What Are Weekly Horoscopes?
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Planetary Positions

The positions of the Sun and Moon and Planets at that particular time and place are compared to their positions at the time and place of the person's birth, by looking at their present or future positions in relationship to the Signs and Houses in the birth horoscope chart, and to the angles they make to their original positions at the time of birth.

Each is compared to each of the others, and also its present or future position is compared to its own original position in Space-Time at the time and place of the person's birth. Each of these factors has a meaning, and a complete reading of the horoscope integrates them all into a useful explanation. You can see how complex a FULL reading of the horoscope can be, compared to the few lines in a newspaper Sun-Sign horoscope column, or to the general Daily  or  Weekly Horoscope Forecast on this Web site.

Learn why you should read the Weekly Horoscopes for your Sun Sign AND for your Ascendant Sign.

About this general "Weekly Horoscope" at Astrology Zine

This particular horoscope forecast simply looks at what House in the birth horoscope the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are presently transiting (or moving through), and then interprets the possible manifestation of thoughts, feelings, actions and events which are most likely to take place when each Planet is in that particular House. While a Planet is transiting a particular House in the horoscope, there is a focus on the areas of life represented by that House. The issues symbolized by the Planet are most likely to "come up" in some form in those facets of one's life symbolized by that House. Click on the "House" link above to see what areas or aspects of life are represented by each of the 12 Houses.

The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not considered in this Weekly Horoscope Forecast, since they move too slowly to make any significant change in Sign or House in the time frame of one week. They are dealt with in the 2006 Forecasts.

Same Play, Different Players

Note that it is the "issues" which the horoscope indicates, and you should always look behind an event or situation to see if it is just one of the possible forms in which a certain issue may manifest. Sometimes the situation or event involves someone else, and you are only a participant or merely a witness to the way this issue is coming up for them to experience, and for you to observe.

A Clue for You

It is still YOUR issue too, even if it appears not to be "happening TO you", and you should take a close look at how this issue could have some particular MEANING for YOU. It is very likely a clue for you in bringing your attention to a belief or habit which needs to be corrected because it is keeping you from being happy or successful or at peace with yourself. It might be a clue to what is really happening in your life (what it's all ABOUT, not what it LOOKS LIKE on the surface). Or it might be a valuable clue to finding the solution which resolves the issue, or the best way of dealing with whatever is blocking your happiness.

Coincidence? I Think NOT.

There are no coincidences, if an issue is coming up "in your face" it is because you need to take a good look at it! Even if it appears to be a negative or painful thing, it is coming up to help HEAL you, not HURT you.

Sign Strategy

A person's likely strategies for dealing with those issues at this time are indicated by the Sign the transiting Planet is in now. His natural habitual strategies are indicated by the Sign in his birth horoscope which that House overlaps. However, since we do not know which Sign that would actually be for a particular person in the group (except for the Sun Sign), the Sign in the birth horoscope is not considered in this forecast. The Sign the transiting Planet is moving through this week is the same for all people on Earth, so it is not mentioned in this horoscope forecast.

Moon in Motion

The Moon is not considered in this horoscope forecast because it moves so quickly that it would pass through three or four different Houses in a week. The Moon is used as a primary indicator in daily horoscope forecasts. The outer Planets move so slowly that they would remain in the same House for several weeks, months, or even years, and thus are considered in monthly and yearly forecasts instead of a weekly horoscope forecast like this.

In the House

To get more insights on what areas of your life are associated with a particular House, read the article What Is A House in Astrology by Michael Star listed on the HOME page of STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine.

Each of the transiting Planets is passing through a particular House in YOUR natal horoscope, and the general Weekly Horoscope Forecast on this page lists the House in your Solar Chart which the Sun and three of the inner "Personal Planets" are passing through this week.

Check the article on Houses to find the kinds of things that are most likely to be emphasized in your life when the Sun or a Planet is moving through that House. The most common ones are mentioned in the forecast on this page, but you might find other things that apply more specifically to YOU by reading the article on Houses.

See the Pattern, See Past the Particulars

If you observe your life carefully from a detached veiwpoint, you may see certain themes or issues coming up in several situations around the same time, even though the events or the people involved may be different in each case. If you ask yourself, "What is this all ABOUT?" you may find the answer is something that you will see being presented to you in more than one situation or event while the Sun or the Planet is moving through the House that "rules" those kinds of things. If you see three or more similar situations coming up around the same time, it is not just a coincidence - it is a "meaningful coincidence" created by the Synchronicity between the movements of the heavenly bodies and issues and events in the lives of people on Earth who are attuned to certain angles and positions the Planets may move into, relative to their positions in the birth horoscope of certain people.

Simultaneous Separate Situations

Synchronicity is a term invented by the great Swiss psychologist, Dr Carl Jung, to describe an a-causal relationship between two things or events. One does not cause the other, but they can be seen to occur together at the same time. So if you observe one of them occurring, you can assume the other is also happening at the same time. That is basically "how Astrology works".

In Sync: Same Time, Different Space

This synchronization is what allows astrologers to interpret the positions of the Planets as indicators of motivations, feelings, actions and events for the people whose individual horoscopes would be attuned to particular positions of the Planets at any given time. This is the basis for making astrological forecasts and predictions by examining present and future transits of the Planets to the planetary positions in the birth horoscope (which you might describe as being "imprinted" on all living things which begin their life at that particular time and place).

All living things that are "born" can have an individual Horoscope

GROUPS of humans like countries and corporations, and all living things like dogs and cats and horses, have a time and place of birth, so a natal horoscope chart can be cast for them, as well as for human beings. A corporation is "born" when it is incorporated. A country is "born" when it declares independence or when its leaders sign its charter. THE WORLD THIS WEEK column in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine was based on the natal horoscopes of world leaders and people in the news, as well as countries and/or corporate entities like multi-national companies and public institutions.

What you call "my sign" is the Section of the sky the Sun was in

Because the horoscope forecast on this page is being done for a large group of people instead of an individual, the actual time and place of birth for each one of them is not known. But because our calendar is based on the motion of the Earth revolving around the Sun once per year, if we know our month and day of birth by that calendar we also know what Sign the Sun appeared to be in at the time OUR birth horoscope was cast. The Sun, Moon and all the Planets appear in a narrow band across the sky called "the Zodiac", and the Signs are just equal sections of that 360-degree circle.

Star Signs

The distant fixed stars form the stable background of the Zodiac, which helps us observe where the moving Planets ("planet" means "wandering star") are located at any time in relation to this fixed field of star patterns. People often refer to their "star sign" when they are talking about their "Sun sign" - but the Sun literally is a star, so the two terms really mean the same thing! But keep in mind that what the ancient astronomers called "stars" actually referred to the "wandering stars" which we now call "planets". Astrologers today do not read "the stars" - they interpret the positions of the Planets (and the Moon and the Sun), and use the fixed stars as a background reference to locate the positions of the Planets.

Predicting Planet Positions

Because our MONTH and DAY of birth corresponds to the position of the Sun as it appears to move across the Zodiac, we CAN make some general assumptions using the SUN and its natal (birth) position in the horoscope, namely that for everyone "born under the Sign of Gemini" the Sun was SOMEWHERE in that 30-degree section of the sky called Gemini. By using the predictions of the science of Astronomy, we DO know exactly where the Sun, Moon and all the Planets are located at the present time, and where they will be located at any time in the next week or in any future month or year, so we can compare their present or future positions (called their "transiting" positions or just "transits") to the natal position of the Sun for everyone in that group. We can assume an average position in the center of the Sign, or we can know that at SOME time in the next month the Moon and the faster-moving Planets like Mercury and Venus will move into a particular angular position with respect to the Sun, no matter where it is positioned within that 30-degree Sign sector.

What's Your Angle?

In "Geocentric" Astrology we define the angular relationship between two Planets as the angle they make to each other when the center of the Earth is considered as the pivot point. For example, when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, the Sun and Moon are in a 180-degree angular relationship to each other with respect to the Earth, and are said to be in an "opposition aspect" to each other. This is also called a "Full Moon" because that is when we see the light from the Sun being reflected back towards us from the entire surface of the Moon which is facing the Earth. It is also one of the two times each month when the combined gravitational effect of the Sun and Moon on the Earth is greatest, because all three bodies are in line, thus the ocean's tides are the highest at the Full Moon and at the New Moon (which is a Sun/Moon "conjunction"). Since the human body is about 80% water, it is quite obvious that the Sun and Moon which affect the ocean tides may also affect the human body in some physical way. By the way, your brain is about 90% water...

May The Force Be With You!

Occasionally you may hear about some scientist claiming that Astrology is bunk because the "gravitational effect" of the Planets or stars on a new-born baby are less than the gravitational effect of the doctor delivering the baby (because he is so close). But that scientist is missing an obvious fact - it is not the isolated effect of a single body that matters, but the "differential" effect when the gravitational force of a Moon or a planet acts at a certain angle to add to (or interfere with) the powerful gravitational pull of the Sun - an effect which can be powerful enough to lift the waters of an entire ocean by about ten feet!

Astrologers generally believe that it is not just Gravity which accounts for the astrological influence of Planets on people, but some other unknown Force which may be "physical" or even "spiritual" in nature. What makes Astrology "work" may simply be part of the plan of Creation which was set in motion by the same infinite Force which created the Universe itself. "May the Force be with you!"

The Solar Horoscope Chart

We can also cast a "Solar Chart" for all the people born with the Sun in a particular astrological Sign, by assuming the Cusp of the First House (a position known as "the Ascendant" or "rising degree") is at 0 degrees of that Sign. All of the other 11 house cusps (border lines) are then calculated from that point, so that each House represents an equal segment of the sky as viewed from Earth. We do not know the actual place or time of birth for any individual in the group, but the decision to locate the Ascendant at 0 degrees of Aries, for example, also implies that a time and place has been chosen to represent the whole group of Sun in Aries people in a symbolic sense.

Symbolic Sense

It has been found that by interpreting this symbolic horoscope chart for an entire group of people (about one-twelfth of the population of any large group, or even of the whole world), we can make some astrological predictions about present and future influences and tendencies which will be true in a general sense for most of the people in that group. It's not as good as one done using a personal birth chart, but it's much more convenient, to just read a generalized interpretation like this Weekly Horoscope based on a Solar Chart than to prepare and interpret a complex individual horoscope for yourself each week or month, or pay an astrologer to do it for you.

Testing, Testing

This kind of astrological forecast will not be as accurate or specific as it could be for an individual whose specific time and place of birth were used to cast the natal horoscope chart and calculate the exact Sign and degree of the Ascendant and all of that person's House cusps, but it does give some useful information which is the best available under the circumstances, and which is worth considering and observing as the emotions, actions, and events unfold over time - even if only for entertainment, or out of curiosity ("curious" is a word invented for Gemini types).

Follow Michael Star's horoscopes for your own Sun Sign each week at Astrology Zine, and see for yourself if there is any truth revealed in them for you!

If you were "born on the cusp" of a Sign

IF you were born within one day before or after either of the dates listed in a table of Sun Signs (such as the one at the bottom of the Free Weekly Horoscopes page, then the Sun in your own birth horoscope may actually have been in the previous or next Sign ADJACENT to the Sign of the Sun listed there, depending on the YEAR and TIME and PLACE you were born. Being "on the border line" is often called "being on the cusp". Only by having your personal Natal Horoscope Chart (birth chart) calculated accurately will you KNOW exactly where the Sun was, by Sign and degree.

But you can GUESS the Sign of the Sun by reading the horoscope interpretations for BOTH Signs to see if one seems more accurate for you.

Sunrise Birth Times

Note, however, that IF you were born "on the cusp" and ALSO born near SUNRISE, your Ascendant might also be in that same Sign - or the one before or after, even if it is not the one for your true Sun Sign. The horoscope forecast written for THAT Sign might appear to be the most accurate in terms of events and experiences, because it is written for your true Ascendant Sign (or Rising Sign) and not your Sun Sign - so you cannot just assume that Sign is your Sun Sign. These general Weekly Horoscopes are really based on the Ascendant Sign, which is just assumed to be the same as the Sun Sign when the Solar Chart method is used because each individual's birth date and time is not known to the writer. Thus the forecast for your actual Ascendant Sign will also be accurate for you, even when it is not the one for your Sun Sign.

I read my own Daily Horsocope for both my Sun Sign and my Ascendant Sign, and usually find that things mentioned in both forecasts are showing up in my life today. What is not mentioned in one will be mentioned in the other, so it makes sense to read both forecasts every day. Why does it work that way? Because one is based on where the planets are located in relation to the Sign of your Sun, and the other to the Sign of your Ascendant. Your exact Ascendant Point is located somewhere in the Sign you are reading about, and some of the planets are making certain aspects (angles, like 0,60,90,120,180 degrees) to that Sign. When that angle becomes "exact" to your Ascendant Point, then the effect is strongest, but it still has some effect while the planet is making that angle to the Sign itself.

In the case of a SUNRISE birth time (even when you are not "on the cusp"), you might find the horoscopes for both of two adjacent Signs seem to apply to you - one for your Sun Sign and one for your Ascendant Sign. You won't necessarily know which is which just by reading the forecasts, unless you get an accurate birth chart for yourself and find your true Ascendant and Sun Sign.

(When you order the "Six-Pack" of five personal horoscope readings by Michael Star for US $15 at Astrology Zine, it includes as the sixth item an accurate Natal Chart or "birth chart" calculated for your exact time and place of birth.)

Estimate Your Rising Sign

I have created a Table of Rising Signs for twelve 2-hour time periods during the day, which you can use to ESTIMATE the Sign of your Ascendant if you know your hour of birth. Then you can read the horoscope forecasts for that Rising Sign (which is the sign of your Ascendant) and also the forecast for your Sun Sign, since both should have some meaning for you.

Sun, Moon, Ascendant

In any case, reading the daily and weekly and yearly horoscope for the Sign of your Ascendant will usually appear more accurate than reading the ones for the Sign of your Sun. You may wish to read BOTH, and see how some things mentioned in each one will usually apply to the issues coming up in your life at the time covered by the two horoscope forecasts for the two Signs. If you also know your Moon Sign, you might try looking at the horoscope for that Sign too, and interpret the meaning as applying more on the emotional level - such as feelings or fears, especially feelings safety and security - related to the issues mentioned in the the horoscope forecast for that time period.

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