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Taurus Horoscope.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope Forecast

Taurus the Bull

Astrological Symbol - The Bull (solid, strong)
Fixed Earth Sign (steady, sensual)
Ruled by Venus (Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty)

Taurus Tendencies: preserving, protecting, persisting, possessing, patience, practicality, pragmatism, procrastinating, pleasure-seeking, comfort-seeking, caution, common sense, sensuality, savouring, security, safety, stability, steadfastness, strong sense of values, stubbornness, loyalty, resourcefulness, reliability, resistance to change, avoidance of risk.

See some more Taurus traits at the Taurus Treats and Sensual Shopping page.

Free Weekly Horoscope.

This is a free general weekly horoscope forecast for people born with Sun in Taurus, or with Ascendant in Taurus, or with Taurus Rising in their natal horoscope. Weekly Horoscopes are updated every Monday after midnight (New York and Toronto time).

The Sun was in Taurus if you were born APR 20 to MAY 20 (plus or minus one day, depending on the year). A more personal monthly horoscope reading with more details may be ordered by selecting any |Read-You| or |YOUR Horoscope| hot-link on any menu at the STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine web site.

If you think you were born "on the cusp" or borderline of the next or previous Sun Sign, read the notes about cusps at the end of this page. To read more about the Rising Sign and Ascendant in your horoscope, see that section near the end of this page.

This free Taurus Weekly Horoscope Reading is displayed in the same plain text format in which Michael Star's many other types of horoscope readings would appear if you ordered your personal horoscope sent to you by email. If you would like to learn how an astrologer prepares a horoscope forecast like this, and how to use it, see Michael's explanation on the Solar Horoscopes page. On this page only: For the Thrifty Taurus.

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Free Taurus Weekly Horoscope.

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Michael is taking some time off after writing daily and weekly horoscopes for many years. Meanwhile, horoscopes from other sources will soon appear at

       YOUR  WEEKLY  F O R E C A S T  

     Taurus                  28DEC2009
     (c)2009 by MICHAEL STAR 'For Amusement'  Valid TODAY 28DEC2009 MON
     81 Lakeshore E. #51  Mississauga ON Canada L5G4S7 #F10000091228001
     As the Sun and Planets appear to travel through the 12 sectors of
     the sky called the "Houses" they INDICATE (do NOT create) certain
     emotions & experiences or events that could be manifesting in the
     lives of certain people in whose Houses the Sun & Planets appear
     during the time covered by the forecast.  (The House boundaries
     are based on the TIME of birth).  This "forecast" lists several of
     the MOST LIKELY EFFECTS as each Planet travels the House it's in
     ON the forecast date; which last until it reaches the next House.

     While Sun is in House 9  22 more days  22DEC09 to 19JAN10
     You focus on expanding your experience and/or your education.
     You encounter events and people which broaden your perspective.
     You feel like visiting foreign places or studying foreign ways.
     You study unfamiliar fields or philosophies or "foreign" ideas.
     You learn tolerance of others' views by meeting foreign people.
     You seek broader understanding of religious/metaphysical Truths.
     You seek to stretch your mind & your understanding in new ways.
     You may become concerned with legal principles or a legal case.

     While Mercury is in House 9  06DEC09 to  JAN10
     You think more of the meaning & purpose of Life; the Big Picture.
     Now you see things in a larger perspective--how everything fits.
     You are more curious about new & interesting ideas & developments.
     You are more curious about how other people think & act & live.
     You think about taking a trip to see things you're curious about.
     You're more interested in reading/talking about abstract ideas.
     You're more philosophical about things & tolerant of other ideas.
     You may get involved with publishing; higher education; the law.

     While Mercury is in House 10  JAN10 -
     You think about your "life work" and if it's working as you want.
     You make plans to get ahead in your career or whatever you "do".
     You talk to superiors about what you can do to improve your work.
     You talk to the boss about what it would take to get promoted.
     You begin some new studies or training to upgrade your skills.
     You get more involved in communication on the job--or about it.
     You get tangled in red tape or details & neglect bigger things.
     Your work involves advertising & sales; negotiations; or travel.

     While Venus is in House 9  26DEC09 - JAN10
     You perceive a beauty in things you never noticed until now.
     You learn Love can be expressed in ways other than your own ways.
     You become more capable of a higher love..."Unconditional Love".
     A loved one may open your mind to new ideas or new experiences.
     You become more inspired in any form of art & music & creativity.
     You may be exposed to new forms of art or music unlike any other.
     You attract or are attracted to someone who seems so unlike you.
     Any new romance may involve foreigners or travel or education.

     While Venus is in House 10  JAN10 -
     Your personal magnetism is greatest now in your working life.
     People you work with & people in authority look on you favourably.
     You project a more amiable air; people at work respond in kind.
     Things generally run smoothly in your business or working life.
     You're more interested in cooperation not conflict & competing.
     Your work may involve artwork or decorating or public relations.
     Any new romance at this time may involve someone you work with.
     You may be attracted to someone older or richer or more powerful.

     While Mars is in House 4 17OCT09 -
     An anger anchored in your memory surfaces if your chain is yanked.
     You may act inappropriately in the present...due to past habits.
     You may be compulsive about some things or act in irrational ways.
     You may react to or fight over things...yet not really know why.
     You may be touchy in relations with family or parents or women.
     You feel strongly about making your home the way you want it.
     You may feel ready to fight to defend your home or traditions.
     You may encounter opposition in your workplace or feel blocked.

     (c)1996-2015  STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine
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Taurus is the sensual Sign. For gift ideas for the sensual Taurus type, see the new
Taurus Treats and Sensual Shopping page.

About this Horoscope Forecast

This general Taurus horoscope forecast is based on an astrological technique called "the Solar Chart". Because the actual date and time and place of birth for a particular reader is not known, certain assumptions have been made to create this horoscope reading, which will apply to anyone born between APR 20 and MAY 20 (plus or minus one day, depending on the year) with Sun in Taurus, or with Ascendant in Taurus, and also to anyone with the Sign of Taurus Rising in their birth horoscope. It may be especially accurate if the Ascendant in your birth horoscope is near 0 degrees of the Sign of Taurus. If you know the Sign of your Ascendant, read the Weekly Horoscope for that Sign too - it may be more accurate than this Sun Sign horoscope, although both will apply to the issues and events coming up in your own life.

What is a real "Horoscope" ?

People often refer to a "future" forecast such as this one - or to the Sun Sign columns in magazines and newspapers - as a "horoscope". A horoscope is actually a MAP of Space-Time, an "image of the hour", as its Greek root words imply), which shows where the Sun and Moon and Planets are located in relation to each other, and to a particular place on Earth at a particular instant in Time.

The Natal Horoscope Chart

If that instant is the time of birth of an individual, then THAT horoscope is called a "natal horoscope" or "natal chart" or "birth chart". What the average person calls "a horoscope" is actually a reading of that map, or an interpretation in words of that horoscope chart's symbolic meaning. Unless you are a student of astrology who knows how to read the map, you will not get too much useful information from a real horoscope chart, any more than you would from looking at your own chest X-ray unless you were a doctor trained in reading X-ray images.

Your Personal Natal Horoscope Chart

You could order a personal Natal Chart with Planetary Aspect List here at STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine, but to understand it you would probably need to order one of the emailed Horoscope Readings in which Michael Star explains the meaning of your chart in plain English. A good start would be the "Six Pack" which includes a $5 Natal Chart plus five of the $5 Personality Readings for only $15 instead of $30. It's an inexpensive way to find out how much a real astrology reading can tell you about yourself from just your time and place of birth - perfect for a Taurus who wants practical proof, and loves a bargain. This set of Readings can also be ordered by people who do not know their actual TIME of birth - just the month, day, year and town (their Natal Chart will be done using the "Solar Chart" method).

If you were "born on the cusp" of a Sign

IF you were born within one day of either of the average dates given above, the SUN may have been in the ADJACENT Sign in your birth horoscope, depending on the YEAR and TIME and PLACE you were born (being on the border line is often called "being on the Cusp"). Some astrologers consider the Sun to be "on the cusp" of a Sign only if it is within one-half of a degree of the border between two Signs, which means within about 12 hours or less from the time the center point of the Sun actually crossed into the next Sign (the Sun travels about one degree per day on average). The newspaper horoscope columns lead people to believe they were "born on the cusp" - or even with the Sun in the wrong Sign - when they might actually have been born more than 24 hours before or after the time the Sun crossed into the next Sign. This is because the simplistic date ranges printed in newspapers can shift by one day depending on the actual year of birth - but they do not mention that fact. Only by having your personal Natal Horoscope Chart (birth chart) calculated accurately will you KNOW exactly where the Sun was. But you can GUESS, by reading the horoscope interpretations for BOTH Signs to see if one seems more accurate for you.

Your "Ascendant" and "Rising Sign"

If you know your "Ascending Sign" or "Rising Sign" is Taurus, you may find this horoscope forecast even more accurate, since this simplified Solar Chart is actually created by assuming the Ascendant (which is the Cusp of the First House) is at zero degrees of the Sign the SUN was in at your time and place of birth. If the Sun was in Taurus in your birth horoscope, then your Ascendant will likely be in Taurus too, IF you were born within about one minute to 120 minutes BEFORE sunrise, so you and other Taurus people with pre-dawn births may find this forecast especially accurate. (If you were born within the two hours AFTER sunrise, try reading the horoscope forecast for the next Sign AFTER your Sun Sign). The "Ascendant" is a point at a particular degree (0 to 29) within a particular Sign. The "Rising Sign" or "ascending Sign" is just the Sign which contains the Ascendant in a particular person's horoscope.

How to get a more accurate Horoscope Reading

Depending on your actual time of birth, the date ranges given in the weekly horoscope forecast would shift somewhat -- they would be earlier if born later. The best way to get a really accurate horoscope reading is to order your own Personal Horoscope Reading by Michael Star. For only US $15 you can receive five insightful one-page "Personality Readings" (about Romance, Love, Relationships, Seduction, and Psyche) plus your individual "Natal Chart and Aspect List", calculated accurately by computer using your unique birth data, and emailed to you within 24 hours - BEFORE you send your payment by check or money order or send your credit card data. See the "Six Pack" of readings P1-5 at the on-line |ORDER-FORM|. You can see examples of those Horoscope Readings on the sample Horoscopes page.

For the Thrifty Taurus

A Taurus loves a bargain, and the special "Six-Pack" of readings at 50% off the regular fees could appeal to people who want to see if real Astrology really works, and save some real money. It also makes a unique and highly personal gift for the Taurus who has everything, but could use some more. Other Personal Horoscope Readings by Michael Star (a Taurus) may be ordered on-line and emailed to you within 24 hours, for fees ranging from US $5 to $30. Payment may be made by personal check (USA, UK, and Canada), or money order, cash, or credit card in any major currency, the day AFTER you receive your Reading (on emailed orders up to US $80 only).

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Horoscope End.

Page Published APR 21 1997. Updated August 10 2014 12:00 EST.

Author and Address

(c)1996-2015 Michael Star, Astrologer
81 Lakeshore East #51, Mississauga ON,
Canada L5G 4S7

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Internet Web Site: STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine

Michael has posted frequently on the Usenet newsgroup: alt.astrology

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STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine was first published on the internet on JUL 27, 1996. Website design, HTML coding, web site maintenance, astrology software, and the horoscope interpretations on this page are the work of Michael Star, astrologer and horoscope software developer from Port Credit (Mississauga), Ontario, Canada.

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Some common misspellings of "astrology" and "horoscope" (to assist in Web searches): astrolgy, horiscope, astroligy, horscope, asrology, horrorscope, astroogy.

An "Astrologer" is sometimes called an "Astrologist". "Astrology" uses "Astronomy", but an "Astronomer" does not like being called an "Astrologer". "Astronomy" is a pure Science. "Astrology" is a divinatory Art based on the study and use of Astronomy. "Astro" comes from an ancient Greek word, "aster" (* as in "asterisk"), which means "star".

Astrologers are more interested in "planets" than the far-distant "stars", but the ancient astrologers used to call the planets "wandering stars", and that is what the word "planet" actually meant! Hey, they weren't so dumb - most people today probably don't realize the brightest "star" in the sky is actually the planet Venus, because it looks like a bright star from here. But if you watched it every night for a month, you would see that it "wandered" a little farther across the zodiac, while the other real stars stayed in the same positions, relative to each other. And it just won't twinkle like a real star. When you see the word "stars" in the works of Shakespeare or in the Bible, it usually refers to "planets".

To further confuse things, astrologers often use the term "Planets" as a convenient way to refer to the Sun and Moon and planets - even though they know darn well that the Sun is a real star and the Moon is a satellite of Earth. I just thought a practical Taurus like me should explain these things to you other Taureans who like things to "make sense". And of course, Venus is the planet which is said to "rule" Taurus, so you should at least know that Venus outshines all those other "stars", at least from our viewpoint here on Earth. And who is more down-to-earth than a Taurus, or more appreciative of a heavenly body like Venus?

Taurus motto.

"Your horoscope is the map of your Soul's journey.
Astrology is how to read it."
(c)1996 Michael Star

Taurus Motto: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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