What are
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What are Star Signs?

Star signs - as in "What's my star sign?" - is a phrase the average reader of horoscope columns in newspapers thinks of as a "label" for a stereotype applied to him simply because he was born in a certain one-month time period.

Sign is an astrological term used by astrologers to define a a sector of the sky. It is one of the twelve sections of Space which were originally marked by certain groups of stars called constellations which are still seen within a narrow band of the sky called the zodiac. These star patterns of the zodiac were a convenient way to locate the Sun and Moon and planets which appeared to be passing through a particular constellation.

Zodiac Signs = Star Signs

Zodiac signs and astrological signs and Sun signs are terms which mean the same as star signs. Astrology signs and planet signs and birth signs are similar terms used by laymen; but these usually refer to Sun signs, which is the term commonly used by astrologers.

Strictly speaking, Signs are areas in space, or areas on the map of space called the horoscope chart (or birth chart) in which the Sun and Planets are positioned at various times. A sign cusp is the boundary line between two Signs. The Sign where the Sun appeared on your day of birth is called your Sun Sign. You also have a Moon Sign.  Click for "What is my Sun Sign?"  ©2001 by  Michael Star

What is my Sun Sign?
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