What is a House in Astrology?
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What Is An Astrological House?

House is a term used by astrologers to define another set of twelve sectors of the sky which are similar to the twelve Signs, but may differ in size and in where the House Cusps start and end (the First House always starts at the Ascendant). Think of two old wagon wheels with twelve spokes each, attached to the same axle. The spaces between overlapping spokes are like the Signs and Houses and the spokes are like their cusps. In the sky, the Sun and Moon and Planets are each traveling through both a Sign and a House at any given time. Signs always span exactly 30 degrees while Houses can be narrower or wider than 30 degrees, and thus a House sometimes overlaps (contains) two Signs. You need to know your birth time to calculate exactly where the Ascendant and the 12 House cusps are located in your birth chart; but for those who don't, the Solar Chart and Equal House System can be used and still give some meaningful insights.

The Meaning of Houses

The Houses have meanings which correspond in some ways to the meanings of the Signs, but are more like "where", while Signs are like "how".
To learn what things are associated with each house, click on these links:
First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth | Eleventh | Twelfth
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The Meaning of Houses (continued)

  • A PLANET is...WHAT energy needs to be expressed or understood
  • A SIGN is.....HOW it manifests as psychological drives or personal style
  • A HOUSE is....WHERE it manifests as situations or events, in what AREAS of life it occurs most frequently or intensely.
A House represents (in a symbolic sense):
  1. an AREA of APPLICATION of an energy using a strategy
  2. an AREA of LIFE where energies can manifest as events, or result in realizations, or teach a lesson
  3. a PLACE where lessons are learned.
  4. a MANIFESTATION of a psychological process
  5. a FIELD of activity for the psyche
  6. a PLACE or situation in which to express an energy
  7. a DIRECTION for a drive or motivation to manifest
  8. a THEATRE where certain themes are acted out
  9. a SITUATION or event which satisfies a need
  10. a TERRAIN where a strategy can accomplish an objective.
See Planets/Signs/Houses for details. Also see What Is a House Cusp?.

What is the Meaning of the Houses?

The House containing the Sun in your birth horoscope chart indicates the area of life where you will be learning most of your lessons about your true Self and your purpose in life. The House containing the Moon or a Planet will similarly indicate "where" the function of the Moon or Planet will most often manifest in your life.
  • The 1ST to 6TH HOUSES are concerned with a person's SELF DEVELOPMENT and EXPRESSION.
  • The 7TH to 12TH HOUSES are concerned with how a person RELATES TO OTHERS and learns to CO-OPERATE with people and forces OUTSIDE himself.
See What is the First House? to learn what things are associated with the First House. For the other houses, click on these links: Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth | Ninth | Tenth | Eleventh | Twelfth

Three of these Houses are often examined when making an astrological forecast about a person's career and financial affairs, by noting in what Houses the "transiting" Planets are located (where the Sun and the planets are NOW, not on your birth date). The 2ND, 6TH and 10TH Houses are known as the "Houses of Substance".

2nd  HOUSE: your use of talents & resources, and how this affects your level of income or wealth.
6th  HOUSE: your work habits, work environment, relations with employers, employees, colleagues or clients; and how work affects health or health affects work.
10th HOUSE: your recognition, status, success, and satisfaction from doing your life work.

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What Is A House In Astrology?