Tarot Teach-Yourself Lesson -

The Horoscope House Reading
by Michael Star

in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine (c)1996-2000.

"Teach Yourself Tarot" Series 1
How to do a 12-card Tarot reading
using the astrological Houses.

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The Horoscope HOUSE Reading
A 12-card Spread

"Teach Yourself Tarot" Series 1

(c)1996 by Michael Star

This page is copyrighted and may not be published, distributed, or sold without the permission of the author. All rights reserved.

Email Michael at: michael@astrologyzine.com
Internet Web Site: STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine http://www.AstrologyZine.com

Michael uses the popular Rider deck designed by Arthur Edward Waite in his classes, and highly recommends it to beginners as their FIRST deck, because it has many images on ALL 78 cards which help you see and remember the meanings. It is inexpensive and available at most metaphysical book stores.


          T H E   A S T R O L O G I C A L   H O U S E S

     Here is a list of things and themes associated with each of
the twelve "HOUSES" in Astrology.  If you wish to use the twelve
astrological Houses for a 12-card Tarot spread, lay out your
cards as if you were placing them on the numbers of a clock...
starting with the 1st at the 9 o'clock position, in a COUNTER-
CLOCKWISE ORDER: 9 o'clock, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 12, 11, with
the 12th card at the 10 o'clock position.
     This is where the House cusps (boundary lines) would appear
on a real horoscope wheel, so you can use this list for reading
an astrological Tarot spread OR a real horoscope chart!

1ST HOUSE:  This is the House of PERSONAL APPEARANCES...
---------      how you want to appear outwardly, both physical   
                    appearance and personal style (which may or  
                    may not be consistent with your inner self),
                    your "look", moves, gestures, body language;
               how you do appear to others on a superficial level
                    or first-impression level, your "image".

2ND HOUSE:  This is the House of RESOURCES & VALUES...
---------      what your personal resources are: your talents,
                    your inner strength and determination, your
                    personal possessions & wealth & income, your
                    tools & mentors & advisors & supporters;
               what your personal values are:  your ethics, your
                    morals, your integrity, your priorities, what
                    you "stand for", what influences your choices
                    in life, what guides your conscious actions.

---------      how you perceive your environment: your thinking
                    skills, your dexterity, your curiosity, your
                    observation & analysis skills, your speaking
                    & writing skills, your basic schooling,
                    telephone calls, letters, books, papers,
                    television, radio, data banks, facts;
               how you interact with your environment: your
                    neighbours & siblings, school, your neigh-
                    bourhood, merchants, trading, getting around
                    town, trips & visits, casual conversations.

4TH HOUSE:  This is the House of HOME, NURTURE & THE PAST...
---------      how you "feel at home": safe, secure, welcome,
                    familiar, like one of the family, part of an
                    ethnic group or nation, having roots,
                    traditions, loyalty, patriotism, blood ties,
                    home life, domestic activities
               how you feel "nurtured": Mother, mothering, cared
                    for, fed, nourished, comforted, supported,
                    protected, accepted, the sense of belonging;
               what "makes a home": your house or dwelling, land,
                    shelter, furniture, furnishings, warmth,
                    meals, any environment where you feel at home
               how you remember your early home life & nurturing,
                    what you feel sentimental about, your sub-
                    conscious memories & fears & habit patterns
                    learned in childhood, memories of your past.

          T H E   A S T R O L O G I C A L  H O U S E S  continued

---------      how you express your own creativity: art, music,
                    dancing, acting, writing, poems, songs,
                    stories, athletics, craftsmanship;  putting  
                    your personal style into what you make or do,
                    creating beauty in any material form or in
                    any mental or physical activity;
               how you appreciate creativity in others, how you
                    enjoy art & music, how you find joy through
                    the perception of beauty in any form;
               how you procreate yourself: romance & courtship &
                    love-making & making babies;  your children;
               how you seek recreation: games, sports, pastimes, 
                    hobbies, concerts, theatre, gambling, dating,
                    child-like play, playing with children.

6TH HOUSE:  This is the House of SERVICE, DUTY & HEALTH...
---------      how you serve others in a useful way: helping,
                    working, waiting-on, attending, serving,
                    using skills, teaching skills, craftsmanship,
                    taking care of details, organizing;
               how you do your duties: everyday work routines,
                    chores, job functions, responsibilities,
                    using proper methods, being punctual, being
                    organized, keeping schedules, working well,
                    being efficient/competent/skilfull, how you
                    work or perform to make a living;
               how you take responsibility for your own health &
                    fitness: diet, exercise, health care, stress
                    management, sleep habits, medical check-ups;
               how you care for the health & fitness of others:
                    health-care work, therapy, nutrition counsel-
                    ing, fitness training, nursing, pharmacy.

*    The 1ST to 6TH HOUSES are concerned with a person's SELF   *
*    DEVELOPMENT and EXPRESSION.  The 7TH to 12TH HOUSES are    *
*    concerned with how a person RELATES TO OTHERS and learns   *
*    to CO-OPERATE with people and forces OUTSIDE himself.      *

7TH HOUSE:  This is the House of CO-OPERATION & OPPOSITION...
---------      how you relate in one-on-one partnerships: 
                    marriage partners, romantic partners,
                    business partners, counselor-to-client,
                    doctor-to-patient; relationships which
                    require co-operation with another person;
               how you relate to those who openly oppose you:
                    competitors, adversaries, opponents in games,
                    conflicts with spouse or business partner,
                    detractors, declared enemies, lawsuits;
               intimate relationships which require co-operation
                    & compromise with another's needs or goals;
                    challenges & conflicts arising from a close
                    one-on-one relationship of any kind.

          T H E   A S T R O L O G I C A L  H O U S E S  continued

---------      how you let the old & outworn "die" so it can be
                    re-cycled or transformed into something new &
                    useful; how you re-form, re-arrange, renew,
                    re-adjust, rebuild, restore, re-work, re-
                    generate, refurbish, reconstruct, renovate;
               how you let parts of yourself "die" or be
                    removed or destroyed to allow new growth:
                    worn-out or diseased body cells, self-
                    limiting beliefs or bad habits, attachments
                    to people who limit your growth or sap your
                    strength, attachments to possessions which
                    possess or restrict or burden you, obsessions
                    or compulsions which control you;
               how you give birth to something new: a baby--by
                    sex or artificial insemination, a union of
                    body & spirit by surrendering self in sexual
                    orgasm, a belief--by releasing or changing an
                    old one, a material form--by transforming or
                    removing or destroying the old one;
               how you deal with resources of others: legacies,
                    inheritences, insurance, alimony, taxes,
                    money or property held or managed for others.

---------      how you seek the meaning & purpose of Life
                    through: philosophy, religion, higher
                    learning, spirituality, mysticism, inner
                    vision, journeys of the mind, psychic
                    attunement, taking the long view, seeing
                    history & the present from a higher
                    perspective, a sense of humour, observing &
                    connecting widely-divergent ideas & opinions;
               how you learn about life and its diversity
                    through: study of foreign ideas or foreign
                    cultures or religions, travelling to foreign
                    lands, encounters with foreign people and
                    their differring viewpoints, tolerance of
                    foreign races/cultures/religions/traditions.

----------     how you seek to fulfill your life work: career,
                    job, profession, occupation, what you do for
                    a living, your ambitions & career goals, the
                    gift of your talents you give to the world,
                    your personal satisfaction from whatever you
                    do as your life work (not just for money); a
                    fulfilling hobby/project or volunteer work;
               how your community or the world sees your public
                    self: your standing, your status, your job
                    title, your professional title or status,
                    your reputation, what you are known for, how
                    strangers see you by what you do, your fame;
                    how your work defines you.

          T H E   A S T R O L O G I C A L  H O U S E S  continued

----------     what ideals you seek to live by or achieve: your
                    hopes & desires, your dreams, your aims,
                    your humanitarian concerns, your philan-
                    thropic efforts, your political ideals, how
                    you hope to change the world or your immedi-
                    ate environment, how you break the rules, how
                    you establish your individuality & freedom;
               how you relate to persons or groups of people who
                    share your ideals: friends, buddies, allies,
                    teammates, colleagues, comrades-at-arms,
                    fellow committee members, party members; how
                    you remain an individual while being part of
                    a group; how you act as a friend or teammate.

----------     how you sacrifice your self-interest to serve the
                    needs of others: social work, charity work,
                    volunteer work, being with people confined
                    in institutions (hospitals/asylums/prisons);
               how you surrender your sense of self (ego): to a
                    higher power, to Love, willingly to another
                    person, unwillingly to a dominant person,
                    unwittingly in a co-dependent relationship;
               how you are affected by things which are hidden:
                    sub-conscious fears/guilts/resentments/hates,
                    past-life karma, skeletons in closets, poten-
                    tially-damaging secrets, secret enemies or
                    saboteurs, secret plots, secret motives,
                    hidden agendas, suppressed knowledge, secret
                    societies, occult wisdom, hidden meanings.


     The 2ND, 6TH and 10TH Houses are known as the "Houses of
Substance".  You could do a "Success" spread by laying out 3
pairs of cards in the triangle shape formed by these 3 House
cusps at 8 o'clock, 4 o'clock and 12 o'clock; then interpreting
each pair of cards as the present state of affairs for that House
(left card) and the "advice" for improving things (right card).
     Whether using a horoscope chart or a Tarot card spread, for
a "Success" reading you can interpret these 3 Houses as follows:

2nd  HOUSE: your use of talents & resources, and how this affects
               your level of income or wealth.
6th  HOUSE: your work habits, work environment, relations with
               employers, employees, colleagues or clients; and
               how work affects health or health affects work.
10th HOUSE: your recognition, status, success, and satisfaction
               from doing your life work.

* Apply the THEMES of a planet or card to the ISSUES of a HOUSE *


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First published NOV 1996. Last Update 11JUN14 July 21 2001 21:00 EDT.

(c)1996-2014 Michael Star (World-wide rights reserved.)
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON, Canada L5G 4S7

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