Hand-Crafted Native American Style Wooden Flutes
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Single Bore

Double Bore
Drone Flutes


Native American Style Wooden Flutes

Hand-Crafted By Tommy Lee

Single Bore Flutes  |  Double Bore Drone Flutes

Single Bore

Wooden Flutes

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Single bore Native American style wooden flute hand-made in the USA by Tommy Lee - flute maker and recording artist.

Tommy Lee is both a recording artist who has mastered the Native American wooden flute, and an accomplished artisan who handcrafts these beautiful instruments in the style of traditional Native American flutes from native North American woods such as western cedar, aromatic cedar, black walnut, and curly maple, plus more exotic woods such as Imbuya, Cocobolo and Purple Heart. Both the quality of the wood and the quality of the craftsmanship contribute to the beautifully melodic sounds produced by these wooden flutes.

Tommy Lee also crafts custom flutes with keys tuned to a sharp note such as F# or G#, and also does custom work with exotic woods and artistic embellishments such as silver and stone inlays, relief carving motifs, and beaded wraps.

Tommy Lee has also created his "Loon series" of flutes, with the end of the flute individually carved in the shape of the bird's head and beak. The distinctive call of this wild water bird known as the Loon can easily be mimicked using these unique flutes.

The wooden flutes hand-made by Tommy Lee in the style of traditional Native American flutes are precisely tuned to various keys such as C, D, E, F, G, A, and B, plus high C, D, E, F and G so that they can accompany other instruments playing in the same key.

These are five or six hole flutes which play the minor pentatonic scale which is typical in traditional Native American wooden flutes. This scale makes it almost impossible to play a "wrong" note, so beginners can often learn to play simple melodies on these flutes after just an hour or two of initial practice.

Native American wooden flutes are much easier to play than the type of silver flute used by a jazz musician or the flautist in a symphony orchestra, which require learning the somewhat difficult skill of blowing over the sound hole in just the right way. With a Native American style wooden flute, you simply blow into the mouthpiece hole in the top end. The only difficult part in learning to play a pleasant note on the wooden flute is to blow soft enough and to hold the fingers firmly enough over the finger holes.

Taking out your Native American style flute and playing some random notes to create a simple melody is a relaxing and soul-satisfying experience when you need a short break from work, or from the stress of daily living.

There is something about the mellow tone of the Native American style wooden flute which touches the soul more than most other instruments, and this may account for how often you hear a Native American flute being played in songs for meditation and relaxation. Just playing the flute is in itself a form of relaxing meditation.

With a hand-crafted Native American style wooden flute from Tommy Lee, you can create this beautiful music yourself. Listening to artists like Tommy Lee play these instruments live or on a CD can be a soothing and satisfying experience, but it can be even better when you are making this music with your own favorite flute.

Trust Tommy Lee to make a fine flute that suits your style and taste, an instrument that will become your faithful companion in those times when music can soothe or stimulate you. They are so simple to play - yet so profoundly satisfying to the soul.

And since each wooden flute is hand made by Tommy Lee, no two flutes are the same. When you acquire a one-of-a-kind Tommy Lee flute you are not just investing in a wonderful instrument, but also in a piece of art. Be warned that when you have learned to love your first Tommy Lee flute, you may soon desire to acquire more of these wooden works of art to display on your living room wall.

You can purchase these fine hand-crafted Native American style wooden flutes, order custom-made wooden flutes and flute racks, buy Tommy Lee recordings on CD, or book Tommy Lee for a personal performance by contacting

Tommy Lee
608-334-8872 (Central Time)
Email Tommy Lee at:

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Double Bore

Drone Flutes

Double bore drone flutes have a two-hole mouthpiece - one for the melody notes and one for a droning root note

The double bore Drone Flutes play like a regular single bore flute on one side, but alongside the main blow hole there is a second one which plays a "drone" note which is the same tone as the lowest note played by the other side when all finger holes are closed (the key or root note). This produces a two-voice sound which resembles two flutes playing side by side. The five-hole side can be played alone as if it were a single bore flute; or by blowing into both of the side-by-side mouthpieces at once, it can be played together with the drone side to produce a two-voice harmony effect similar to a Scottish bagpipe.


The "fetish" is an important part of a wooden flute which covers the two sound holes on the top of the flute and directs the flow of air to create the melodic tones when the flute player blows through the mouthpiece. A double bore drone flute will have two fetishes, one for each barrel.

Flute makers will often carve the wooden fetish in the shape of an animal or other symbol of the Native American people. Tommy Lee has designed his own "signature" fetish in the shape of a stylized bird, and these bird fetishes adorn all of his custom made wooden flutes, which makes them instantly identifiable as a Tommy Lee handcrafted flute.

Tommy Lee
Email Tommy Lee at:

Single bore wooden Native American flutes with Loon Head by Tommy Lee Single bore wooden Native American flutes by Tommy Lee
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