legal forces. The most dangerous period for Clinton comes at the end of April and early May, and Ickes reportedly has more embarrassing memos.

We know that Clinton is remarkably lucky (Sun harmoniously linked to Jupiter and Uranus), and often saved by unusual circumstances. But this coming Saturday, March 8, brings a Solar Eclipse, exact at 8:15 PM EST. The eclipse forms a harsh angle to Clinton's Lunar Nodes, indicating that this current scandal, the mismanagement of political campaign donations, is the most serious, and potentially the one that could bring him down.

Science Fiction Becomes Reality; Cloned Ewes

Every 14 years the planets Jupiter and Uranus align to usher in spectacular new technologies. These two planets came together recently (February 16) with unusually strong support from the other outer planets, and the technologies that arrived simultaneously reflect this phenomenal celestial condition. Especially noteworthy was the cloned sheep Dolly which made headline news across our global village, giving rise to the science fiction idea of eventually cloning humans.

The 14 year cycle produced by Jupiter and Uranus is crisply self-evident. The last time these two planets aligned was in 1983 when the personal computer technology was first introduced. Fourteen years before that, in July 1969, was the first time that Man walked on the Moon.

When this combination occurs in air signs, mass demonstrations or gatherings also take place. The 1969 conjunction was in the sociable sign of Libra, and occurred as the Hippy generation convened at the historical songfest of Woodstock.

This year the conjunction was in the social justice sign of Aquarius, and large public rallies from Belgrade to Seoul to Paris have met openly to challenge government policy. Next week 50,000 German police will be protecting a train shipment of nuclear waste from masses of Green Party protestors.

Patsy Cline Reincarnates as LeAnn Rimes

Last week teenage singing sensation LeAnn Rimes won the Grammy for best new artist, based primarily on her Country & Western tune "Blue" in which she breaks out into some old-fashioned yodeling. Her voice is strong and resonant, and in both personal style and tone she is hauntingly similar to Patsy Cline, another Country and Western singer who died at the peak of her career in a plane crash on March 5, 1963.

Is LeAnn Rimes the reincarnation of Patsy Cline? Astrologically, the two share some astounding planetary parallels. Rimes was born on August 28, 1982 (at 5:45 PM; Jackson, Mississippi) when the Sun was in Virgo and the Moon in Capricorn. Patsy Cline, born on September 8, 1932, was also a Virgo with a Capricorn Moon! Only one person in 144 have this particular combination.

At the moment Patsy Cline died, Pluto, the planet of transformation (or death and rebirth), was near her Virgo Sun. LeAnn Rimes won her Grammy last week when transiting Pluto was exactly squaring her Sun. It's as if the soul of this extraordinary talented being was lifted off the earth for one brief celestial season, only to return with the same exciting, thrilling, even spine-chilling vibrancy.

Also at the time of Patsy Cline's terrestrial exit, Pluto and Chiron were exactly opposite each other. Chiron's location in our solar system is just beyond the last visible planet, Saturn. But Chiron's orbit is very elliptical, so that part of its orbit carries it within Saturn's, making it the messenger between the visible and invisible realms. Chiron takes 50 years to make one complete orbit, and coincidentally (!?!), Patsy Cline and LeAnn Rimes were born precisely one Chiron cycle apart from each other: both have Chiron at 28 degrees Taurus!

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"Food Stamps for Politicians"

Last week Trent Lott, the reigning Republican leader, denounced campaign finance reform as "food stamps for politicians" as he headed to the Breakers Hotel in Palm Springs to hobnob with 200 of his party's top donors. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of unemployed adults will begin losing their food stamps, a result of the controversial new welfare law. By year's end, about one million people will have been cut off.

Lott's "Let them eat cake" philosophy is only one ironic sidebar to the prominent celestial condition of Neptune in Capricorn. This planet of scandals and illusion will be passing through the final degrees of governmental Capricorn in 1997 before entering Aquarius early next year. Neptune becomes particularly strong this year because it lines up with the U.S. Pluto, the ruler of political power.

Neptune's current position brings governments across our global village into an unprecedented wave of corruption. Those in elected positions are susceptible to bribery from Neptunian enterprises, most notably, the oil industry and the trans-national cocaine industry. Last week, Mexico's government was bruised by allegations that its top drug official was paid off by drug lords. Russia's acting leader, Viktor Chernomyrdin, is likewise the secret head of the megalithic Gazprom, the world's largest gas and oil company.

Jiang Zemin Takes Over in China

Nowhere has government corruption been more rampant than in China. Deng Xiaopeng's death last week under the auspices of the electrical Jupiter/Uranus conjunction suddenly pushed Jiang Zemin into the international spotlight. China will continue to zig and zag this year (as Uranus crosses the Chinese Ascendant two more times), leaving political observers in a perpetual state of concern over China's unpredictable future.

President Zemin was born on August 17, 1926 when the Sun was conjunct Neptune and opposite Jupiter. A Sun-Neptune influence gives the appearance of being weak, and actually, while he was mayor of Shanghai he earned the nickname "flower vase" because he provided an eye-pleasing exterior, but served no real function. Neptune and Jupiter are the two religious-oriented planets, and one of Zemin's accomplishments has been to re-introduce Confucianism to replace the discredited Marxist ideology.

With his Moon in cosmopolitan Sagittarius, Zemin feels comfortable with Western cultural values. He speaks Russian, English, French, Romanian, and Japanese, and has actively promoted wealth-making ventures. Zemin's task is to moderate free-market reformers with hardline conservatives who decry bribery and crime.

While Zemin's challengers to the throne, and the Western media in general, feel that Zemin is too obsequious and lacks the toughness to survive at the top, none of them know that he also has a Sun-Saturn square. This aspect alone provides the psychological edge, the strategic alliances, and the plain ruthless ambition to succeed where all others would fail. Zemin's worldliness is the ideal trait needed at this time to bring China into the global economic marketplace, a path destined to exalt China's status in the next century.

Washington D.C. Crumbles

The stark contrast between America's Haves and Have-Nots is being scandalously showcased in Washington D.C. The most powerful and wealthiest nation in the world has its capitol in a city that currently has the world's number one murder rate. Many streets are impassable due to strings of deep pot holes. The schools are in shambles, the courts are overflowing with criminal cases, and the city's employee pension plan is bankrupt.

Washington D.C. was founded on March 15, 1791 when George Washington ceremoniously laid down the first cornerstone at 4:20 PM. The many Pisces influences in this horoscope show the confusion between whether this is the seat of the federal government, or a fascinating historical and cultural center in its own right. The Sun-Mars conjunction shows Washington D.C. as a place of intense competition, and Saturn in Aries also describes the power drive here.

Transiting Neptune opposes the Cancer Moon now, as Washington's severe decrepitude is becoming internationally renown. President Clinton has proposed a $3.9 billion plan designed to rebuild the city, and assume many of the fiscal responsibilities. The IRS will collect the local taxes, and the federal government will bail out Mayor Marion Berry's collapsed infrastructure. This bill will most likely pass Congress as transiting Saturn returns to its natal position in the eighth house of debt restructuring later this year.

Perhaps the most intriguing option in a Congressional bail-out is the experimental 15 percent Flat Tax. Washington would become a social laboratory to test Steve Forbes tax ideas exactly one Uranus cycle after the first income tax laws were passed in 1913.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Jupiter/Uranus and the Paradigm Shifts

"Everyone was in fundamental agreement about the most important question of all," says Dr. Alex W. Barker, chief curator of the Dallas Museum of Natural History. "Monte Verde is real. It's old. And it's a whole new ball game." The team of Chilean and American scientists agreed that the ancient encampment found in southern Chile represents a paradigm shift in how science views the peopling of the American continents.

This week's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius has ushered in radical shifts in the way humanity understands its place in the cosmos. Radiocarbon 14 dating suggests the archeological site was inhabited 12,500 years ago, a time when the glaciers were still blocking the Bering Sea route. Where did these ancient ancestors come from? The stunning revelations leave the door wide open for proponents of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Other paradigm shifts were in the news last week. Hubble Telescope is being fitted with new lenses which would extend perception of distant space. New, earth-sized planets are being discovered, black holes, and the sector of deep space which corresponds to only half a billion years before the hypothetical Big Bang. The Jupiter-Uranus combo is being harmoniously supported by Pluto in Sagittarius, which describes the intense quest for New Worlds, both ancient and distant.

A paradigm shift in medicine is gathering momentum. The annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world's largest science organization, devoted its entire conference last week to debunking alternative therapies, an exponentially growing commerce now estimated to be doing $14 billion each year. The defensive posturing of the AAAS underscored the difference between holistic healing and modern medicine which sponsors micro-organism warfare.

Global Village Finds Marriage Counselor

The normally caustic pundit John McLaughlin posed an amazing rhetorical question last week: "Does how well Bill and Hillary get along affect the nation's mood?" Noting that the First Couple seemed unusually harmonious, especially compared to the raucous arguments heard during their first year, McLaughlin's political sparring partners were left speechless.

The long-term Mars-Saturn opposition is taking place right on Clinton's partnership axis. Besides finding an avenue for personal compatibility, Clinton stepped into the American Airlines strike to arrest national economic damage. He also nudged Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the negotiating table with Syria. With Mars on his Libra Ascendant, Clinton is forcefully expressing his natural understanding of relationships as his role as global marriage counselor takes shape.

Clinton's Midheaven at five degrees Cancer is the precise location of the U.S. Jupiter. Clinton's financial ties with corporate campaign donors continues to lead many news briefs. Corporate America, with Jupiter as its lead planetary symbol, has been undergoing phenomenal growth since last year.

The combined power of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all closely aspecting the U.S. Jupiter were the initial celestial boosters, but last week, when Jupiter and Uranus aligned and simultaneously sparked the U.S. Jupiter, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages broke 7000 for the first time. Look for a pullback in the high-tech sector over the coming month.

Israel's Twelfth House

Israel, the theocracy most analyzed by Armageddon watchers, declared its independence on May 14, 1948 (at 4:37 PM in Tel Aviv). The long awaited agreement on Hebron between Israeli and Palestinian leaders was finally agreed last January 15, precisely as transiting Uranus crossed over Israel's nadir. The radical planet Uranus was previously over this point last year when Benjamin Netanyahu won an upset victory against the more pragmatic Shiman Peres.

Now, with Jupiter and Uranus together at this same point, the peace process momentum is at Syria's doorstep. The galvanizing opportunities presented under this celestial climate has introduced a peace-for-land proposition, the first time that the Likud Party has considered this idea. The Golan Heights is the political football, yet extremists from both sides have refused to budge.

Israel seized control of the Golan Heights and Jerusalem following the 1967 Six Days War. At that time, Saturn was precisely opposite Israel's Neptune in the twelfth house of secret enemies when a combined army of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria staged a surprise attack, but resulted in complete victory by the Israeli forces. One Saturn cycle later, transiting Saturn returns to oppose this Neptune again, an aspect which becomes exact on April 2.

Saturn Returns mark a maturing process, yet the same old fears and suspicions remain. Will Syria come to the negotiating table, or will this cosmic occasion lead to another armed conflict? The thorny issue of Jerusalem will also be on the table, yet many Israelis, with a Leo Moon at the Midheaven, consider themselves to be the "Chosen People" with the sacred right to control these Biblical lands.

For the latest Middle East news, and an up close view of Israel, read the Jerusalem Post. Reader feedback is welcome! Email: [Michael O'Reilly].

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"No one today can guarantee the reliability of our control systems," said Russian Defense Minister Igor Rodionov late last week. "Russia might soon reach the threshold beyond which its rockets and nuclear systems cannot be controlled." Former Senator Sam Nunn, one of the leading experts on defense strategy, put the picture in stark terms: Russia's inability to control its nuclear arsenal is the greatest security threat the United States confronts.

Last week, when Mars turned retrograde, it formed a harsh connection to Pluto in Russia's national horoscope, opening up a can of nuclear worms. Another top Russian defense advisor told an ailing Boris Yeltsin that the military power is rapidly draining from lack of money. The scientists and producers of biological and chemical weapons aren't being paid either, and potentially are available to international terrorists. Senator Nunn welcomed the Russian announcement, saying at least they are aware of the problem and facing up to it.

When Mars turned directions last week, a cosmic wave of reform swept across our global village. The unusual line-up of planets in Aquarius (Jupiter and Uranus) set the stage for popular uprisings over the last month, which ultimately became successful in ferreting out corruption and overthrowing dictatorships. The list includes Ecuador, South Korea, Colombia, Bulgaria, and even Serbia where a recalcitrant Milosevic finally threw in the towel.

Senator Nunn points out the tremendous leaps in computer technology, but also the need to develop a security culture to protect access codes. His concern is about corporate spying and from terrorists in rogue nations. His heightened American perspective pits the secretive Plutonian mindset against the openness of Aquarian networking. "Being connected to everyone means being exposed to everyone," he said.

Aquarian Networking vs Confrontational Politics

Although the convergence of Jupiter and Uranus has been shaping geopolitical events for months, these two planets are now closing in on their exact conjunction, which takes place at precisely 9:23 PM EST this coming Saturday (February 15). This planetary duo provides a potential outlet to the hostile confrontations symbolized by the simultaneous Mars opposite Saturn.

This coming week is the culmination of tremendous celestial configurations, centered on the Jupiter/Uranus combination. Watch for individuals and organizations forced to do battle, or to select the option of cooperation. Either and both are possible. All the elements are coming into play this week, and the resulting vectors should shape the political atmosphere for the duration of the year, if not the entire Clinton term.

The questions go beyond the issue at hand, and signify exactly how geopolitical players interface, either in mutual recognition of shared goals, or under constant threat of attack from perceived enemies. Bill Bennet, a leading Republican conservative, has just voiced his disappointment over Newt Gingrich's cozying up to the Democrats. "Either you're on offense of your on defense," he said, reflecting the "Us vs Them" mentality of Washington politics.

Conversely, Ceres, the Cosmic Mother asteroid, has also entered Aquarius, and symbolizes the woman's perspective to politics. Katherine Graham, the renown publisher of the Washington Post, came out with her autobiography just as Ceres entered Aquarius. Aquarius, if nothing else, is concerned about equal rights, and her stature as one of the leading publishers in the world challenged a longstanding tradition of patriarchal domination. Her caring devotion to the newspaper's writers, producers, and community goals personify the true meaning of Ceres in cause-oriented Aquarius.

Mia Farrow's Troubles

When Mercury, the natural ruler of writing, is in the tenth house of public reputation, the urge to publish an autobiography is strong. Mia Farrow's tenth house Mercury is being activated this week by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, and her "What Falls Away" tell-all story of her tumultuous life with Woody Allen just came out.

Farrow was born on February 9, 1945 (11:27 AM PWT in Los Angeles) with a very tense set of natal aspects. Among them includes a Mercury/Pluto opposition, one of the most challenging in terms of mental stability. This same Mercury/Pluto aspect is prominently featured in the U.S. horoscope, and represents a ceaselessly suspicious and probing mentality (see Sam Nuun above). It's a two edged sword in that it has a laser-like psychological intensity which can attract secret enemies, as well as fall into an all-consuming paranoia.

Farrow's Aquarius Mercury has an idealistic side, one which is enhanced by a close connections to Chiron and Ceres. Farrow's larger mission is to adopt handicapped children. Venus, the ruler of her horoscope, is in the twelfth house of isolation and sorrow. Farrow is due for some difficult times ahead now that transiting Saturn is heading toward her Venus.

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Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius

"Star Wars" version 2.0 has just arrived at the movie theatres, an enhanced re-release of the original 1977 blockbuster hit. One cyberculture critic calls "Star Wars" part of a postmodern mythology where heroic images combine with commercial enterprise. George Lucas, the movie's writer/designer, created an entire cultural operating system with a number of powerful mythic archetypes.

The month of February is jam-packed with major planetary alinements, including the most exciting, futuristic combination of Jupiter and Uranus together in Aquarius. While these two planets don't make their exact alinement until February 15, the impact of their fusion is clearly evident with the re-release of Star Wars on the pop culture scene, as well as the stunning array of new technologies making their first public appearance in the marketplace.

Historically, the technological leaps concurrent with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction have coincided with recognizable new eras. The last such conjunction took place in 1983 when the personal computer was introduced and ATT was busted up so that the Internet could be born. The previous Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in July 1969 was the exact month that the "Eagle" landed on the Moon, opening up the age of space travel. Watch this month for the unveiling of new technologies destined to change our global village.

Because the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction takes place in the social, networking sign of Aquarius, the influence extends to new systems of organization. Wherever people can learn to curb their own egos in order to participate in a group affiliation, that group will prosper and grow in magical ways. Jupiter and Uranus have a strange way of bringing sudden windfalls and unexpected good fortune, but these celestial blessings only come to those who are working harmoniously with the larger, group mind.

Mars Retrograde and Institutional Reform

President Clinton emerged last week from months of isolation to hold a press conference and meet with the Pentagon strategists. The besieged President was also hit by several more scandals, including the possible illegal use of a White House database to woo political donors. According to the horoscope set for the Inauguration ceremony, Neptune - the planet of scandals, was prominently placed at the Midheaven, indicating Clinton is due for a long bout of political intrigue and muckraking.

Neptune also represents, as its most promising facet, a vision for the future and overcoming partisanship for the common good. Clinton hit these themes in his Inaugural speech, and will likely pursue campaign finance reform (CFR) to sidetrack his investigators.

Mars will be turning retrograde this Wednesday February 5 at 7:36 PM EST. The skyward reversal of the planet of war bodes ill for the tensest neighborhoods in the global village, as hostilities could easily break out. Watch for sudden developments in the ongoing Peruvian hostage crisis, and also in the Serbian troublespot of Belgrade. Mars at this turning point also forms a brutal connection to Russia's Pluto, indicating some serious threats to Yeltsin's tenure.

And this Mars happens to be exactly on Clinton's Ascendant. Clinton will be putting forth his boldest challenge to his detractors this coming week just as Mars turns retrograde. Washington insiders know that an investigation of Clinton's political tracks will also unveil their own, so this CFR proposal will aim at widespread reform of the entire political system, an exciting revolution totally in line with the Jupiter/Uranus vibes.

George Lucas Returns

"May the Force be with You," is one of those rare tag lines that show young people that they can fight for their idealism. In sharp contrast to the more barbarous challenge of "Make my Day," or "Hasta la Vista Baby," Star Wars heroes champion good values, and something positive to believe in.

George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944 (at 5:40 AM PWT in San Francisco). Those who have seen Lucas or heard him speak will recognize the easy-going pace of the Taurus personality. Lucas also has Taurus Rising, which offers artistic accomplishment through the presence of nearby Venus.

Several horoscope factors mark Lucas for cultural prominence. With 27 degrees Capricorn at his Midheaven, his personal career and destiny is perfectly attuned to America's fate. The U.S. horoscope has Pluto, its ruling planet at 27 degrees Capricorn, a zodiacal zone now being activated by transiting Neptune.

Lucas' horoscope shows an Aquarius Moon in the tenth house of career, aspected by all three of the archetypal outer planets. With the current Jupiter/Uranus alinement circling in on this Moon, we can expect to see much more of this brilliant cultural myth-maker over the next few months.

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Scumbags Emerge: Chiron in Scorpio

"If the 1st Amendment will protect a scumbag like me," Larry Flynt said, "then it will protect all of you, because I'm the worst." The wounded image of Larry Flynt in a wheelchair has been showing up on the talk show circuit lately, as the millionaire publisher of Hustler magazine promotes his new autobiography. At the same time, Woody Harrelson and Courtney Love have been the top box office draw with their cinematic portrayal of "The People vs. Larry Flynt."

The sudden appearance of the sleaze king in the American media corresponds precisely to the entrance of Chiron into Scorpio. Chiron, known fondly by astrologers as the Wounded Healer, frequently manifests as actual physical wounds, although more often it represents a psychological or sexual outrage that requires a great philosophical leap to accept an apparently arbitrary or random wounding.

Because the United States horoscope has Scorpio Rising, we are likely to see much more of this archetype over the next few years. Chiron in Scorpio represents the nation's psychosexual wounds, as well as how we deal with death and regeneration.

Scorpio has tremendous healing capabilities, and Chiron here is likely to bring a resurgence in alternative healing techniques and practices. Last week a front page story in the Wall Street Journal described the booming herbal remedy trade, especially for echinacea which accounts for 40 percent of all herb sales.

Chiron in the Geopolitical Arena

Last week Chiron moved across the United Nation's Sun, demonstrating on a global village level the nature of this important archetype. Kofi Annan, the new Secretary-General, came to Washington to "heal the wounds" between the United States and the United Nations. The U.S. owes some $1.4 billion in dues to the world forum organization, which it won't fork over until corruption and waste are rooted out of the megalithic bureaucracy.

The protracted Middle East negotiations finally concluded on January 16 when transiting Chiron passed over Israel's Ascendant at one degree Scorpio. Scorpio is often about survival issues, and deep feelings of vengeance and blame tend to surface when Scorpio placements are activated. But with Chiron here, the leaders of Palestine and Israel, as much as they hated and feared the other, made some kind of inner realization that both sides have their lunatics and extremists, and it's time to reach higher moral ground.

Chiron has been squaring Bill Clinton's natal Ceres this past week. The first woman Secretary of State came into power, a virtuoso appointment that healed a long-standing wound in the national psyche. Ceres is known as the Great Mother, and Madeleine Albright made a name for herself by pushing for an international tribunal to try participants in the genocidal Bosnian conflict, especially those suspected of mass rape. Ceres also represents the food and agriculture industry, and Clinton moved Friday to secure a minimum health standard for the nation's food supply.

Healing the Paradoxes

This coming week Jupiter, which just entered Aquarius, will be alined with Chiron in Scorpio, forming a square aspect. Watch for the healing qualities of Chiron in the news, brought out by Jupiter's beneficial rays. Perhaps we will see a genuine attempt at bipartisanship in Congress.

Secretary Albright will likely be prominently in the news, as she works out the hypocritical, contradictory policies between the U.S. and China, and the U.S. and Cuba. U.S. officials have criticized Canada for politically engaging Cuba, which is seen as interfering with the Helms-Burton trade sanctions. Canada stands to gain a corporate foothold on Cuba, which it justifies by encouraging human rights there. The U.S. promotes exactly the same policy with China, where it condemns Chinese human rights violations, yet continues to sponsor huge trade deals.

Larry Flynt brings to the foreground the battle between moral regeneration and freedom of the press. Flynt was born on Nov 1, 1942 at 9:10 PM CWT in Salyersville KY (37N45 83W04). His Sun, nearly exactly conjunct the U.S. Ascendant at nine degrees Scorpio, is near a highly sexual combination of Venus and Mars in Scorpio. His ability to reach a mass audience and shake up the status quo is shown by his Sun/Pluto square. This dynamic tension also reflects his tremendous, and often self-destructive appetites, and the way he naturally attracts powerful enemies.

The flare for the melodramatic can be seen in his Leo Moon, and his penchant for legal justification is shown with Mercury in Libra square Jupiter. This week the bottom line with legal-minded Jupiter squaring Chiron in Scorpio is, how can we heal our sexual wounds, yet guarantee our freedom of speech?

For a concise and critical review of Larry Flynt, read Cheryl Lavin's article in the Chicago Tribune. Reader feedback is welcome! If you have any brief comments, complaints, suggestions, visions, questions, data, or proposals (business or otherwise), email: [Michael O'Reilly].

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Inauguration Ceremony Sets Tone

This Monday January 90, as the Sun enters Aquarius, the Presidential Inauguration ceremony sets the tone for the next four years. This quadrennial rite is often looked upon by astrologers as a roadmap for what could be happening during the forthcoming term of office. In Clinton's case three planets stand out as major indicators.

Huddled at the top of the Inauguration horoscope (set for 12 PM EST) are Ceres, Neptune, and Jupiter all in late Capricorn. Neptune we already know about - it has brought, and will continue to bring, a disturbing and pervasive climate of political scandals. Jupiter here adds the quest for moral, ethical values in our patriarchal institutions, including a skeptical evaluation of the corporate culture.

The Moon in this chart makes only one aspect before leaving Gemini, and that is an inconjunction (150 degrees) to Jupiter. This implies the difficult choice politicians must make regarding their interface with the corporate community. Leading the political agenda will be budget negotiations and campaign finance reform: how to make the necessary adjustments so Gingrich, Clinton, and the entire supporting cast of Washington insiders won't be sidetracked by corruption.

Jupiter Enters Aquarius

But the Inauguration chart also portrays the energy and ideas for the future, and they look dazzling! This next week Jupiter enters Aquarius where it joins with Uranus, creating a dynamic, breathtaking quantum leap into the future. This combo was last experienced 14 years ago when the personal computer was just entering the consumer marketplace. The sophisticated technologies being introduced over the next few years should prove to be as revolutionary as the PC.

Astrology is highly favored by these placements because in the Information Age what is needed to navigate between endless chains of data is information about information. Astrology is a meta-language and provides a useful way to organize symbolic patterns. Ideally, with this Jupiter/Uranus combination we will begin to bypass Sun Sign fortune telling, and embark on the holistic approach represented by the panoply of planetary archetypes.

Jupiter in Aquarius will likely bring a new sense of community, both in cyberspace and the local geography. Aquarius is about multiculturalism where people come together no matter what their age, race, gender, or socio-economic background. In cyberspace these differences are easily bridged, but in the cities and suburbs the sense of violence and mistrust still reigns. This is where the government programs and public opinion will generate renewed attempts at major reform.

Ceres in Capricorn, A New Concept of Fatherhood

Last week's news was dominated by several analogous stories concerning parenthood. Bill Cosby's son Ennis was murdered as he was changing a flat tire beside the road. Bill Cosby became famous in the 1980's for his gentle, humorous role as the Huxtable patriarch, and his bestselling book "Fatherhood." Ceres in Capricorn describes these kindly, caring instincts in the father.

Another event occurred last Christmas, and has been among the lead stories ever since. John Ramsey's daughter JonBenet was mysteriously murdered in their Boulder home, apparently the result of a botched kidnapping attempt. JonBenet's story became national news because of her extraordinary success as a child beauty queen, and her father's renown as a billionaire software designer.

JonBenet was born on August 6, 1990, the same day that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. This horoscope is obviously filled with tremendous intensity, but it's magnitude seems to transcend the normal competition that a child would experience in the realm of beauty contests. Curiously, JonBenet's favorite TV star was Lucille Ball, who was also born on August 6. They shared a delight in zany entertainment, and like Lucille, JonBenet was destined for stardom.

Although the exact birth time for JonBenet is unavailable, I'm speculating that she has Venus at the Midheaven and Libra Rising. A birthtime of 12 noon EDT (in Atlanta GA) satisfies these conditions, and surprisingly puts a violent Mars/Pluto opposition in her eighth house of death. This Mars/Pluto axis is in tense relation to her Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon, and depicts a cultural ruthlessness transcending what her infant awareness could fathom.

As a result of this event, as well as the sudden death of Ennis Cosby, the nature of fatherhood is being re-evaluated. Ceres in Capricorn is personified by Bill Cosby and John Ramsey. Ceres as an archetype also corresponds to the grief over lost loved ones. The ultimate sacrifice these fathers paid emblazons their image on our collective consciousness, offering an ideal for future growth.

For a complete archive of JonBenet stories, go to this Boulder News website -

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Clinton's Pants

Around 2:30 PM on May 8, 1991 Governor Bill Clinton visited with Paula Jones in his hotel suite where an alleged incidence of sexual misconduct took place. Jones had been escorted by an Arkansas state trooper to meet with Clinton, which she states she thought was about a possible job interview. Immediately upon entering the room, Clinton began making inappropriate advances, including dropping his pants.

This coming week the Supreme Court will decide if Paula Jones' sexual harassment suit can be pursued while the President is still in office. The courtroom showdown is taking place exactly as Mercury turns direct and simultaneously squares Mars. The Mercury/Mars combination represents a battle of words, and in the sanctified halls of justice is portrayed as a confrontation between legal warriors.

The Mercury/Mars spat will be in effect all week, making everyone a bit more shrill in normal conversation. Expect a celestial climate of argumentative, verbal assaults, accusations, and sarcasm. These two planets create a dynamic background for all of this week's coming events.

Saturn is very favorably connected to Clinton's natal Saturn, so I suspect he'll emerge from this week with his dignity and authority intact. Still, the long term picture is not so bright, especially in the Scandal Department.

Clinton's progressed Juno will be adversely related to his Pluto over the next 3-4 years, an aspect which fosters intense rivalry, especially from a woman who feels a compulsive need to get even, or to extract her revenge. This seems to indicate that the Paula Jones case will be put on hold, or be manageable until Clinton leaves office.

Weakened World Leaders

Another cosmic storm is blowing in this week, and that is the alinement of the Sun with the two outer planets Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune formed their conjunction last week, ushering in an atmosphere of moral and ethical righteousness. An era of spiritual questing is denoted by the contact of these two planets, but in Washington the most obvious lack of virtue has plagued the political environment and topped most newscasts.

This week the Sun joins these two in quick succession. First, the Sun joins Neptune, becoming exact at 7:35 AM EST on Friday, January 17. The Sun, symbolizing leadership, tends to be greatly weakened by Neptune, the planet associated with scandal. Although Clinton may temporarily escape immediate legal torture, the stories, hints, and insinuations will greatly undermine his family values position.

Other world leaders will also be weakened by this conjunction. In Russia Boris Yeltsin entered the hospital last week to recover from a bout of pneumonia, which according to his doctors would be a temporary stay of three to five days. But the latest news is that Yeltsin will be laid up for at least three weeks. Yeltsin's horoscope indicates an extremely debilitating month ahead, a dangerous phase from which he may not survive.

In China the state-owned broadcasting system is airing a documentary on Deng Xiaoping, the 92 year old Premier. Reports of his imminent demise are also circulating, with the documentary acting as a cinematic eulogy. In Serbia, President Slobodan Milosevic is beginning to face the music, and may cave in by the end of this week. Watch the global news this week for evidence of other world leaders collapsing from scandal, ill-health, or powerful opposition.

The Sun alines with Jupiter at 8:08 AM Sunday January 90. This contact represents a window of opportunity for peace negotiations. Favorable settlements of all kinds can be made on this day, so we might hope for a Middle East agreement, or and end to the hostage crisis in Peru. Perhaps the Serbian protestors will find Milosevic out of power, and a return to democratic institutions.

The Jones Incident, What Really Happened?

Transiting Pluto was opposing Clinton's eighth house Moon when the alleged incident took place. Clinton's Moon in the eighth house of financial donors has been a source of strength for him politically. Being in Taurus it quite naturally attracts wealthy benefactors, and gives a profound understanding of corporate and global economics. But the eighth house is also the house of sex, and a Taurus Moon loves to linger in sensual delights.

Pluto can be a predatorial instinct. When Pluto was opposing his Moon in May 1991, his sexual appetite may have been greatly stimulated. Pluto's intense vibrations can be felt with just a glance, and Pluto is about power, whether it's sexual or political.

At the time of this interaction, opportunistic Jupiter was in the regal, sometimes arrogant sign of Leo, and enhancing Clinton's tenth house of professional standing. Jupiter was also exactly aspecting his Mars, the planet denoting ego and sex drive. Clinton was at the top of his game, and undoubtedly the tendency to be a law unto himself would have maximized under this Jupiter influence.

In all likelihood Clinton did abuse his position for the chance of a sexual conquest. However, Gennifer Flowers probably had it right when she said he wouldn't drop his pants. "He just wouldn't do that," she said.

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Gearing Up for Supernatural Intervention

This coming New Moon in Capricorn will likely mark an extraordinary phase in geopolitical affairs, plus a metaphysical leap into the teeming images of the Millennium. The New Moon takes place at 11:26 PM EST on Wednesday, January 8, but what makes this particular lunar cycle extraordinary is the accompanying Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, which is exact only a few hours later (6:41 AM Thursday), and also in Capricorn.

The Jupiter/Neptune alinement happens only once every 14 years, but because it activates the U.S. Pluto this time, it describes a collective psychology intimately, even obsessively tuned to the coming global changes. The nature of these metamorphic changes depends on the individual psyche, but increasingly, the focus is religious or spiritual.

UFOs are being sighted with growing frequency, and the expectation that we will encounter extraterrestrial intelligence has grown dramatically since mainstream scientists have reported micro-organisms on Mars. Some UFOlogists insist that the approaching Hale-Bopp comet has a companion, perhaps a Mother Ship on its way to Earth to visit with the life forms here.

Fundamentalists, New Agers, and the 40 percent of Americans who believe in the literal truth of the Bible are gearing up for Supernatural Intervention. Researchers into Ancient Mysteries draw lines converging from the past to the approaching millennium. What's under the Sphinx? Where did the Mayans really come from? Will Jesus be back soon? Or maybe Quetzalcoatl? The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction elevates these spiritual issues to prime time, as the flurry of Angel movies and TV shows will testify.

Mars, Saturn, and the Emerging Goddess Cult

Another critical planetary cycle is culminating this week, and also right around the time of the New Moon. Mars has slowly been moving forward toward a nasty opposition with Saturn, an aspect which becomes exact this Thursday at 5:55 AM EST. The hostage crisis in Peru, the popular uprising in Serbia, Israeli troop withdrawal from Hebron, and the heated discussion over Newt Gingrich's ethical lapses have been the main media events which describe the intense confrontational energy of these two planets.

Mars opposite Saturn gives a celestial climate characterized by a feisty willingness to do battle. Individually and collectively people will seem edgy, temperamental, irritable. On the personal front expect turf conflicts and domineering egos. Control issues will be playing out in your immediate environment, especially if you have natal planets in the early degrees of the Cardinal signs (that's Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).

Of the many possible scenarios that the Millennium might bring, the emerging Goddess cult seems one of the more realistic. While Mars/Saturn describes a dominance/submission interface between people, the Goddess energy is tuned to empowering others to their full potential. In our current patriarchal civilization, empowering others can be dangerous; in a matriarchal order, consensus, nurturing of others, and holistic awareness replaces the mechanical, competitive drive to dominate.

Right in the middle of the New Moon and Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is Ceres, the largest of the asteroids, and the leading astrological image for the Awakening Goddess energy. The Jupiter/Neptune alignment provides the cosmic climate for vision quests, and Ceres here can act as a mediator for what is sighted. Ceres connects people to Mother Earth, and is the connection between ecosystems and human activity.

President Clinton will be meeting with his new Cabinet under these phenomenal planetary conditions to map out the next four years. Ceres in Capricorn represents the women in government and business who will be shaping our collective destiny over the next 14 years. Ceres here will focus Clinton's vision on children's welfare, environmental vs industrial needs, and in general, how we can grow into the next Millennium.

Gingrich's Ethics

The full meaning of the confrontational Mars/Saturn and ethical Jupiter/Neptune combinations can be seen in the dramatic skirmish over Newt Gingrich's professional standing. Jupiter, the great protector, is passing through Newt Gingrich's tenth house of career and reputation. When Jupiter and Neptune meet this week, they do so exactly on Gingrich's Juno and the U.S. Pluto.

Gingrich was born on June 17, 1943 at 3:03 AM in Harrisburg, PA (40N16 76W53). On Tuesday, the 105th Congress convenes and the House will likely re-elect Gingrich as Speaker. Then, the Ethics Committee will meet behind closed doors to discuss his admitted wrong-doings. While Jupiter is protective of his professional position during January, over the next few weeks other transits and progressions indicate his power is rapidly waning.

The most interesting of these will be the mutually resonating effects of transiting Uranus opposite his Pluto, and transiting Pluto opposite his Uranus. These two radical dynamics are both in effect during February and early March. They indicate a form of political extremism which may manifest as an all out attack against the Speaker, or contrarily, a powerful offensive launched by Gingrich and his followers.

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NewsScope - An Astrological Analysis of News Headlines

Fight or Negotiate ?

In Yugoslavia, Serbian President Milosevich has his storm troopers poised to forcefully end the popular uprising. In Peru, the siege at the Japanese embassy may end abruptly as elite rescue forces consider U.S. spy plane data. And in Zaire, President Mobutu is developing plans for reuniting his country, but he hasn't decided whether to attack the Tutsi rebels in the eastern frontier, or to negotiate with them.

Across the global village, wherever competing factions interface, the choice of sudden strike intervention is being weighed against negotiation and peaceful resolution. The celestial climate calls for increased militarism during the first week of 1997 as Mars heads into its tough opposition with Saturn. The most desperate martial forces may act before Friday; otherwise the pressure to negotiate with the enemy becomes stronger when Mars enters Libra on Friday, January 3.

Political analogs reflecting this Mars/Saturn influence can be seen everywhere. In the U.S. Newt Gingrich will either be found guilty of lying to the Ethics Committee, or he won't, with the Speaker of the House position hanging in the balance. Congress is toying with the process: finesse the violation, or fight it out. Similar situations can be found in the Middle East, where the conflict over Isreali troop withdrawal from Hebron is about to be resolved, barring another outbreak of violence in the area.

Millennial Madness and LEO Satellites

The onset of the new year inches us one step closer to the year 2000, and all the collective fears and hopes that the millennium evokes. Fully one fifth of Americans expect the Second Coming by then, and environmental enthusiasts, UFOlogists, and government conspiracy buffs have their own agenda for disaster.

Early this month an important alignment between Jupiter and Neptune fuses vision with opportunity. Jupiter and Neptune come together in the corporate sign of Capricorn, and many transnationals are gearing up for the future, taking unprecedented gambles based on executives' vision. Only those with sufficient capital and accurate foresight will be the winners; some will bet big, and may eventually fold for their misplaced ideas.

America's greatness has always been built on its third house activities, that is, communications and transportation systems. From the canals to the railroads and automobiles, and now to the information superhighway, America's corporate power base is defined astrologically by its Capricorn Pluto in the third house. This Pluto happens to be exactly where the pending Jupiter/Neptune alinement is taking place, so we can expect the launching of some major enterprises over the next two to three weeks.

Leading the pack is Motorola's Iridium project. Motorola has found several corporate partners to help fund the $multibillion plan of sending 66 satellites into geo-synchronous orbits around the equator, which will make cellular phone calls possible from anywhere on the planet.

Meanwhile, Teledesic may get the go ahead soon. Teledesic is a competing vision put together by media moguls Bill Gates and Craig McCaw, and features 840 small satellites circling in a so-called Low Earth Orbit (LEO). When this humungous project is operative, it will allow teleconferencing, telecommuting, telemedicine, and teleschooling virtually anywhere in our global marketplace.

Madonna's Evita

Madonna (born August 16, 1958; Bay City, MI; 7:05 AM EST) is undergoing a Plutonian transformation, as her recent entrance into Motherhood and Serious Acting demonstrate. Pluto's prominence now is hastening her transition from vamp to icon, a metamorphosis shared by Eva Peron in her own spectacular career.

The operatic "Evita" is based on the real life adventures of Eva Peron, the wife of Argentine dictator Juan Peron. Madonna has captured her essence as no one else could because of striking parallels in their horoscopes. Evita was born on May 7, 1919 with an aggressive Mars/Sun conjunction located at the exact same place as Madonna's own revolutionary Mars. Madonna's Mars is found in the ninth house of religious values, an area which tends to be her favorite attack zone.

But the ninth house is also the house of foreign influences. Madonna, who likes to tout her Italian roots and has selected a Latino as a biological donor, plays Evita with an inner knowledge of what it means to be both a Saint and a Dragonlady. Madonna and Evita share the rags-to-riches, growing-up-in-public career path.

Evita's Leo Moon is located in the same zodiacal zone as Madonna's Leo Sun, giving Madonna an instinctive comprehension of Evita's international stardom. Both Madonna and Evita dyed their hair platinum blond, and both demonstrated savvy manipulation of the media. "Evita", as the synthesis of Broadway and MTV, will likely score big at the box office. As transiting Pluto crosses Madonna's fourth house cusp, the actress/singer reinvents herself as a chic political star with a deeper, more resonant vocal range.

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