Teach Yourself Numerology 1:
Finding Your Destiny Number
by Michael Star (c)1996-2015

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"Teach Yourself Numerology" Series 1

How to "reduce" numbers, and how to calculate and interpret your "Birthdate Number", "Life Path Number", "Destiny Number" and "Destiny Direction Number".

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Your Destiny Number

(c)1996 by Michael Star

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How to "Reduce" Numbers

In Pythagorean numerology we use only the single digit numbers 1 through 9, plus the double numbers 11, 22, and sometimes 33, 44, etc., which are called "Master Numbers". Any other numbers are "reduced" to one of these by first adding up the individual digits. For example: 1996=1+9+9+6=25. If the sum is still not one of these numbers, then add the individual digits again until you reduce it to a single digit number 1 to 9, or a master number 11 or 22. In our example 1996, we again reduce 25=2+5=7 to get the final "reduced" number. With 1993 =1+9+9+3=22 we do NOT reduce the 22 because it is a Master Number. But we can write 22/4 to also refer to its root number 2+2=4.

The "Year Number" and "Birth Year Number"

We reduced the date for the present year 1996 to a single digit number 7. This is how we determine the "year number" for any calendar year, including your own year of birth. Here are more examples: 1995=1+9+9+5=24=2+4="a 6 year". If born in 1948=1+9+4+8=22/4 then 1948 was "a 22/4 birth year".

The "Birthdate Number"
or "Destiny Number"
(also called the "Life Path Number")

Calculate SEPARATELY the "birth year number" and write it down, keeping any master numbers. Then write down the number of your birth month from 1 to 12 as follows: January=1, February=2, etc. For double-digit months, reduce them to single digits: October=10=1+0=1, November=11=1+1=2, December=12=1+2=3. Then write down the number of your birth date from 1 to 31, and reduce any double digits except 11 and 22. For example: the 21st of the month = 21=2+1=3 or the 12th = 12=1+2=3. Now add the three reduced numbers for year, month and day, then reduce that sum to a single digit number, unless it's a Master Number 11 or 22. This is your "Destiny Number" or "Life Path Number". Now do your own:

YOUR Birthdate........Birth Year.......Month..........Day in digits:

.....................1 + 9 + [...] + [...] ..... [...] + [...] .... [...] + [...]

Sum of digits.......... =[....] ........... =[....] ........... =[....]

Which reduces to.... =[....] ........... =[....] .......... =[....] (don't reduce 11 or 22)

Sum of all three is...... [....] .......... +[....] ............ +[....]=[....]=[...+...] (don't reduce 11 or 22)

Reduces to the "Destiny Number"...................... =[....]

The "Destiny Direction Number"

Here is where Numerology combines with Astrology. To your "Destiny Number" add your "Sun Sign number" according to the following table (your answer to "What's your sign?" e.g. Aries, Taurus, etc.):

ARI=1 or TAU=2 or GEM=3 or CAN=4 or LEO=5 or VIR=6 or LIB=7 or SCO=8 or SAG=9 or CAP=10 or AQU=11 or PIS=12

"Destiny Number" + "Sun Sign Number" = "Destiny Direction Number"

.................... [....] + [....] ................... = [....] = [....+....] = [....] (don't reduce 11 or 22)

INTERPRETATIONS of the "Destiny Numbers":

FIND your "Destiny Number" below and read its interpretation as "Your Destiny IS..."
Then find your "Destiny Direction Number" and read its interpretation as...

   "You'll FULFILL your Destiny THROUGH learning and applying..."

1 = SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Individuality, independence, initiative, inventiveness, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and, especially... leadership.

2 = SELF-SURRENDER: Humility, submitting oneself to serve others, community work, kindness, co-operation, diplomacy, peace-making, patience, listening, sensitivity to others.

3 = SELF-EXPRESSION: Expressing in outer form the inner you, sharing thoughts/feelings/beliefs, creativity, artistry, beauty, using talents to benefit all, humour, friendship.

4 = SELF-DISCIPLINE: Doing what needs to be done, duty, work and service, self-control, efficiency, organization, building, laying firm foundations, attention to detail, accuracy.

5 = SELF-EMANCIPATION: Being free and learning what that means, adapting to change, unexpected situations, new ideas, exploration, adventure, travel, observing, learning to let others have their freedom.

6 = SELF-HARMONY: Bringing harmony to others and to the situations you find yourself in, learning you are only in harmony when you meet your responsibilities to others willingly, learning the value of home and family and helping others, learning when to help and when to let others help themselves.

7 = INNER SELF: Finding wisdom within yourself, discovering the Self inside, learning to think, analysis, study, reading, meditation, introspection, perspective, searching for Truth, spending time alone and learning not to fear being alone.

8 = SELF-POWER: Finding the power you possess and putting it to use in the material world, learning how spiritual laws lead to material success, learning to manage and achieve and accomplish material success without greed or selfishness or ruthlessness, being in business, learning to give so you can be open to receive.

9 = SELF-LESSNESS: Sacrificing self-interest to serve others, selfless service, learning to be loving, caring, giving and generous, being understanding, sympathetic and sensitive, learning to put aside prejudices, being what you would like others to be, being of help, making the world a bit better.

11 = SELF-ILLUMINATION: Seeking Truth wherever it may be found (in quiet or in confusion or in solitude or in crowds), learning to use your intuition and trust it, having faith, seeing the best in others, living your truth, sharing your revelations, learning proper use of psychic powers, heeding inner guidance, being compassionate, being bold but humble.

22 = SELF-MASTERY: Finding the great power within you and using it to do great things to benefit many others, learning not to limit yourself yet not glorify yourself (being guided only by the needs of humanity and how your abilities can be put to use in a big way), being a visionary and a builder.

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