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With a web site that "sells"
you can make money from home
or build a profitable small business

A pretty web site that just sits there won't make you any money!

If you hope to earn a good income by building a small business or home business on the Web and compete with thousands of other people doing the same thing, I recommend you find out how to do it fast - and how to do it right the first time. It's not as easy as the promoters of "get rich quick" books and marketing plans try to convince you, but you can certainly succeed with your new Web business if you have the best tools and techniques.

That's why I want to tell you about Site Build-It!. It's the best way to start a business on the Web, for it provides everything you need to know and do... market research, choosing a name, domain name registration, company logo design and creation, web site design, professional web hosting, search engine optimization and submission, automatic monitoring of search engine listings, auto responders, mail list management, managing bids on pay-per-click search engines, and most everything else you need to run a profitable small business on the Web.

This could help you build a part-time business or a full-time business quickly and successfully - in days, not months - and even if you are a complete "newbie" to the Net. You could even build a web site that will bring more customers or clients to your real-world store or professional office - even if you run a local business that only draws its customers from your home town or region.

Save Time, Reduce Expenses, Increase Sales, Earn More Profits

This isn't just a web site design and hosting service. It's not something that lets you build a "cookie cutter" web site and then pay for it to just sit there - where no one will find your business and no one will buy from you.

This is a whole system designed to build a web site that gets found by customers who want to buy what you want to sell.

This is a system designed to build and maintain and promote a profitable web business - one that you can start in your spare time for a small investment, then soon turn into a serious money-making machine. It's perfect for a one-woman or one-man business, or a husband-and-wife home business, because it was designed for the small business, not some big corporation or some new dot-com venture with lots of start-up capital.

Yet it works so well that even highly successful Net-savvy entrepreneurs and "marketing gurus" are getting their own Site Build-It! sites to run their next new Web business. Why? Because they see it's a more cost-effective and time-saving way to start a successful new Web site that works.

Using Site Build-It! to build your web business will save you tons of time so you can spend more time actually doing business! Its many automated functions will free you from nearly 90% of the necessary but complicated and boring tasks (the "grunt work"), and leave you more time to do what you love to do - and what you do best!

What's even more important... it does things better, because everything is designed to work together to meet the needs of a small business whose ultimate goal is to increase sales, reduce expenses, and earn a profit.

This wasn't designed by some big corporation which just threw together some of its services to sell as a so-called "solution" at inflated prices. It was designed by a man who started out like you and me, and still works from his home. Only he now heads a very large and successful company called SiteSell that was built from scratch using all the same techniques and tools you get with your Site Build-It! system. He has "been there, done that" and did it very well. He knows what the small businessman needs to succeed on the Web.

Dr. Ken Evoy is a man of integrity who really has "walked the walk" and earned the right to "talk the talk" - and have people listen and learn from his experience. He has made enough money to never work again, but now he is devoted to the business of helping other entrepreneurs do what he has already done.

Frankly, if you are using any collection of separate services or any competitor's web-design and web-hosting "solution" to run your Web business, you are probably paying too much - or getting too little! Site Build-It! does more, does it better, and does it for less money. And without the aggravation. Stick with me here, and I'll tell you why...

Buying Time

When you buy a Site Build-It! system, you are also buying time:

(1) The TIME you will save in getting your business working on the Web (in days, not weeks or months). Let's assume that your web business is a success, and that by 2004 it is making $2000 per month for you. What that means is that if you had started one month earlier, you would have made an extra $2000 in 2004. The time you can save in getting started quickly is actually worth a lot of money to you.

(2) The TIME you will save every day in getting your business to make money for you. When you are successful, your time is worth a lot of money. The time you don't have to spend on the boring things a computer could do for you is time you could invest in doing more things to make money.

(3) The TIME you will not have to spend on studying manuals and learning the technical things a web master must know. When most of the "techie" stuff is handled for you automatically in the background, the time you save can be better invested in studying ways to make your business make more money!

(4) The TIME you will not have to spend on submitting your site's pages to the search engines and monitoring the results and re-submitting pages to make sure they get listed high enough in searches so your customers will find them. Investing time in these tasks is essential to your success, but when an automated system can do it quicker and better, the time you save can be invested in doing other things to market and promote your web business.

(5) The TIME you will not have to waste in learning things the hard way. Here is a system that is already working for thousands of small business owners, so why not just use it yourself instead of trying to cobble together something that may not work as well? Every week you spend on getting started is a week you are not making any money. Every week you save in getting your business running could mean more money for you - probably more than you'll pay for the whole Site Build-It! system for a whole year.

(6) The TIME you will not have to waste on making mistakes that could lose money or lose an opportunity to make money. We all learn from mistakes, but why pay for them when you don't really have to? People who have built successful money-making systems have already made those mistakes ...and learned how not to make them any more! By using a successful system, you will save yourself that time and trouble - so you can save the money you would have lost, or make the money you would not have made.

When I looked at the Site Build-It! system for the first time, I already had been running a web business for several years. I had already been doing things the hard way, and I had already made a lot of mistakes that I knew had lost me money or had cost me money I could have made. So it was easy for me to see that because I had not been able to use a system like this when I first started my web business, the cost of the system itself is actually far less than the money I lost by not using it.

We all think it's a good idea to pay money for insurance so we don't lose a lot more money later if something goes wrong. I look at this system as a kind of "success insurance" - and I'm willing to pay some money for it so that I don't waste or lose a lot more money on things that might go wrong in the way I run my web business.

Actually, it's better than insurance, because it helps make things work right and thus helps me save time and money, even when things don't go wrong.

In any case, I will end up paying for many things this system does, even if I use some other services and tools - such as $240 or more per year just for web site hosting and $10-35 per year for domain name registration. When I deduct all those usual expenses from the cost of the whole Site Build-It! system, it seems like all the other great stuff the Site Build-It! system does won't even cost me anything more. Compared to what I have already paid and will have to keep paying, it almost seems like I am getting all those extra features for free! And that's why I didn't hesitate to get one for myself. (In 2003 I got two more.)

Site Build-It! is the ideal solution for a "one-person" or part-time business, because it includes EVERYTHING you will need for one low annual fee - way less than I was paying for separate tools and services. The company and its owner developed these tools to build a very successful business from scratch, just as you are about to do. Dr. Ken Evoy has integrity and a good reputation, and his training materials are excellent and easy to follow, making it easy for even a newbie to create a professional web site that actually attracts many potential customers and sells services or products and makes a profit.

Your Site Is Your Store - But You Still Need More

Where other companies offer their separate parts, Site Build-It! is already way ahead of the rest in innovation and performance and price, and its inventors are always creating even more highly useful features and functionality - which they often add without increasing the cost to you!

They don't believe in the "hype" and the "get rich quick without any effort" fairy tales that you often see touted on the Web by scammers who are getting rich only by selling people promises they can't keep. They believe in building a business from the ground up, doing things the right way and the most efficient and cost-effective way. They believe that a small business owner should not have to spend too much time and money on the "technical" side of his Web business, so that he has more time and money to invest in his real business - which is to make sales and earn profits!

All the tools they provide are designed with that goal in mind - to help you build a successful business that makes more money in less time, and with the least amount of trouble.

I can't help thinking that if MicroSoft did things this way, we'd have computers which actually did what we wanted them to do, and software which went down in price instead of up!

If You Build It, Will They Come?

I work from home and make my living on the Web from my own business. I spent a lot of time building my web site and writing the content it offers, but I have never spent any money on advertising or promoting it. So how did I get people to come to my web site, if I didn't spend money to advertise it or spend a lot of time to actively promote it?

The answer to that question is what made me realize what makes Site Build-It! different from all the other web-creation and web-hosting "solutions" out there on the Web. This is why it works so well, when other "solutions" fail to deliver what you hoped to gain by using them.

Give the People What They Want!

Site Build-It! is designed to build the kind of Web site that naturally attracts the people who are looking to buy what you are offering to sell.

And it lets you do that without having to spend lots of money on advertising and promotion.

It has been said about the Internet that Content Is King! People are looking for "content", not come-ons and con-jobs. They want information, and you would be wise to provide useful information about the topic they are interested in.

If you provide it, they will come.

Not only will people come to your site to get the information you provide, other sites will link to your site when they see that it provides information which THEIR visitors would find interesting or useful. They will do this because it makes THEIR site a more valuable resource to their own visitors, a place where they can find all they are looking for when they want to learn about a certain subject.

If your site has information related to other subjects, you could get lots of visitors coming to your site after finding a reference and link to your site on other sites. Some web masters might even recommend your site as a great place to find more information. These links from related sites not only send you more highly-targeted traffic - people who are looking for what you are offering - but the links also help increase your popularity rating with search engines like Google which count the number of incoming links to your site.

Well over 100 other sites have chosen to link to my site without my asking them to, and I get many new visitors from those sites every day.

I got my site listed on several directories related to the theme of my site, and one of those directory sites sends me over 700 visitors per day. Another one sends over 400 per day.

And the search engines (especially Google and MSN) send a lot of visitors to my site every day.

I don't have to pay anything for all those visitors! And it gets better...

Since these people were actually "searching" for what my site offers, they are the people who are most likely to BUY something!

My site actually made a US $30 sale the first day I put it on the Web, because I had been participating in a newsgroup online and mentioned my new site there. Someone who had seen my previous posts chose to come to my site to get what they wanted to buy. That one sale was enough to make my site "profitable" right from day one, since the monthly expenses were so low - less than that $30.

Free Traffic Means Lower Costs And Higher Profits

That was back in 1996, and things have changed since then. But when you read about the system I am now recommending to anyone who is starting out in 2004, you will see that it is still possible to get lots of free traffic to your web site and keep the expenses low enough to make some good profits from your web business.

Whatever you don't have to spend on advertising and promotion is money you get to keep for yourself. When it comes to the bottom line, not spending more money is as good as making more money.

Links from Sites and Search Engines Keep the Visitors Coming
- Automatically, and Without Any More Time or Effort or Expense!

When you use advertising to promote your Web business and get the paying customers to your site, you have to keep advertising and keep paying to advertise. It takes time, and it can take a lot of money. And you can't afford to stop, or you won't have any more visitors and customers!

But when you have lots of incoming links from other web sites, and have many pages listed high in the search results when people use the search engines, the visitors just keep on coming even if you don't do anything more!

Bring Online Customers To Your Offline Business

Even if you operate a local business such as a store or professional service, you can use this same system as a constant source of new customers who will find you on the Web and then contact you in person - and it will cost you less than you would pay for a medium sized ad in your local Yellow Pages phone directory (and probably bring you more paying customers).

More and more people are getting on the Internet, so more are likely to find you when YOUR business is on the Net. If they DON'T find you there, maybe they will be finding your competitors instead?

Search engines don't play favorites in their search results - so if a customer wants some information or wants to buy something and searches for it, but he doesn't see your business listed in the search results above your competitors, what is he likely to do? He'll click on the link to one of your competitors. It won't do you any good to be on page 5 when your competitors are on page 1 - and you won't be found at all if you don't have your web site listed in the search engines.

It may seem difficult to get your site listed high in the search engines when there are so many web sites competing for the same customers. But when you are a local business, it's not a problem at all. Just make sure you include the name of your city or town in the title of your main web page, and try to place that town name close to the key words you think your visitors will be searching for.

How many competitors do you have in your own town or city? How many have gotten around to putting up a web site to attract local customers? If you have less than 11 competitiors in your town who have web sites, when someone searches for "widgets in Hometown" you are almost certain to show up on the first page if you have included "Hometown" in your page's title and description and content. All the other competing businesses on the Web won't have "Hometown" mentioned on their pages at all, so they won't show up first in a search.

In my field of "astrology" there are thousands of competitors on the Web, and the city of Toronto is the largest in Canada. But if you search on Google for "astrologers in Toronto", you will usually see one of my pages listed first.

Building Trust Builds Your Business

People don't go looking for sales pamphlets and "sales pitches" - they go looking for solutions to their problems or answers to their questions. They want information before they want your product or service.

You need to offer "content" on your web site to attract visitors and build their trust in you, so that they will feel comfortable buying from you or using the services you provide for a fee.

Sometimes they don't buy from you at first, but when they are ready to buy they will prefer to buy from the person they have come to trust, the one who freely gave them some useful information when they were still "shopping around" or just looking to learn something.

And you need to make sure they can find that "content" by being listed on the first few pages when they use a search engine to find what you offer, and/or by having other sites providing links to your site - sites whose visitors may also be interested in what you have to offer.

If you can't attract potential customers this way, you will have to spend a lot of money to buy advertising or do other promotions - which will increase your expenses and reduce your profits, even if the advertising "works" well enough (which may not be the case).

And if you haven't built the trust that "pre-sells" your potential customers, you will find fewer of your site's visitors actually become paying customers. To bring in the people who will buy without that trust being built, you will have to spend even more money on advertising and promotion because you will need to bring even more people to your web site to profit from that smaller percentage of visitors who will actually buy from you.

It's Not The Number Of Hits, But The Number Of Sales!

Getting potential customers to find your site is of prime importance, but note that we are talking about potential customers, not visitors. Getting lots of visitors to your site is not the same as making lots of money from your site!

You need to attract the visitors who want to buy something from you. That is why search engine listings and links from other sites are so important to your success.

The people who find your site that way are already looking for what you are offering! They want it, and they want it now. What could be better?

These are the best prospects to become your paying customers - and make you profits. Actually, there is something better - you don't even have to spend any money to find them! Now, can it get any better than this?

One site, whose "content" is basically a convenient way of listing other sites that offer daily and weekly horoscopes for free, sends more than 700 visitors per day to my site. And I see from the results of a "where did you find my site?" question I ask on my order form that I get quite a few paying customers who came from a link on that other site.

I don't have to pay to be listed on that site. I am listed because my site offers content which is considered valuable to the visitors of that site.

By offering free "content" I don't have to pay money to get visitors who could become customers. What "content" can you offer to the visitors you want to attract?

When I first started out in 1996, I intuitively knew that this was the way to attract customers when I didn't have any money to spend on advertising, so I kept adding more and more articles about astrology to my site. Each of those pages which got listed in the search engines or linked to from other sites became a kind of "sales letter" for my business, and most of my paying customers found me after finding one of those informative articles in the search engines, or mentioned on another web site.

Site Build-It! is based on this same philosophy of: "Give, then get". It is based on the theory that "content is King". It helps you build your site's "content", but first it helps you find what content to offer to get the kind of visitors you think will become your customers. Then it helps you get those "content" pages listed high in the search engines, so that the people who want what you offer will find you - and all without having to pay for advertising.

Most hosting services do nothing to help you build your business this way - the smart way. And of those which do help you create web pages, few if any seem to believe that it is the "content" that brings in the visitors and helps convert them to satisfied customers. The people who designed Site Build-It! know this is the way to build a successful web business, because that is how they built their hugely successful SiteSell company on the Web.

Create great content pages, then get them listed high in the search engines. Then people who are interested in your content will come to read those pages - and learn to trust you as someone who is willing and able to help them find what they need.

Now you know what works. How are you going to go about doing it?

I decided that getting a Site Build-It! site will help me do that in less time and for less money - even though I have done the same thing on my own before and been fairly successful using the old methods. They just do it better, and they provide all the tools and techniques I need - and all in one convenient place.

And from using their tools and teaching techniques I have learned a few things I did not know before - things which will make my next web site even more successful. From my point of view, it's a good deal. And for someone just starting out with a new web business, it's got to be the best deal anywhere!

Success Means Working Smarter, Not Harder

Just in case you are thinking about using Site Build-It! to build a new web business, remember that the fee includes commercial-grade web hosting. You don't need to find a hosting service for your site and pay another $100-$240 per year for hosting. You don't even have to register the domain name, for domain name registration and renewal is included too! That's another $10-$30 per year you don't have to spend. And it's automatic, once you use the brainstorming tools to choose the best domain name for your web site.

Being quite aware of what I have been paying for hosting and domain registration, I was ready to "discount" the cost of a Site Build-It! site by the same amount. Since I got stuck with NetworkSolutions as my domain registrar for another year, I had to pay $30 each for three of my domain names, and I am now paying a minimum of $20 per month (=$240 per year) for web hosting (not even counting the extra monthly fees for extra bandwidth).

That's US $270 per year I won't have to pay for my next site if I use Site Build-It!, so their fee looks a lot lower to me by comparison. When I looked at all the extra features I got for the extra money, it really looked like a bargain to me. And it is.

In your case, something similar may apply when you add up what you would pay for hosting and your domain name - so keep that in mind when you see what your total yearly fee for Site Build-It! would be. There are no hidden costs or extra costs, as there are with some other kinds of web hosting, so be aware of that too.

You get all the goodies for one annual fee that's way less than you would pay for similar services from separate sources. I paid US $150 for a great search engine submitter and optimizer tool called Web Position Gold. If I already had a Site Build-It! system, I would not have needed to buy that software. Neither will you.

Don't Pay For Your Mistakes, Pay For What Works!

If only there had been something like Site Build-It! available when I started out, I think I would be much more successful and be making much more money today. And it would probably have cost me less than I spent on books and software tools and domain registration and hosting services (and lost by all the mistakes I made) if I had just started out using this all-in-one system in the first place.

Also be aware that many paid commercial hosting services offer some kind of simple web page creation tools or templates, but they don't help you design web pages which will actually rank high in the search engines and send you many visitors who are looking for what you offer - all without paying anything for listings or advertising.

These page building tools can make you pretty pages, but few people will see them if they don't get ranked high enough in the search engines. How often did you ever go past page two or three of the results listings when you were searching for something?

You can make pretty pages yourself by using some of the easy web authoring tools available today, even the free ones. Dreamweaver is an expensive but very popular tool with web site builders, and I may get it someday - but for now I still hand-code my pages in HTML using NoteTab Pro from Fookes Software (costs US $20 and is better than most other word processors, yet also has time-saving tools for HTML coding and a way to search-and-replace text throughout your entire hard drive - so I use it for everything).

But few people will see your site if you don't optimize your pages to get listed on the first few pages of a search engine's search results for certain key words or phrases related to your products or services.

Do you even know HOW to optimize a page to get it ranked high in the search engines? Or will you make some innocent mistake that always keeps it from getting a high ranking, no matter how great your page's "content" is?

Be aware that there are some mistakes you can innocently make, but which the search engines could consider as "spamming" them. And they will likely delete your entire site from their database and ban it from ever appearing there again. Or for lesser infractions, they will assign a "penalty" which will lower your ranking so far that no one will ever see your page show up in a search for your key words or phrases.

Do It Right The First Time

Site Build-It! is designed to help you create pages that conform to search engine guidelines and DO get ranked high in their listings - even on the first page in a search for your chosen key words and phrases! Many users of Site Build-It! have gleefully reported how their site's pages are showing up in top positions on Google and other search engines - and within a fairly short period of time.

Others are reporting positions on Alexa in the top 100,000 out of more than 2 million web pages which Alexa tracks and ranks by volume of traffic. That means their site is in the top 5% for number of visitors, which means "lots of potential customers".

This emphasis on search engine optimization for YOUR key words is what really makes Site Build-It! worth far more than you pay for it - it helps you bring in more potential customers who are actually searching for exactly what you are offering! And that means more sales and more profits for your business!

How To Bring In The Buyers

This is your business and your source of income we are talking about. Your web site is your "store" so you need to make it look professional and you need to make it easy for your customers to find you!

Most web sites are just sales flyers floating around in cyberspace where no one will see them. But if you optimize your web site's pages so the search engines like them and rank them high, you will attract thousands of "targeted" visitors without even having to pay for advertising.

If you do this right, you'll be way ahead of the millions of web site owners who are doing it wrong!

I have never paid to advertise my site, and it now draws over 50,000 "unique" visitors per month and is ranked in the top 25,000 sites on the Web by Alexa. I have seen people using Site Build-It! get ranked in the top 100,000 within a few months.

That is darn good, when you consider that Alexa rates over 2 million web sites! It means being in the top 100,000 is being in the top 5% - which means being ahead of 95% of the other web sites! Which one is more likely to succeed - a site in the top 5% of sites that get the most traffic, or one in the other 95% that don't?

Make Your Site Sell

Getting visitors to come to your site is just the first step.

It's still up to you to "sell" those visitors on buying your service or product once they get to your site, but you will find that the Site Build-It! web site also offers some really excellent books (and free introductory courses) on how to "Make Your Site Sell" (that inexpensive book is now considered the "bible" of web site design and promotion) and how to "Make Your Words Sell" (a guide to writing persuasive sales copy and ads).

Much of the knowledge provided in those books is incorporated into the Site BuildIt! system and extensive training materials, but you may still want to get your own copy of those books and learn all the useful tips and techniques on copywriting and sales which you can apply to your business.

If you only have $20 to invest in a web business... I would strongly suggest that you invest in Ken Evoy's e-book called Make Your Site Sell. It contains 1500 easy-to-read pages packed with information on everything you need to build a web business, and is worth far more than you pay for it. And it's a bargain when compared to all the other e-books which claim to help you start a web business or home business. Don't like reading e-books? You can get it in hardcover too, for a bit more money. Make this your FIRST book, and you may not need most of the other ones!

It really is that good. I got one, then told a friend about it. He got one too, and must have thanked me at least five times over the course of the next year! He went from being a complete computer novice to someone with a profitable web site listed in the Yahoo directory. And all he ever bought was that Make Your Site Sell book. We love Ken Evoy...

By the way, my friend paid $1000 to a web site designer for a 5-page site, and then the designer left the country! He had to ask my help to be able to make changes on his own pages, and add an order form. Later, with the $20 Make Your Site Sell book, he learned how to do all this himself, and got many ideas for promoting his business and getting listed in the search engines. Now he often quotes Ken Evoy to me!

Getting It All Together - Step-by-Step Success

Site Build-It!  helps you design everything "from the ground up" and even helps you choose your domain name, doing this with high search engine rankings as the primary goal. It includes EVERYTHING you need to get your business on the Web easily and quickly (even if you are a complete novice), including training and tips, domain name research and registration (annual registration fee is included), logo design, web page design, automatic submission of your pages to the search engines the "right" way, monitoring and reporting your rankings over time, web site hosting for one year, and a newsletter mail-out service (now with automatic "open rate" tracking of how many of your letters were actually opened by the people you sent them to!).

It even includes a tool to help you place and automatically monitor your bids on pay-per-click search engines like Overture. You don't need to spend any more money on manuals and software tools and other services - it's all provided for with one low annual fee!

The Best Gets Better

And there are more features being added at no extra cost! Useful features such as:

Full integration with popular HTML editor programs like DreamWeaver, so you can add and change your web pages using your own favorite tools.

A two-tier affiliate program manager like the one SiteSell uses, so you can set up your own affiliate program to attract affiliates who will market your service or product for you on a pay-per-sale basis. This would cost you a lot to implement and maintain. It comes included with Site Build-It!.

An effective link exchange system so you can get links to your site from other web sites who can refer customers to you. I almost bought some software to do this, which would cost me US $100. The same functionality is included with Site Build-It!

What really impresses me about Site Build-It! is that everything is INCLUDED, everything is INTEGRATED, and EVERYTHING WORKS!

What impresses me even more is that the single annual fee for the entire package is less than the separate fees you would have to pay for some of its functions if you tried to buy similar services elsewhere on the Web. For example, any ONE of these single services like web hosting, newsletter management, or autoresponders could cost you about $20 per month, which is $240 per year - just for that ONE useful function. And if you're not a savvy shopper you might pay double that amount per year for one or two services. But with Site Build-It! you get ALL the functions you need for about $42 per month! And some of them, you can't even get anywhere else.

E-Commerce For Everyone

Also being added soon (at a reasonable extra cost) is a full e-commerce package so you can set up a shopping cart on your site and automatically take credit card payments online. You can already integrate your site with a PayPal account or your own merchant account if you want. (But it's not easy to convince your bank to let you have your own merchant account for a web business where there are no signed transaction forms. PayPal is a new and much less expensive solution available to many web business owners.)

If you are selling products like e-books or software which can be downloaded, there will soon be a way to integrate automatic delivery into your Site BuildIt! web site. With the exception of the e-commerce package, all these extra features will be included for your original annual fee. Other e-commerce packages cost a lot, but I suspect this one will cost far less than what other companies are charging - the one I use costs me US $35 per month just to maintain my account for taking Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards - PLUS $1 per credit card transaction processed, PLUS nearly 4% of the sale. And I had to pay another $400 just to get it set up!

A Business That Makes Money While You Sleep

I just mentioned "automatic delivery". Let's stop for a moment and consider the implications of AUTOMATING your web business. If you can set up a shopping cart and online credit card transaction processing, you can make sales while you sleep!

Better yet, if you can sell products or information which can be downloaded after the customer has paid by credit card, you can even deliver the products while you sleep! When your shopping cart and transaction processing service are integrated with your "delivery" process, your customer can download your product right after he pays for it by credit card or by PayPal - because the system automatically assigns him a username and password, then sends him to a private "download" page where he can use that password to access the file. If you ever bought an ebook or software online, you have probably seen such a system in operation.

In others words, you can have a business that runs itself when you are not even there! It's like having a money machine in your basement which just keeps creating money for you all day and all night - even while you go on vacation!

All you have to do is (1) keep the customers coming to your web site (via search engines and links from other sites, and maybe from your own newsletter mailing list), (2) keep the information on your site up to date or constantly improving and expanding, and (3) keep the automated system operating.

Let Your Business Buy You Quality Time

You probably won't want to sleep all the time, so you could spend time with your family, indulge yourself in a pastime or hobby or entertainment, or go on a vacation - and your automated web business could go on working while you were away and keep bringing in more sales and profits for you. They say "time is money" - but I say "money buys time". The more money I can make in less time, the more time I have to do the other things that make life worth living!

Work From Home, Work From Anywhere

If you get sick, your site keeps working and making money for you. If the weather is bad, you don't have to drive to work that day. In fact, you can run your web business from home and never commute again! I have even run mine from an Internet cafe in Florida while I was on vacation. From the start, my goal was to set up my Web business so that I could run it from anywhere in the world. All I need is my notebook computer and a connection to the Internet.

Working at home is great, but sometimes I need to "get out" more, and I often take my notebook computer and work in a restaurant or the local pub. In the warm summer months, I work outside on the patio. When and where I work is my own choice, not the dictate of some "employer" who assumes he can tell me when to get up and where to go. I retired my alarm clock years ago, and I like that!

A Business Grows in Cyberspace

And the really nice thing about a web business is that it tends to grow all by itself as more people find it and more people get on the Internet. Your income tends to keep going up, even if you aren't actually doing more work or spending more time at work. Once you set up your system, you can make what is called "passive income" - meaning you make money without actually showing up for work.

Passive Income - The Reward For Working Smarter

If that sounds a lot like the rich people who can make money without actually working, simply by investing their large amount of "capital"... it is! But when you don't already have huge sums of money to invest, you can invest in your own business by using your time and talents instead of those large amounts of cash.

A profitable business actually makes a lot more money per year than money of equivalent value which sits in a bank account, which is why people will pay a lot of money for a business that is making money. When you want to retire, you can always sell your money-making business for cash, and you may be surprised how much it is worth to someone who wants it!

Note that you cannot sell your "job" when you retire, but you CAN sell your business. Your business IS your pension plan.

The Best Investment

Just a little side note here... did you ever stop to think that a merchant who can buy a product at wholesale and then sell it for a 40% profit a month later is actually making a LOT better rate of return on his investment (the cost of the product) than he would ever make in the stock market? He just made 40% in one MONTH, not in one year! If he did that every month (and he could) then he would make more than 480% per YEAR on his recurring investment in his own business.

Wouldn't it be crazy for him to put that money into the stock market or bonds - or even a good, safe bank account? He could make way more on his money by investing in his own profitable business!

On the web, it IS possible to make that kind of "return" on your investment - especially when you are selling "intangible" products like computer software or ebooks, which actually cost little to produce or to license from the author, and cost nothing to store, and cost little to deliver by download.

In some cases, the greatest part of your "investment" is just the cost of setting up and maintaining your web site. No rent for a store, no insurance, no fees for heat and electricy and water, no property taxes, no employees' salaries - just a web site and the tools to run it successfully. If you do things right, that small investment in a web business can make you a lot of money!

The Multiplication Factor - Making Multiple Income Streams

Of course, you may not want to just take it easy when your web site is making money almost automatically. You may want to make even more money by working harder or smarter. You might enjoy the challenge of a new venture. So you could set up more web sites with automated systems to increase the total income you can make without showing up to do the work. You can invest some time to start a new web business with another web site, and then watch it grow into another source of income which multiplies your previous income by a factor of two or more.

The more times you do this, the more income you can make, and it keeps coming in from all those automated web businesses you have set up. You will not "have all your eggs in one basket", so if one type of business hits a slump, your other ones may still be making money for you. And, of course, no one can "fire" you from your own business!

Lower Expenses Mean Lower Risk And More Security

If you keep your business expenses low, you won't even have to "downsize" when times are tough for business. With lower expenses (such as lower advertising costs) you can hang on longer in hard times, while others have to give up and go out of business. Many small businesses have prospered at the same time when many over-funded and over-extended dot-coms were downsizing or going into bankruptcy. I know that my little business has grown and generated more income every month in 2002 - and that keeps reinforcing my faith that having my own small business is the best way to live the lifestyle I want to live.

Don't Be A Techie, Be A Business Builder

This has happened to me at times, and it might happen to you... you start out doing what you love and trying to make a living doing it, then you end up spending too much of your time on all the little "technical" tasks that go along with running your business on the Web.

You have to search for software or services that will do what needs to be done, then read the technical manuals so you know how to use them. You have to keep submitting your site's pages to the search engines, and keep checking to see where they are ranked in the search engines. The tasks seem to expand to fill the time you have available.

Eventually, you start spending more time on the "techie" stuff and less time on your business itself! And those nitty-gritty things may not be as much fun as what you expected to be doing when you dreamed up your great business idea.

Techies are wonderful people, and they probably love doing all that great technical stuff that helps build a web business and keep in running. But most of them have not built their own business - or they wouldn't be working for someone who has. If you want to be a successful business builder, don't let your business turn you into a techie.

Let the computers and the techies do the techie stuff, while you do the other important stuff it takes to build your business. Spend your time getting information that gives you new ideas to improve your business, or ideas you can use to start a new business.

When you are "CEO" of your own business, you will generate more money by investing your time on "ideas" and strategies. You will be more successful if you delegate the "implementation" to computers and to the people who can't do the things that you do best.

Site Build-It! is designed to provide the small business owner ALL the tools and services he needs to set up and operate a successful commercial web site, all in one place, and all for one affordable yearly fee. No need to keep buying new software or other services, and no need to worry about buying updated versions of software, because it is constantly being refined and updated at the SiteBuildIt! headquarters and made available to you online as you use the tools.

If search engines change the way they rank pages or the way they want pages to be submitted for inclusion in their database, then the techies at Site Build-It! headquarters adjust this so your page submission and rank reporting tools are always working efficiently. You don't even have to think about keeping up to date - it's all done for you automatically.

You don't have to think much about the technical stuff or the necessary but boring maintenance tasks. Instead, you can think about how to make more sales and more profits!

Learning The Hard Way -or- Doing It The Easy Way

I built my first Web site back in 1996, and made a lot of mistakes which YOU won't have to make when you use Site Build-It! I spent a lot of money to buy books and software to help me design and promote my site. I did everything the hard way and wasted a lot of time and money before I got it right.

In spite of all that wasted time and effort, Alexa now ranks my site in the top 25,000 sites out of millions of sites on the Web (based on number of visitors). So you are hearing this from someone who has "been there, done that".

But still I bought a Site Build-It! system to create my NEXT site, and bought two more sites in January 2003 - mainly because it can do things better and in less time than I can do them myself.

And I love the brainstorming and market research tools they provide to help you decide which themes and keywords offer the best chance of attracting the kinds of customers you want - even the best words to include in your site's domain name so you can get high-placed listings in the search engines.

A Better Way To Build Your Business

Site Build-It! is a great value at the regular price, and was an incredible bargain with the 2-for-1 offer at Christmas time! I can activate the second site at a later date, or sell it to a friend to split the cost, so we each get a site for half price.

So if you are thinking about getting your own Site Build-It! web site, DON'T register your domain name until AFTER you have used the brainstorming and market research tools. Domain name registration is included in the fee anyways, so don't waste money paying some outside registrar for the same thing.

You want your domain name to be the one most suited to your business, one that both lets people know what you do, and also one that will help your site get listed higher in the search engines. Having certain key words in your domain name is important to both "brand recognition" and search engine rankings. Wait until you do the research before you choose that domain name.

More Than You Bargained For

You cannot go wrong with Site Build-It! or with Dr. Ken Evoy and his SiteSell company. I can attest to his reputation for "over-delivering" - which means you will think you are buying a great product at a great price, and then when it's delivered you'll find you got even more than you expected!

Even some of the top web marketing gurus are now buying and recommending Site Build-It! sites as the most cost-effective way to sell products and services on the Web. Many of his customers are reporting that they have gotten top listings on Google and other search engines, and then many visitors who find their site in searches. It really IS that good!

Ken Evoy is so confident you will be pleased with his service, that he offers a money-back guarantee where you can even keep the domain name he registered for you.

Comparing Costs: "Count Up The Nickels And Dimes"

What follows is a comparison of Site Build-It! to the commercial web design and hosting service offered by the well-known company, VeriSign. It was written by Ken Evoy because many people were asking him about "the competition".

What may look like a low base price at first can be a bad bargain when you add up the extra fees. With Site Build-It! you don't have to worry about being "nickel-and-dimed" for the features you will need but were not mentioned in the basic fee.

I think that after you see the difference between what you actually pay for Verisign versus Site Build-It! you will realize why Site Build-It! is the best solution at the best price for any small business owner - whether he does business world-wide or just locally in his home town.

Support For The Small Business Owner

Ken Evoy's SiteSell corporation seems to be the only company which really "gets it" in understanding the needs of the small business owner, and is always creating and improving services which can do the important but time-consuming "technical" tasks - and do them well at a low cost. This lets the small business owner concentrate on what he does best... doing business and making profits!

Minimum Investment For Maximum Profits

You could build and maintain a web site for a whole year using Site Build-It! for less than you would pay for a Yellow Pages ad in your home town phone directory! And it will probably bring you a lot more paying customers. This is the way to go when you want your own profitable web site that can make the most money from the minimum investment of time and effort and expense - or trouble. With the Site Build-It! system, building your business could be fun instead of frustrating!

- Michael Star,   Publisher of

P.S. Site Build-It! will soon add (at a reasonable extra cost) a complete e-commerce package with shopping cart, credit card processing, and delivery of downloadable products such as ebooks. (Just to process credit card transactions online through my present service, I am paying more per year than I now pay for the entire Site Build-It! package of services.)


What's the Difference Between SBI and VeriSign?

Dr. Ken Evoy, President of SiteSell, replies...

Remember that age-old philosophical riddle?...

If a tree falls in a far-away forest, with no one around... 

Does it make a sound?


If a Web site sits out there in "the blue nowhere of
cyberspace" and no one visits...

Does it make any business?

And if not, why pay for it?

We'll see how this applies in just a minute.


Site Build-It!  isn't the only product available claiming to
be the "ultimate" solution for small business owners on the
Net.  However, while some of our competitors' services
appear sufficient AT FIRST GLANCE, it turns out that they're
masters at mastering "the first glance."

So take a CLOSER look at any offering that you THINK might
compete with SBI!.  A closer inspection will most certainly
reveal them to be anything but true "competition."

In fact, all these "small business solutions" make great
case studies on how to "nickel and dime" your customers to
death.  It must be painful, getting hit with all those
nickels and dimes all year long!

So what brought on this favorite pet peeve rant?

Someone sent us an e-mail the other day, asking us...

"What's the difference between SBI! and Verisign?"

It could have been any one of several other major providers
of "small business solutions" but in this case, it was
Verisign.  So before I responded, I decided to check out
Verisign myself...

Thousands of SOHOs, small businesses (1-10
employees), e-merchants, service businesses,
NOHOs, affiliates, local businesses with
local (!) clients and reps/IBOs/distributors
have used SBI! to establish successful
businesses.  More and more, SBI! is being
recognized as playing with "the big boys," so
it is kind of nice getting those questions.

Take a look yourself...

This is yet another sad (yet happy for us) example of the
"state of the Net" when it comes to meeting the needs of the
small business person.

Verisign's product (called "SiteToGo10") reflects the
quintessential difference between SBI! and every other
"small business solution" on the Net.  We call their

"Instant gratification followed by slow, steady frustration."

By the way, try their process shown at...

I did.  

I followed the process illustrated on the Verisign site.  And
I really suggest you do the same in order to understand the

Yes, it really DOES only take 10 minutes to build a 5 page
Web site.  And it costs $99 (so, by extension, a 10-page Web
site = $199).

After you complete the "site-building" process, you end up
with a "templatized tree in the blue nowhere"...

o    These aren't the sort of pages that draw targeted
traffic from the Search Engines by focusing on the keywords
unique to your clientele.  

o    These pages don't build relationships or instill the
trust necessary to inspire a potential client to pick up the
phone and call you.  

This is, very simply, an unvisited "e-Yellow Pages" site. 
Just one more lonely "About Us" brochure that no one visits
except a couple of current clients, who'll never return.


But wait, that's just the beginning...

Try to protect your head!  You're about to get pelted with
nickels and dimes.

Here's the actual copy on the site once you're about to sign
up, after you've gone through their quickie process...


The ultimate in business Web sites for those
with their own Web hosting.  SiteToGo offers
the flexibility of 10 professionally-designed
Web pages for your business, plus live chat
online support and 30 days access to the Web
Site Manager FREE ($6.95 a month thereafter).
If you decide not to keep Web Site Manager,
you will need to make your own arrangements
to edit your Web site.

Yes... $6.95 a month just to keep using the Web Site Manager.

Disillusioned?  Hold on, it gets worse still (I feel like an
infomercial IN REVERSE!)...

A domain registration fee of $35.00 per year
will be billed separately by VeriSign. After
registering your web address, please allow up
to three business days for it to become active.

... and believe it or not, the nickels and dimes continue to 
bang you all over your noggin.

So far we have...

o    $199 for a 10 page Web site

o    $76.45 for the use of Site Manager 
     for the remainder of the year

o    $35.00 for domain registration.

And this does not yet include your site's hosting (no, I'm
NOT making this up!), which ranges from $20 to $100 PER
MONTH on top of everything else.

So add a MINIMUM of another $240 (maximum of $1200!).  

All those nickels and dimes added up to...

$450.45 for a 5-page site


$550.45 for a 10-page site

... up to a MAXIMUM total of over $1500 ANNUALLY.


So how can Verisign get away with it?

Most small business people are used to paying at least $50
per month for a Yellow Pages ad, and do so without blinking.
My local pharmacist pays $14,000 per year for a variety of
Yellow Pages ads that he buys in various categories.  And
they don't expect much from that investment -- it's simply
something they must do.

So for many on the Net, it's the same sort of thing. 
Someone told them they needed a Web site, so they got a Web
site.  And they pay the $50-$100-$200 per month... month
after month, secure in the knowledge this is simply
something to be added to the everyday cost of doing

... just like their Yellow Pages ad.  Heck, it's cheap
compared to the Yellow Pages!

But NOW...

People are discovering Site Build It!.  Do you know what 
the most common question is, by phone AND by e-mail...

"What's the catch?"

I LOVE that question.

No catch.

Compare Site Build It! against its major competitors...

See Site Build-It! 

No catch.  

Except for all the wonderful e-mail we CATCH...

We are just coming up to our second anniversary and will
break 50,000 visitors for the first time this month. Since
August, our traffic has tripled, probably because of the
Google and Yahoo deal. Our first year we had 77,000 visitors
and this year we will have 293,000. We have had visitors
from over 90 different countries the past few months.

Ken and Cheryl Bryski
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there.  But heck, that's
why I call them "SIDEBARS."  :-)

So, back to Verisign and the other major players in the
small business hosting business...

Site Build-It! 

Bottom line?...

Verisign says it's possible to build a bona fide Web business
in 10 minutes flat.  While this will appeal to some, all 
except the "get-rich-quick" folk understand that NOTHING of 
value gets created in 10 minutes.



Although I've been picking on Verisign here, it isn't the
only company that fails to recognize the realities of the
needs of the small business/netrepreneur in cyberspace. 
None of the "big name" providers are doing any better.

And here's the worst news about all those nickels and dimes...
they don't begin to deliver the functionality required to 
build a real, live, breathing, thriving business.  

SBI! includes a staggering array of functionality...

And we're not stopping there.  Coming soon...

1) Value Exchange (REAL and effective link-exchanging)

2) Full SBI!-HTML Editor Compatibility
   (yes, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, etc.!)

3) Open Rate for MailOut

4) Directory HQ reporting

5) Addition of MSN to Search Engines HQ (Live NOW!)

6) E-goods (from merchant account to fulfillment)

7) 2-tier Affiliate Program (same way we do it at SiteSell) 

.... all at no added cost (except for the upcoming e-commerce
bundle which will also offer unparalleled value).

Please do compare, head to head, and see how Site Build It!
measures up against the major competitors...

Site Build-It! 

In the end, RESULTS speak for themselves.  As thousands
have testified, Site Build It! just plain SUCCEEDS...

Today is my birthday and what a birthday
present I got thanks to SBI!. I opened it up
this morning to count 75 - that's Seventy
Five! - #1 Search Engine ratings. Things have
not gone this well for me in decades and I am
flying high on myself and my site. I have
this great site selling something I love, and
money in the bank from selling it. A great
Birthday Present. Thanks to you guys at

Karen Copeland?
Golf South Africa

Got a business to build?  Just thinking about it?  Take
advantage of our last ever Buy-1-Get-1-Free sale.

And take advantage, too, of our "Money-Back Satisfaction &
Success Guarantee."  It turns your purchase into a "no risk
take-it-home-for-a-test-drive" trial.

For full info about Site Build It!, please visit...

Site Build-It!

After all...

Why build JUST a Web site, when you COULD build a BUSINESS?

See Site Build-It! 


©2002 Ken Evoy. Reprinted with permission in