What is the First House in Astrology?
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What Is The First House?

(Associated with Mars and Aries)

House is a term used by astrologers to define another set of twelve sectors of the sky which are similar to the twelve Signs, but may differ in size and in where the House Cusps start and end (the First House always starts at the Ascendant, which is a Point that could be any degree in the Sign that was rising up on the Eastern Horizon at daybreak or "dawn"). Think of two old wagon wheels with twelve spokes each, attached to the same axle. Turn the two wheels at random so some spokes of one overlap some spaces of the other. The spaces between overlapping spokes are like the Signs and Houses, and the spokes are like their "cusps". In the sky, the Sun and Moon and Planets are each traveling through both a Sign and a House at any given time. Signs always span exactly 30 degrees of the sky; but Houses usually vary in span - although Houses which are opposite each other (for example, the First/Seventh or Second/Eighth) are always equal in span.

An exception occurs when a birth time is not known. In that case, astrologers will use the artificial "Equal House System" - in which they assume a birth time of noon to calculate the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Planets; then assume the Ascendant Point is exactly at zero degrees of the Sun Sign (because the true Ascendant cannot be known without an exact time of birth); then assume that ALL the Houses span exactly 30 degrees (i.e. are "equal"). This makes all the 12 House Cusps exactly overlap the 12 Sign Cusps, and always places the Sun somewhere in the First House. This does not create a true horoscope chart, but it still provides a lot of useful information that otherwise could not be determined at all.

The Meaning of Houses

The Houses have meanings which correspond in some ways to the meanings of the Signs; but are more like "where", while Signs are like "how". To use a military metaphor - each Sign has a specific "strategy" ("how" it will seek to accomplish its mission) and each House shows "where" that "strategy" will be played out (in what "terrain" or "area" of your life).   See What Is A House in Astrology?
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FIRST HOUSE: This is the House of
how you want to appear outwardly, both physical appearance and personal style (which may or may not be consistent with your inner self);

your personal "image" which you want to maintain;

your personal "look", moves, gestures, body language, habitual movements;

how you do appear to others on a superficial level or first-impression level;

the "image" you project to others who know you personally (the Tenth House indicates how you are "known" impersonally to the world at large by your "public image" or reputation);

how you habitually project your Self into your immediate environment (your own little world), with or without awareness of it;

the "mask" your inner soul wears to show itself in the outer world.

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