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"Truth Needs No Defending"

Truth does not need to be defended, for it just IS. What is true will remain true no matter what anyone will do or say about it. What is not true requires that false "evidence" for it be constantly created, because it does not exist of itself.

When we choose to believe something which is not true, we must keep looking for signs that help "prove" what we want to believe is true, even when it isn't. We will find them anywhere we can, even in things that really mean nothing about what we take them to mean. An illusion cannot be sustained unless it is constantly re-created.

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This implies, to me, that when I find myself feeling it necessary to defend something outside myself, or something about myself, I need to ask whether a part of me really believes it is true. If I am moved to "defend" it, perhaps deep-down I have my doubts about it, and need to create evidence for myself or others to keep up the illusion that what I believe is true could be true?

Whenever I test myself this way, I find I DO have my doubts about the very thing I was trying so hard to convince myself, or others, was true. And further self-examination often reveals that it wasn't really true after all, but was something I need to be true to support my need to be right.

When I ask myself, "Would I rather be RIGHT, or HAPPY?" I sometimes decide it is better to remain at peace than make myself unhappy by fighting to be "right" (about something that is "wrong" - i.e. an illusion).

I don't feel a need to prove that the Sun rises in the East. If someone wants to argue that it doesn't, he is free to argue with himself. I have more important things to fill my limited allotment of Earth-time, such as enjoying the wonder and beauty of life, or looking for the flowers while side-stepping the cow-pies in the field.

When you face a useless fight
choose peace, instead of "to be right".

- Michael Star ©2001

Hey, this works for me. It might work for you. Try it, you might like it! It's your life, and your choice. Whatever you do is right for YOU.

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